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Last night I sat by the ocean and I shared my joys, my fears, my sadness and my hopes with my mother #Yemaya . She responded in kind by allowing a wave to gently roll across my feet. She received me as a mother normally would her child and comforted me. I cried because I was so very grateful and thanked her for always protecting me, guiding me and loving me. #omoyemaya #madremia #maferefunyemaya #maferefunolokun #ocean #sea #mysteriesofthedeep #naturesbeauty #orishas #blessed #grateful #thankful #happy #thedivinewitchshop
What the hell happened? I feel like we totally skipped Saturday and landed on Sunday?! #wth #wherestheweekend #wheredidFridaygo #weekendwho #truth #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun #thedivinewitchshop
When you’re watching a video and see the sign you asked for. I see ya! I hear ya! #omoyemaya #yemaya #ashe #maferefunyemaya #orishas #madremia #thedivinewitchshop
It’s all fun and games until it happens to you. Empathize with what the other person could experience should you decide on a certain course of action, think about the consequences. #empathy #empathetic #feelit #watchehatyousay #watchwhatyoudo #thedivinewitchshop
And my spirit guides and Eggun have been lit as fuck lately. I suggest you take your lies and betrayal elsewhere before they handle my business #eggun #orishas #spiritguides #truth #facts #gettostepping #watchyourself #keepplaying #thedivinewitchshop #repost @psychic.medium.christina.eagle
So many say they want it, but when it’s given to them they don’t have the stomach for it. #repost @sylvestermcnutt #speakyourtruth #takeyourtruth #levelup #truth #facts #truestory #canyouhandlethetruth #thedivinewitchshop
Although preparations have been under way, tomorrow is the day I, as well as many sisters and brothers of my religion (Santería, also known as Regla de Ocha, La Regla de Ifa or Lucumi) celebrate Orula or Orunmila. Orula possesses and personifies wisdom, but he's also a powerful healer. He works with herbs and roots to cure people. His colors are yellow and green, and his eleke (beaded necklace) is made of yellow and green beads, alternating. Men and women who've received the mano de Orula or cofá de Orula wear a simple yellow and green beaded bracelet on the left wrist to protect them from premature death. Orula knows the moment when everyone is destined to die, and those who wear the idé (bracelet) of Orula on the left wrist won't be carried off by mistake by Ikú (death). Orula protects against mental illness and insanity. In the Catholic religion, he's syncretized with St. Francis of Asis, whose feast day is October 4. On October 4, it's important for all the godchildren of a Babalawo to visit him and offer him some kind of derecho (money or gift) to honor Orula. The traditional gift is two coconuts and two candles. In the home, Osún is often kept next to Orula as a guardian. Those who have received cofá or mano de Orula should attend to Orula in a formal way once a month, usually when the moon is new. He receives red palm oil and honey, and we burn two candles in his honor while we whisper prayers and special requests to him. In some lineages, Orula's day of the week is Sunday, but in other houses, every day of the week is Orula's. #iboruiboyaibosheshe #Orula #Orunmila #4deoctubre #themasterdiviner #divinator #lifeanddeath #divination #ifa #orisha #thedivinewitchshop
Good morning! I’ve decided to pull a card this morning as I feel the heaviness from this Aries Full Moon lifting. Spirit directed me to pull the Positive Changes Card. A better card could not have been pulled! As this card is now letting you know that you have outgrown situations that at one time appealed to you. There are many positive developments that are signaling spiritual growth which are in fact blessings in disguise. So if you’ve experienced a not so pleasant event know that this is not to punish you, instead it is forcing changes upon you that you would not have taken on yourself. Even though you may feel uncomfortable or pushed beyond your comfort zone, know that these changes are positive. Have faith that everything is happening as it should and whatever you wish for, desire or dream about - the universe is there to support you every step of the way. Wishing everyone a great day today! #reading #readingoftheday #positivechanges #wordsofwisdom #wednesdaywisdom #psychictarot #oracle #goodmorning #todayisagoodday #letgo #trust #havefaith #believe #thedivinewitchshop
Powerful and true #thedivinewitchshop
This post is dedicated to those who love with everything they have. This full moon may be bringing to the surface some harsh realities that perhaps you may have chosen to overlook for whatever reason. May you be able to find closure and the real love you seek. Some might call it forgiveness, others being taken advantage of but oftentimes we become a floor mat for other people who do not have the capacity or the understanding to love. When you really truly love someone you empathize with them and would never want to hurt them. Before you make any decisions today really ask yourself if what you are about to do will harm or help the other. Enforce your boundaries kindly and respectfully, then wish them well. #wordsofadvice #beenthere #forgiveness #respect #boundaries #liveandletlive #dontbeadoormat #selfworth #loveyourself #selfcare #fullmoonvibes #lunarenergy #fire #thedivinewitchshop
I decided to perform a Full moon in Aries Reading and the cards I have pulled could not resonate better with this full moons purpose which revolves around relationships and big changes that will be occurring - some for reconciling others for closure - but be sure that everything serves its purpose whether you understand it or not at this present time. The first card I pulled is the Harmony Card and it is equivalent to the Lovers Card in traditional tarot. It is also the number 6 card which is indicative of a karmic nature and a deep spiritual initiation, partnership or union that is coming together. It is also indicative of changes that are coming and to which you will have to make certain choices. Rumi stated that what you are seeking is also seeking you. Who you are and what you believe in, as well as your habits are all reflected back in those whom you seek out for relationships - whether these relationships are romantic, platonic or business - it happens because we learn from each other and we mirror those qualities that need the most attention in order to evolve and ascend. The changes that are due to occur will be swift and will end any delays that have occurred. There will be much forward movement that comes with a renewed sense of hope and passion. This is what the next card Accelerated Motion represents. This card is equivalent to the Eight of Wands card that brings with it fiery energy, just like this Aries Full Moon! Whether you are ready or not for these changes, they will happen. Presently everything that is occurring is doing so because of Divine Timing, there are no coincidences! Everything is indicating that whatever your desires and goals have been, you will be rapidly heading towards the manifestation of what you’ve worked, prayed and visualized so hard for. Be wise and continue to take action as you should really think as to what else needs you to act on now. Believe, trust and have faith because you are moving towards a much more positive phase of your life that will be better than anything you have visualized. Whatever choice you make, know that it will be the right one for you!
More info on this fiery full moon that is upon us. Can you feel the energy. It’s intense! #repost @ancient_Mystic #thedivinewitchshop lunarvibes #fullmoon #ariesfullmoon #energy #mood #fiery #manifest #releasing #purging #unexpectedblessings #grandmothermoon #thedivinewitchshop
No caption needed #thedivinewitchshop
It’s so easy to lose oneself in feelings and emotions when things don’t go according to plan but that’s when you have to reassess, realign and act accordingly. Take your power back by holding yourself accountable and by doing what needs to be done #wordtothewise #reminder #sundaze #dailyinspiration #holdyourselfaccountable #highervibration #9222018 #todayistheday #thedivinewitchshop
The full moon in Aries on Monday September 24, 2018 will affect both your relationship and career. While all full moons are powerful, the one taking place on September 24, 2018 will be an especially challenging one for your love life, relationships and career in general. First let’s discuss relationships. Occurring in feisty, aggressive, and impulsive Aries, a zodiac sign that's known for overreacting, this full moon will put your relationships to the test, but it could also strengthen your bond beyond what you thought possible. When the full moon rises, it will form a t-square with Saturn in no nonsense Capricorn - one of the most challenging aspects in all of astrology - it is very possible you will feel isolated, misunderstood, and alone with your feelings. Because distance can grow between two people when Saturn's impenetrable walls are surrounding each of their hearts, fear may prevent you from making a meaningful connection with someone you love. However, Saturn doesn't cause these issues all by himself. The cosmos work with whatever energy you present them with, and if you've long been dealing with feelings of disconnection in your relationship, the full Aries moon will simply be a breaking point. Saturn is not the only planet putting a dramatic spin on our upcoming full moon. Forming a conjunction with Chiron, ruler of you're deepest insecurities and most painful memories, this Aries full moon will also reveal a darker layer of sensitivity. Most relationships have deep-seated problems that have never been resolved. You spend the majority of your time together pretending that these problems don't exist, even though the emotional wounds still reopen from time to time and you could find yourself rehashing issues from the past. Chiron simultaneously rules over your greatest strength. In life, overcoming obstacles is the only way you'll ever grow. Because Chiron contains your obstacles, it provides you with a road map to freedom. As long as you listen to what your gut is telling you, you'll discover how to save your relationship, and perhaps, even more importantly, how to save yourself. (Cont’d Below in Comments 👇🏻)
Funny how I did a reading earlier speaking about balance, as we enter Libra ♎️ Season and now I see 222 for my followers #iseewhatyoudidthere #ihearyouuniverse #loudandclear #balance #equilibrium #scales #synchronicity #222 #libraseason #thedivinewitchshop
Hello all! I know I haven’t been posting many readings but I’ve been a bit busy with other things that required my attention. I felt a pull to do a reading and this is what came up: The King of Wands, the Four of Wands and the Temperance Cards. Fiery energy abounds in this reading with the presence of the King of Wands and the Four of Wands. The King of Wands is power, fire and strength. This a very male card and it is powerful in and of itself. It is a card of success and how you wield your personal power at this time. It can also represent a charismatic person you may know or you may exhibit these qualities to others. Because it is next to the Four of Wands, this card may indicate that there is a desirable person in your life who is your equal. If this situation can be handled properly without ego it can lead to a fruitful union that will be mutually beneficial in both business and personal matters. The Four of Wands is happiness, family, unity, prosperity and success that are all making their way to you. It is a happy card full of joy and celebration and is usually a great omen for an impending engagement that will lead to a marriage and/or partnership. This card is stability and security and even though it is loaded with fiery energy, it is also very much grounded in Earth energy. If there have been relationship issues in the past, this card assures that calmer and peaceful times are here. You are encouraged to leave the past behind. Enjoy the present happiness you are experiencing and look to the future with renewed optimism. Balance and moderation is called for with the Temperance card, which represents the Divine Masculine and Feminine in this reading. Communication is also key. If in the past there have been instances where your communication style has been a bit too strong or too meek, then this card is asking you to be balanced in your emotions. Don’t let your imagination run wild. Instead, bring balance into your life and before making snap judgements, it asks that you first think things through. Don’t jump into things or make rash decisions at this time. Avoid any extremes as they will only bring you grief.
#Repost @sylvestermcnutt with @get_repost ・・・ Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone hurts others. At this point, in my humble opinion, we must grow to learn how our behavior impacts others. #sylvestermcnutt #love #relationship #thedivinewitchshop
Why would you settle for anything less? #love #relationships #makemagic #iwantitall #thedivinewitchshop
I keep finding feathers everywhere I go. They are either lying in my path or they drift down towards me. I know my angels, spirit guides and ancestors are with me watching over me. #blessed #iseeyou #ifeelyou #feathers #fromheaven #thedivinewitchshop
Lessons come with a life well lived and that includes good and bad times. Learn from it and grow from it #payattention #ebbandflow #change #lifelessons #learntolove #learntoforgive #learntobekind #grow #wisdom #fridayfeels #thedivinewitchshop
How beautiful and amazing is this? Seriously. Nothing. Not time or space or another human being can keep two souls who are meant to be together apart. If you are separated from a love that is like no other that you have experienced, know this is true. Nothing will keep you apart. Have faith that when the time is right you will be reunited. #divinetiming #twosouls #thelovers #magnets #yinyang #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #thedivinewitchshop
Couldn’t help but post this 🤣 be careful the hand you play, you just might get dealt a royal flush. #watchyourself #whoslaughingnow #sorrynotsorry #aintnobodygottimeforthat #takethat #dontaskquestionsyoudontwantanswersto #whodoyouthinkyouare #boybye #truth #fact #thedivinewitchshop
Because as much as you want to know, as much as you want answers to the many questions you have, you will never get a truthful answer. So cut your losses and move on #letitgo #thursdaythoughts #itiswhatitis #moveon #trusttheprocess #liveandlearn #friendships #relationships #thelovers #thedivinewitchshop
So that every fiber of your physical and ethereal being believes it to be so until it is manifested into reality #dreamit #believeit #manifestit #speakitintoexistence #realtalk #faith #trusttheprocess #thedivinewitchshop
At the Virgo New Moon we are typically granted an opportunity for a new beginning to organize our lives.  Virgo is the sign most concerned with creating order out of chaos.  Under the influence of Virgo we are suddenly more aware of areas of our lives which need improvement, and we find it easier to make a plan to make that improvement happen. The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle – it wipes the slate clean and gives us an opportunity to forge a new beginning.  At this time the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, working together to fuse our conscious personality needs (Sun) with our subconscious instincts and emotions (Moon). Under the sign of Virgo, areas of health and well-being are highlighted along with the more obvious focus on organization and cleanliness.  New Moons are auspicious times to create a new plan and to plant the seeds of our dreams so that they will soon flower at the Full Moon. Virgo is a practical Earth sign, and is not overly concerned with fantasy or imagination.  Virgo requires a plan and a bulletpoint list rather than a romantic ideal or dream.  However this New Moon on September 9th, includes a stressful opposition of the Sun and Moon to Neptune.  Neptune is a transformational outer planet – it inspires us to leave the day to day mundane details of our lives behind and find the transcendence and bliss of life beyond the boundaries of reality.  At this time Neptune is pulling us towards spirituality and imagination, while the Virgo New Moon seeks to keep us earth bound. While we may feel we are pulled in two directions, we can also use this opportunity to integrate our highest aspirations and yearnings (Neptune) into the Virgoan bulletpoint plan to create and manifest something truly beautiful and lasting.  Saturn has just turned direct to help us focus in a disciplined fashion.  And a harmonious trine to Pluto from the New Moon will help to ensure that this New Moon is nothing less than transformational.
Whenever I’m having a weird day and I see a rainbow, I know everything is gonna be alright (insert Bob Marley voice) #rainbow #signs #loveandlight #trust #believe #havefaith #thedivinewitchshop
When even you’re microwave knows what’s up. Funny it was the only appliance that had 11:11. All the others were 2 minutes behind #realshit #fact #synchronicity #1111 #angelnumbers #spiritguides #saturdaze #theweekendishere #timetodowitchyshit #thedivinewitchshop
When that last bit of sage won’t go out because you’ve been praying and spirit sends you a sign! #priceless #spiritguides #youhearme #ifeelyou #spiritualityisbeautiful #loveandlight #sageitup #smokeplume #loveit #signs #smokesignals #highercalling #spiritworld #thedivinewitchshop
I hope everyone is having a great evening. For tonight’s reading I have pulled the Sacrifice, Stand Your Ground and Rejoice In Celebration Cards. Let me begin by saying that nothing worth having ever comes easy. With the Sacrifice card we see this as being the main focus. There are things that will need to be released in order to make room for what is to come. Every time we do this, we are creating transformation, gaining wisdom, exercising gratitude and finally achieving an enlightened state in our lives and we move a bit higher on the spiritual development ladder. It is something we must all go through, otherwise we stagnate and there is no progress. We remain “stuck” until lessons are learned and we move on only to repeat the process again. There may be certain situations evolving in your life over which you have no control. It is best to pause, rest, reflect and meditate in order to view this from a different perspective so you may gain a better understanding as to why it is occurring and how you can use this situation to your advantage. By doing this you are leveling up and it will have a profound effect on your souls growth and other events that will take place in your life. Transformation and change are not easy but they will happen whether you want them to or not. Accept the things you cannot control so that you may heal, leave the past behind and move into your future with confidence. The next card is the Stand Your Ground card and it is a great follow up to the Sacrifice card. You are being tested and challenged to move beyond the current constraints in order to evolve into a much higher and enlightened version of yourself. There will always be rivals and competition surrounding you in personal and business situations. Know that no matter how difficult or formidable things may appear to be, you have the strength and courage to navigate these. Do not give up your control no matter how badly you want to throw in the towel. Be true to you and your core values and beliefs. (Cont’d Below in Comments)
There is beauty everywhere and in everything you just have to pay attention #lifeisbeautiful #sunshine #brighterdays #faith #believe #natureshots #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #payattention #thedivinewitchshop
For tonight’s reading I have pulled the Truth and Hope cards. The Truth Card is asking you how far do you need to go? What changes need to be made in order to move forward. What decisions are you considering in major areas of your life? This card is equivalent to the Judgment Card in traditional Tarot. There is a spiritual awakening taking place, a revelation of truth. The universe has come knocking to provide you with the wake up call you need. Evaluate your past and the lessons you have learned or still need to comprehend. By doing this you are enabling yourself to forgive, accept and heal in order to become balanced and healed both spiritually and physically. There are changes that need to be made and only you know where these changes need to take place. This is not a time for hasty decision making, instead take your time to really evaluate because whatever steps you take now will have far reaching consequences. Use your discernment to bring about these changes - this shift in awareness to gain the clarity you need. But first and foremost be honest and truthful with yourself. The next card is Hope and it is equivalent to the Star in traditional Tarot. There is a wish you have made that promises to be fulfilled. The impossible will be made possible. Have faith and believe that this is so because there are much higher forces working alongside you that will grant you healing, success and enlightenment. Use your intuition because it is your greatest power as you reach for your goals and desires. Anything can be yours as long as you have hope and trust in everything that you do. Maintain a positive attitude and mindset at all times and the light you shine will attract others who will also realize that having faith and pushing forward where there is no hope is the key to success.
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