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✨Holiday GIVEAWAY TIME✨ . . #ad Parenting is definitely hard, no denying that..But loving unconditionally is unequivocally the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do! WaterWipes had been my PIC (partner in crime) since day 1 of being a parent! They are more than just “baby wipes” to me! WaterWipes is my go to for wiping the kids hands and faces, diaper changes and everything in between! I have partnered with @WaterWipesUSA this holiday season to give one lucky winner 1 case of WaterWipes (which includes 9 packs of WaterWipes or 540 wipes)! . . ✨TO ENTER ✨ 1. FOLLOW both @WaterWipesUSA & @Oliviaskyeandco 2. TAG a friend in comment (each separate tag = 1 entry, so tag away) Giveaway ends in 72 hours! Good luck friends!! . #WaterWipesPartner #WaterWipesWishes @WaterWipesUSA . . This giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, affiliated, and/or administered by Instagram.
I’m going to pretend this is us right now, playing at the beach and eating ice cream #wishfulthinking Sadly, I’m on day 3 of Flu induced house arrest, the girls are bored because I’m so boring and Dave is exhausted from do all the pickups, drop offs, lunch making, tidying and constant dishwasher loading and unloading. . Despite my misery #thanksinfluenza there are many things I’m grateful for this week: having so many tools at my disposal to help me get back on the mend and minimize my symptoms #yayoils , Dave’s flexible work schedule and ability to pick up what I can’t do (even though it’s been rough for him), grandparents who live close by and can swoop in and help us and the ability to get the rest that I need to kick this virus to the curb. So while the last few days have been miserable, it’s been an exercise in gratitude. It’s amazing how gratitude can come from places you least expect it ❤️. XO Jenny
I’m going to pretend this is us right now, playing at the beach #wishfulthinking Sadly, I’m on day 3 of Flu induced house arrest, the girls are bored because I’m so boring and Dave is exhausted from do all the pickups, drop offs, lunch making, tidying and constant dishwasher loading and unloading. . Despite my misery #thanksinfluenza there are many things I’m grateful for this week: having so many tools at my disposal to help me get back on the mend and minimize my symptoms #yayoils , Dave’s flexible work schedule and ability to pick up what I can’t do (even though it’s been rough for him), grandparents who live close by and can swoop in and help us and the ability to get the rest that I need to kick this virus to the curb. So while the last few days have been miserable, it’s been an exercise in gratitude. It’s amazing how gratitude can come from places you least expect it ❤️.
It’s FINALLY here!!! @grow.thebook A year project that means SO MUCH to us 🧡 . . David @dave.swenson wrote a poem that helped give us immense strength during some of our darkest times and we felt so strongly to turn it into a children’s book. Life isn’t about where you are planted, it’s about how you GROW. We dedicated the book to David’s brother who passed away last year and we feel him close by guiding this book to get it into the hands of those that may need it. . . We launched the book on Kickstarter this summer and with YOUR help, this project has FINALLY come to life!!!!! That is 3,000 lbs of books behind us that we are getting ready to ship out all of the preorders to all of the amazing people who backed our project. And then GROW will be available to purchase in 2019 as we work towards getting it in stores! . . I’m so proud of David and all of his hard work. He is an author!! How cool!!! I’m just a beaming with pride for him. With our project a tree is planted with every book sold and we are proud to announce that 1,000 trees will be planted with @arbordayfoundation ! Each book is printed on non-tree paper so no trees were harmed in the making of our book! All thanks to @californiagreenpress for being an amazing printer and aligning with our vision. Thank you to our whimsical illustrator @karlyjadec for the beautiful artwork bringing the story to life. There is so much detail and hidden messages within the artwork so we can’t wait for you to find it! GROW is finally here!!! . . Tears of joy and gratitude! Thank you again for all of your support and we can’t wait for you to have this book in your hands 🧡🧡🧡 . . when you get your book, make sure to post about it and tag us because it would mean the world to us to see it! #growthebook
my favorite lunch date. blessed + grateful we get to eat lunch together at home every single day - and with mama!!! . create a life you’re wildly obsessed with - that makes you jump out of bed each day - and it will always feel like magic!
d a y . 3 I’m really having a blast doing this #12daysofslinging challenge. Today I was running all over town. From breakfast by the airport before sending off my best friend, to doctors appointments, to helping another friend prepare for baby #2 (hurry up baby!!!). One of my friends snapped this quick photo and I love it. I may have unwashed hair and smeared eyebrows, but I’m also surrounded by love thanks to these forever cherished sling hugs. #mywildbird #mywildbirdchukar
Rainy days ☔️
on the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me seven swans a- swimming...📯🎄✨⠀
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Scarlett loves books so much so when we got the @iseemebooks “Baking Cookies Together” personalized book, she was ecstatic! And how about that personalized apron too?! I just can’t😍 This book would make the perfect gift this holiday season! And with every purchase @iseemebooks gives back to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund❣️ #sponsored . Use code CELEBRATE to get 30% off your purchase in I See Me’s 12 Days of Celebration sale #iseemebooks #bakingcookiestogether
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Tiny babe trying to decide on the perfect Christmas tree🌲 Also the way the sun is hitting her hair, it looks like she has red hair and it’s giving me all the feels😍 #kennedyjames
⚠️warning brag post. Okay yesterday was not the best day for me let’s just leave it at that. And let me also say that this man right here is seriously the BEST. After he had his own long day at work he came home and did so much. He cooked us dinner right away and after we ate he gave me a hug and whispered to me to go take a long hot shower before Everly could catch me! When I finished with that I came out to the kitchen where he was doing all the dishes and told me to go lay down. Like how lucky am I to have you in my life? I’d say pretty darn lucky! Thank you for being the best husband and daddy to our little girl. We love you more than anything💛 . #bragpost #besthusbandever #daddyandhislittlegirl #motherhoodishard #therealparenthood #parenthoodmoments #yourethebest
#ad You guys know how much I absolutely loved my marble @caseapp case, so naturally I had to get a custom Christmas case! This will make a quick and easy stocking stuffer this holiday season! Make sure to check out their website and use code THEADAMS20 for 20% off your entire purchase! 📸: @paidvisualz
These are the moments I now live for😍
Motherhood memoir by @pumpkinandgray • tag #memoirsofmotherhood to be featured
Growing up Military is a privilege. From day one I knew I was blessed to have the lifestyle I had, as a kiddo. We were able to travel, learn skills that made us flexible and understanding toward others, and most of all, it made us treasure the time we had together and with our loved ones. __ Today I said goodbye to my parents again. Dad is still active duty and stationed in Alaska. Seeing his eyes well up as he told his grand babies goodbye brought tears to my eyes, but pride to my heart. I couldn’t be more proud to be his daughter. The sacrifices he makes for his country are endless and ongoing. __ Which is why every day I will show the girls a photo of my parents and tell them “these are your grandparents, they are heroes.” __ As holidays are celebrated and enjoyed with your family, take some time to remember that it doesn’t have to be a specific day on the calendar to feel that special bit magic. Christmas can be celebrated on the 25th, or the 12th, or in June. It’s about being present when you CAN be. It’s about finding the time to focus on your loved ones. I won’t be spending Christmas with my parents this year. I haven’t in about 7 years. But this week, with all 6 of us crammed in our tiny house, we celebrated family. Family is magic ✨
Brandon bought me this mini sewing machine to keep me busy while I’m spending more time than usual at home. I love it, so I guess I’m officially an old mom now. 😅 I have a whole slew of little baby things lined up to make. I made this taggie blanket first and I’m really happy with how it came out. Also, those whales! 🐋 😍 . . . . . #mymotherhood #honestlymothering #uniteinmotherhood #simplymamahood #motherhoodsimplified #ohmamamoment #teammotherly #momtog #candidchildhood #themagicofchildhood #momcommunity #therealparenthood #motherhoodunplugged #momswithcameras #our_everyday_moments #ig_motherhood #motherhoodinspire #motherhoodthroughig #littleandfierce #motherhoodunhinged #motherhoodthroughletterboards #parenthood_moments #my_magical_moments #kidsforreal #motherhoodrising
Hello Third Trimester 👋🏻 Happy Bump day! I am 28 weeks pregnant this week, however I’m measuring 31 weeks which could mean one of two things— 1. My Due Date is off by 2-3 weeks and baby will be here closer to Valentine’s Day. 2. I’m going to have a 10 pound child. I’m really praying that it’s the first option! 🙈 my babies are usually pretty small, but you never know! Big Hank could be a whopper... oops. I might have just spilled the beans 😆 I’m feeling really good this week. Just tired, but I’m a mom of 2. That’s normal 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . I have 5 new posts on the blog today! The web link on my Profile Bio will take you to all the gift guides!
Salt Therapy // We had our first salt therapy session today. We all woke up with slight coughs, congestion, and sneezing. We whisked away to @wilson_family_chiropractic for a good adjustment and then off to @thrivemamacollective to try and stop the sniffles in their tracks. . I am all for modern medicine but I also believe in alternative medicine. You can have faith in both, you don't have to be one or the other. If I can help my kiddos breather easier and recover faster with no side affects, you bet I'm going to give it a shot! During our salt sesh my nose started running and I knew it was working. I have also been able to breathe easier since doing it {scroll left to see the benefits}! . If you're in OKC checkout @thrivemamacollective and @wilson_family_chiropractic they have both been such a huge blessing to our families! . Have you ever done salt therapy? What integrative therapies have you found helpful? . #salttherapy #alternativemedicine #complementarymedicine #integrativemedicine #chiropracticcare #chiropractichealth
#BabyItsColdOutside ❄️ , so we're staying inside , enjoying the warmth of our smiles and making #greatmemories .🏊🏻‍♀️ . . . #MAMASITESIZAZOV #stayingwarm #enjoyingtheday #termetuhelj
Yay!! We woke up this morning with our kitchen back together 🙌🏼 so we celebrated with waffles! Just waiting on the hardware to come in. These two have started to play so well together recently and what big sis does, Tru wants to do. It’s the cutest thing... until Harper start doing trick jumps on the couch. 🙄 oh, and Harper was mad that I didn’t have the cabinets painted rainbow colors 🌈 🦄 #gofigure
He’s napping right now and I miss him so much 😭 Plus I have nothing on the DVR to watch so I’m bored. #lucalevell #styledwithstones #naptime 😴 #boymomlife #momlifebelike
My guys 💛 I spend every moment with them but it’s still not enough. They’re my whole heart. Finding amazing Christmas lights near us is our favorite thing to do in December ✨ And if we’re lucky we even catch a cute little Christmas performance!! 🎄 I love the holidays and these two make it even better 👪❤️ . . . #motherhood #thisismotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momlife #motherhoodsimplified #baby #boymom #hawaii #hilife #momswithcameras #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #documentyourdays #magicofchildhood #lifestylephotography #motherhoodiscolorful #unitedmotherhood #motherhoodisdarling #letthembelittle #momentsinmotherhood #unitedmomsnetwork #momhub #igmotherhood #therealparenthood #motherhoodisloud #motherhoodunhinged #mommyblogger #dailyparenthood #9months #fatherhood
I feel like as a mom I’m always torn between wanting to/feeling guilty for not working more. Some days I can’t wait for work or Nick to get home, and other days I don’t want to leave him for a second. Being a mom is the craziest, most trying labor of love ever. As conflicted as I feel I am so grateful for the time I get with O. Watching him grow and learning through all of our tribulations is something I will always be grateful for 💙
The Christmas season is so much brighter this year ✨
Coop never leaves his side. Loves that baby brother more than he’ll ever know! And my heart explodes into 1,000 pieces.
Yes I still have abs !! But I do notice a huge difference on the days I have some ice cream , wine and cookies. To most people that still have abs so who cares , but just like everyone else I feel bloated, fat , have 0 energy and want to eat more sugar ;I swear it’s a drug) So I get up, smash some cardio and drink loads of water. No matter how much you don’t feel like it, sometimes you just need to sweat out the toxins and feel good again (or maybe you feel like throwing up the whole time like me so you never want another cookie again ) 😂 #ab #cookies #melbournemums #regret
Ready to go out 🚗
the wonder of a child. May we never lose our wonder Wide eyed and mystified May we be just like a child Staring at the beauty of our King - Amanda Cook // . lovin’ her tummy time / change mat @ruler.and.oak
I can’t believe Jett is already 3 months old! Like what!?😭 He is the smiliest little guy!😄 Jett has found his voice, tries to giggle, loves to eat his hands and loves music! He also adores his sister Millie and wants so badly for her to give him the time of day haha! He figured out night from day and is sleeping 5 hour stretches at night!🎉 He is also losing his hair, and it’s making me so sad!😭 Jett has been such a blessing in our family!💕
❤️❤️❤️ #darcycolette
She didn’t want to hold my hand while we were crossing the street today, but she also hugged me and told me she loved me in the parking lot. So, ok. Also, you might be in LA if, you walk into a “bakery” called Cookies, only to be stopped at the door by the bouncer informing you that it’s actually a dispensary🌱🍪🤪
Happy birthday to our favourite guy, @maclark0 ! 😘
This pregnancy is so different this time around. My energy, stamina, appetite, the heartburn & burping... _ _ One thing that is the same...I’m sticking with my 5 day a week workout routine. I do it not because I’m chasing a number but because I want to feel physically strong in the delivery room & after. _ _ They say childbirth is like running a marathon. That means these 9 months are my training ground. It’s my job to bring my best come race day/delivery. _ _ Plus if I’m raising a newborn with a toddler, I need to stay in shape to keep up with the crazy. _ _ Mamas, you’re the fiercest creatures on the planet. If you can handle blow outs & picky eaters, you can handle a 30 minute workout 🙌🏽
Delighted after a long baby bath 💆🏼‍♀️
28 weeks pregnant 💁🏼‍♀️ #throwback
𝒲𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓈 𝓂 𝒾 𝓉 𝓉 𝑒 𝓃 𝓁𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓈 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒?
Pot full of tea, messy hair and a sleeping baby. All the signs of a rough night last night. These kids are trying to kill me I swear.
Lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida. No sé cómo he podido vivir todo este tiempo sin ti... te miro y parece mentira 😍🥰 Estoy enamorada de mi niña🙈
On connecting with your kids... . I have to admit, I don't love playing with Liv. I love wrestling with her, "eating" her, covering her whole body in kisses. I love cuddling her, singing to her, taking a bath with her, reading her stories. I love going for walks with her, I love dancing with her, I l love sharing meals with her. And I love OBSERVING her play, seeing what new things she's able to do, and getting a kick out things I see her copying from us. But sitting on the floor, lining her animals up in a row for the hundreth time...I find it rather boring to be honest, and it doesn't take long before I start thinking of other things I could be doing 😬 It feels crazy to admit that I don't enjoy playing with my daughter all that much, until I remember... . Slow living (ie: rejecting the go go go) means I have hundreds of opportunities to connect with her each day. Yesterday when we got home from a walk, Liv wanted to take her outerwear off by herself. I helped here and there-loosening the laces, or pulling the arm of her jacket just enough to get her started. We sat there on the floor for 20 minutes, engrossed in the task, both of us enjoying ourselves. . Later that afternoon, I was pulling clothes out of the dryer when she waddled in and started helping me. Her little hands, still somewhat uncoordinated, could only handle handing me one item at a time. After all 40 pairs of socks and underwear were out, she proceeded to pick up the pile of folded laundry and put it all back in the dryer! She had enjoyed the task so much, she was eager to repeat it. So we did. 3 times 😅 . I guess the point I'm trying to make is this: children are so eager to be part of our lives. If you've ever observed them in play, they're constantly mimicking the behaviours they see the adults around them doing. They LOVE practicing to be adults, so when the opportunity arises, why not let them, and connect with them in the process? If their cup feels full of love and attention from their caregivers, children are more able to play and engage themselves on their own. After all, play is one thing they can do all on their own right from birth! . I'm curious, what do you think of this mindset?
Where did the time go? ...
Fun, love and trust! Is all you need! #happylife #trust #fatherslove ❤️
children see magic ✨ . if you ever have the chance - observe a child as he / she is independently engaged in an activity. you can so clearly see the thought processes, focus and desire to observe, learn + master whatever it is they’re doing. they are so singularly focused on that one activity - nothing else matters. no one else’s opinions, not about what happened five minutes ago - nothing. just the present moment. at some point, we lose this ability to stay in the moment. to focus solely on one task at hand. sure, multi-tasking has its perks, but we end up missing out on something or only giving 80% to a task since we’re focused on another. we’re worried about what others thing, how they’ll perceive us and what it will then mean about us (a little secret: it doesn’t mean anything about you). . so maybe take a pause before you start your next project. close out the 25 other tabs you have open on your computer (guilty). don’t judge your worth based on the number of likes or comments you get (it really doesn’t mean anything except make your ego feel good!). . and if you need to tap back into the feeling of magic - observe / act like a child in nature - Parker was MESMERIZED when we went through the farm’s holiday light show. the world is new and exhilarating and beautiful to a child. experience their innocence running through the zoo or on the playground where their minds build + create castles and pirate ships out of jungle gyms. tap back into that vast imagination you had as a child and come back to your work invigorated and excited!! . we all have an inner child just waiting to come back out. so grateful for this gorgeous soul - my greatest teacher - for bringing my child back to life ❤️
"Hey! Where are the presents?!" - Jazii 🤷🏻‍♀️
✨Little ones to Him belong✨ Oh son of mine. Do you even know how much you are loved?
o n . t h e . g o Motherhood means I am always on the go with these kiddos. They are always so much happier when we have fun activities vs. staying in the house all day. I am lucky to have so many resources for them living in Southern California. We do something nearly 7 days a week. And I couldn’t do as much as I do without my @wildbird sling. Trying to keep Lincoln close and safe would be impossible without it. I can just know he is happy and safe while I focus a little more time on making sure independent Olive is safe on the pony. #12daysofslinging day 2 is dedicated to being hands free and one the go, and never having to worry if I’ll have enough hands to keep up! #mywildbird #mywildbirdcayana #kavehkiddos
Look, Everything the light touches is our kingdom. A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king. And this'll all be mine? Everything...
I’ve been reminiscing a lot about baby Lulu buuuut seriously guys Isn’t she the sweetest? 😍
We sure are loving Christmas in this house!! Thanks for the photo @turbocurt. #caliandari
This boy loves his water play with random household items (Much of his day is making a household item a toy). . . Not pictured: All the towels on the floor in case of spills. He tries very hard to not get water everywhere and does a great job. Just a few whoopsies.❤️ Nothing a towel won't soak up.
Sometimes your two year old eats like a champ and other times he has exactly 2 Kings Hawaiian rolls for dinner. #thisismotherhood #LifewithWestonEdward
You were born to sparkle babygirl ✨✨ don’t let anyone ever dull that shine 💎 #rysasingh #cutestbabyever #princess #ifthecrownfits #sparkle #love
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