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Don’t catch a case of the Monday’s. Start the week off right with something you truly enjoy. Happy Monday everyone!
One of hundreds of alpine huts that sit hidden in the B.C. backcountry, far from the nearest road but often well worth the trek. // 📷: @errincasa #thatbclife
This cake was both beautiful and tasty good! Big thanks to the folks @makersmeals 🙋 for the connection with my kindred ❤ creative sister @thechefryanross and her imagination by getting all lovey for an upcoming event on February 10th. If you haven't checked out our event for Aphrodites Festivus please do. Check out the 👆link in ny bio for dets on our super special collab. So excited to showcase the sexy advantages of herbaceous creations. 📸 @mollympetersonphotographer
We couldn’t be surrounded by more stunning place.
Those who do venture out into the storm are met by magical moments like this. Wrapped a wonder trip with rainbow over half dome. @yosemitenps @nationalparkfans #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite #nationalparklife  #yosemitevalley #np10k #nationalparkgeek  #national_park_photography #FindYourPark #halfdome #rainbow
Monks | Laos
Such were my memories of San Francisco @james_kindle
We have nothing to lose and a world to see!! 🤙🏼
I have this really bad habit of ruining reflections. I don't know why I'd do such a terrible thing but I just can't help myself 😭
Happiest of birthdays to my girl @schmirlylue Who brightens my days even more than this glorious sunrise ❤️
Sokaklar soğuk, Yataklar yalnız. Tek mi yaşıyorsun, Yoksa ailenle mi?
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