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It’s not about putting all the weight on the bar, it’s about taking the weight off their shoulders. Helping the athletes feel the confidence to try new things and sense adventure and achievement 🙏🤗 —— I am not a salesman, and don’t want anyone who doesn’t truly share this passion with me. If this is your calling, join us, and check the link for our course in our description. I would love to see you there this Sunday. 💙 ——- And for those asking, we have a possible leg for the course planned for NZ in February (roughly, thanks to our fans!), and a possible course in Melbourne/Sydney next year (our eventual plan is extension of the Sport nation-wide). If either of these interest you, send us an email, we would love to get an idea of genuine numbers of interest, and workout if we have the numbers to cater to - you have all surprised me in the past! 😅❤️ To all of you who have read this far into the post, BIG LOVE Fam, I cannot believe how far we have came in such a short time, and it’s all thanks to you, our dedicated community who share the same passion and love as us for those around us with special needs. 💜 - - - - #cerebralpalsy #cp #cpkids #specialneeds #specialneedskids #disability #ability #autism #downsyndrome #specialneedskids #autismmom #theluckyfew #upsyndrome #specialolympics #fit #fitness #healthy #strong #upsyndrome #fit #strong #love @_undefeated_fitness
Fiesta en la asociacion de Pablo, se lo paso fenomenal, su cara mirando a Papa Noel en la ultima foto 😍😍🎅🏻 Christmas party at St. Michael’s House, he had a great time. I love his face looking at Santa in the last picture! #differentcapabilities #extrachromosomeextracute #theluckyfew #t21 #morealikethandifferent #itschristmastime #santaforthewin
Remembering our Sunday snuggles at the park! Love getting to spend the day with my family! #iheartijjy #theluckyfew #lifeisbetterwithyou
How beautiful is our sensory bin today at school!!! Learning about Autumn season at @toddenindia Norah loves tactile and sensory inputs, it helps her explore,understand and learn better. What better way to learn about autumn in winter than this super stimulating sensory bin!! #picoftheday #youcandoanything #theluckyfew #toddlersden #babiesofinstagram #nothingdownaboutit #sensoryplay #december #lifestyle #momblog #proudmom #daughtergoals #happysoul #therapy #babymodel #dontlimitme #morealikethandifferent #bornthisway #limitededition #warriorprincess #sensorybin #lifestyleblogger #iamable #dsdn #blessedwiththebest #downsyndromerocks #strengthandconditioning #loveislove #instagram #almostfamous
Being a mother of a child or children with special needs is something only a mother in the same shoes can fully understand. On the outside they may appear to have it all together, but on the inside could be screaming for help. Still it is the most rewarding gift on earth. There is no parenting manual. This is why @ourchildrens_story is doing a @_toys_for_tots_ Toy Drive at @rosiescafeatl on Dec. 15th at 6pm. Please come get a toy for your child with special or typical needs. 🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌 Makeup/Photography: @yblimitedphotography Model Coach: @clockandflow_model_coach
Getting my daily dose of Liam. Smooches baby and thanks for loving me Liam. 😘❤️🙏🏻 #momlife #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit #spooniemom #spoonie
Paint on the face #dontcare 🥴 This is how she got home from the school. #preschooler ‎܀ ‎܀ ‎܀ ‎܀ 顔に絵の具がっつりつけて学校から帰ってきましたょ😓 ‎܀ ‎܀ ‎܀ ‎܀ #downsyndrome #rockingtheextrachromosome #downsyndromecutie #MoreAlikeThanDifferent #4yearsold #toddlerlife #lifeisbetterwithyou #theluckyfew #ダウン症 #チーム21 #21トリソミー #4歳女の子 #アメリカ生活 #海外子育て #子供のいる暮らし
This afternoon as the clock flipped over to 1:53pm, I lay curled around you in bed watching you sleep. Your eyes fluttered, your mouth was open in a half smile, fine hair floating out in all directions. I breathed you in – you utterly content with a belly full of milk and me utterly content with my arms full of you. Perfect, marvelous, wonderful you. It’s been a year since we first met. Blink. A year. Blink blink blink. Where did it go? Yes, the year but also my fear. The uncertainties. The overwhelm. Where did it all go? I’ve gone back and read On the Night You Were Born a number of times now and I can barely relate. I want to reach back in time and hug the woman who wrote it tight. To whisper in her ear that everything is going to be just fine. She wouldn’t have believed me but I would tell her fervently that a year from now, you will find it hard to conjure up the grief. The intense sadness will be replaced with a love so strong that you want to yell it from the mountain tops. Everything will be okay. In the beginning, I thought about Izzy’s Down syndrome 24-7. There was not a moment that passed that it wasn’t on my mind. I had a permanent Down syndrome thought bubble above my head. When we were in public I had the strangest urge to blurt it out to anyone who even glanced her way. It felt like such a Big Deal that it was all I could think about. I went to bed and woke up thinking about it. I oscillated wildly between acceptance and despair. Down syndrome, Down syndrome, Down syndrome. All the time. But as time marched on, the thought bubble started to dissipate. Perhaps I grew accustomed to the idea or more likely, it was because other than Izzy being diagnosed with Down syndrome, Down syndrome essentially played no role in our day to day lives. Izzy was growing into a happy, smiling, engaged baby. She was eating, pooping, rolling, grabbing, smiling and doing everything a baby is supposed to do. Then one day I realized that I hadn’t thought about Down Syndrome in a few hours. Then a few days. Then all of a sudden the scale tipped and the thought bubble popped. Now I have to remind myself. Oh yeah, she has Down syndrome. [Continued in comments 👇]
We are so lucky to have you. You were the missing piece ♥️ #nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #babysteps #stronggirl
Love you... TO INFINTY AND BEYOND ✨🌚 Thanks to @wildbird for allowing me to keep my baby girl close and snug! I can’t believe I just barely started slinging! Definitely going to start slinging earlier with my next mini! I LOVE IT! Do you sling? And how old did you sling until?! . . . Thanks to the little bro for capturing this dope image @nik_the_thicc 🤘🏽and by Iittle I’m mean my 6’3 lil bro!
Day 12.....13 days till the big day! #25daysofchristmas Such a sweet romper that we got passed down from our friend @nikkijamesphotography We love this one! Thanks @coraandviolet for making such beautiful and timeless pieces 💜 this will be the perfect addition to mommas studio collection once Hazel is finished with it. • • • • • • • • • • • #hazelgracedoeschristmas #hazelgracefashion Dress @coraandviolet #coraandviolet #ourblessedlife2018_365 #hazelgrace #nothingdownaboutit #downsyndrome #downsyndromelove #morealikethandifferent #t21 #t21rocks #theluckyfew #downsyndromebaby #downsyndromeawareness #ourjourneywithds #livingwithalittleextra #iamable #jj_it_kids #childhoodunplugged #pixel_kids #ourcandidlife #letthembelittle #mysweetbaby #babygirl #slowitdown #thehonestlens #heaventhroughmylens #inbeautyandchaos
Hi my name is Penelope Noelle:) I have trisomy 21 (mostly known as Down syndrome) also have CHD(congenital heart defect) follow my page and watch my story! #downsydrome #trisomy21 #extraspecial #heartwarrior #theluckyfew
We had such a great time at our DSA’s Holiday Party at Morgan’s Wonderland! We are so lucky to live in a city with such an amazing place like Morgan’s Wonderland, an “ultra accessible” amusement park for kids of all abilities ❤️ • • • • • • • • • • #weloveyoualottie #downsyndrome #trisomy21 #t21 #dsdn #changingthefaceofbeauty #downsyndromeawareness #theluckyfew #upsyndrome #morealikethandifferent #nothingdownaboutit 💙💛 #lifeisbetterwithyou
I’m so proud of this little guy feeding himself. It’s something we’ve been working on with him for a while and it’s so exciting to see his (and our) hard work pay off! #downsyndrome #theluckyfew
Tonight is our first day and night in the #hospital for this stay, but marks day 19 for the year. The repair around the duodenal stenosis was successful which we are #thankful for. We were told to expect a 4 to 6 day stay. So now we wait, and I sleep on the room couch yet again. It's not the most comfortable place to sleep but I know I wouldn't sleep good at home so here I am. Praying for a quick recovery so we can go #home . . . #sleep #beeps #ngtube #nothingdownaboutit #morealikethandifferent #dsdn #theluckyfew #t21 #upsyndrome #downsyndrome #lifeisbetterwithyou #ndss
When baby girls have long days, they tend to fall asleep on their daddy before bedtime. ❤️ #lilygrace #daddysgirl #sleepingondaddy #sleepygirl #downsyndrome #trisomy21 #theluckyfew
Here’s a man on a mission - how he shops...😂😂🤣🤣 oh boy - I dread the day this man has his own interac card - but the stores r gonna love him! #mrnodin #upsyndrome #downsyndrome #morealikethandifferent #trisomy21 #theluckyfew #christmasshopping #downmagazine #seetheability #lovedoesntcountchromosomes #myboy #nothingdownaboutit #lol
Dance and sing like no one is watching..... my girl sang her heart out. She did so well even with all her silliness. #karina #christmasconcert #schoolchristmasconcert2018 #downsyndrome #theluckyfew #t21 #downsyndromesowhat
Here’s our latest blog post! Click the link in the bio to read about my thoughts on institutions and families 🙃 #downwithjoel #t21 #theluckyfew #nothingaboutit #savedownsyndrome
Shortly after Way was born, he began therapy. At 4 months old, he had 4 different therapists, whom we saw weekly. At 6 years old, he’s still having 4 therapies a week (PT, OT, speech and hippotherapy in case you are counting 😉). Here’s my point. These people are up in your life and you in theirs. They become good friends and some like family! We laugh and cry together, celebrate with and push each other. Way comes with a support team and it’s one of my favorite things. But for Way, these people truly are his joy! And today, Beth, his PT, retired. I cannot stop crying. She’s been working with him for years and she is one of his very favorite people. In life. Not just as far as therapists go, but actually in life. He prays for her daily and wakes up asking for her. Today, as we were walking inside to see her, Way said, “I love Beth so much!” Oh sweet child, I know you do. And I can’t stop thinking about how you don’t quite understand that you won’t see her next week. Wednesdays will be different now. BUT, while I just want to be a balm for his little heart (more next week, when he’s confused) and a salve for other friends and loved ones when they hurt, I know the greatest balm is Jesus. From our tiniest skinned knee to our greatest heartache, He loves and comforts us in a way this world cannot. Thankful we are held in His hands! #lottasap #momsholdhearts #theluckyfew And I might as well ask...anyone wanna be Way’s new PT and thus part of our family? 😍
1 very special ornament hanging on our tree. @hhartwoman #savedownsyndrome #theluckyfew
En el festival de navidad de mi hermana Victoria. Si, amo a mi mama 🤣🤣 no le pierdo la vista 😍
Lo logré, después de mucho esfuerzo termine la universidad, porque una discapacidad no puede conmigo 💪🏽 #rompiendobarreras #sisepuede #somoscapaces #inclusion #rockinganextrachromosome #theluckyfew #downgye #t21 #t21rocks #nacidosparaserextraordinarios
Rachel’s dance crew, @thedancingdivas.tn , made the front page of the Williamson section of the Tennessean (bottom right)! They performed at Dickens of a Christmas this past weekend. The team is made up of individuals with special needs. They dance at festivals, walked in the Nashville Christmas parade, and hopefully one day be on @theellenshow ! The girls want to prove that inclusion matters. They are vibrant examples that if given the chance, they are capable.
She said #whatcouldhappen when she started to get stage fright. This kid. She has Down syndrome, a hearing impairment and is blind in one eye and without glasses, can see clearly within 3 feet with her good eye, just finished her dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker at Phoenix Symphony Hall. This is the real deal and she did it! With no glasses! What an amazing production! If you get a chance, go to see it! I ❤️ Ballet Arizona! #shethoughtshecouldsoshedid
Türkçesi aşağıda.. Sometimes we need to change our #perspective to have a better life like how our daughter changes the position of playgym. I was worrying a little that our daughter hasn’t started to #crawl . Today I learnt that my worrying causes her delay to crawl. I know some mommies that don’t worry. And their kids are doing so amazing! So I am changing my perspective from worrying to not worrying, trusting my daughter’s pace and power. I know she is going to be crawl very soon! Nasıl kızımız oyncağının pozisyonunu değiştirdiyse bazen bizimde algımızı değiştirmemiz gerekebilir, daha kaliteli bi yaşam için. Kızımız hala emeklemediği için son zamanlarda bi miktar endişelenmeye başlamıştım. Bugün endişemin, kızımızın emeklemesini geciktirdiğini öğrendim. Burdan tanıdığım bi annenin down sendromlu kızı herşeyi tam zamanında yapıyor. Milagros’tan sadece iki ay büyük ve nerdeyse yürüyecek. Onun annesiyle benim aramdaki en büyük fark, o annenin hiç endişelenmemesi.. Bende algımı, endişelenmekten endişelenmemeye ve kızımızın gücüne, hızına güvenmeye doğru değiştiriyorum! #downsyndrome #theluckyfew #trisomy21 #downsyndromeawareness #disabilityawareness #downsendromu #mucizeler #deneyimlemek #farkındalık #downsendromufarkındalığı #şükürlerolsun #sevgi #love #iappreciategod #higherconsciousness #yüksekbilinç #varoluş #algı #changeperspective #algıyıdeğiştirmek #worriedmommy #endişelianne #kızımagüveniyorum #itrustmydaughter
Well, he didn’t cry but he definitely didn’t smile 🤪 (Elf in training 😂) Loved having this jolly fellow at Church tonight! ...And even though Jesus is the true reason for the season...some Santa Magic is fun too! Loved how this Santa couldn’t wait to get his hands on Daniel 💙🎅🏻 #falalala #tistheseason #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit 🎄🎅🏻😍 Merry CHRISTmas!
Braxton’s papa came to visit him all the way from Oklahoma! Couldn’t ask for a better papa! #extrachromosomeextracute #trisomy21 #downsyndrome #braxtondwayne #theluckyfew #papa #love #family #happybaby
One of my moms favorite hashtags is #morealikethandifferent and on most days that’s 100% correct. Yesterday though, was one of those days that a lot of people will never experience. A full day at the children’s hospital- visiting specialist after specialist for a yearly exam....and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Didn’t used to be this way, but after 3 years, I think we are finally getting the hang of it! . After completely rocking this day, dancing my little heart out with the @sixersdunksquad and the local news station, getting tons of compliments and high fives for my strength and new skills, getting a new doll with long beautiful hair (my fav), smoothies and treats, and a day with mom to myself...I’m feeling great! Take that, Down syndrome 👊👊👊 . . #sassyandstrong #theluckyfew #t21rocks #hospitaldaysarelong #allgoodtilnextyear
No photos, mom! I’m in pretty good spirits considering I have RSV, an ear infection, sinus infection, and pink eye all at the same time. Let’s hope these meds kick in and I am better in no time!
Woo Lord today has been a day! One of those days where Wesley better get everything he wants or Adam and I are going to pay for it. We’ve created a monster! And he’s itching sooo bad. I feel terrible for him. Every time air hits his chest, his hands are like magnets and he attacks his chest. He’s even scrubbing it through his onesies every now and then.💛💙 . . . #asdclosure #openheartsurgery #chdwarrior #chdawareness #raisingwesley #nothingdownaboutit #downsyndrome #downsyndromelove #upsyndrome #theluckyfew #trisomy21 #joyinthelittlethings #downsyndromemom #homiewithanextrachromie #nothingdownabouthim #celebratethelittlethings #tubiebaby #o2crew #wesleystevenpost #iamable #morealikethandifferent #t21 #t21love
🎶Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! 🎶 so very proud of my little performer. Mia did so good tonight at her first Christmas party at preschool. #shedidamazing #proudmoment #proudofmybabygirl #inclusionmatters #christmastime 🎄 #christmasparty #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit #morealikethandifferent #toddlermoments #theyaresocute 😍
Charlie bear ❤, Mi niño hermoso, I'm blessed and thankful for you. #dsdn #theluckyfew
“A baby born in a manger, gonna break every chain.” Every time I hear these lyrics stream through our radio and fill our home I am struck by them. Struck by the truth that I serve a God who came to this Earth in the most vulnerable of ways. He could have come like lightning, but instead he came in the same way that each of us has come. Naked, vulnerable, and dependent on someone to love us and meet our needs. The other day Emma had finished up her appointments at the same time Ryan was getting off work for lunch so we met daddy at McDonalds and the girls were elated! Emma was expressing her excitement in the only way she knows, through squeals and grunts of pure and unhindered joy. She wasn’t being overly loud just sharing with her sister in the jubilation of the McNuggets that were about to be hers. I held her hand as we walked back to our booth. I couldn’t help but notice the look of frustration and the eye roll from the woman in the booth next to us. I saw her look at my daughter and then lean over and whisper “Downs” to her husband. Our eyes caught, but instead of smiling back she just looked away. Honestly guys, this is whatever. It happens all the time. I hate it, but life goes on. Her loss. Lately Ryan and I have been talking to the kids about “Emmanuel” and the massive weight that one word carries and means for us. “God with us” The creator of all the world, CHOOSING to come to Earth as a little babe and be born in the lowliest and most dirty of all places. Why??? The story could have been told so differently. Why like that?? I believe because God wanted to set the record straight that He does not show favoritism. He does not judge by outward appearances. He does not look down on the most vulnerable of this world. He came with the purpose of saving us all, but not before he would feel every pain and wound this world and those who walk on it, can give. You see guys, Emmanuel is the the answer to everything. It is why I could feel the gut wrenching pain of my daughter being despised and rejected by the couple in the booth next to us and still smile and enjoy our meal and feel the joy of seeing her sitting next to her Daddy (continued in comments)
Ok all you Calhoun Outlet Marketplace (Georgia) shoppers and @rakoutfitters lovers....they have Grace’s candidly kind tees in all 6 styles. (see the go with the flow & dramanatic hanging behind Grace) We dropped by to check out the display & all their other cool stuff and ran into one of Grace’s bff’s , Krystin:) Can you tell they were happy to see each other? Krystin keeps everyone at RAK straight a couple days a week. RAK has the most awesome stuff! Grace is wearing one of their Patagonia coats over her dramanatic tee! Not only do they have the coolest things, they employ people with differing abilities, give back to charities in a big way and are owned by one of the kindest most respected families I know.They have supported Grace since the beginning and we are GRATEFUL! So if you’ve never been to RAK you need to go and you might just have the pleasure to meet Krystin as well! ❤️❤️❤️ #justbekind #candidlykind #bffs #entrepreneurlife #theluckyfew #instores #customtees #grateful #thankful #shop #nothingdownaboutit
Better waaaaay late than never. Jimbo’s Thanksgiving was a success as usual with family, football, and left right center! #traditions #gobblegobble #nobaddays #downsyndromelove #theluckyfew #downsyndrome
Missin my number one homie @limitlessnicholas 🤝see you soon my friend 💙💛 #bojacksofinstagram #theluckyfew #emotionalsupportdog
Our family heads out every year to hunt down the perfect tree, it is my 6 children's favorite tradition and often a comedy of chaotic error but always full of memories. Cedar has been a part of this tradition now and I can't wait till next year when we may see him run about pointing at what he believes to be the perfect tree. This year, he still is along for the ride but making memories just the same.⁣ ⁣ #treehunt #christmasmemories #specialneedsparenting#theluckyfew #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness
Gosh it’s tricky to find words for this post. Our August Ryker is five today. Five. Years. Old. Oh Augie, do you know what a gift you are to our family, what a gift you are to our little @instagram account, what a gift you are to the world? You are son, a gift. I will never forget walking into the tiny hospital room to meet you for the first time. The way you looked, the way you smelled, the way you connected the hearts of everyone in the room in a powerful and important way. Your name means: majestic and vulnerable and you live that out as only you can. I love everything about you kid. I love the ways you love your family so well, the constant complements, hugs and kisses. And I love that you prefer your toys to people outside your family, (even though you can be rude when people try to talk to you. It’s cool, we all have room for improvement😉). You’re the most imaginative kid I know and you make us laugh everyday. You are kind, smart, funny, creative, thoughtful, a little sassy, and now you are five. Happy birthday son! We all freaking adore you! #theluckyfew #augustryker #adoption #adoptionlove #downsyndrome #downsyndromeadoption
This is our “It’s only Wednesday” face! 😝
They’re really into playing “mama & baby” lately. I love how much they’re playing with each other now, but this is a whole other level🤣 Also, that is THE bossiest baby ever😐 #sisters
Sophia just had her tonsils and adenoids taken out today , my poor baby 😥#downsyndrome #sindromededown #t21 #trisomy21 #theluckyfew
He had a #2 all over his auntie today, but I’ve never loved him more! ♥️ . . . #heavenlywithhayden #blessed #nothingdownaboutit #homiewithanextrachromie #downrightperfect #theluckyfew #sentfromgod
Still home sick, but at least his big brother has been teaching him the "Take the L" dance from Fortnite. #acefaceismyfriend #theluckyfew
This girl sure knows how to make just about anything work for her! A little head shaping is in order for our little chromosomally enhanced princess 😍 #incredibleivy #theluckyfew #helmethairdontcare #plagiocephaly #downsyndromelove #nothingdownaboutit #downrightperfect #lifeisbetterwithyou #extrachromosomeextracute #designergenes @chrissyteigen
We love Christmas time 🦌 🎄🎁🎅🏼🤶🏼🍪🥛🥂🍻❄️☃️🌟🕊💗
Words cannot express what these words that Alyse wrote mean to me ❤️. Photographing her and Flick were the absolute highlight my weekend. The pure joy and tangible love of a mama for her daughter and a sweet little girl who radiates beauty just by being herself 😍. I loved Every. Single. Moment. Thank you Alyse for allowing me the honor! God bless you as you continue to spread the goodness and beauty of all children to the whole world. @flicks_on_fleek #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #theluckyfew #instatoddler #letthembelittle #toddlerlife #motherandaughter #motherslove
A year to the date this foto was taken when Sophia’s heart condition really took a toll on her !!! This was the beginning of one of the most scariest things I have ever had to live as a mom, it was also the beginning of my new baby a more active and healthy baby girl people always talk about the process or the Journey, I didn’t really understand what they meant until I went thru this journey with my 11 week old baby girl so grateful, so blessed, so lucky, so thankful and humbled by everything this little girl has brought to my life !!!! ¡Un año después de la fecha en que se tomó esta foto, cuando la condición cardíaca de Sophia realmente la afectó! Este fue el comienzo de una de las cosas más aterradoras que he tenido que vivir como mamá, también fue el comienzo de mi nuevo bebé, una niña más activa y saludable. Las personas siempre hablan sobre el proceso o el viaje, . Realmente no entendía lo que querían decir hasta que pase por este proceso con mi niña de 11 semanas !!! Estoy muy agradecida, tan bendecida, tan afortunada,y dichosa por todo lo que esta pequeña niña ha traído y me ha enseñado!!! #HeartWarrior #UnicornMom #SophiaValentina 💞 #NothingDownAboutSophy #UnCromosomaExtraDeAmor #T21 #T21Rocks #Blessed #UpSyndrome #TheLuckyFew
Esta semana mi perrito Merlín empezó entrenamiento para portarse bien y yo estoy supervisando todas las clases. Por lo que pueden ver ya pronto voy a ser yo quien le enseña cosas al Merlín. Ya aprendí a decirle "echese" con el uso del dedito y todo. #paulalove #doglover #yocelebromislogros #t21 #trisomia21 #trisomy21 #downsyndrome #sindromededown #t21love #t21babygirl #extrachromosomeextracute #uncromosomaextraordinario #downup #theluckyfew #changingthefaceofbeauty
I don't know where he learned this, but this silly face is his go-to these days. The first time I made it back at him he cried from terror and nearly flipped out of the cart at Target as he tried to get away from me! Now it's funny all around...except when you're trying to discipline and he whips this out on ya #littleturd
We’ve had one snow day and no snow (that’s Virginia for you!). But we are READY! ⁣Also, being able to balance on the stool and lean over is a new skill. Stronger every day! ⁣ #downsyndrome #nothingdownaboutit #trisomy21 #specialneeds #theluckyfew #chd #chdwarrior
I’ve gotten a few professional photographs of her that I’ve never liked. I never felt that they captured Flick the way she truly is. That is until we were honored to have @jmotive shoot pics of her and a few of the two of us together. My husband couldn’t come unfortunately. Not only did she capture the beauty and personality of Flick, but the bond between the two of us. I never like pictures of myself but these touched my heart and I will forever treasure these. They mean so much! Thank you So much Mary Grace, you have given us such a gift! If you want to see some amazing pictures go check her page, plus she has the cutest pics go viral, a little girl dressed up as Aquafina from Crazy Rich Asians and they are perfect! . . . #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #theluckyfew #instatoddler #toddlerlife #toddlerlifestyle #holidayseason #motheranddaughter #motherhood #thatsmile
I keep forgetting to post that Phie got new “eyes” as she calls them. She is super fast at ripping them off of her face and when she came in today she kept them on for an entire minute and a half..... I think 😂 #theyhavealreadybeenbrokenandfixeonce #sheshadthem4daysibelieve ? #cutestlittle4eyesieverhaveseen #babynerd #coolkidswearglasses #classicsophie #grammysshuggybear #downsyndrome #theluckyfew
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