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Out with the old and in with the new. Thank goodness for new beginnings! #outwiththeold #inwiththenew #newbeginnings #cleanse #purge #release #nostress #peace #loveyourself #doyouboo #thedivinewitchshop
Back again with another reading & this one is filled with new beginnings. For tonight’s reading I have pulled Prosperity Begins & Love Begins. The first card, Prosperity Begins, is a message that your business ventures, financial situation & overall abundance will begin to flourish & will soon be in the palm of your hands. This comes as a result of all the hard work, effort, & investment that you have made. If you’ve had some brilliant money making idea or some business endeavor you have been considering, move forward with it because it shows great possibility, success & monetary gain. Now is when you must be the most positive in order to create the best possible outcome. Feel it, see it but most importantly believe it & have faith that it will become reality. In addition, showing & expressing gratitude will allow prosperity & abundance in all forms to flow more freely. The second card is the Love Begins Card & it promises joy, happiness & overall positive feelings. Because this card is numbered 1 & is an emotional card, it represents that a new love opportunity is right around the corner. Yesterday I wrote about something similar but it pertained more to a romantic love because the Heart Chakra Card was present. It is possible that this reading will be geared more to a passion that has been ignited within you for a new endeavor, idea, and/or goal. It is now time for you to open yourself & your heart to receiving & you do this by raising your vibration & loving energy. In turn, the Universe will match your vibration in order to make all the things your heart desires possible. In order to achieve this, you must resolve past issues & release them, forgive those who have caused you hurt & pain, & forgive yourself so that when your heart is truly open & ready to receive, new roads leading you toward love will be revealed. Again, this reading flows with what I posted yesterday & I believe that each reading is kind of like a step by step guide to get you where you are supposed to be. Focus & really think about what you want, meditate on those goals & then believe that you have already manifested them. (Cont’d Below in Comments)
Today is my night to do the work that fulfills me the most and amazingly enough I have pulled the Heart Chakra Card and the Harmony Card for tonight’s readings. I hope you all enjoy it and that it finds those with whom these messages resonate with the most. The Heart Chakra card’s key word is “I Love” and appropriately so because this Chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, harmony (the second card I pulled), relationships and healing. It is the link between your heart, mind, body and soul. By balancing this Chakra you allow healing energy to get through and flow freely. You achieve this by loving yourself first and foremost, and then in turn you are able to love others as well. It will also allow you to learn forgiveness and will attune you with Spirit. Balancing this Chakra may take a while but it is imperative that you do so slowly and by allowing plenty of time, you can master the art of love in all its forms. The second card I pulled is Harmony and signifies that a Deep and spiritual love, partnership, union and/or initiation is taking place at this time and will manifest in the near future. This can pertain to either a love, platonic or business relationship. For this particular reading, because the Heart Chakra Card is present, this reading pertains more to a romantic relationship. Spirit is calling on you now to make decisions in regards to certain relationships in your life. Bonds that you may be forming with others are really about who you are and are meant to be mirrors reflecting back to you what you need to see and become aware of. Within every relationship we experience, there is a lesson to be learned and it is time to ask questions such as what you are learning, what new qualities you are developing because of this relationship? Is it for your highest and best good? You get the picture. If you’ve experienced hurtful situations in past relationships, now is the time to re-examine those moments that have shaped who you are today and how you love yourself and others. Work through those emotions and release them to the universe and into Spirits loving arms. (Cont’d Below in Comments)
Hey everyone! First off I apologize for the quality of these pictures, but the lighting isn’t the best. I promise the message is well worth it. Both of these cards tie together to bring a powerful message so let’s begin. The first card I pulled is the Intuition card. It is the language of the soul and I have posted plenty on this topic of using your intuition to guide you through your decision making. And yet here it is again, a gentle reminder for those who have forgotten. Spirit is trying to get your attention. You may have noticed constant synchronicities and what most would call coincidences, however these are powerful signs from your intuition and the spirit world as it is a time for you to pause, be open and pay attention. You must now begin to seek answers from within, because by turning inward you will find the solutions and insights waiting to assist you. By honing your intuitive skills you will begin to sense the perfect timing of situations, and will be able to perceive people and situations with greater clarity. You will see it all. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The second card I pulled is Emotional Withdrawal which represents turning away from a current situation in your life that is no longer in your highest and best good. Whether it’s an old love, relationship, or leaving behind the familiar, it is now time that you venture beyond the familiar and what’s comfortable in search of new possibilities and beginnings. Retreat from the outside world and take a moment to pause, reflect and heal. Commune with your soul and the power of Spirit and allow yourself the opportunity to restore your energy levels which will give you the strength to move forward positively. The number 8 on this card represents infinity, passion, control and power. This is your time so use this opportunity to tap into your heart and soul in order to find the courage and strength to continue your journey into undiscovered territory. Both of these cards are recommending self care and lots of it. By withdrawing from the outside world you are recharging your spiritual batteries which will in turn increase your intuitive powers. (Cont’d Below in Comments)
For tonight’s reading I have pulled the Fertility and Rejoice in Celebration Cards. The fertility card represents reaping what you sowed. It represents manifestation, growth and creation. Everything you have hoped for and dreamed of will now be birthed into your world and reality. Open yourself to the Universe and all of its possibilities because they are endless! This is a feminine card and represents Earth, our Mother. Embrace the energy that permeates from her - her plants, oceans, lakes - for they are part of you and the life force that flows through us all. Begin to nurture yourself, infuse yourself with love and compassion and be an example for others. This is a time where you must work from a place of love and understanding. Use much care when dealing with others, as well as yourself. The next card is Rejoice in Celebration and this card heralds in a time of celebration, joy, and birth because success and victory are close at hand. Do what you love the most and pursue your passions. Follow your heart and intuition because they know the way and that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish. You can feel the energy of love and excitement moving within you because it is very present and it shows that you are connected to a much higher power. This is a time to share joyous occasions with those you love the most, so enjoy it to it’s fullest! #reading #readingofthenight #psychictarotoracledeck #fertility #rejoice #celebration #birth #new #family #friends #love #lovers #happiness #meditation #intuition #intuitive #reapwhatyousow #motherearth #spirit #messages #thedivinewitchshop
Pretty accurate! Working that magic when the sun sets. My favorite time to work and manifest #gettoit #magical #bruja #witchyvibes #allthefeels #mood #homeiswheretheheartis #myhappyplace #mysacredspace #thedivinewitchshop
I hope everyone is having a great evening! Tonight I have pulled three cards for the reading. I believe these cards are reinforcements to the card that was pulled yesterday - Destiny. The first card I pulled is Heartache and Loss. This card is a catalyst to everything that is good that is about to show up in your life. It is a card that revolves around disappointment, sorrow and separation all of which can cause great distress. Love yourself first and foremost, for it will take all your strength to move past the pain you have in your heart. This will then turn to healing and will help you move forward. The next card - Sacrifice - will force you to remove and release what no longer serves you, be it a person, place of work, or harmful habits that are keeping you from achieving much greater goals and plans. By letting go, you are able to receive, and the rewards for this are transformation, gratitude, wisdom and enlightenment. There may be a situation which you have no control over that will occur, do not fight it. Instead go with the flow, pause, meditate, rest and be patient. This will help you to view the situation from a different perspective leading to a profound change and breakthrough. A period of transition and change is upon you and the solutions you seek may be slow to come. Accept what you cannot change, heal and leave the past behind and move toward your future which is filled with amazing opportunities. This is evident with the last card - Passion Ignited - where new beginnings, ideas, revelations and exciting adventures await you in your personal and business life. A renewed sense of enthusiasm, positive energy and spiritual strength will be at an all time high. Tap into that strong innate spiritual strength that you have within you to accomplish anything you want and move forward to set up a solid foundation for your future. Follow your intuition because this is your time to soar! #Reading #readingofthenight #tarot #psychictarotoracledeck #loss #heartache #sacrifice #passion #renewal #change #hope #faith #moveforward #positivevibes #lifelessons #goodenergy #meditation #intuition #intuitive #thedivinewitchshop
Hi everyone. I know I’ve been a bit absent and haven’t really focused on posting much on this page but I promise to be a bit more present and back with daily readings starting tomorrow. I decided to pull a card for this evening and that card is the Destiny Card from the #psychictarotoracledeck This beautiful card comes with an empowering message for any of you (including me) who have been feeling a bit confused and scared about all the changes that are occurring. Fear not because this card states that good luck and fortune are now aspected and in your favor. A cycle of change, success and growth is imminent because the good karma you have put out is coming full circle and right back at ya! Spirit is asking that you open your heart to accept and receive what you have earned because what you sowed you shall reap. Many opportunities - expected and unexpected are knocking at your door and if it has not already happened, it will soon! Allow your problems to be replaced by solutions and believe in destiny as you let go of old issues that were plaguing you. Understand the lessons you have learned and gain wisdom from past experiences so that you may be able to move forward positively. Believe that you are worthy of happiness and prosperity so that abundance is ever present in all areas of your life. By being in this positive mindset you will see how the impossible becomes possible. Take advantage of this moment and all of the opportunities that are yours for the taking. Enjoy that destiny is presently in your favor! #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotdeck #oraclereading #positivevibes #iam #spiritualstrength #newbeginnings #changeisgood #welcomethegood #thinkgood #dogood #begood #thedivinewitchshop
I have definitely seen this happen. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. #bekindpeople #watchwhatyoudo #theuniverseiswatching #bemindful #loveoneanother #weareone #thedivinewitchshop
Back from vacation and feeling refreshed. Really feeling these full moon vibes. Hope everyone is having a great evening. #fullmoonvibes #fullmoon #strawberryfullmoon #capricornfullmoon #allthefeels #mood #vibes #grandmothermoon #change #renewal #lunarphases #breakfree #thedivinewitchshop
I hope everyone is having a great evening! For today’s reading, I have pulled three cards from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck - Passion Ignited, Hope and finally the Solar Plexus Chakra. The first card, Passion Ignited has a reference number 1 which equates to new beginnings, ideas, revelations and exciting adventures await you in both your professional and personal life. Your creativity, enthusiasm, positive energy and renewed sense of spiritual strength are at an all time high. Know that the powerful force of Spirit is flowing through you and brings with it a new sense of purpose. Tap into that source deep inside in order to move forward and set up a strong foundation for your future. By doing this you will emanate excitement and joy and others will be drawn to you because of it. Follow your intuition and know that the time has come for you to spread your wings and fly! The second card I drew is the Hope card which is equal to the Star card in traditional tarot. Again, this card focuses on hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success and last but definitely not least, enlightenment. A wish you have made will be fulfilled and proves that the impossible is very possible! The difference between success over failure and who we are is the power of your faith and beliefs. Use your natural ability of intuition, the language of your soul as you reach for your goals and desires. Always maintain a positive outlook no matter what happens. By doing this you will become an example to others. Be the change you want to see and experience and others will be attracted and drawn to this beautiful light you have inside that will shine outwardly.
When you open up your clock to set a timer for meditation and you get synchronicities #lovingthis #messages #payattention #spiritguides #masternumbers #repeats #thedivinewitchshop
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! For today’s reading I have pulled the Two of Wands and the Heirophant. The Two of Wands is a card that has much fiery energy to it and represents a change or challenge that is anticipated, high hopes and optimism for the future. You are to welcome these changes with open arms and an open heart. The Heirophant is a Major Arcana Card and represents authentic religious and spiritual teachings, comforting guidance and the keeper of dogma, traditions and the laws of morality. Together these cards are calling on you to have faith. Faith in yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. You are on the precipice of a major change in your life, one that you have been mulling over for quite some time. Now is the time to make your move as you are being divinely supported in the endeavor. If these changes and/or decisions will affect others around you, you should not feel any guilt. You should move forward with confidence as this will benefit you greatly. Only you can live your life and make decisions that are appropriate for you. Keep your plans hush-hush for now so as not to give away your power or allow anyone to dissuade you. Because the Heirophant is present, these changes and moves you will be making have a spiritual connotation to them. As if it is destined to happen. Listen to your intuition and if everything is pointing in a positive direction - go for it. Live your life to its fullest in order to manifest your potential. #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #twoofwands #theheirophant #makeyourmove #future #anticipation #changes #spirituality #religion #dogma #Thedivinewitchshop
My rose of Jericho is opening up. What a beautiful and miraculous plant this is! It arrived all dried up but I laid her in a beautiful bowl with just enough water to cover the roots and when I came home from work she was open. I cannot wait to use her water for spiritual baths, cleansing my tools and crystals, wiping down my floors and doors. The #roseofjericho is the resurrection plant and with good reason. It’s ability to come back to life after years of dormancy, this plant is therefore shrouded in magical history and traditions. It resurrects what you felt might have been long gone, it brings prosperity and wealth. In my religion it is associated with the Orisha Shango so I have placed it directly in front of him as an offering. This plant can also be crushed when it is dry in order to use the magical powder in mojo bags and baths. #ashé #Shango #Orisha #offering #blessings #wealth #prosperity #happiness #abundance #plantmagic #bruja #nature #miracle #thedivinewitchshop
This full moons fiery energy is reaching every inch of my soul #Sagittarius #fullmoon #fire #astrology #zodiac #astros #fullmoonblessings #energy #thedivinewitchshop
Hi everyone! I am finally able to post the reading I did this morning and here it is. I have pulled the Knight of Swords and the Magician - an interesting combo, but a good one nonetheless. The Knight of Swords is driven, focused and aggressive. When he sets his sights on a goal nothing can stop him from achieving it. This is a person who does not have patience for those who are weaker than him and does not deal well with those who get in his way for fear that they may hinder his progress. This person may seem ruthless because of their laser focus and lack of emotion. The next card I pulled is the Magician, and this card calls upon the energy and mysteries of the universe in order to manifest your desires. Anything that you envision in your minds eye will become a reality. The Magician is letting you know that you have all the tools outside and within yourself to fulfill any opportunity that presents itself. You have all the power within you to manifest anything you can imagine. In order to achieve your hearts desire, there is no need to be like the Knight of Swords where you have to trample over anyone or anything that stands in your way in order to reach your goals. This reading is urging that you exude the characteristics of the Magician and use the innate power you have within yourself in order to manifest all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. You have all the tools at your disposal - so use them! Will power, creative manifestation, and intuition are all divine gifts. Develop these gifts and watch your life begin to flourish. #reading #readingoftheday #knightofswords #theMagician #majorarcana #minorarcana #ruthless #goals #aspirations #magic #gifts #universe #desires #power #hopes #dreams #manifest #loa #divinegifts #intuition #intuitive #thedivinewitchshop
Since I am conducting private readings for the day, I decided to take a mini break and pull one for my IG family. Today I have pulled the Twin Flame Card from the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck. As the name of the card states, this indicates a twin flame relationship - the deepest form of romantic love. To form this intense partnership, follow your inner guidance, learn personal growth lessons, and have patience with Divine Timing. Even if you are currently not together, even if you are not speaking to one another - you will soon be with your twin flame. Please know that once twin flames find each other, everything in their lives will reach new height of love and light. Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow your intuition and guidance in order to manifest your prayers about your love life. #aengus #ascendedmasters #oraclecards #twinflame #loveandlight #divinetiming #eternallove #love #intense #soulmate #staypositive #intuition #guidance #manifest #meditate #pray #romanticlove #lessons #growth #thedivinewitchshop
When you want to go out and play, but you can’t cause it’s been raining non stop. #boo #rainraingoaway #miami #the305 #catsofinstagram #kitty #catsofig #sosoggy #butthegrassisgreener #notthekindyousmoke #wishfulthinking #thedivinewitchshop
I love fresh flowers. I always make sure to pick up two bouquets weekly. They bring nature indoors and add life to my home. #nature #roses #freshflowers #bouquets #homeiswheretheheartis #possibilities #life #thedivinewitchshop
For today's reading I have pulled the Eight of Wands and the Four of Wands. Both of these cards represent fiery and fast moving energy. Let's begin with the interpretation. The 8 of Wands is a card of movement, of rapid changes that are due to take place. Because the wands depicted in this card are hurtling their way down to Earth, it foretells of travel adventures that are in your near future. This may be something that you have planned or it may be something spontaneous which you should take full advantage of and say an emphatic "YES!" to! The next card I pulled was the Four of Wands. I really like this card because it is so happy and joyous, it speaks to our life and how we should live it. This card brings with it blessings of peace after a hard time, it represents celebrations and remembrance through rituals such as birthdays and other momentous occasions. Soon you will have much to celebrate. Both of these cards together bring news of a change that will bring much pleasure and favorable moments back into your life. So don't fear this change! We are creatures of habit and when things shift in our lives we suffer with a bit of apprehension because we begin to wonder what these changes will bring. In this case, the change is that a waiting period is over now and it is time to come out of your shell and live life to the fullest because life is so much more than our day to day routines. Celebrate life and share these special moments with those you love! #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #taoroftheday #meditation #intuitive #intuition #EightofWands #FourofWands #RapidChange #Movement #Travel #Celebrations #Joy #Happiness #Life #TheDivineWitchShop
Good morning! I’m really excited about today’s reading because it validates yesterday’s post on upcoming celebrations and a time of joy! Today I have pulled the Three of Cups again, but this time with the Page of Cups! When Spirit wants a message to come across to those who need to hear it, they make it known. Let’s begin! As a follow up to yesterday’s reading I will reiterate what the Three of Cups stands for those who didn’t read yesterday’s post (although you are free to read it and like it - just saying 😄). The Three of Cups is a joyful card filled with celebrations and gatherings with those you love. It is advising you that good fortune is upon you and it is time to enjoy these beautiful moments! Let the happiness flow and do not worry about what might be because this is a great time, not just for you, but for those whom you love. All will benefit and rightfully so. This is a time of peace, love and happiness after a time of strife and much suffering. Enjoy it and make sure that you are grateful for this blessing the universe has gifted you with. The Page of Cups is innocence at its best, it is naïveté, it is breaking free of the constraints of emotional bondage. It is raw emotion and learning about relationships. This page is unafraid of being hurt and experiencing all the feelings that come with it. To love is to be vulnerable. Even though he may experience some shaking at his very core and foundation, he is not dismayed or discouraged. He will continue on because love is all that matters to him. If this does not represent someone who you know, this card may be asking you to take on the qualities and characteristics of this Page. This is a time where you have to let go of any past hurts you may have experienced in relationships because holding on to these past transgressions is doing you more harm than good. Let go of these so that you may bring more love into your life. Do not let past hurts change how you love because you may have an opportunity that presents itself that will allow you to love and be loved in a way that you truly deserve. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
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An attitude of grattitude will bring unlimited blessings to your life #believethat #grateful #attitudeofgrattitude #powerful #blessings #shiftyourenergy #loa #attract #abundance #thedivinewitchshop
For today's reading we have the Three of Cups and the Ace Cups - an emotional suit but these cards bring good tidings! The Three of Cups is all about celebrations and community and joy! This card embodies pleasures that may be planned, but it can also represent spontaneous moments that will bring good times for everyone involved. This card is coming up because you may have endured some rough moments recently or are due to be coming out of them soon. The Three of Cups is letting you know that the happiness you are about to experience will be intense! Your home, health and love life will receive an extra boost - one for which you have been waiting for. Take advantage of this burst of good fortune and celebrate with those you hold near and dear to your heart. Together with the Three of Cups, I have pulled another fabulous card, the Ace of Cups! The Ace of Cups is the embodiment of divine love, spiritual nourishment, peace and joy and an awakening. What you have been looking for has been found. This card symbolizes that what is the most dearest and nearest to your heart is now available to you. This gift only requires your grateful acceptance of it - so open your hands and heart to receive the blessings that the universe is gifting you with in all their radiant beauty. Together these card bring great tidings, some you may have been waiting for, others may come as a complete surprise. Whatever the case may be, accept these blessings and enjoy them! #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #intuitive #intuition #meditation #ThreeofCups #AceofCups #blessings #happiness #joy #celebration #goodfortune #prosperity #love #divinelove #beauty #family #lovedones #spiritual #awakening #peace #thedivinewitchshop
Life is too damn short to waste your precious moments. Only share your time with those you 1. Deserve you 2. Appreciate you 3. Respect you 4. Validate you and last but not least 5. Love you #loveyourself #realtalk #truth #love #respect #appreciate #validate #truestory #liveandlearn #thedivinewitchshop #repost @sylvestermcnutt #lifeisbeautiful
First and foremost, I apologize for the quality of this photo but I was in a bit of a hurry and really wanted to get this reading out since it has a particular message regarding finances and secrecy. Let’s begin. For today's reading I have pulled the Four of Pentacles and the Moon. The Four of Pentacles is a financial card and how we create attachments to material possessions, greed, fear of loss and miserliness. This card specifically relates to a person who is so obsessed with their material possessions and the fear of losing it, that they are in fact creating a feeling of lack. This person's main drive is purely financial and it is the foundation of everything that motivates him or her. By doing this, this person has sacrificed most of his close relationships and has closed off parts of his heart and humanity. I relate this individual to a "Scrooge" type character. Nothing satisfies this person, so they are always in the pursuit of happiness but never really grasp it. The next card I pulled is the Moon and this card has much to do with what is hidden, it is the realm of dreams, secrecy, silence, intuition and psychic messages. The Moon calls on us to understand that even though this is the realm of the imagination and the Esoteric, we must never dwell there for longer periods than we really should. The Moon is calling on you to see things in a whole new light with a softer edge than what you see with the Sun's rays which can be sharp shadows. Psychic abilities and intuition are heightened at this time and you are being called upon to use these to your benefit, because eventually all will be revealed to you. Together these cards are saying that perhaps you are holding on to some secret about your financial condition you wish to not share with others for fear of rejection or being chastised. What you don't realize is that we are all human and therefore, are not perfect by any means. If you need to have an honest conversation with someone you value and truly care for, you are being called upon to do it now. Communication is the key to all understanding. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life #positivevibes #truestory #truth #nolies #nodisrespect #loveyourself #movealong #thedivinewitchshop
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