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Thursday Twilight Take. R.I.P. Aretha. Location: Mill Valley 🌙. The Mill. Cream cheese and fresh pepper on gluten free Adventure bread, Ajna herbal tea. Photo: Berman
Enjoy work. Enjoy productivity 👨‍💻👩‍⚕️👩‍🌾👷‍♀️ #mondaymotivation #work #enjoyproductivity #coffee #mocha #localbrew #themillsf #beproductive #happyworking #commutegram #instabreak
Breakfast in San Francisco 🍞🍯🥜 #themillsf
Almond Butter + sea salt on Toasted Rye Bread 🥜🍞 #housebakedbread #themillsf #sffoodie #sf #almondbutter
Most excited about this decision 🤩 walked over a mile to @themillsf this morning and it was worth every step. I got the Adventure Bread (gluten-free) with almond butter, honey, and sea salt. Nathan got the country bread with cinnamon sugar, butter, and salt. They were both out of this world good! And it helps that it’s the cutest coffee shop too 🍞 • • • #foodfreedom #glutenfree #themillsf #adventurebread #sanfranciscofood #dallasfoodie
Between sanding the floors + building a fence I’ve finally managed to edit my photos from San Francisco w/ @pinterestuk ☝🏼 ________________ A few of you recommended I stopped in @themillsf ; the coffee didn’t disappoint + they even convinced me into buying two cookies (still carrying that US holiday weight...) Swipe to see some interior details + a pleasing looking shelf of bread
Another review of a bakery! As you know, lately I’m really into bread and pastries! Just the last 35 years... @themillsf is a great spot to enjoy an incredible toast paired with some good coffee. You can’t really go wrong with the bread from @joseybakerbread They will cut a thick slice, and top it with things like almond butter, jam, butter, avocado 🥑 etc. The pastries selection is pretty solid too, with donuts 🍩 and unique croissant 🥐 like the hazelnut raspberry caramel one. In the late afternoon the bakery switch to baking pizza 🍕 with quite remarkable results. I wish there will be a bit more tables and feel like the space could be used in a better way. Unfiltered review Food: 9/10 great but limited selection Service: 8/10 One word: Toasty
А какую книжку вы прочитали последней? И может какой посмотрели хороший фильм? Я: 📖How to American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents 🎞Mission: Impossible – Fallout . Могу их смело рекомендовать, время за ними пролетело незаметно🌪
The toasts of all toasts 🍞 from @themillsf. I’ve never savored something as much as this creation & I legit licked my plate clean. The Mill makes all their breads 🥖 in house 🏠 and the Adventure bread is gluten free, made from rolled oats, sunflower 🌻, sesame + flax seeds, psyllium husk, almonds, olive oil, maple 🍁 syrup & sea salt. I may or may not fly home with a suitcase full! - #toasttuesday dEATs: Adventure bread with almond butter, seasonal raspberry jam sprinkled with sea salt & an almond au lait ☕️ Xo, #srslydelicious
тот самый хлеб из The Mill. книгу рецептов увезла с собой. #sf #themillsf
кофе и тост (хоть на фото, так сложилось, не он) — излюбленная американцами пара. в The Mill её воплотили в наивысшем качестве: один из лучших кофе в сф, фантастический хлеб от Джойси Бейкера (пекарь и основатель The Mill, фамилия настоящая), с очень простыми спредами — масло, сезонный джем, морская соль или, например, масло, корица с сахаром, морская соль. за всем этим идти сюда, непременно. и за вдохновением — тоже. #st #themillsf
Dividing and shaping @joseybakerbread with @harrison.ravazzolo ♥️. As a baker, sometimes a whole eight hours (often more) can go by without ever seeing the sun! I love that The Mill is filled with so much natural light. ☀️
I hate to admit it but @themillsf has the best slice I’ve ever eaten. Sour dough crust, unique flavors, fresh ingredients. Believe it or not Rating: 9.3 Cost: $ • • • • #barstoolpizzareview #sanfranciscofood #sliceofsf #sffoodie #sanfrancisco #pizza #za #food #themillsf #sourdoughpizza #sourdough #fresh #beer #foodie #sf #sfpizza #bayareafood #bayarea #bestfoodsf #seasonal #divisadero #nopa #cheese #bakery
My days don’t start till the coffee does ☕️ Then again some people live that hot chocolate kind of life
SWIPE for 🤤🤤 every night from 6-9 @themillsf has pizza night!! Cheese, pepperoni, and a seasonal pizza that changes each week!! Can't wait to go back! 🙌🏻😋😋
This kid Leon and I at @themillsf #themillsf
You're probably not intolerant to gluten. ⠀ Read below to discover why!⠀ ⠀ In the last years gluten, a protein contained in wheat 🌾 barley, rye and many processed foods, has been under attack by the popular belief that is "bad for your health" and that is the reason why people are gaining weight. ⠀ ⠀ A 2015 study 📖 done at the Health and Environmental Sciences University of L'Aquila in Italy 🇮🇹 gives new insights on this topic. ⠀ The study is linked in the bio.⠀ 392 patients, who believed they had gluten sensitivity, enrolled to this research. ⠀ 📊 The results:⠀ - 26 (6,63%) were affected by celiac disease ⠀ - 2 (0,51%) were wheat allergic ⠀ - 27 (6,88%) were NCGS, non-celiac gluten sensitive⠀ - 337 (85,96%) didn't experience any change of symptoms with a gluten free diet. 📝 ⠀ ⠀ Conclusion:⠀ Self-perceived gluten-related symptoms are rarely indicative of the presence of gluten sensitivity (NCGS). The last, but very important aspect, it's that plenty of people are replacing gluten end up with highly processed food. ⠀ Sales of gluten-free snacks like crackers, cookies 🍪 and bars are at all time high, and those are not notoriously healthy.⠀ Overall you should put more attention on how the wheat 🌾 is prepared and processed than the gluten per se. ⠀ See for example the post about sourdough bread 🥖 ⠀ ⠀ So, if you can eat gluten, get the amazing avocado 🥑 toast 🍞 @themillsf ⠀ ⠀ The best way to make sure of any food related sensitivity is always to contact a doctor 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
내 샌프란 최애카페 뒤늦게 올려버리기~~~☕️
post vacation and i’d very much like to drink all the coffee.
아침만 계속 먹고싶을 정도로 샌프란엔 브런치 베이커리까페가 가득 그 중에 손에 꼽게 괜찮은 " The Mill " 😋👍🏻 조용한 동네에 가족단위 손님들도 많고 귀여운 꼬맹이가 시즈널잼 토스트 먹는거보고 주문했는데 역시나 꿀맛 . . . . #sanfrancisco #sfo #sf #themill #themillsf #toast #blker #bleeker #빵스타그램 #빵지순례 #빵장인규봉이가추천해준곳 #샌프란빵이그리우면 #블리커로달려가야지 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ #나는블리커가더맛있어 🤩🥐🍞🥖💛
Taking another detour from the road to retirement. Cinnamon sugar butter toast, avocado toast, 2× latte. The Mill must be short for millenials because we all hooked on coffee and toast. The line has gotten consistently longer over the years. . . . #themillsf #latteart #fourbarrelcoffee #eeeeeats #cinnamontoast #avocadotoast #fourbarrelcoffee #sffoodie #travelgram #neverstopexploring #topcitybites #topfoodnews #monochromatic #dailylife #eeeeeats #igerssf #igsanfrancisco #foodstagram #foodpics #nomnomnom #sfeats #igerssf #treatyoself #minimalism #design #milleniallife #toast #joseybakerbread #carblife #lattegram #thatcaffelife
드디어..! #샌프란시스코 #더밀 #themillsf 완전 추천. 역시 진짜 맛있네. 상큼한것 좋아하는 나에게 #사워종 은 축복.
Shoutout to some of the brightest & most wonderful people ever, and to @scrippscollege for introducing us five years ago (& to @shamu11 for taking this pic) #reunited #TheMillSF
Coffee art & gluten free avocado toast
I want more coffee all day everyday. Especially this month 😭 But it’s okay, I think I get to appreciate simple things more like how wonderful the interior of a cafe is #AlyTravelDiary #AlyGoesToSF #AlyGoesToUSA
One of the city's best bites. Big slice of freshly baked country bread + cinnamon + sugar + butter + salt 😋 . . . . #eeeeeats #foodpornshare #infatuation #feedfeed #foooodieee #seriouseats #instafood #food52 #infatuationsf #eatingfortheinsta #food52grams #themillsf #foodgasm #foodofinstagram #foodforthought #forkyeah #toast #sfeats
It’s been a delight and honor to serve as guest editor these past few months for the upcoming issues of @ambrosiamagazine and @driftmag ! The issues, covering the SF Bay Area and San Francisco, respectively, shipped to subscribers and stockists today. Have you reserved yours? — This issue of Ambrosia highlights a handful of incredibly talented (and overwhelmingly humble) chefs, winemakers, farmers, bakers and beyond—with stories exploring the microclimates for baking bread in the Bay, where to food-shop, the rise in and response to dietary restrictions for chefs, the history of SFBA chocolate making, where to experience a traditional Japanese meal, the culture of queueing, and a love affair with @hogislandoysterco. At least that’s a taste 😊 — I hope you’ll grab a copy to keep you company while standing in line for your morning coffee, or to tote up to wine country to accompany an afternoon of sun bathing and wine tasting at @ashesxdiamonds. 🥂🙋🏽‍♀️
Four barrels counterpart @themillsf at a fairly golden hour... apart from battery failure this little Fujifilm has served me well this holiday, effortlessly picks out colour👌🏼 _______________________________________ #themillsf #cafehoping #fourbarrelcoffee #fujifilm #chemex #x100t #coffeeshopcorners #beanhunter #specialtycoffee
#tbt #yearofthedog The Mill on Divisadero SF #themillsf stepping in for Jules Bistro on St Marks NYC #julesbistrony The countdown begins on Tandy's Day Eve Remembering NYC circa 1994 St Vincents Year of the Dog @montana.rush @foxyblueheeler
Hey bring me some of that avocado mash tho, I'll be out here. #FinneganeatsSF
Garlic Knot Garlic, Parmesan, Chili Flake w/ Ranch & Marinara Sauce! . . #themillsf #pizzatour @pankaj_jindal @gudavall @roblocop @bpourkazemi
Outdoor cafe @themillsf + Almond Milk Lattes and Paleo Bread with Local Almond Butter + Good Company @my.oh.maya = The Good Life - I think about moving back to Europe often (@cecilucecilu @joybyzoe ) bc I love the European lifestyle SO much! Since I can’t move to Europe at this time, I’ve decided to bring the European lifestyle to me: meeting friends for long coffee dates, dining al fresco, making my happiness a priority before my career, enjoy leisure weekends that aren’t packed with obligations... #AlmondMilkLattes #PaleoBread #AlmondButter #coffee #eatsf #dinesf #sfcafe #themillsf #paleobreakfast #TheGoodLife
Happy Toastday! @kalejunkie ’s breakfast spread at The Mill has us all 🤤. #kalejunkie #7x7bayarea #themillsf #sfeats @themillsf #toast
Throw back to my time @joseybakerbread in May 🙂 I joined the JBB team as part of their new three-day apprenticeship program. Apprentices come in and spend a day on the rye shift, a day on the bread shift, and a day on the pizza shift. I love to see bakers giving back to the baking community in this way: making better bakers makes better communities! (This post also goes out to the nearly 20 bakers who have let me come and stage! Spreading the knowledge, spreading the love ♥️)
Toast at @themillsf is absolute perfection. Especially this combo. Their house-made gluten-free @joseybakerbread ‘adventure bread’ (a dense oat, nut + seed loaf), with butter, a thick smear of almond butter, sea salt, and fresh #seasonal jam (which was so good I bought 2 jars to take home) 🍇 Unreal. And kept me full for like 6 hours while we hiked from Union Square to Haight-Ashbury, up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the way over to the quant little sea-side town of Sausilito. One of my favourite days so far. But now we have just landed in the big apple. It’s close to midnight so we will sleep, and start exploring tomorrow 💛 #WWVtravels #themillSF
the mill (sf)
👩🏻‍🍳Avocado toast.. w/kimchi & mozzarella 🥑🥑🥑 and bread from #themillsf #avocadotoast #avotoast #avocado #kimchi #breakfast #homemade
The joyous bustle of a coffee shop. ☕️ #thingsilove
I keep craving pizza from The Mill 🙈🍕 this is becoming a weekly thing... #howoftenistoooften #themillsf #pizza #pepperonipizza #sfeats #nosuchthingastoomuchpizza
When coffee cups look this good, they become the star of the show. @themillsf is one of the prettiest coffee shops and one of my favourites for a morning coffee run. SFers: what’s you’re fave coffee spot in the city?
Não sabemos se é o melhor pão do mundo, mas de São Francisco, provavelmente. O The Mill, perto da linda Alamo Squre, serve torradas em fatias grossas e com diversas coberturas. Realmente delicioso (e charmoso). #sanfrancisco #toast #almostlocalseua #themillsf
Filter coffee, not people 🌈 #AlyTravelDiary #AlyGoesToSF #AlyGoesToUSA
The Mill pizza is ugh so good tho 🍕🍕 #themillsf #pizza #sfeats #garlicknot #divis
a little work before another day of exploring frisco #livingmybestlife #toasted #themillsf #sfeats
빵순이들을 위한 세상 🥖🍞🥐
I’m at a place where I’m starting to see how everything I’ve experienced in my life - even the things I didn’t understand and wanted to will away at the time, were absolutely necessary in shaping me into the person God created me to be, who could fulfill the purposes He has for me. — Reminder: God won’t waste one ounce of anything He allows you to walk through. Your journey is shaping you into who you need to be when you get where He’s taking you. Without the the work God does in the process, you won’t be prepared to possess what He has promised - or to fulfill the calling on your life which He has purposed. Tag someone to remind them. 💛
누텔라에 black sugar 그리고 소금까지 단짠 최고였던 토스트 ❣️
샌프란 시스코 다음에 또 만나✋🏻
#byeol_SFO #themillsf #sanfrancisco 나 오늘 완전완전 열일했더 😦
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