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Although we are evolving into and growing as a family unit, that doesn’t mean we need/have to lose our identity as individuals – and we have to take care of our individual needs. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ While I am all up for working as a team and in partnership with our child, it doesn’t mean that the ‘me/I’ doesn’t exist anymore. The ‘we’ and the ‘I’ can happily co-exist. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo credit: @heather_telford
I had some fun with the kids tonight doing yoga 🧘‍♀️. Thought I’d try an arm balance & I did it. Not perfect but I got off the ground!! 🙌
**NEW VLOG*** Ever wonder why we parenting bloggers blog? Well it's for you! Put on a brew and join me over on my YouTube channel as I read a poem by fab fellow parenting blogger @wendy_naptimenatterblog dedicated to every mama having a tough time here - link in bio. And if you haven't already it would mean so much to me if you would subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date with my videos if you enjoyed this one thank you and happy Friday everybody! . . . . . . . . #honestmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #ig_motherhood #unitedinmotherhood #momsofinstagram #dailyparenting #ohheymama #motherhoodsimplified #mymotherhood #mompreneur #teammotherly #igmotherhood #unitedmotherhood #motherhoodinspired #habitandhome #momdotme #motherhoodintheraw #ourcandidlife #justmomlife #thehonestlens #therealparenthood #nobullshitmotherhood #ukparentbloggers #mummybloggeruk #coolmumclub
Tic tac tic tac.... 💣 . Buenos días bonitas!!! De camino a monitores a ver si esta gordita tiene intención de salir 🙈 Por Valencia está diluviando así que después de monitores a pasar el día en casita de relax 😊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #babygirl #bebeabordo #bebeencamino #dulceespera #mamaprimeriza #pregnant #pregnancy #embarazada #cute_pregnancy #love #babyonboard #embarazada #38weekspregnant #38weeks #inspirepregnancy #therealparenthood #pregnantperfect #embarazadas_mamis #instamami #igmotherhood #pregnancygram #embarazadas #pregnantphoto #miembarazo #maternity #mamajoven #babybump #babyonboard #newborn #babyiscoming #mybabygirl #9meses
Tonight I was actually able to put Hayden to sleep before getting Trey ready for bed. I love being able to spend one on one quality time with my little bug. We don’t get enough of it sometimes. My sweet boy, I see you every day but I wish I had more time with you; I could never imagine taking you for granted. • • • • • #ourcandidlife #parenthoodvibes #motherhoodlens #myhonestmotherhood #momsofig #lifeasamama #acupofmotherhood #mamalife #mamaofTwo #motherhoodthroughinstagram #therealparenthood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #candidchildhood #gettingmommywithit #mynameismama #stopdropandmom #momentsinmotherhood #igmotherhood #messy_motherhood #momlife #unitedmotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #momsofig #punk #punkbaby #punkmom #alternativemom #alternativeparents #motherhood #ilovesomeonewithautism
all she can give me is her cuteness & yet i’d do absolutely anything for her. . . . everyday of being a mother to this one, my understanding of the Father’s love grows deeper & deeper. she has taught me what true selfless love looks like & how loving her is how i need to love everyone around me. cause reality is we are all family. we are all sons & daughters of the King. we all belong to Him. & his love has no grading system so why should we give it one. . . . . . “love is large & incredible patient love is gentle and consistently kind to all. it refuses to be jealous when blessings comes to someone else. love does not brag about one’s achievements nor inflate its own importance. love does not traffic in shame & disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. love is not easily irritated or quick to take offense. love joyfully celebrates honesty & finds no delight in what is wrong. love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing the best for others. love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up. love never stops loving.” - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Jax had his 9 month checkup today and I cried on the drive there. How the heck has it already been 9 months and how is there only three more months until he’s a YEAR OLD!
If your baby is turning one soon, is it still kosher to call her your newborn?? . . . Anyone know where I could find a super cute birthday outfit? Please Tag your favorite shops. Thanks so much! ❤️🙏
Our fall family photo gallery is finished and you guys, I narrowed my favorites down to 44. FORTY FOUR!! 🙀 I’m on the blog sharing some tips & tricks for a successful family photo shoot. 🌻 (link in bio) 📸@kaylakohnphotography is amazing! . . Shop my daily looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.family #LTKfamily #LTKkids #LTKunder50 #liketkit http://liketk.it/2xOKW
The library may not like us. But we really enjoy going there😂😂 looking at all the books and slapping them shut as loud as humanly possible is how they do ‘quiet’ there, continued by clomping around all the rows of books touching e v e r y s i n g l e book possible🙈🙈 my favourite though, is how they play peek a boo with each other threw the holes in the shelves giggling and belly laughing away😍💛 if the baby laughs don’t make up for the noise, I’m not sure those people are really human🤷🏼‍♀️😂😝 #sorrynotsorry #nobodyhatesbabylaughs #yesistillcallthembabies
No parent wants to hear the words “I don’t feel good” and before you can even respond or process what was just said you see your child run to the bathroom. 😔 this past week has been nothing but extra snuggles and lots of movies! • #ad Bailey asks me every night if I can warm up her @thermalaid elephant named Tiny! 🐘 This Thermal-Aid Elephant is an all natural heating and cooling pack! It works great for aches, pains, fevers, headaches and so much more! I also love that it can serve as a comfort or security items for little ones (which for Bailey it is totally her comfort item, since we can warm it up!) I, as a mama use this myself. It has worked wonders with my cramps, and my migraines! All you have to do is toss this in the microwave for the heating or in the freezer for the cooling! • If you or anyone you know would like to get yourself a cute Thermal-Aid natural heating and cooling pack you can use code HEAL for 20% off your order and get FREE shipping of $45 or more! The link is in my bio!
u n i c o r n. There is something so magical about Halloween time to me. So, of course, we choose a magical creature for costumes!! If you’re a unicorn, I’m a unicorn! And if you know Olive, she chose unicorns for us this year!! 📷 @waveskissyoursoul #wildbird #mymadebymary #wildbriarhalloween @wildbird @briarhandmade
My little sleep queen. This is the sweet face of a girl who was asleep by 7:15 last night, stayed asleep until 5:40 am, then went back to sleep from 6-9:30.😳 She also caught her big brother's cold and I just feel so bad that she's dealing with that on top of trying to get used to this darn brace. Thankfully, she's taking both like a champ (for the most part 😬😅). #ourtatumnoelle • Ps her little cowlick in the front of her hair just slays me.🤣😍 • • • • • #3monthsold #hipdysplasia #newbornbaby #babygirlstyle #babygirl #magicofchildhood #thebump #aheadofthecurve #babylistbabes #ig_motherhood #babysleep #babysister #ig_kids #momsofinstagram #honestlymothering #parenthood_moments #therealparenthood #momentsinmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodintheraw #uniteinmotherhood #stopdropandmom #mytinymoments #documentyourdays #lifedailymoms
Another pumpkin patch explored by this little lady😊 #kennedyjames
Photos in front of the castle at Disney World are great, but sometimes the most precious Disney memories are made on the bus ride after a long day of magic when a daughter can fall asleep in the safe arms of her daddy. 💕✨⠀ ⠀ 📷 Feb 2018⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #disneymemories #fatheranddaughter #therealparenthood #autismlove #dadlife #momlife #igfamily #momblogger #dadsofinstagram #familysquares #treasuredmoments #livethelittlethings #lifetothefullest #ourcandidlife #parenthoodadventures #daddydaughter #daddydaughterlove
“Someone else’s opinion is NONE of your business.” –Rachel Hollis _ _ If we truly believed this, think of how different our lives would look. We wouldn’t be living so small. There would be less second guessing. _ _ To everyone who’s curious about what I do and how I can send Nolan to preschool, contribute financially to our household, pay off $100K in loan debt in less than 5 years & be home while Ryan’s deployed...it’s because I’m staying in my lane. _ _ I see my goals. I don’t let the said & unsaid opinions of others make me doubt my direction. _ _ It’s not easy. It means working on my personal growth as much as I work on my fitness. It takes seeking mentors teaching me to trust my gut & the process. _ _ Don’t let the fear of naysayers prevent you from going for it. I’m forever changed because I didn’t listen. _ If you’ve ever considered doing what I do as a coach, this is your SIGN. You get me on your side–honest, excited & unfiltered– as you build this business that I love so much. _ Future rockstar coach, let’s chat! 😍
Headed to the island for a few days to visit family in Victoria! Anyone know any good new cafes/restaurants/shops we should check out while we’re there?
Fall Park Days are in Full Swing! • #bossytutu
Happy Friday!!! It’s almost the weekend and I’m so excited to cuddle my princess 👸🏼 Spend time with people that make you happy and enjoy the simple things ♥️ #melbournemums #life #happyfriday #postpartumbody
Great reminder today as we scroll through social media. ❤️ From. @100daysofpressingpause #pressingpausedevotional
I am partnering with @BabyDoveCare to share how I bond with my baby over bath time. My baby's first bath was not a memorable moment. He was not a fan. However, I didn’t give up and made sure bath time became the perfect opportunity to connect with my little guy. #DovePartner #BabyDoveLove . Learn more about our experience on the blog! {link in profile}
when sunny & 70° looks like fall but feels like summer!! 🌴🌾 it seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Yates’ birthday in Charleston but Fargo has other ideas. life up here sure is different than how I grew up...we’ve already had our first snow & a few subfreezing days & wind chills below 20°. to say I’m extra grateful for this weather is an understatement! oh, & the oils in my diffuser that have our house smelling like a summer vacation? they’re worth their weight in gold for the heavenly smell alone 🌿 if you can’t tell, sunshine fills my soul, y’all. what fills yours?
You are my PRIDE & JOY, I just love being your mommy 💕✨ #ArisDaniel #mybabyboy #mommasboy
Look at this beautiful & happy mom perfectly organized in style with our diaper caddy 👜👜👜 👍👍👍 Pandiee diaper caddy can easily fit diapers, creams, toys, blankets, pacifier, hair clips and much more! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Very lightweight and versatile can be used as a portable caddy, car caddy, toy storage, breast pump storage, kids craft organizer and much more! 🤗🤗🤗 👇👇👇 Hurry and buy yours TODAY on Amazon! Free shipping for Prime! No Prime? No Problem! Buy two of any Pandiee products and get a free shipping too! 👌👍👌 Thank you @kerricolfer for your amazing picture! 💗💕💗 . . . . . . . . . . . . #ohheymama #motherhoodinspired #teammotherly #babyessentials #babyproducts #babyshowergifts #newbabygift #babygift #newborngift #babystore #igmums #smallshops #pandiee #pandieeeco #imomsohard #magicofchildhood #watchthemgrow #bestofmom #mothergoodsimplified #thisjoyfulmoment #therealparenthood #momtobe #igmotherhood #kidsofig #honestmotherood #mumsofig #familyoriented #shopsmallbusinesses #momessentials #diaperbag
E I G H T months 💜 10.18.18 you love: clapping when you wake up, playing with blocks, watching everything your sister does, touching your two bottom teeth with your tongue (as evident above), smacking the table or your drum or mama’s chest/glasses, pulling off your socks, chewing a plastic lion, and the yellow instruction booklet for the @veergear wagon. you loathe: sleeping soundly through the night (ugh), getting buckled in your car seat, being on your tummy because all you do is go backwards, growing teeth, getting your nose wiped, and the terrible horrible no good very bad nose frida.
#throwbackthursday to this sweet little baby. . Too bad he has turned into the most opinionated child I've ever met! 🤣 He is currently sleeping, butt naked, in his bed... because he refuses to wear any of the fall clothing that I have pulled out for him. What do you do with a child who is SO stubborn?! I give him choices - he tells me they're bad choices (to outfits, good and bad choices - you put it on and take brother to school, or you don't and you have to take a nap, etc.) and refuses to pick one. He also went to bed naked last night, hasn't eaten many meals the past few days, and... is just being the most stubborn. child. ever. Is it a phase?! My oldest... I could put a paper bag on him and he'd wear it! This one... he's 3.5 going on 13. . . . . . #secondchildsyndrome #3yearolds #terribletwostheysay #kidsaretheworst #fallislife #ilovefall #leafpile #8monthold #3goingon13 #mommyandlittles #rawandreal #momminainteasy #cantmomtoday #therealparenthood #motherhoodunfiltered #realandhonestmamas #mamamoments #mynameismama #motherlove #momproblems #thisislife #motherhoodintheraw #theeverymom #strongasamother #lifeasmama #lifewithkids #motherhoodisdarling #justmomlife #boymomlife
I am funny. I promise. I have so many funny stories to tell. I just don't remember anything. #mombrain 🤷‍♀️
Hipster vibes.
Babies' feet are soooo sweet. Grown-ups' feet...not so much!😂
Those big blue eyes get me every time 💙 Before Violet was born, Cameron and I would have those “baby talks” and would say how cool it would be if our baby has blue eyes. My father-in-law has blue eyes and so did my Papa but that’s it. Eight months old and they haven’t changed. Do you think her eye color will stay? . . . Pc: @teelee_11 😘
This is my facial progression when I eat a doughnut too🍩
Abbott Street showing off, as always. 🍁 I’ll never grow tired of these crisp morning walks with my littles.
‘autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful’ 🌾 . - - here’s me finally posting a picture of the girls with pumpkins...can i pretend we’re at the pumping patch too? we have been too busy lately and knowing that we’re not slowing down any time soon is kinda crazy! hoping we can enjoy these last october days before the next holiday🎃 • • • • • • #motherhoodunhinged #lifegivingsquares #motherhoodslens #littlestoriesofmylife #momslivinghappy #girlmama #rawmotherhood #dailymotherhood #momsofinsta #therealparenthood #justmomlife #mytinytribe #motherhoodisdarling #beunraveled #boldemotionalcolorful #popsugarmoms #siblinghoodlove #sisters
Vacation Benjamin- Living his best life. #whatsforlunch 😎🏝
missing those morning cuddles this am; instead I woke up to, “Mommy I burped.” “Excuse me.” & “Wow look at that big one.” Boys😍
I’ve been scrolling through my old photos and found this 😭❤️. ⠀ ⠀ I can’t believe how big these two are now?⠀ ⠀ Who else loves taking trips down memory lane 🙋‍♀️?⠀ ⠀ XO Jenny⠀ ⠀ #throwbackthursday
Gah!! Look at this sweet little unicorn!!!!! This was Annabelle’s first Halloween 😭. How was she ever so small?! ⠀ ⠀ Funny thing is, she picked the SAME costume this year! I’ll see if Dave can lift her up and do a recreation 🤣⠀ ⠀ #throwbackthursday #alwaysaunicorn
A little humor on this day before Friday! I literally live for the weekends, this weekend will consist of ALOT of making stuff. I cannot wait, I’ve had creative juices flowing all week.
One of my mottos in life is “if it looks clean, feels clean, and smells clean, it’s CLEAN.” 🙌🏻 That’s why I have decorative containers aka toy boxes to hide and put away toys when not in use, candles in just about every room, a really useful and efficient vacuum cleaner and my @swiffercontinuousclean to keep the unwanted allergens and dust out of the air and off our furniture. What are some of your easy “cleaning” hacks? #thebalancedmama #swiffer #continuousclean
I have a serious crush on @anthropologie and its been that way for quite sometime. In fact, I actually had to change my email settings to receive less notifications so that I wouldn’t go bouncing down the rabbit hole of online window shopping. Now with that being said there has been something gnawing away at me that I can’t seem to shake. On my last visit into the store I had a bit of an incident with one of the sales associates. . Being on maternity leave, lets just say my budget is limited (can u feel me mamas 🙌), but I love to shop the discount section normally so its really here nor there. Now this particular store has a pretty small discount room which was NOT nearly big enough for a stroller plus other shoppers. . You know when you can just feel tension. I knew that the people shopping were annoyed with me trying to maneuver around and I totally understand there frustration, but when the sales associate showed obvious signs of the same annoyance - I got upset. She was impatiently sighing behind me & even made a remark under breath “unbelievable”. I was so thrown off. When I went into the change room I actually asked her if I should leave and told her why. She half heartedly apologized telling me that the discount room is frustrating always. I awkwardly and quickly tried on my items because after all that exertion to get through the damn discount room I definitely wasn’t going to leave empty handed 🤷‍♀️ . Even though I did end up buying a cute sweater that day regular $80 on sale for $30, I left feeling with a general unease and disappointment. Have any of you other mamas out there had a similar experience while shopping with a newborn or kids in general?
#sponsored {s w i p e} You know we love anything with a good holiday theme around this house! These 8 oz @nestlepurelifeusa Halloween themed waters are no exception! 🕸 The perfect size for your little ones and they make drinking water even more fun. Just ask Graham! Head to your local #walmart to purchase your own #NestlePureLifeHalloween bottles.
Make the family unit a collaborative environment – a place where individual and family needs are not only respected but celebrated. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Where children are free to be themselves, where opportunities are created and encouraged for kids to use their voice. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Kids don’t need to find their voice – they already have a voice. They need to feel empowered to use it and people/adults/parents need to be encouraged to listen. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Kids need to be safe, to be nurtured and to be heard, as well as encouraged to speak up.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo credit: @pranevich_ksenia
What I've learned after almost 2 weeks of doing this newborn thing all over again (with a less uncomfortable baby and less baby blues): 1. The toddler needs a lot of enthusiasm, validation, patience, and grace from both parents. He loves his new sis, giving hugs galore all day long, but he also needs lots of attention, kisses for boo-boos- that happened 12 hours before, and more suggestions for the right behavior instead of lots of no's and highlighting what he's doing wrong. In short, he needs lots of compassion and grace. 2. I can't take tantrums personally. I was challenged yesterday while reading/meditating/praying to turn my worries about my kids into worship for all God plans to do for their good. God isn't freaking out about my toddler's development. My toddler is a sweetheart...who happens to be two, and my husband and I take our parenting approaches very seriously. So... I can "clothe myself with strength and dignity and laugh at the days to come." 3. "We love because he first loved us." My children will come to love Christ because they are wooed by his love. I am not responsible for doing God's job in doing the wooing or imputing a relationship with God on my children that isn't from their own hearts, but oh my, if I love and guide and forgive and teach in a way that models Gospel love, I can ripen their hearts for God's grace, and His love may not be so questionable or feel so unobtainable if their hearts recognize flavors of his love in my love for them. Read more in the comments. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
I am not all about changing anyone's opinion about anything. I am Not about that life. I am all about sharing our perspectives with one another so we can better understand each other. So this episode was a hard one to make. ⠀ 1. Because I was very against and I'll be honest...judgmental towards others who watched 13 Reasons Why. ⠀ 2. I wasn't personally open or ready to see the sides any differently than what I had in my mind already.⠀ .⠀ Here is what this episode is NOT:⠀ -It is not an episode created to make you feel like you need to see reason with me.⠀ -It is not for those who are mentally or emotionally available to be open to another's perspective and agree to disagree ⠀ .⠀ Here is what this episode IS:⠀ - It's my thought process and the why on how WE decided to watch 13 Reasons Why.⠀ - It's the sharing of my experience in watching and what I feel I have gained from that. ⠀ .⠀ Mom to mom. We can feel guilty for doing the minority thing, from doing the popular thing, the abnormal thing...but this episode isn't about letting your kids watch it. It's about doing what you feel gives you insight on being a better parent, person, wife, etc. ⠀ So if you're ready to hear my perspective...Let's get to it. ⠀ https://apple.co/2yr5ZWFEpisode link is in the BIO!.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #motherhoodthroughig #mommemes #mommingainteasy #stopdropandmom #dfwmom #momlifebelike #momlifeyo #momcommunity #momtribe #ohheymama #motherhoodinspired #lifewithkids #parentinggoals #therealparenthood #mynameismama #momitforward #acupofmotherhood #lifeasamama #myhonestmotherhood #momentsinmotherhood #simplymamahood #honestlymothering #motherhoodintheraw #13reasonswhy #mommydiaries #beingamom #motherhoodintheraw #dfwmom #ittakesavillagepodcast #mansfieldtxmomma
Jax has been getting angry when I’m eating and don’t share a bite... It’s been a rude awakening into what I’m like as a wife. Sorry Mike! 🙂 #foodislife
On my to do list this week - pack my hospital bag. 😬 Baby has dropped and is running out of room.
“Holy crap.... you look preggo again!” That’s what I said when I just noticed my stomach in the mirror. I knew my #tummytuck journey would be longer than six weeks, but I had no idea how SLOW and up and down it really was. Almost 11 weeks post op and I took my binder off for just 4 hours! It was itchy and annoying and I wanted to take the kids to the park without it. It didn’t feel much different to have it off, so I thought I was fine, till I looked in the mirror. 😱😱 Now before for you tell me how small I am, I want you to understand my stomach was FLAT just four hours ago.... and every night at bed. This is not a body image complex, this is about how fast I BLOATED even 3 months post op. It’s hard to see from the picture, but when I first looked in the mirror the top part was actually more swollen than the bottom which was REALLY weird. My surgery buddy and tons of other DR surgery moms has been going through the same thing or even worse, so I know it’s normal, but DANG is it weird. I don’t post this for sympathy, or even to convince my fellow DR ladies away from surgery, but I wanted to make it clear this isn’t an easy way out either. I am still limited just like in pre-surgery days, just in a different way. Only difference is my back doesn’t hurt, I have more control of my core and workouts, I’m flat when I wear my binder and there’s an END ...but I don’t expect to be fully healed for a full year. Just keeping it real over here... and secretly wishing major surgery’s were so major 🤣🤣
"Not too often do you get all this neatness in one location" If you can name that video we'd probs be great friends. #thatsprettyneat
you + me, babe .... my first born. my #motherhood paver. i had no clue what was to come after you were born...how hard it would be to adjust to life as your mama. i was anxious, i was nervous, everything was new to me (and still continues to be) & i wanted everything to be perfect for you. as year 3 comes to a close, you still make me nervous at times but i’ve learned (& am still learning) to be okay with a piece of my heart beating outside my body. the concept of time still baffles me by how it seems to always go by way too quickly. you’ll always be my baby even though you’re turning into this handsome, independent, smart, sweet young little man 😭 #itsokay #hesonlyalmost4 #nopestillcrying remember that i will hold you like in the 2nd picture until you’re bigger than me & i no longer can. i love you unconditionally. always know that i’m trying my best to be a good mama even on the hard days—and boy this year has seen those hard days bc mama won’t lie or sugar coat it— you were a #threenager with a lot of #tantrums but, nonetheless, i {obviously} won’t stop crying at the thought of you growing up. #4onfriday
Motherhood memoir by @dearcaitt • Chosen by mod @danieale__ • tag #memoirsofmotherhood to be featured
his smile is equally as cute as it is creepy 😂 this ivy wall has been a landmark for photos for us, and now baby boy # 2 is joining in the club 🍂 see my stories for the years past!
that natural lighting tho ☄ baby V has the best room in the house. these past few days have been absolutely exhausting. Vi is teething and her sleeping patterns are all off. but my plants are all doing well !!! 🌿🌱🌼
Fun Fact: Jazii looooves to watch Moana 📺
My sweet baby angels are 1 month old today! Our journey through the NICU has been a roller coaster of emotions, full of highs and lows, laughter and tears. We were tested to challenge our own strength, and our sweet babes show us their fighting spirit every single day. With each passing moment, we are that much closer to bringing you home. I am so proud of you and am forever grateful that you chose me to be your Mommy. Happy One Month, my darlings. #36weeks (big thank you to @_calexia_ and Poppy girl for the adorable outfits! We love you!) #twiniversitytwinnies . . #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #mytinymoments #ourtreasuredmoments #thebump #momsofinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #ig_motherhood #livebeautifully #momcommunity #watchthemgrow #loveauthentic #childhoodunplugged #therealparenthood #NICUwarriors #identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #1month #thisjoyfulmoment #mynameismama
20 little fingers & 20 little toes 🖤 Otis and Miles 🖤 you were our missing pieces. Born on July 26 at 32 weeks exactly, weighing 1.6kg and 1.5kg, these little miracles came into the world and completely stole our hearts. They are small, but they sure are mighty 💪🏻 My babies, you are perfect. We can’t wait to bring you home. . #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #mytinymoments #ourtreasuredmoments #thebump #momsofinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #ig_motherhood #livebeautifully #momcommunity #watchthemgrow #loveauthentic #childhoodunplugged #therealparenthood #NICUwarriors #identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #1month #thisjoyfulmoment #mynameismama
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