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Want to learn to be the bestestest climber that has ever climbed?! Okay, maybe not the bestestest, but you should check out Piper’s interview with @cotopaxi anyway (link in bio or head over to Cotopaxi’s story highlights!) - climbing tips from a five year old 😂 She was so excited (and quite bashful) to have such rad folks looking to her for insight. Ps. While you’re at it, check out everything Cotopaxi has been up to. They’re making waves, folks! Not only are they down-to-earth folks who just want to enjoy life, but they also want to help OTHERS enjoy life. By using their platform to fundraise for and support a multitude of causes; Cotopaxi aims to create positive social impact by doing their part in alleviating poverty worldwide. You can check out more of what they’re doing via their webpage or their Instagram! 📸: @bryce.olsen #gearforgood #wildchild
Whiskey Jacks like dawn patrol skis too! Who knew. #mecstaffer @lawrenceexp @marcau.negri @19moreminutes
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