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WIN SOME FREJA GOODIES! You could win a Tshirt and Tote Bag (shipping included!) by just signing up to our mailing list and tagging a friend in the comments - that's it! Easy peasy. Feel like a badass viking warrior in our merch. You can find the link to our mailing list in our bio! Freja and the False Prophecy is on Kickstarter right now if you want to find out more about the game and play the DEMO: kck.st/2Q5FbpY
SURPRISE REWARD❗️Any backers from the CA$40 tier and up will now also get this cool exclusive Freja skin. Complete with skull shield, bone axe, hooded cloak and warpaint ☠️ Get the skin:​ ​https://​kck.st/2Q5FbpY
Here's how Angrboda's thorny vines were made using​ ​#houdini ​ the volume to hear Angrboda's song composed by the wonderful @Matininomusic Play the demo here:​ ​https://kck.st/2Q5FbpY
Helo! We're thinking of turning this into a sticker. What do you think? Black like this or colorful like he is in-game? 🙃 HELP.
Meet the team and hear us talk about the creation of our indie game Freja and the False Prophecy! Thank you for following the creation this far 🤘 it means so much to us! We’re currently live on Kickstarter, go back us to be a part of this journey (and get awesome rewards!) You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive letters about important game updates. All links are in bio 💖 Thank you 💖
Hello everyone! This is a small clip of gameplay from our demos boss fight: Angrboda the Witch of the Iron Woods 🌳🌳🌳 All the support so far has been amazing, thank you 😬 We’re so close to hitting 30% which is super exciting. Yay!
Heyo! We’re already 22% funded! 🤘And we’ve made a whole host of updates to our DEMO already! The new one is on our Kickstarter page (link in bio!)
Wow! We've almost hit 20%!! Thanks to everyone who has backed us so far! Meet Eira: A cheeky bard who promises to sing Freja's saga for a thousand years. Quirky and with a sense of humour, you'll always be on the lookout for the next opportunity to exchange some friendly banter. You can find out more about the character in Freja's world at our Kickstarter page. Link in bio.
Our demo is at @playtopia_fest ! If you can't make it you can download the demo and check it out yourself - link in bio!
The day has come! ✨OUR KICKSTARTER IS LIVE!✨Please check out the page, watch our trailer, download the demo & share it with your friends! Link in bio! Your support means so much to us! Lets do this🤜
❗️Tomorrow our​ ​#Kickstarter ​ goes live❗️In the meantime... here's a little teaser section of our gameplay trailer! You can see the whole thing tomorrow 😜 SOUND ON so you can hear the epic @matinino_music
Wow, already? It's just 2 days until our demo is released and our #kickstarter goes live 😱 #indiedev #demo #gamedev
✨ The giant ash tree connects the Nine Realms. Freja's journey will take you through all of them. ✨ Just a couple more days til @playtopia_fest and then our #kickstarter ! We're so excited to share our demo and play all the other amazing games at the festival 🤗
Summon lightning from the sky! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Shroooms 🍄🍄🍄
Glowing things and waterfalls, my favorite. Also you can see our new dialogue system! Please let us know what you think of it. Hope everyone’s having a wonderful wonderful weekend!
Wow! In one week our #Kickstarter goes live 😬
Cut those Vargr down in their tracks ⚡️
We’re working on some new cinematic shots at the moment 👀 hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
Introducing: Stigandr! A traveling wanderer with a big sword (and an even bigger ego) Freja encounters him at various points in her adventure and they forge a strong bond of kinship. He’s pretty cool.
A quick hello to all our new followers! Thank you for following the creation of our game ✨✨✨ Hope you are all having a wonderful wonderful Sunday!
Our developers been working on our lighting change triggers! Look how the stars come out ✨✨✨
After much preparation WE'RE COMING TO KICKSTARTER! We will also have our demo available for you to play and give us feedback on (and awesome rewards!) We're so excited to share it! ⚡️ If you want to stay updated, we can send you letters: http://www.​thefrejagame.com
We just sent out a mailer update with some exciting news ​😉​ it should be waiting in your inbox already! If don't want to miss the next letter from us you can sign up at: http://www.thefrejagame.com (link in bio!) Thanks so much for following the creation of our indie game - you’re the best ✨✨✨
Careful now.. 🌙🌙🌙
Happy weekend! It’s #screenshotsaturday but we’re working on some things we can’t show you juuust yet 🤫 so, here some in-game clips!
Wow our last post got so much love, thank you and welcome to all our new followers!! Yay! Freja is going to @playtopia_fest !! We are so excited to share our demo with the public for the first time 😬 so many amazing speakers, games and interactive art installations are going to be there so if you are in Cape Town come say hi!
We have a super exciting announcement coming soon 😬😬😬
Freja will have to travel through vastly different realms to uncover the truth. Some hot and scary. Some so cold you’ll fear that you’ll never feel happiness again. And some with sparkly glowing mushrooms! ✨✨✨
Our cinematic teaser got an update! A few weeks ago we teamed up with the animation wizards at @lung.animation and thanks to them our Cinematic Trailer looks more epic than ever. Slay them wolves. Please turn on your sound to hear the beautiful @matinino_music
Hot tip: Vines allow for great grip if you're trying to jump up walls
Freja is not going to make it through this adventure unscathed. She will get hurt and scared and lost. But still she carries on! and that's pretty badass.
Summon lighting from the sky ⚡️⚡️⚡️
✨Use your warcry and reveal hidden platforms to help you find your way ✨
✨✨✨Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weeekend!
Leap! ✨
⚡ Warp time and space to defeat nefarious minions ⚡
We recently teamed up with the creative geniuses from @thefrejagame to create this cinematic for their game. Follow @thefrejagame to keep posted about what entertainment they have install for you!
Magic mushroom cave 🍄 In-game shot from a new area we’ve been working on. Thanks for following the creation our game! Your support is so encouraging to the team 🤗
Angrboða, The Mother of Monsters, a fierce warrior-woman and werewolf-shapeshifter. Hair the color of dried blood. She bears many giants for sons, some in the shape of wolves This child is one of the mightiest, they all him the Moon-Hound 🌙 #FolkloreThursday
#throwbackthursday to the first enemy we designed! The Vargr are large and particularly powerful wolves. But Freja knows how to deal with them, most of the time. Thanks so much for following the creation of our 2d action-adventure game!
❄️ New Icy area! ❄️We’re so happy with how the reflections turned out 🤗 Thanks so much for following the creation of our indie game! You can follow our updates here or sign up to our newsletter on our website (link in bio) for important updates!
CAW CAW! This sneaky raven was designed by @querido.david
✨ And here are the artworks before they got animated ✨
❄️ We've been working on a new icey area! We're not ready to show it just yet but here's a peak at some of the awfully cold environment assets our artist has been creating for it ❄️
#screenshotsaturday ​ is almost over but here is another sneaky look at a still from our opening Cinematic! Hope you like it and are having a wonderful weekend ✨
Testing out our water shader ✨ Stormy? Or Calm? Or magical shimmer? Also, our developer has implemented a tool that makes all our plants and drapes wave in wind and we couldn't be happier! They're alive! 🍃
Something we love about the world of Freja is that it gives us the opportunity to create vastly different environments. For​ ​#screenshotsaturday ​ we're giving you a small glimpse of Muspelheim,
The Mother of Monsters bears many giants for sons, all in the shape of wolves ✨ This child is one of the mightiest, they all him the Moon-Hound 🌙 Find out more about the characters & lore on our mailing list at: http://www.thefrejagame.com
...An ominous encounter at sea ☠️ For this #screenshotsaturday we are sharing something a little different. And the first time we are showing this publicly. A still from one of our In-Game #Cinematics ! ✨ Cue: Epic soundtrack ✨
✨ Creepy caves, godrays & waterfalls- this place really has it all ✨
Happy #screenshotsaturday ! Here, have a scary, spikes, swinging ball! ✨ this elven castle is part of a new area we are working on ✨ hope you are all having a wonderful/restful/happy weekend!
Who is this giant ✨witchy✨ women? Fierce warrior. Werewolf shapeshifter. They call her the Mother of Monsters. To find out more about the characters and lore in Freja And The False Prophecy join our mailing list - link in bio! HAPPY FRIDAY 💖
And a little bit of 💖 and appreciation for pretty castles overgrown with plant life 🌿
And some ❤️ for creepy caves and Stalactites!
Meet Romy! Our art ninja. Creative director and art extraordinaire. When she's not fabricating things of staggering beauty, coming up with enchanting concepts or thwacking away at her wacom tablet she's taking our team doggo (Meepo) out for exciting adventures and pottering around in the garden. A lover of all things beautiful, Romy makes sure all the in game scenes are put together with chutzpah and a meticulous and obsessive need for perfection!
Its #MeetTheTeam time! Frank Latter has a rather unhealthy obsession with computer graphics. This addiction has lead him to lighting up festival stages as a VJ, crafting effects for commercials and films as a #VFX artist, diving deep into virtual reality, and, most recently, exploring game development with the other wizards at Unsigned Double. A gamer since he first picked up a controller many years ago, some of Frank's fondest childhood memories are exploring the islands of Myst, waging war in Command and Conquer, and all night LAN games of Quake deathmatch. Despite his mother's warnings, and countless hours staring at screens, Frank's eyes have not turned square. He does however dream in pixels 👀
As part of our #MeetTheTeam series, we want to introduce you to our lead developer! He loves making cool stuff in #unity , fixing troublesome bugs (this part is a lie), responding to questions awkwardly in Boolean and cuddling his doggo ! #nerdlife
Watch out for those spiky rocks! 👀
It's probably pretty obvious by now, Freja's fierce. Our artist @romylatter took a break from making game assets to create this badass poster ✨ Happy Weekend!
Behind the scenes of this misty forest 🌳
I told you, he really doesn't want to be friends. Nasty nasty troll.
Nasty troll is not interested in making friends 💀
New modular terrain kit for a forested area we starting soon 🌲 I love seeing textures play nice with one another 🤗
We're late! And look how grumpy about it I look 😜 hi! Im Romy, the arty half of unsigned double! By day I work in the animation industry and by night I draw! These days mostly for the game, so much to do 😉 here is a little compilation of some environments & characters I have designed for the game so far!
We've been quiet all week so here's a teaser video of one of our (work-in-progress) environments! Still a lot of work to put in, but it's got feeling! A dark and ominous feeling to be exact 💀
Meet the team! This is Romy, our art director. She makes things pretty 🌈or grim 💀, whatever is needed. We put her in front of a camera to tell you more about our exciting project. See more here: http://fb.me/thefrejagame
Why do fungi grow so close together? They don't need mushroom! Mushroom puns all day anytime 👌 Swipe to see some closeups 😀
These fierce dragons guard the path to Freja's village. Dragons are awesome but they probably need more than this to keep monsters out 🐲🐲🐲
One of our technical wizards has been developing a way to procedurally generate assets for the game while keeping the integrity of our hand drawn style! we made a speedy video of his process in Houdini so that you can see some rocks come to life before your very eyes. such wizardry much magic ✨💫
Our small team of nerds and artists thank you for supporting our journey! The follows/likes/comments mean so much to the Unsigned Double crew ❤ We have created a patreon page where we will be posting game updates/process videos/artwork goodies. Also to help keep the lights on around here. If anyone would like to support us its at: www.patreon.com/unsigneddouble You're the best
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