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See how she runs! Thanks for all the likes/follows/love so far, you're the best!
It's In-game Preview Sunday! Jokes, its just an in-game preview, and it happens to be a Sunday 😆🎉
Been working on color pallette and background concepts for the next leg of our hero's journey. Trying to capture the right atmosphere for this important moment in our story. Its almost there 🔥 Things are getting real bloody 💀
Hey guys! Here's our leading lady hanging out in a longboat wreck, creepy 💀💀💀
Just a medley of rocks with our leading lady 💪
Look at those 🌳🌲 a peak at more of our in-game environment assets and style coming soon 😉
Enemy no.1. The Vargr Will this giant evil wolf get the better of Freja? 🙊
Here she is! What a bad ass. #thefrejagame
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