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are we losing sight?
Iceland has some 800,000 sheep roaming the country free-range. In May after lambing the sheep are released into the highlands to graze on grass and berries. In an old Icelandic tradition each September local farmers get together and do a roundup. On this occasion local farmers and their family, friends and visitors spent 14 hours on horseback with dogs rounding up the sheep from high up in the mountains. The sheep are left in a paddock overnight then the following day they are moved into a round sorting pen (rettir) enabling each farmer to identify his tagged sheep and and separate them out.
H I D D E N #oregoncoast
Cats of Morocco 🇲🇦
Where I belong👣🏝
This place has always been high on my list, I was finally able to visit. The rainy morning did not stop me from having a great time out there, it is not an easy place to photograph as you have to deal with muddy marsh if you want to have a good perspective. The sky opened up a bit, enough for me to accomplish my dream. Hope you like it! ************************************************ ************************************************ 📸Camera info📸 Canon 5DSR Lens: EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM at 31mm Manual mode Shutter: 10 sec. Aperture: f/11 Iso: 100 WB: Auto Filter: Lee Pro Glass 1.8 ND & 0.75 ND Soft Grad ************************************************ ************************************************
Look at the colour of that water! 😍 More of the Na Pali Coast, this time lava tubes and caves! #hawaii #kauai #northshore #napalicoast #aloha #lethawaiihappen #gohawaiiAU #hawaiitag #hawaiinairlines #alohaoutdoors #travelhawaii #hikekauaiwithme #visitkauai #kauaidiscovery
One of the classic views from my trip. I can say I did a much better job this time around.
Breathtaking sunset: when you are sitting and watching the nature, without thoughts you are feeling the best moment. // #sunset
Sailing along the incredible Na Pali coast with the bluest water, secluded beaches, rugged cliffs and hidden waterfalls! 💙 #hawaii #kauai #kokee #napalicoast #aloha #lethawaiihappen #gohawaiiAU #hawaiitag #hawaiinairlines #alohaoutdoors #travelhawaii #hikekauaiwithme #visitkauai #kauaidiscovery
A MASSIVE THANKS!!! As you guys have helped me reach an impressive following in such a short period I feel it’s only right of me to give you guys a chance of getting hold of a print yourselves! I’m giving away a A4 print (you get to choose which image) for one lucky winner!! All you have to do is •like this photo, tag 3 friends and then get them to smash that follow button! I will be announcing the winner next Sunday and I will arrange postage to you free of charge! you must live in the U.K. Love to you all!! ❤️ #Igersbristol #visitbristol #bristol #bestofbristol #bitsofbristol #bristol_lens #nationaltrust #autumn #bristoldocks #ilovebristol #trapping_tones #bristol #bristol247 #bristollife #canonuk #bristolphotography #bristoluk #agameoftones #aov #igersuk #wildernessculture #igersbath #stayandwander #natureaddict #theglobewonderer #ourplanetdailey #earthpix #greatnorthcollective #lensbible
красные стены мое любимое 🍫
after 3 years I'm ready to go back to Portugal with @aquestproduction. 🇵🇹 #cedricdasesson
Sunrise in the desert 🌞
If we had to list some of our favourite travel couples, these guys would be at the top! @explorerssaurus_ if you don’t follow them, what are you waiting for!! 🌸💫🙌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Want to collaborate with global travel brands? Join our early sign up list at Pinfluencer.co.uk! 🚀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag us or use #pinfluencer to be featured! 📍
Как неоновые огни растворяют ночь. Так и я в последнее время растворяюсь в жизни и во всём, что она мне преподносит. ⠀ ~~~ Вот вы, друзья, писали мне вчера в Stories в ответ на мои фотографии. Много спрашивали, много хвалили. Я светилась и всех благодарила! Но знали бы вы, какие трансформации должны были произойти ДО, чтобы я смогла, наконец, высвободить эту часть себя - творчество - и начать развивать её. ⠀ ~~~ Дальше будет много приятных забот, знакомств и знаний. Все, чтобы выходить на новые уровни: брать серьезные проекты и создавать свои собственные. Вау! Жду не дождусь!💥💫
Orani | Bundhos
Africa Day 1: Smooches from Maxwell on #WorldRhinoDay . Maxwell is a blind black rhino. Sadly there are less than 4,000 left. It was beyond amazing to spend time with this iconic beast today.
The beginning of La Avenida del Puerto has beautifully buildings 😍
I’m getting good at posing! 😝
Beautiful work of the artist Antoni Miró on La Marina de Valencia, it’s best to see them early in the morning less crowded
Hawaii was such a blast ❤️❤️❤️ I had the most amazing 3 weeks and can not wait to come back and visit Maui, Molokai and explore more of Oahu. ⠀⠀ For the next 3 months, I will be studying in Paris for my last semester of business school. Can not wait to see and catch up with all my European friends and traveling within Europe again ( and also go to school 😂) ⠀⠀ Life is so exciting, and thank you all so much for following on my journey ❤️
Where are they?
I consider that nature is very inspiring⛰Nature is full of energy, mystery and bless, nature is the home for each living being. But it really hurts to see how people treat it: they spoil soil, they cover it with trash, they cut forests and drain rivers... How long our Planet will endure it? ⠀ I’m happy to visit such beautiful places, because they show how our majestic Planet could look like. Do you take care of what surrounds you or do you think that there must be organizations that will “clean” all corners of our world and other people just don’t need care of the Planet? ⠀ Show some love to my @instagram page ❤️ Like and comment picts 🙏🏻 @natgeotravel @natgeo#AlexLitt #АлексЛитт #transfagarasan #mountains #nature #ig_Romania #Romania #photographer #nofixedaddress #campeveryday #theglobewonderer #welivetoexplore #ourplanetdaily #speechlessplaces #localsmd #travel #visualambassadors #modernoutdoors #awakethesoul #theoutbound #wanderfolk #lensbible #folkgreen #allaboutadventures
Вчерашний эпичный закат в последний тёплый день 2018. #спасиболето _ Yesterday’s gorgeous sunset #sunset_love
Don't think I've ever eaten so much food 😱 Can anyone guess where we are off to next?
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