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Dirty mirror vibes 👌🏻🖖🏻
“I’m sure you’ve gotten this already, but you look very pretty.” “Thank you. No one’s had the guts to say it verbally, it’s been a lot of objectifying glances.” “Well it’s all eyes on you.” “Well, thank you. I feel like I was given this appearance because God knew I had a mission.” ..................... #vsco #chicago #insta_chicago #chicagoartist #thepeoplescreative #thepursuitofjoyproject #summerinchicago #summertimechi #wordoftheday #quotes #conversations #rooftop #blackandwhite #sundayfunday #godisgood #allthetime
I may not have won anything tonight, but I definitely won the unofficial majority vote for Best Dressed, and I definitely had the hottest date. Regardless of the outcome, I am insanely proud of my Death Takes a Holiday cast. We know exactly how much work, love, care, attention, blood, sweat, tears, and passion we put into our little show. We put on an amazing show. I'm proud of the ways we were recognized for our talents and efforts; even though we didn't get it, we all deserve the world. Mattress did pretty well, so good job guys. Slaying my first BOTL Awards ✔
Sometimes, it’s easy to lose your focus. Easy to lose your passion. But, over the last few weeks I’ve committed to keeping my hobbies alive. Mainly photography. I love the process of learning through trial and error as I work to bring a story to life. #fromtheheart
Don’t play | Since you haven’t seen my face in a minute and also filmy vibes are nice. I️ will take new self portraits soon, I️ wanted to go out and trespass on fields like last summer but we have rain for a week straight.
/// You turn my wounds into wisdom Never shaming my process Unafraid of my pain Your arms are always open You see all and never leave me You don’t hide and neither will I The illusion is distance And we’re in covenant - in total unity
From the mood board - - Edward Weston- Nautilus Shell 1947 #lisbethloves
New in Perspectives titled “FE(M)ME” by @sublime_fan_page_greendaylover for our #SelfLove issue. 🌷(Link in bio) // #localwolves — Models (left to right): @shelby_olson , @leilanimezcudi , @alaniseeloisa.
Oh hawaii how you inspire me, not only physically with your ruggedness, but also artistically with your beauty!
I love you more than you love naps
.🖤.🖤.@joeyunlee .🖤.🖤.
“Un retrato no es una semejanza. En el mismo instante en el que una emoción o un hecho se convierten en una fotografía, dejan de ser un hecho para pasar a ser una opinión” -Richard Avedon
Closed off
I am not ready for summer to end. Maybe if we all agree on it continuing, itll happen!
What’s up guys! Exciting news! As many of you may have known I recently moved to Redding, CA. I’m currently working as a delivery driver for a local pizza shop, and saving the tips that i make every night! Ive also been volunteering for Bethel Media and helping them! But the exciting news is that I’ve been ACCEPTED into Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) first year! And I’m very excited to pursue Jesus more and more and pour into lives around me and Im believing Jesus for the best year of my life! With that being said, My deposit fee has been paid off, yet i am still in need of $4,500 for the whole school year. I’m in need of $2,250 by August 22nd! Which is exactly ONE MONTH away! I’m trusting the lord with my finances and that he will provide for me in this upcoming school year! But if any of you guys feel led to donate to me and my school year feel free! If not, please keep me in your prayers and that I may have more than enough to pay for my school year. Your guys support is so appreciated! Message me if you have any questions. If you want to donate the link is in my Bio! Love you guys! 🤟
self care is so important wtf!! luv urself!!! put on your favorite lotion because you wanna smell like a strawberry bush in a field of daisies!!! paint ur body in chrome highlight because u wanna be as bright as the moon!!! wear ur tallest heels, adorn every piece of jewelry, slip on that freakum dress just to go to the grocery store!! do what makes ur heart happy bitch!!!!!! | @iamrayni / @0apandab0
submerged. ⛲️
They became a super cute couple when they were 15, and yesterday after 6 years, they chose to stand by each other for the rest of their lives. 👫 As Elise said yesterday, they learned to grow into who they are together, and also learned that real love is not just feelings, but that it is choosing each other every day. ✨Amen to wise words from the young couple! 🙌❤
All I wanted was to be right there. • • • • @honor_es #honor10lainteligenciaesbella
This beach was so stunning!
It was our first time trying the milk bath with flowers. I first saw this done in a facebook Photography group over 3 years ago.  It was mostly Maternity photos, but then children in milk baths started popping up. And over 3 years, I've been wanting to try this with the children! Let's just say it was more fun than productive. If you're curious as to what we used, it was 2 cups of coffee creamer since it was gluten and lactose free. Not that my children are allergic to any of that, but I remembered a discussion about the best way to achieve the milky water and that was creamer over actual milk.  The children did a thorough rinse after this, but my daughter claims that her hair is silky smooth. We might attempt this again before Summer ends! . . . . . #childhoodunplugged #cmpro #clickpro #theheartcaptued #clickinmoms #nothingisordinary #momswithcameras #thesugarjar #our_everyday_moments #dearphotographer #beyondthewanderlust #my_magical_moments #momtogs #heaventhrumylens #thepeoplescreative #napcp #captured_treasures #cameramama #thesincerestoryteller #thelifestylecollective #wildandfreechildren #childrenseemagic #theheartcaptured #ourcandidlife #celebrate_childhood #kidsforreal #jj_its_kids #theartofchildhood #Childofig #therebelliousstoryteller
Skipping through Sunday #lifewithfawn
Can’t wait to mail these off tomorrow ✨#lifewithfawn
Erin + Donnie’s engagement session is on the blog ⭐️✨ Link in bio!
Like the storms that come from no where. Like a earthquake or a bomb from No where the darkness comes. The darkness comes in so quietly and quickly I don’t notice it till I’m engulfed like a sinkhole opened and gravity pulled me into the pit of despair and hopelessness #24hrchurch #folkgood #lifeofadventure #freedomthinkers #mobilemag #justgoshoot #moodygrams #createexplore #sombrebeings #shoot2kill #featuremeinstagood #exploreeverything #35mm #vscoportrait #lookslikefilm #igpodium_portraits #thepeoplescreative #featuremebest #musephoto #expofilm #under3kyo #creative #folkcreative #musephoto #illgrammers
Whenever I'm stressed I would buy flowers to help my mood. I would look past all the laundry on the ground (not yet folded), the pile of dirty dishes laying in the sink (not yet washed), and the glittered table full of homemade slime (not yet cleaned). I would ignore the screaming toddler pulling at his sister's hair just to get his hands on the remote control. This was all on a normal Summer day. That moment of lost responsibility lasted about a minute, but still worth a trip to the market. #floral #summer #flowersofinstagram #plants #nature #flatlays #documentyourdays #clickpro #cmpro #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #roses #fragrantflorals #napcp #momtog #flowers #summerdays #thepeoplescreative
Growing family! ❤️
"For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home." - Stephanie Perkins One of my favorite couples. ❤️
So excited to be back to the island life but have loved getting to explore some new cities this summer 😍 are you a beach or city person?!
happy birthday my love! you are our everything and we are so lucky we get to do this life with you. excited for your new year. you deserve it all! 🌟
N E O N demon
Celebrated my Mom’s birthday last night in all the best ways at @theheritagegathering 💕
Between light and shadow.
So very happy for these two! 😍😭😍😭#styvewedding
. . Let your faith be bigger than your fear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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