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Good evening! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Spirit urged me to do this reading and I’m so happy I did. Not to mention grateful for the beautiful message that has come through. I have pulled 4 cards - The first card I pulled was from the Ascendant Masters Deck and Spirit gave me Trust. This card is telling me that I can trust the situation I am inquiring about. In this case it was about this wonderful reading I am doing for all of you. The situation has a solid foundation which gives it the trustworthy basis. Always keep your motivations pure so that they are completely about love and service in order to elevate the energy and experiences even further. If you are thinking about a particular person while reading this, know that that person is trustworthy. Trust that your prayers are being answered even if there is no evidence to support this. Trust you’re path because you are on the right one and always follow your gut instincts and intuition. The next 3 cards I pulled are from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck and I must say they are divine and fall in line with the first card I pulled. The first card is Choose Wisely which presents itself when a choice is required. This card also is present when you have a vision or goal that you want to achieve but there are too many choices, scattered energy and unrealistic expectations that prevent you from achieving your goals and desires. There are so many opportunities available to you now but you must make a decision - remember that you are in control and responsible for all of your choices. Analyze and think very carefully at all of the possibilities before you. Do not make a hasty decision because you feel pressured or influenced by people who have no idea, expertise or education in the area of your choices. Focus because a wise decision far outweighs one made emotionally and/or in desperation. It does seem that the right choice will be made because following this card is the Positive Movement Forward Card. This card assures that you have the craft, skills, knowledge, gifts and talents that will assist you in moving in a positive direction. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
She actually did say this during a conversation we had recently and then I saw this posted on another account and I had to repost. #truth #valued #truestory #wordsofwisdom #mommaknowsbest #wisewords #thinkaboutit #thedivinewitchshop
I read this and hit home. Sending love to anyone and everyone who needs it right now including myself. #loveyouall #dearqueen #stayfocused #thistooshallpass #ebbandflow #liveandlearn #doyou #loveyourself #focusonyourself #thedivinewitchshop #sundaze #rainydays #repost @sylvestermcnutt
If I only had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this 🤦🏼‍♀️. I don’t bite, unless you want me to. #sayitaintso #yethereweare #approachable #imfriendly #truestory #onlytoaselectfew #qualityoverquantity #thedivinewitchshop
Anyone can want you, but there’s always that one who truly values you. That is everything #value #worth #qualityoverquantity #allday #truth #truestory #wordsofwisdom #saturdaze #theweekendishere #speakitintoexistence #loa #goals #thedivinewitchshop
I don’t have any issues with wasting money, but my time oh no baby I don’t think so. Cause once that’s gone I will never get it back! #truth #truestory #aintnobodygottimeforthat #timesawastin #movingrightalong #timeisprecious #cantbullshitabullshitter #friyay #theweekendishere #thedivinewitchshop
This is true except I don’t need the drinks...what can I say? If Spirit needs to say something, I say it #movingrightalong #waltermercado #icon #Spirit #hearit #feelit #seeit #sayit #witchy #bruja #truth #truestory #thedivinewitchshop
I was going to do my regular reading this morning after my prayers, but Spirit asked me to perform this reading at night. So for this evening, I have pulled the Justice Card and the Three of Swords. If there is something that has been done in error that has caused pain to another, whether consciously or unconsciously, Justice is here to serve you back your Karma. No one escapes the Justice Card. Everyone is served their due at one point or another. This card restores balance and eliminates what is not needed and as I previously stated, any acts of injustice will be met with their rightful consequences. Anything you have set in motion that is not right and swathed in self deception or the deception of another will be met with the conclusion following the laws of the universe. The next card is the Three of Swords. This card represents pain, grief and heartbreak. It is a quite depressing Card when you look at it - it stirs deep emotion and sympathy for the woman who is depicted. This is not a pain that can be avoided. Instead it must be dealt with and moved through. There is no time limit here as to how long it will last for only the heart truly knows when the right time to pull the swords free and begin again. Cry and feel all the emotions that are coursing through you. This is the only way. It is not a time to assign blame, it is a time period of consolation and peace. I dread pulling cards such as these but the only consolation is that nothing remains the same. No sorrow is eternal, neither is happiness. Life is in a constant state of change, so if you are currently suffering from a breakup or some other form of heartbreak, please know this too shall pass. However, whether you were the one to cause the heartbreak or if it was another, make sure that you make peace with the other person because The Justice Card is here to say that you will be given your due and Karma has a funny way of taking away what gives you the most joy. Do not due unto others as you would have done unto you. There may be a conversation that needs to happen, perhaps an apology is due. Whatever the case may be, there is always time to make things right again.
I love everything about this #honesty #fun #laidback #dirty #thedivinewitchshop
Thank you. I appreciate your presence and when you’re gone the moments we shared will forever be cherished #love #letlive #ebbandflow #letitflow #grateful #appreciate #blessed #thegood #thebad #thosewhostay #thosewhogo #wishthemwell #moments #thedivinewitchshop #repost @1.spiritual
Do everything in private. It’s much more exclusive that way. No need to share everything with the world - keep some of those special moments to yourself #dateinprivate #loveinprivate #behappyinprivate #liveinprivate #exclusive #keepittoyourself #thedivinewitchshop
I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday so far! For today's reading I have pulled the Knight of Wands and the Ten of Swords. Yikes! The Knight of Wands is brave, and when I mean brave, I mean he doesn't think before he acts. This can sometimes cause an issue but within the right and proper circumstances can lead to success and greatness. This attitude is the right one and he is more susceptible to failures because he takes chances. These situations can lead to great losses or victories. It all depends on the situation at hand. This Knight is lucky and fortune does follow him, and just when he thinks all is lost a new opportunity presents itself that is better than what he had previously. He is also righteous and fearless and fate does love the fearless! If you do not have any one in your life that resembles this Knight, then perhaps you are the one who has taken on these qualities. This card can also mean increased activity in your life, be it personal or professional, or it can represent an unexpected trip you may be taking. The next card is the Ten of Swords, and this card can refer to a person cutting their losses after an epic battle. You may be in shock from the sheer magnitude of what has transpired and may be asking yourself "how did this happen"? Perhaps you took on the attitude of the Knight of Wands and were impulsive in a decision you made and are now regretting that decision. Perhaps things did not quite transpire the way you wanted them to. But in reality, when you look back at how things were, were you truly happy and satisfied? It could be that this was an event that had to take place in order to see someone's true intentions. Perhaps this situation needed to occur in order to propel you into another phase of your life that offers much better opportunities that are better suited for you. This is just what the Knight of Wands is representing. Sometimes a spur of the moment decision, really isn't spur of the moment. It could be that there has been something building in the background that finally led you to take action. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
Sometimes people come into our lives and they are the biggest surprises. No matter how long they stay - appreciate them, be grateful for their presence in your life and enjoy every single moment because tomorrow is never promised. #repost @thegoodquote #surprises #grateful #blessed #happy #enjoythemoment #tomorrowisnotpromised #appreciate #love #thedivinewitchshop
Happy Tuesday everyone! For today’s reading I have pulled the Judgement Card and the Page of Swords. Both of these cards are harbingers of messages that are important and very necessary. The Judgement Card is a Major Arcana Card that specifically deals with a completion of sorts and with it the good news that follows. It also brings an awakening, enlightenment and progression into the forefront. This is a time where you need to re-evaluate the way you have been living your life and take stock of your actions. It is time for you to make a change and open yourself up to new possibilities. Something has not been working out for you, figure out what that is and take the necessary steps to make changes that will be beneficial to you. The next card is the Page of Swords. This Page is a harbinger of news and represents honesty, truth, integrity and a fresh outlook. This Page appears when there is an imminent change, an opportunity that is on the horizon and the beginning of a new phase of your life. This may be encouraging you to speak up about a particular relationship or a situation related to work matters. Even if you believe that what you need to say will be naive, unsophisticated or not well received - you must still speak your truth. Together these cards are encouraging you to speak up, be brave and have difficult conversations because even though you may be resisting the change or ending that is coming, the reality is that this is much needed at this time to propel you into a new phase of your life which will bring many positive changes. Do not let fear of the unknown hold you back. Be afraid of where you choose to remain. Do not think for a moment that where you are currently is the end all be all. It is in fact holding you back from reaching new heights. We all like what is familiar and comfortable, but there is victory and accomplishment when we venture into the unknown. #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #intuition #intuitive #meditation #Judgement #PageofSwords #messages #messenger #truth #progression #honesty #integrity #awakening #enlightenment #thedivinewitchshop
Today’s reading comes a bit late, but you know what they say, better late than never! Let’s begin... Today I pulled the Six of Swords and the Knight of Wands. The Six of Swords is representative of movement, change, travel and evolution. This card always appears when there are changes that are needed and the important choices one must make to move forward. It is a transitionary period that will move you from a problematic and/or difficult situation and into a more optimistic and hopeful future. This comes at a perfect time with Mercury going direct and a new Moon in Aries. All this fiery energy is propelling us to make life altering decisions that will forever change our paths. This fiery energy is represented by the Knight of Wands. This Knight brings with him excitement, adventure, movement, travel, generosity and communication. Heck maybe even a lil sexiness too! The Knight of Wands is the most dynamic Knight in the entire deck and he brings with him the excitement that we all crave. He is enthusiastic and energetic with a lust for life that is unparalleled. However, his impulsiveness and disregard for rules can cause more trouble than it’s really worth in the end. So be mindful and make sure that any actions you take at his time are all very well thought out. If this Knight does not represent someone in your life, he may be calling for you to take on these characteristics. The Knight of Wands paired with the Six of Swords is letting you know that those changes you have been hemming and hawing about need to happen. Get out of your comfort zone and do something unexpected that will challenge you and propel you to new adventures and situations. These will bring about positive changes in your life that have been waiting to manifest. The air is thick with forward movement and positive changes. So make your move! #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #intuition #intuitive #meditation #sixofswords #knightofwands #change #movement #travel #excitement #enthusiasm #impulsiveness #dynamic #energetic #lust #adventure #thedivinewitchshop
Went to a great restaurant Friday night and found this beautiful mural on the wall inside the restaurant. Gave me the feels when I saw him. #nativeamerican #spiritguide #warrior #fighter #allthefeels #mood #goodfood #greatcompany #thedivinewitchshop @nataa_broo
For those of you experiencing some crazy shifts thanks to all the planetary shenanigans, here is a post by @1.spiritual that I wanted to share with you all #sharingiscaring #newmoon #aries #newmooninaries #theshiftisreal #ebbandflow #thedivinewitchshop
Happy Friday everyone! For today's reading I have pulled the 10 of Cups and the Knight of Swords. The 10 of Cups is one of my favorite in the whole deck because it exemplifies happiness and joy and those great things we want in our lives. But before I go on and on with my feelings, let's do the reading first! The 10 of Cups is a card that is literally announcing that unimaginable amounts of joy and happiness are coming your way! Whatever struggles you have recently endured will be just a distant memory. Nothing bad or sad lasts forever and now is the time to bask in all the goodness and happiness that is coming your way because damn it you've earned it! Not only will you be enjoying this time of good fortune, but so will your family and those you hold near and dear to your heart. But with all these fabulous moments making their way into your life, you also have to remember to be grateful and should share this happiness and good fortune with others. I'm referring to it all: material, ceremony, celebration, and thankfulness. Sharing is caring people! I am telling you this because the next card which is the Knight of Swords can lean a bit towards selfishness. This knight is aggressive and pursues his goals with a fierceness that cannot be rivaled by anyone else. However, this comes at a cost - the feelings of others. Do not lose yourself in the pursuit of your goals that you exclude those who love and cherish you, those people who have been supporting you, who believe in you. This has come up in my readings a lot, so this message is definitely aimed at someone who needs to read this and continue to be reminded because they tend to forget where they came from and who has helped them get where they are today. With the 10 of Cups involved a lot of emotion is invested here and it is reminding you that without your friends or family's love and support you would definitely not be where you are today. Do not let your accomplishments get to your head where you alienate those who have helped you reach the top because just as fast as you got up there, you can be brought down again to remind you of your humble beginnings. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
For today's reading I have pulled the Ace of Pentacles and Two of Cups. The Ace of Pentacles is a card of new beginnings, new ventures, success, and favorable financial conditions. When this card appears there is great potential for material/financial growth because it is of the Pentacles Suit, however, because it has been pulled with a cups card this reading is leaning more towards a new romantic partnership. This Ace of Pentacles showing up states that if you hope to move forward with plans for future success, it is almost guaranteed. The Ace of Pentacles is a powerful card and is very positive no matter where it shows up in a spread because it's influence is so very pronounced. Because the Ace of Pentacles has been pulled with the Two of Cups, there is a new romantic partnership that has the potential to bring prosperity to your life and I'm not just referring to a financial nature, but an emotional one as well. The Two of Cups, as I mention is a relationship card that bodes well and brings with it happiness, romance, friendship, a business partner and mutual understanding. This card represents the balance, respect and harmony that two individuals will experience when united. This relationship is based on mutual attraction and the supportive and heartfelt exchange of genuine emotion and respect. This card can refer to proposals, engagements, marriage that will be based on a deep friendship between these two people in the very near future. It is definitely a partnership made in heaven - romantically and financially. When this card shows up in a reading, especially with the Ace of Pentacles, it is a strong indicator that this relationship that is now blooming will flourish because it is based on understanding, harmony and a deep love between two people, the likes of which neither of them have experienced. There is a recognition of souls, a comfort level, and each person can really just be themselves without fearing being judged or criticized. There is a familiarity between these two souls, there is comfort and respect. There may even be a spiritual connection between these two people. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
My weekly ritual includes fresh flowers for my ancestors on my altar. They are always remembered and prayed for #family #familyfirst #respect #tradition #ritual #ancestors #alwaysremember #alwaysprayedfor #whiteroses #neverforgotten #blessings #spiritguides #spirituality #thedivinewitchshop
Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great day! Even though this reading is generalized, I feel that it is meant for someone to read and I truly hope it resonates with whom it is intended for. Today I have pulled the Five of Swords and the Temperance card. The Five of Swords is a card that is quite complex emotionally and brings with it much tension, conflict and interpersonal difficulties. Even if you have won a battle, you still feel as if you were not the victorious one and a feeling of defeat is still very much present. Perhaps you engaged in an argument with someone and even though you won that disagreement, you still feel a bit empty or hollow inside and it may have cost you more than you had originally bargained for. You're need to be right will alienate friends, co-workers, lovers and those who you care about and who care about you. This card usually appears when you are on a destructive path to victory. Meaning, you take no prisoners. Being focused on a goal is great, but not at the cost of your relationships with others because these are the people who will support you on your way to greatness. Never ever neglect those who care about you. Always carve out time to spend with those you love and who support you. This is evident and supported with the next card I pulled which is the Temperance Card - a Major Arcana card - that is all about balance and moderation, communication and management of resources and healing. How wonderful it is to have these reminders that help guide our decisions? The Angel image on this card is depicted with one foot on dry land and the other in the water. It is the conscious and the subconscious. It is the point where the physical realm meets the spirit realm. At this point in time you either need to learn or are learning how to balance things in your life. You are learning to exercise patience and moderation. Try to avoid extremes as this can do more harm than good. If you feel like you do not want to let go of any one particular thing that you are currently engaged in, take the time to think about what is most important and what will be most fruitful to you. (Cont’d Below 👇🏻)
Another satisfied customer. Love what I do but I love my clients even more. This type of feedback is everything to me! No matter the message Spirit is trying to convey through me, I make sure that it is delivered clearly and concisely. #readings #privatereadings #byappointmentonly #staytrue #lovewhatido #myclientsarethebest #happy #blessed #grateful #reviews #thedivinewitchshop
When I ask my spirit guides and Eggun for a sign they always deliver. After asking a very specific question to what is concerning me and a situation I am involved in I pulled this card “You Are Seeing The Situation Accurately - Horus”. My readings this week have been very adamant about following your intuition and this card just confirmed my gut feelings about a certain situation in my life. Some may think or assume that they are fooling me, funny thing is I’m giving them all the rope they need to hang themselves. The truth always comes out people! This card states that you should trust your feelings about this situation because they are accurate and valid. Let go of self doubt even in the face of others’ opinions regarding this situation. Your spiritual sensitivity is helping you see the truth of the matter and although it may be easier to go along with the crowd, you are called upon to take a higher road and decisive action. You already know what to do. Even though people may not support you, Spirit is supporting you and is cheering you on. After making your decision others will come around to your point of view. So assume a leadership role. Quick meanings to this card: Trust your intuition and gut feelings they are usually never wrong. Avoid situations or relationships that don’t feel right and/or are toxic and damaging. #ascendedmasters #doreenvirtue #horus #trustyourgut #intuition #intuitive #meditate #trustyourself #trustyourjudgement #thedivinewitchshop
Hope everyone is having a great Friday so far! For today's reading, I have pulled the Chariot and the Ten of Pentacles. The Chariot stands for success, self satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and managing your own destiny. This card features a well dressed noble man standing in his chariot being pulled by a dark and light sphinx that represent the positive and negative aspects of life. Everything about this card states success and the motivation you need to achieve it. It is the culmination of hard work and accomplishment and how you need to combine many aspects of yourself in order to achieve the balance that is required to get to such a high place in life. This person is not only prideful, powerful and ambitious, but he is also humble, generous and noble. By doing this you create a harmonious exchange that will guarantee your success. The next card, the Ten of Pentacles, follows along the lines of the Chariot card and speaks of family heritage, traditions, continuing a family's legacy and maintaining stability for future generations. This card is one that speaks of material wealth built by a patriarch who has laid the foundations for his family through hard work, dedication and much sacrifice. This patriarch is now handing over the reigns to his eldest, who has been raised and taught to continue with this legacy so that future generations may also reap the benefits. This card also speaks of the pride and loyalty of a tight knit family, a home that was built on love and support. It is the ideal family situation where everyone pulls together to create a legacy and family history that will live on for many years. Both of these cards speak of the hard work and dedication that family members have or are in the process of creating foundations that will determine their families future's. It is a cooperative effort that will pave the way for an easier life with less struggle and financial burdens. But all this is done fairly, ethically and morally. There are no get rich quick schemes here. Follow the right path and success is assured.
Good morning and #happyfriday everyone! I couldn’t help but snap this picture of the sun rising from my window this morning. Enjoy! #friyay #theweekendishere #Godswork #goodmorning #sunrise #heaven #clouds #beautiful #grandrising #thedivinewitchshop
Make it your mission to learn what makes you so unique and always work to become the ultimate version of true self #itiswritten #loveyourself #bestself #learningexperience #trueself #whoareyou #yourbestversion #thedivinewitchshop
For today's reading I have pulled the Knight of Pentacles and the Wheel of Fortune, a continuation of the past two days' readings. Apparently a message needs to be heard and Spirit is making sure it is put out there. The Knight of Pentacles is a court court which is very closely related to matters that are of a financial nature. This knight stands for patience, long term plans, responsibility and financial conservatism. This is the oldest and most conservative of all the Knights in the Tarot. He is serious, responsible and experienced, therefore it is time you set your childishness to the side and act like the adult you are. No more temper tantrums, no more fits of fancy. Put on your big girl/big boy pants and get it together! These fits will not get you anywhere, instead they will hinder your progress and stall your growth and the blessings headed your way. Don't be your own worst enemy. This card may be calling for you to take on these qualities. Take heed! The next card is the Wheel of Fortune, a Major Arcana card which represents the ups and downs we experience in our lives. There are instances where we have joyous moments, then others where they are absolutely depressing. This is life. We are in a constant state of change. This card speaks of new beginnings a change in fortune whether it be good or bad depends where you are in your life cycle. At this moment their may be outside forces or factors that are affecting your life and which you have no control over. Learn to accept the things you cannot change and go with the flow because by doing this you are adapting. The more you resist the worst it will be. Learn to release the reigns and loosen the grip - you cannot control destiny. For those who have mastered the art of letting go and going with the flow, cards such as the Wheel of Fortune matter not. All they know is that they will ride it out with grace and they will persevere and overcome whatever challenge comes their way. Because this card is in an upright position, the meaning is positive, new beginnings filled with optimism and success are on their way.
Someone is pondering life and how he can get to all the birds that are flying outside his window #catsofinstagram #kitty #chismoso #catsofig #wishfulthinking #kittykittybangbang #mybaby #adoptdontshop #whorescuedwho #thedivinewitchshop #wednesday
Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday! For today's reading I was up and out of bed especially early. I felt an urgency to do this reading and of course, when I pull cards, I get the Justice card and the 8 of Swords. I hope this message reaches the person it is meant for and if you feel this is in regards to something going on in your life, feel free to dm me. The Justice Card is just what it is - Justice, Karma, Truth, Fairness, Equality and Balance. When this card surfaces, it usually represents a search for truth, what actions you have taken and the repercussions of those decision. It is time to pay the piper. This card represents a choice or decision you have to make that pertains to something that is very important in your life. The sword depicted in this card represents the sword of truth that is double edged and is impartial, there are no favorites here. It is one's logical mindset that allows one to come to a true and fair decision. The sword pointing upwards is a show of victory. The scales are always depicted with justice to bring balance. This card represents being able to cut to the meat of the matter and many people who are highly intuitive as myself can see right through to the true nature of a person or situation. We may not say much, but trust me when I tell you we know. When this card shows up, there may be someone in your life or a situation that is unfolding that is not quite what it seems. Use your intuition and the facts you have before you to discern the situation properly. Make no mistake, the truth will always come out no matter how much someone tries to hide it, so don't despair. Stay true to yourself and move away from anyone or anything that does not feel right. The next card which is the Eight of Swords represents someone who is in despair. This is a card of isolation and negative thoughts that are consuming a person. A sort of self-imposed suffering that in reality is unnecessary and very unhealthy. This card is telling you that this self imposed suffering is of your own doing, and if you just take the time to remove the blindfolds, you can see that you have a way out.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For today’s reading we have the Eight of Cups and the Nine of Cups. The Eight of Cups calls forth to the human spirit and the heeding of our inner voice, to that which leads us to breakthroughs in our lives - a pilgrimage of sorts that allows us to choose a higher calling away from material entrapments. At this very point in time you may have more than you need. You may have reached a level of success you’ve only dreamed of, you have many material objects in your possession yet you feel as if there is something missing. You are being called upon to strike on a new venture, but this is something that will lead you to a place in your evolution that will be even better. Yes it is possible! It is an opportunity that is rare and when you get this feeling or intuitive push you must move forward with confidence because Spirit is saying that all will be well. So well in fact that we have the Nine of Cups to accompany the Eight of Cups as a confirmation. The Nine of Cups in Tarot is often called the wish card. You are called upon to make that wish your heart desires as this wish will come true. The Nine of Cups also states that even though your life is full of great things now, the future holds more. Matters pertaining to love relationships are lush and ripe. Your beauty and magnetism is at an all time high so don’t be surprised if you are attracting a lot of attention, because this will draw happiness and success to you. The Universe and Spirit are definitely conspiring to make all of your dreams come true. You have worked hard to get to where you are or will be soon. With the Eight of Cups and the Nine of Cups we have confirmation that every chance we take in life doesn’t come without its second thoughts or some sort of fear attached to it. These are risks we take, but when we do come to a decision it is usually the right one which more often than not leads us on a much better path. Always be grateful for everything that is provided to you and you will be rewarded handsomely.
Keep this in mind. Keep your vibe high and positive. Do that shadow work and move past what’s holding you back #letgo #release #purge #getready #readyforsomethingnew #readyforsomethingbetter #youattractwhatyouarereadyfor #thedivinewitchshop
For today's reading we have the Four of Pentacles and the Six of Cups. The Four of Pentacles is a financial card and the attachments that one has to material possessions and greed. Other negative characteristics are fear of loss and miserliness. When this card appears, you are being warned that your attachments to material possessions is affecting you in a negative way. Money is good, but it isn't everything. People who focus on just the material aspects of their lives tend to make money their main motivation and the foundation for everything in their lives. Because of this, their humanity is sacrificed and closes off the emotional aspect of their lives which then alienates them from everyone else. Do not be this person, because if you allow money to rule your world, nothing will ever truly satisfy you as you will never have enough. It will be an endless pursuit filled with emptiness. The next card is the Six of Cups, a most opposite card to the Four of Pentacles. The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia, happy memories, innocence, trust and old roles made new again. This is the time for you to remember the happy times from the past. This card will also bring back people from your past to rekindle old memories that brought you much joy. Open your eyes to the childlike wonder you once knew and that still surrounds you. Drop any preconceived notions you may have, allow yourself to experience all the wonderful feelings that are rising within and let your heart yearn what it needs most. These two cards urge us to remove ourselves from adulting for just one minute, leave the rat race behind and remember that what you have materially can never make up for your happy memories and shared moments with loved ones. So many of us are so caught up in the daily grind, that we lose sight of what's really important in life. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, call that person, whether family or friend and let them know how much you care. Let them know you were thinking about them. Strike a balance and do not lose your humanity, for once you do all is lost.
For today’s reading we have the Three of Cups and the 10 of Swords. The Three of Cups is a card of celebrations and joyous occasions that are upcoming and anticipated. It is advising you that good fortune is upon you and it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is also telling you to let go of preconceived notions or expectations. Do not let the opinion of others ruin your moment in the sun. Instead, cut your own path in this life and do what feels best for you. You are now moving from a time where you have fought battles tooth and nail for everything you have ever wanted. This is obvious because the Ten of Swords is telling us this. It is a story of someone who has braved the worst and is now ready to reap their rewards for their victory. This might have been a battle you did not want to fight but it was necessary for your evolution. Your time of sorrow is over and it is time to leave the past behind you. Focus on the future and the beauty that it holds. You will be amazed at the wonderful things that are in store for you. #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #intuition #intuitive #meditation #ThreeofCups #TenofSwords #battles #victory #looktothefuture #celebration #joy #happiness #theDivineWitchShop
For today’s reading we have the Strength Card and the Queen of Pentacles. The Strength Card is a Major Arcana Card that forms the basis of Tarot. The Strength Card is the card that calls on each of us to conquer our fears and to find the strength and move beyond them. The Strength Card calls on you to be brave and to embrace the unknown. The next card is the Queen of Pentacles. She is the practical mother figure and offers you advice and wisdom that is in your best interest to follow, because they will provide you with what you need to overcome whatever difficulties you may have. The Queen of Pentacles may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these traits. This person has perseverance and once she sets her mind on a goal, she achieves it because she is confident in her abilities and experience - ensuring her success. Because the Strength card was drawn with the Queen of Pentacles, you are asked to face your fears and move forward with the advice and wisdom that is being provided to you. Be confident in your endeavors because Spirit is letting you know that you will be successful. When you shift your way of thinking from a place of fear to a place of positivity and confidence, everything else around you shifts in your favor. #reading #dailyreading #tarot #readingoftheday #majorarcana #minorarcana #Strength #QueenofCups #positive #confidence #letgooffear #practical #wisdom #thedivinewitchshop
Today’s reading features the Star and the Hermit, both Major Arcana Cards. The Star is a card of destiny and symbolizes the magic of all the stars in the sky, their eternal flames, but most importantly the brilliance each of us has. Let go of the doubt and know that The Star is ensuring that all is and will be well. Each of us has come into existence for a specific purpose. If you do not know what that purpose is, then the Hermit is here to tell you that it is time you retreat into solitude in order to look within yourself for the answers that you seek. Your intuition needs to be tapped into so that you may find your proper path. This card is the search for self. The eternal wisdom that flows from within. This time is quite significant as it will lead to an awakening. Know that you are divinely supported in this path and that you are on the right path spiritually. You have a specific destiny to fulfill and both of these cards are guiding you and shine a light of hope, faith and infinite trust. Whatever you truly need will be given. This is an eternal truth. #reading #readingoftheday #tarot #tarotoftheday #intuition #meditation #TheStar #TheHermit #destiny #fate #spiritual #spiritguides #awakening #divinelysupported #eternalwisdom #thedivinewitchshop
The biggest lie we tell is the one we tell ourselves. Find your truth people and live accordingly. You ain’t got no one to impress but yourself. #bereal #keepitreal #loveyourself #dontlietoyourself #noonetoimpress #keepit100 #thatmirrorcoldblooded #forreal #iglife #iftheshoefits #mercury #mercuryretrograde #shadowwork #thedivinewitchshop
The most important part is that if it feels right and your intuition is telling you to go for it - do it. You might not ever get another chance like it. #opportunity #expecttheunexpected #surprises #doyouwantit #justdoit #mood #thefeels #gowiththeflow #thedivinewitchshop
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