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This dog is teaching me to be patient and to give grace, but not for the reasons you’d think. He’s obedient, loyal, attentive, well-behaved, and sweet. All good things, right? That’s right. But he’s also intense—really, really intense—and sometimes I can’t handle his intensity anymore. He regularly lays at my feet and stares at me for an hour, never looking away—every time I blink he notices. When he fetches a ball he’s like a machine: retrieve ball, drop ball, crouch; repeat 3000 times. He even sleeps intensely: he barks and growls and kicks his legs, and you know he’s doing something serious and important in his dreams because to him, EVERYTHING is serious and important. He doesn’t know how to rest—only work—and I get mad at him for it. I snap at him when he’s starring at me, “What?? What do you want?!” I yell at him when he drops his ball at my feet for the thousandth time in a row, “NO MORE FETCH!” I have to stop and remind myself: he’s not trying to stress me out. In fact, he’s trying to be good. He’s doing the best he can, the best way he knows how, and fetching a ball 3000 times and starring at me for hours is his “best”. I think most of us are just doing the best we can, the best way we know how. I’ll try to remember that the next time somebody rubs me the wrong way—I’ll try to think of Otis—and maybe then I’ll be patient and gracious, instead of annoyed. #OneEaredOtis #BorderColliesOfInstagram #60DaysiPhoneOnly #DearThursdayJournal
Comode comode 😂
A casa ainda está em silêncio (ate os cães ainda dormem). Sou só eu, esta luz boa e um café acabado de fazer. Bom dia. Bom fim de semana! _____ #andreiabchome
Making your own book is pretty productive Wat to spend a Saturday afternoon! Join @amberillustrati in Epping and learn to make this unusual stab bound Japanese book. Book via the link in our bio . #bookbinding #learningbydoing #everydayimlearning papercraft #mycreativebiz #nothingisordinary #prettylittlething #howyouglow #makeyousmilestyle #finditliveit #postitfortheaesthetic #lovelysquares #TheDulcetLife #photosinbetween #flatlayforever #theeverydayproject #freestylecreativeliving #thatsdarling
Went out tonight with my roomie Roxy & we found out we have the SAME birthday! Gahhhh! No wonder we connected right away! Scorpios rule! 😘💕
R A I N R A I N , G O A W A Y My least favourite but very environmentally necessary weather 🌧 has returned, and just in time for a busy Saturday. We’ll be off to football soon, and I’m hoping we’ll return without having experienced full submersion. Looking forward to a more relaxing and dry evening...
Life in 52: {3/52} Doing her homework under the watchful eye of our kittens. . . . . . #lifein52 #m4hlifein52 #leapp52
Happy weekend ♥ / Our polka dot dress listed in Etsy shop
Proudly Present Shibuya Crossing! @orchardroad.sg ~ Standing on the Road w/ Style 🙆‍♂️🙌🙆‍♂️ * #qotd : FASHION says "Me too" Style says "Only Me"😎😎 * 📸: @blancheeze 🕴: @cliffton_jt
My magical place is this! What’s yours?
Decisions, decisions. Which one would you pick on this grey ol’ day? 🤷🏻‍♀️🕯#candleseason
Got that Saturday feelin' 💖 📸 @cinmayrubio
Mooooorning! ✨💥🌾🌿 It’s a beautifully damp foggy and I’m waking up with a spring in my step after my first instagram live yesterday. Yes, I said ‘basically’ at least 150 times, and I kept on saying hello to people as they joined. You know that feeling when you host a party and think NO ONE is going to come 😂 I was so surprised to see everyone! Thank you SO much for showing up, and all your lovely comments and support ❤️ I think next time I’ll answer questions at the end... but mistakes aside, I’m pretty happy with how it went. If you want to find out ‘5 common photography mistakes and how to avoid them’ you can watch the replay in my stories until midday. Have a fab day my lovelies! What are you up to?
I need your help! ❤️ By popular demand I’m recording another Q&A podcast episode, and so I need some questions! What can I help you with? It can be anything from my specialist subject list - Instagram, algorithms, photography, blogging, mailing lists, podcasting, pricing, Twitter... Even Mark Hamill’s lesser known B movies from the 80s! 😉🙊. . Just comment below, or ping it to me in a DM if you’d rather be anonymous. 💌 Thank you! x #hashtagauthentic
#studioSaturday #nobleelectrical #light Earlier in the week, I was visited by the best electrician in Nottinghamshire - Karl Turner of award-winning Noble Electrical. Their award was as part of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, and the process was a year long one, but I can see why they won! So today, I’m showing you some of his tools, along with the difference between the lighting I have now, and the lighting I had previously. Karl couldn’t get me one of his sparkys because they were all busy, so he got changed and came himself, arrived a few minutes early, did the job, had a look at a couple of others we want doing in the future, so he could quote, and left before the latest time he’d said he would arrive. No mess, no fuss, just a great job, by a great contractor! Thanks Karl.
Introducing my new baby!!!! Affectionately named Pachelbel.... Canon 😂 EOS 6D Mark II #seewhatididthere . Boy does this camera out shine my old baby and I have been squealing in excitement each time I discover a new amazing feature (just ask @jakenwilkins it’s true)💃🏼🙌🏼 Be prepared for photo spam my friends!!
{sabato} LOVE \ details \ Sebbene in questi giorni la mia gallery sia tutto un Love, non sarà lei la mia parola dell’anno. Ora non inizierò un monologo sulla ricerca/non ricerca della mia, piuttosto ti chiedo: ti piacerebbe un quaderno personalizzato con la tua? A) Sì, brava, ottima idea, sono già in ansia perché tra un po’ si spegneranno le luci della ribalta su di lei e il Planning e non si farà altro che parlare di Leone Ferragni, il cambio dell’armadio e la prova costume e io prevedo già amnesia totale con conseguenti scenari apocalittici B) Scherzi?! Un altro quaderno?! Guarda, oramai credo di averla memorizzata nella mente neanche me l’avessero marchiata a fuoco. Quindi no, cara Gerarda, non mi sembra proprio il caso. Hai tutto il weekend per pensarci e io tutta la vita per essertene grata😅se mi risponderai nel weekend. Buon divertimento! #cosedaweekend #takeyourtime #moderncalligraphy #love #sanvalentino #wanderlust #handwriting #draw #handwriting
MY TOP 5 FAVOURITES BEAUTY PRODUCTS/-It went live last night on my YouTube channel,please follow the link in my bio ⤴️ to check it out,its a bit different to my normal videos.Its a chatty one of me and my fav beauty products right now!So please like and subscribe!
Right thing, right time. #dreams #repost
The E+A handblown candle beaker is for life. It's so versatile, it can be used for many things, from pen pots to drinking vessels, but not only that, E+A offer many refill options. Physical candle refills are available for large beakers or you can send your small or large beaker back for a refill in any E+A essential oil scent, you don't even have to clean it out, just post it back when it's stopped burning! . #sustainablebusiness #zerowaste #britishmade #britishmanufacturing #locallysourced #handblownglass #ecobusiness #reducewaste #nowaste
• Grey alpaca bed socks |
Aloha! Nah buat rekomendasi malem minggu sekarang gw mau kasih salah satu cafe retro nyentrik unik yg romantik! Namanya @keukenvanelsje , jadi konsepnya tuh ala ala deutch gitu gan agan. Disana varian menunya banyak banget, tentunya di dominasi sama menu ala belanda ya, dari mulai appetizer sampe dessert semuanya menggoda sih asli ampe bingung milih, akhirnya chicken steak jadi pilihan main course🤓 Kan ada banyak macem saus tuh, gw cobain salah satu saus andalan nya Van Elsje, namanya Bearnaise Sauce, jadi sausnya dibuat dari mentega, kuning telur, white wine vinegar, terus dibumbui dengan herbs. Rasanya? Pecah sii, enaa seger gurihh💥 ••• (-) lettuce nya agak pahit (+) dagingnya juicy parah, pas dipotong oily banget! Sausnya enaa, kentang juga pas ga terlalu overcook, porsi juga lumayan banyak✨ ____________________________________________ 🍗 Chicken Steak | 65k (ex. tax 15%) ☕️ Créme Brulee | 26k (ex. tax 15%) 📍Jl. Buton No. 11, BDG. . . . . #travel #explorebandung #foodies #followfriday #kuliner #mangoo #livethelittlethings #followforfollow #theeverydayproject #positivevibes #morningmotivation #photosinbetween #dessert #followme #lifelessons #chickennuggets #foodporn #goodvibes #chicken #quotestoliveby #like4like #explorebandung #quotestagram #vscocam #photooftheday #westernfood
Small girl, big world ! (Attempted to put this pool into perspective ) 💫🐬
I'm so thankful for a husband who understands that "me" days are necessary. So today he watched the girls and I attempted to go to Apple to learn some things and see what's up with my phone but the wait was like a gagillion hours so I walked the mall in peace. I also picked up a few treats for me 🙌🏻 And what a sweet sweet return home I had. The girls acted like they hadn't seen me in days. I'm recharged and ready for the weekend 💃🏼
A rare moment of calm.🙊
Glory to God in the highest! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
There's a lot thought that goes into naming a new baby & what the name mean's. Fun Fact: My daughter's name is Jessie & my father is Jesse. (Gift) . . . . . #lifestyle #letthembelittle #ohheymama #unitedmotherhood #themommydiary #documentaryphotography #newborn #bestofmom #clickinmoms #theeverydayproject #TheLittleFeltshoppe #nestingly #lifestyle #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #projectnursery #creative #dream #blogger
✨✨💫💫 It's that time again gang! Time to share those extra special things I've spotted on my Insta feed over the last week or so! Swipe ⏩⏩⏩ to see the beauties from: @rubyandthesquirrell @matildamakesit @lovelyfelt @craftycrayonsuk @wiggly_bones @isla.kate.dolls @blackbirdclothing @_zos.bows_ @forcraftssakeuk Pop along and give them a follow and tag your favourite shops in the comments box so I can finds new places to visit and treasures to find and share 💕💎💕💎 Happy Saturday peeps and Happy New Year! 💎💎💎#saturdaysstars #sharingiscaring #socialsaturday #shopsofinstagram #ordertoday #makeracademy #supportsmallbusiness #savvybusinessowner #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #dontquityourdaydream #flashesofdelight #entrepreneurlifestyle #theeverydayproject #creativepreneur #shopsmall #makersgonnamake #craftsposure #etsyfinds #shophandmade #htlmp #handmadeisbetter #madeinbritain #etsyaddict #gottahaveit #instashops #madewithlove
these stinkin’ cute little buddies 😍 #boyswearpinktoo
This wicker wine holder 🙌🏼
More shop goodness!
The shop is opening up soon and there will be so many goodies!
Утро доброе! ☕️ Ёлочные игрушки давно сняты, а от пихты остались только веточки, вкусный зимний завтрак никто не отменял ✨♥️
Когда в памяти столько прекрасных кадров ... ⭐️
SOUERDOUGH. I am new in this and such a loyal fan already! I ❤️ this souerdough from Starter Lab in Canggu brought directly from Emerett’s hands from New York, or should I say from heaven? @starterlab #souerdough #bread
No really, the best matcha I’ve ever ever ever had. @holymatchaa
Mac x Erica
When everything else fails, dance. Dance with all of your hearts, to the beat of your dreams. 🌹
A little peak inside the vintage journal I sent last week. It has an amazing blend of pages with vintage and some story book pages. I loved this one so much that I would have kept it for myself had it not been a custom order! 🙈 .. .. An important ANNOUNCEMENT - My store turns ONE this February and I am planning something really exciting for you all. 🎉🎉 .. .. Keep a lookout for the GIVEAWAYS starting Monday- Yes ! There is going to be More than One. Happy weekend everyone!
Thank you Matthew for making me appreciate the outdoors...especially because it makes you so darn happy 😁. Always a smiley runner ❤️
Gunaydin millet🙆🏻 (EN👇🏼) Crossfit oncesi yulafi😋 hatirlatma⭐️ Pazartesi baslayacak 5 gunluk programimiz icin basvurular devam ediyor🤸🏻‍♀️ Detayli bilgi icin 👉🏻 thecyprea@gmail.com ’a mail atabilirsin🤗 . . [EN] Morning guys! Pre-crossfit oats cooked with almond milk and topped with goji berries and peanut butter😋
There’s only one place I get my denim jeans, @hollisterco since the early 2000’s. It’s a problem. I pretty much have all the jeans I have ever bought from them. Denim admiration post, that’s all. #denim
“why do I thrash about, why do I fuss inside this narrow, limited frame, when life, the whole of life, and all its joys, is open to me?” - leo tolstoy, war and peace — #lasallechicago101
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