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“It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you.” No matter what; hard times or good times, triumphs or defeats, sorrow or joy...I will never give up on you, I will never quit, and I will never let you go. You are such a special and incredible little filly, and I am so lucky that we found each other! Even on the bad days, I love you more than life itself and I won’t ever stop, come hell or high water ❤️ Custom Neck Rope from @reins_for_rescues , head over to their website and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount on your order! 📸: @austinwarren96 #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #reinsforrescues #libertyhorse
// Khali, my arab, against the late spring dusk sky. One year ago Khali was nervous to even leave our barn's driveway. Today we did an 7.8 mile trail ride at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter RI...an hour and a half away from home. Some days I get so focused on the present and progressing, that I forget how far we have come. From a scared, emaciated rescue to my trusting, loving parter in crime in under 3 years. This girl is my everything...I would not be who I am without her. In three years I have gone from someone who hadn't ridden a horse in 15 years, to a passionate horsewoman, an equine photographer, and helped to give my best friend. Khali, another shot at life. Sometimes you have to look back and be proud of who you are, unashamedly. Goodnight friends, hope you all had a wonderful day. It was gorgeous in Massachusetts. 📸 taken at Bearfoot Farm with @nikonusa #nikond750 #newengland #sunset #hearthorse @smartpak //
Joe’s new Custom Bridle and Split Reins from @reins_for_rescues look sooooo amazing on him 😍😍😍 Get your own set on their website and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount! #therighthorse #righthorse #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #reinsforrescues #quarterhorse 📸: @austinwarren96
So I have made the decision to go back to Natural Horsemanship training methods with Remi, which is how I trained Joe when I got him. Unfortunately, once I saw and heard from the owners of the barn the extent of her aggressive behavior towards people I decided that for everyone’s safety (hers included) to go back to training her with Natural Horsemanship. Our first day in the round pen (Wednesday) she ran over me and through me multiple times throwing her shoulder into me, the first tell tale sign of aggression in horses. Not to mention the kicking, biting, lunging at that she has done to the owners when they bring them into the paddock for the night. After our first session in the round pen she dragged me out when I opened the gate and continued to drag me across the gravel towards the paddock until she managed to rip the lead rope out of my hands. We are now on day 3 of working in the round pen, and she is improving drastically. She understands the boundaries I have set for personal space, and no longer takes off with me when I open the gate to take her back to the paddock, but did rear up at me...twice. You can’t see me in the photo but I’m just barely out of the frame on the right side. Not safe for her to be doing that to anyone, and she could also injure herself as well. I am returning to Natural Horsemanship methods for all of our safety, but will continue to incorporate R+ when it’s appropriate. 📸: @austinwarren96 #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #naturalhorsemanshiptraining
Remi did so much better today! We worked in the round pen again, and after we had finished I worked with her on staying out of my space next to the gate, and she walked through the gate perfectly behaved! Like I said, training her is a roller coaster 😅 But I’m glad after a day like yesterday we were able to come back and make today a good one. 📸: @austinwarren96 #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #naturalhorsemanship
Say hi to GiGi (short for Good Girl), our newest save. She's a sweet blind mare. Just arrived Friday late afternoon... she is settling in and is so tolerant! She has been quidding her hay and some of her grain too. Dentist says her teeth hadn’t been done in years. She had loads of sharp points sticking into her cheeks when she chewed. We are hoping to turn her around and put some weight on her soon. She has the potential to make a great therapy horse because she loves being hugged and she snuggles you! Could never be ridden but can definitely heal your soul!!! She’s a good girl, hence, Gigi will likely be her permanent name #welcomehome #rescuehorse #horserescue #all4horses #nevergiveup
Scroll through to see my #failfriday 😂😂 Had to duck mid canter because Joe decided he wanted to run under the roof of the shelter and I wasn’t feeling like getting clotheslined by it 😅 He was definitely rocking out his custom Neck Rope from @reins_for_rescues though! Check out all the amazing products she sells and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount on your order ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #tacklessriding #reinsforrescues 📸: @austinwarren96
Find Me a Home Friday: Beverly is a stunning 17 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. She is strawberry roan in color and has a kind, gentle heart. In her past life she was a broodmare so she is great at being a babysitter for any herd. She does have an old shoulder injury that prevents her from being ridden, but does not have any impact on her day-to-day life! She is easy to catch, loves attention, and loves water. She's great with children and would make a great addition to any herd. #TheRightHorse #GentleMare #ShesALooker For more information contact: adoption@horsehaventn.org https://www.myrighthorse.org/available-horses/mare-tennessee-walking-horse-from-lenoir-city-beverly
It was a bad day for Remi and we took a step backwards tonight in her training unfortunately. For starters, she has apparently been giving the owners of the boarding facility a lot of trouble, she has kicked out at, pushed through, bit, lunged at, and reared on them, and has also literally busted open the gate out into the pasture, which I witnessed all of for myself tonight. Then, after working with her in the round pen, as I was opening the gate she bolted out pushed through me and dragged me across the property 😔 To say training this little one is a roller coaster is an understatement, not to mention incredibly challenging. I know we all have bad days but it’s never easy when we do. All I can do it keep trying to make progress with her. #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse 📸: @austinwarren96
Have you been thinking about bringing home a retired racehorse? Today in Horse Illustrated's Adoption Drive, we're featuring several #OTTBs from @newvocationsracehorseadoption , where adoption fees are half off through June 30! Find out more at horseillustrated.com/adoption #OTTB #thoroughbred #Horses #AdoptAHorse #TheRightHorse #HorseAdoption #ExRacehorse @therighthorse
Rest in Paradise Nelson, you earned your wings 🌈. Thank you for adopting him from Horses Healing Hearts, Inc. Lisa Dodson Northam you gave him the best year. 🙏❤️🐴 “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Winnie the Pooh #horseshealinghearts #morethanrescue #trackedforlife #therighthorse #rescuerehabeducation
Vegas checking in from his adoptive home where he is reportedly settling in well and making lots of new friends. Much like he was during his time in the rescue...he is the official greeter at the facility and is winning the heart of everyone he meets. ❤️
Adoptable horses like America received life changing care and rehabilitation at our Harmony Equine Center in Franktown. Learn how you can #HelpaHorse at harmonyequinecenter.org! #therighthorse #saveahorse #horse #equine #horseadoption #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #harmonyequinecenter #hec #ddfl #dfl #dumbfriendsleague
Felt it was necessary to post a sunny photo to help cope with the gloomy day ☀️ It has been non stop raining since last night, but it’s looking like the weather will *hopefully* be nice again tomorrow! Handsome man Joe is wearing his custom Neck Rope from @reins_for_rescues ❤️ Get your very own custom neck rope and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount! #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #reinsforrescues #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #tacklessriding 📸: @austinwarren96
I think Remi is very well set up for success for her farrier appointment on Sunday! The power of Positive Reinforcement (R+) is incredible! At the beginning of our session working on Farrier Manners yesterday she continually ripped her front legs away from me when I tried to put them between my knee. By the end of our session I was able to hold her hoof between my knee for about a minute! ❤️ And yes she is ground tying as well! So incredibly proud of my little girl! #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #positivereinforcement 📸: @austinwarren96
#Repost @laurenshorses with @get_repost 🥰🥰🥰 ・・・ Getting rid of all those pesky bugs (and looking gorgeous in the process 😍) with Total Horse Protection by @greenhorseorganics ! Absolutely love this product from her and so does my sensitive skinned little Remi ❤️ Go check out some of the amazing all natural and organic products she sells! #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #greenhorseorganics 📸: @austinwarren96
Reason #273 why I love old horses and why you consider them for adoption; Amir knows how to unlock her stall but also knows that she isn’t supposed to let herself out! This old lady grew impatient and didn’t want to wait her turn during turn out....so she unlocked the door but didn’t let herself out ❤️🐴 #smarthorse #arabianhorse #greyhorsesofinstagram #therighthorse #nonprofitanimalrescue
Bonita is a large mini or very small pony. She is the perfect pasture pal for you and/or your horse. She gets along with everyone and is easy to handle. She has ‘Medicine Hat ‘like’ markings and is very pretty. Can you provide her new beginning? @13handsrescue #13handsequinerescue #13handsequine #helpahorse #helpahorseday #aspcapro #equusfoundation #equinerescue #righthorse #barnlife #iloveminis #iloveponies #therighthorse #animalfollowforfollow
I've been working double shifts at work for 5 days, and then the very first day I have time to play with the ponies . . . It rains!! 😭😭 I'm not going to lie - this weather has been really discouraging, because here it is June, and I've barely done anything with my horses this year. 💔😫 . . Anyways . . . Here's a look at some of Phoenix's progress. He adores playing chase, and it makes me so happy!! 😍😍 . . How has the weather been where you live? Have you guys had problems getting out to train/ride, or is it just me?! 😂😂 . . . . #horsesplanet #horseworld #equine #equestrianlife #horsesaremylife #horsesofinstagram #horselover #horses_in_hearts #minihorse #miniaturehorse #rescuehorse #naturalhorsemanship #libertytraining #libertyhorsetraining #horsetraining #therighthorse   #horseoftheday #libertyhorsemanship #weeklyfluff #horselife #inthecountry   #barnlife #mustlovehorses #horsenation #equinesofinsta #socialhorse
Today was another milestone with my adventures of adopting an ex-racehorse. Today was Rogue and I’s first ride together. I’ve spent the past few weeks working on the ground and in hand, trying to set up a good foundation between us. He was a perfect gentleman for me this evening and it felt so amazing to finally have the privilege to sit on this magnificent animals back. This is the first ride of many! • • • #equestrianlife #horsemom #horsesofinsta #therighthorse #horsesofinstagram #newvocations #roguenation #firstride #exracehorse #OTTB #equestrianlife #offthetrackthoroughbred #thoroughbred
Getting rid of all those pesky bugs (and looking gorgeous in the process 😍) with Total Horse Protection by @greenhorseorganics ! Absolutely love this product from her and so does my sensitive skinned little Remi ❤️ Go check out some of the amazing all natural and organic products she sells! #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #greenhorseorganics 📸: @austinwarren96
Now that is a fact! Look to adoption if you're looking for a horse! #adoptahorse #hahd #helpahorse #therighthorse
Georgie checking in from his adoptive home! He's wearing a grazing muzzle for a bit so that he doesn't over indulge. His adopter says he is settling in well ❤️ We are so happy for all involved!
Looks like the rain is going to hold off until late tonight, so that means one more day I get to take advantage of this perfect weather! Definitely going to try and get some riding in with Joe after I work with Remi on her farrier manners, it’s the perfect day for it ☀️ Joe wearing his custom neck rope from @reins_for_rescues ! Check out all of the amazing tack they sell and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #quarterhorse #adoptdontshop #tacklessriding #reinsforrescues 📸: @austinwarren96
Alfie Five years after rescue. This is why all we go through all we do and still get up and do it all again. One of our best saves, if I had to pick. Thank you to Jenny and family for giving him a home to soar #savehorses #charity #foundation #volunteer #causes #donate #change #activism #nonprofit #DoGood #charity #fundraising #philanthropy #SocialGood #therighthorse
Wowza! She has grown into quite the stunning little girl 😍 I can’t believe how blessed I am to have the privilege to have two absolutely amazing horses! ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #rescue #rescuehorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse
It’s official Joey is spending some time with Denise Nelson! Pictures and progress will be posted I promise! #righthorse #therighthorse #therighthorseinitiative #arabian #arabianhorse #hessohandsome 😍 #horsesofinsta #horsesofinstagramdaily
You touched many souls dear Nelson & you are so incredibly loved. I couldn’t be more grateful to your family for the care they gave and are giving you. It won’t be long before you cross the rainbow bridge 🍃. Please send prayers to him and his family. 🍃🙏💜 More to come. #horseshealinghearts #morethanrescue #horseshealingheartsinc #nelsonthedonkey #trackedforlife #therighthorse #adoptdontshop
Feeling like a Monday...⁣ ⁣ #cavvysavvy #ranchhorse #workinghorses
Horses on parade! We were blessed with a stunning, blue sky day for our inaugural After the Roses event at the rescue, and trotted out some of our finest riders to exhibit a few of our horses. Thank you to all our sponsors, and for those who attended in support of our efforts to find forever homes for our horses. It was a wonderful opportunity to educate guests on how we must continue the fight against the inhumane treatment of horses in America. For more information about how to join us in those efforts, we have established a national coalition, and we need your help. Link in bio #all4horses #horserescue #rescuehorse
Apache checking in from his adoptive home in Michigan. ❤️ We love getting these beautiful updates from our adopters <3
It’s going to be another really beautiful day! I’m definitely taking full advantage of it to work with Joe and Remi before we start getting rain every day for the next week again 🙄 #therighthorse #righthorse #rescue #rescuehorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #adoptdontshop #positivereinforcement #quarterhorse
What a story Beau has!! Former feral stallion shot in the neck and left to die. . . Rescued, rehabbed, adopted and retrained!!! Thank you to Shannon for being a dedicated adopter and showing what Adoption is about with Beau! #therighthorse #hahd #helpahorseday #adoptahorse
So I got to work them both tonight and it was great! Remi’s current issue with farrier manners is that she tries to pull her front legs away when my farrier puts them between her legs, so with R+ (Using a treat as a reward for the desired behavior) by the end of the session today I was able to hold both of her front legs between my legs without her pulling them away! She’s really a smart little girl and treats are a huge motivator for her so R+ works really well with her! I rode Joe in the paddock today since the grass in our outdoor was a little too damp and slippery from the rain, but he was so good and it was a lot of fun! He really is working so well in his custom Neck Rope from @reins_for_rescues and I absolutely love it! Check out the products they have available and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount on your order! #righthorse #therighthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #reinsforrescues #positivereinforcement #tacklessriding 📸: @austinwarren96
My sweet girl ❤️ It’s raining again, but it has made things cool down a little bit and the ground isn’t too wet so hopefully going to get to work with her a little bit with standing well for the farrier (and not trying to take her legs away while she’s getting trimmed 😂) #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #adoptdontshop #rescue #rescuehorse #quarterhorse #positivereinforcement 📸: @austinwarren96
Mama’s Funky Baby and Aliraven, both new to our program, making friends. We have seven new horses and we have reduced our adoption fee for new horses to $800 and $500 for everyone else through the month of June! Don’t miss this opportunity to find your perfect match! #helpahorse #helpahorsehomechallenge #therighthorse #adoptahorse #adoptdontshop #OTTB #secondcareer
New to our program. Lane Allen is 8 years old, 16 hands, and can go in any direction. He is steady under saddle and easy to handle on the ground. He has clean legs and is ready for his next career. We are running a sale through June 30th. He could be yours for only $800. #helpahorse #adoptahorse #therighthorse #adoptdontshop #OTTB #retiredracehorse #available
These two girls and miss Dixie had an easy day of groundwork refresher! All three have had a long week with lots of work being put in, hauling out and having their teeth done. Since everyone did so well I figured they’d want to enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday outside. Not everyday needs monumental progress, somedays it’s good to take a relaxed, confidence building approach and let your horses be horses. #paintedladyranch #ohio #painthorse #quarterhorse #therighthorse #appalachiantrainerfaceoff #heartofphoneixhequineresue #horsetraining #horsewoman
I’ve recently gained a lot of new followers, so I figured I would introduce myself, and share my story with those who don’t know me (The pictures I’ve posted will go along with what you are reading in the caption! Start from the last slide and swipe right the more you read!)! 😊 My name is Megan, and I’ve always had a love for all animals, especially horses! From the time I knew what a horse was, I was obsessed! I remember being a little girl, looking through books and searching on the internet for anything I could find to learn about horses, and I would beg and beg my parents to let me take lessons, and buy me a pony. When I was five, I started tumbling classes. Not long after, I was hand picked to be on the gyms competitive team (I was too young to be on the competition team at the time, so I was on pre-team 🙈). I loved it so much that my gymnastics journey lasted eight years; however, in August 2017, I decided to end my gymnastics career. A few months before, in May 2017, I had become a volunteer at West Virginia Horse Network (@wvhorsenetwork ). This was the first time I had truly been able to work with horses, and I was thrilled! I finally had the chance to do the thing I had dreamed of for years! I loved every second of it, and I had hoped to adopt my own horse eventually! After I quit gymnastics, it gave me so much more time to focus on the rescue and the horses. I got really serious with it, and I started to learn so much! I was at the barn late almost every night, sometimes until midnight, working the horses and bettering myself. In March 2018, my biggest dream came true. I adopted my best friend and soulmate, Major, who had been rescued in June 2017 from a seizure case (you can find the adoption post if you scroll to the bottom of my feed 🙂). It was the best day of my life!! On July 11th, 2018, Major started to colic (you can read the whole story in detail if you scroll down on my feed). I stayed at the barn for three days and four nights keeping him from rolling, and keeping him hooked to his IVs. Very, very early the morning of the 15th, we made it to Park Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY. Keep reading in the comments!! ⬇️⬇️
Found a new friend! Attended a gorgeous event in support of @ushorsewelfareandrescue last night. This dedicated org rescues horses in need of homes, while educating the public on proper horse care and options for rehoming. Stunning venue, great food and drinks, and beautiful horses. Impactful combo! 💗🐎 #horserescue #rescuehorse #all4horses
Catherine’s Butterfly Party celebrates all of her favorite animals. She lost her life way too early. This was her 5th annual party. For more info on this organization see @cvhfoundation. We were honored to participate. We save slaughter-bound and at-risk equines and heal the humans we connect with them. #13handsequinerescue #cvhfoundation #sandyhook #newtownct #equusfoundation #equinerescue #iloveminis #helpahorse #followme #bedfordny #therighthorse #helpahorsehome #sandyhook
By far one of my absolute favorite photos of us ❤️ Finally got to really ride Joe around in his @reins_for_rescues Custom Neck Rope today and he did so well! This is by far my favorite product of theirs I have purchased! Not to mention that all of the profits made go to the rescues at @_tripledreamfarm_ ❤️ Rescuing animals is something that I am very passionate about, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be an Ambassador for this amazing company, and now she has two openings for sponsored riders!! It would mean so much to me if I was selected to be one of her sponsored riders! ❤️ I love to be able to open the conversation to advocate for rescues, and I couldn’t think of a better company to stand with and represent rescues! #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #reinsforrescues #quarterhorse 📸: @austinwarren96
There is nowhere I’d rather be, and no one I’d rather be with. These two are my whole world ❤️ Peep Joe’s Custom Neck Rope from @reins_for_rescues ! Get your very own custom Neck Rope and use my code ‘Lauren’ for a 10% discount on your order ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse #reinsforrescues 📸: @austinwarren96
Congratulations to Georgie ❤️❤️❤️ He was adopted today by a family that we believe is perfect for him! Thanks to his foster family for their commitment to training this previously unhandled pony and helping him to be his very best self.
Stonebridge Lyric is ready for his new career!He is 17 hands of total class and handsomeness!!😍😍 Learn more about him @newvocationsracehorseadoption ! 💛💚 #Standardbreds #HarnessRacing #Pacer #beyondthetrack #aftercare #allclass #therighthorse
Stop, drop and roll. 😂 Which is literally what happened. I was photographing Remi when all off a sudden I heard a big thud next to me and there Joe was rolling around in the grass like a goof ball. #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse
New Vocations newest arrival Shaq on the Rack stepped up to the plate and went on his first off property trail ride today. He loved every second of it and took in the sights. Shaq will be available on our website soon! Keep your 👀 peeled for this handsome fellow! @newvocationsracehorseadoption #horseofinstagram #horseadventure #mendonpondspark #trailriding #horsebackriding #equestrian #horseadoption #otstb #adoptdontshop #therighthorse
It saddens me to imagine what her beautiful eyes have seen. It brings comfort to know she will never experience suffering again. She now understands love, kindness & compassion. She’s one of the lucky ones. #RescuePonyCharlie #PoloPonyCharlie . #TheRightHorse #PoloHorse #PoloPony #ThisIsPolo #HorseTransformation #RescueHorse #RescuePony #RuleOfThirds #HorsePhotography #PoloPhotography #HorseEye #HorsesEye
YOU GUYS! #HOPTeamCherry did soooooooo amazing last night! We hauled out for the first time since she came to #paintedladyranch and headed to a friend’s place to get some real life exposure. Not only did Cherry Pie load like a dream, was totally cool when I closed the slant, hauled amazing but she unloaded and stood tied to the trailer like she’d done it a million times. I ponied her for a bit once we got there to ensure she was going to feel comfortable, which apparently she’s a woman of confidence because she had no qualms about being in a new place or meeting new horses. After a few rounds of being ponied I hopped on her and we messed around the obstacle challenges in the arena. This mare absolutely has no fear! She went over tarps, through a water box, through pool noodles, over ground poles, weaved some poles and walked out around the arena with no help from her buddy. I honestly could not have been more satisfied and impressed with her! Y’all she is going to be KILLER! Someone is going to take home one hell of a horse! *more pics to come! #appalachiantrainerfaceoff #heartofphoneixhequineresue #therighthorse @heart_of_phoenix_equine_rescue @appalachiantrainerface
The BIG EVENT is TOMORROW! Romeo is excited to attend After the Roses, USHWR big event at the farm. Are you attending? Come mingle with fellow horse lovers and rescuers, enjoying catered food, live music, and an open bar. Lots of amazing prizes, and the chance to name our newest horse, a blind mare that last week was rescued and found her home with us here at Nod Hill. Hope to see you! Ticket link in bio #horserescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop ❤️
When Zaynah was rescued in November, 2018 she was emaciated and her eye was severely infected. After her rescue we had a vet come to see her eye and we had to have it taken out due to infection. We got a surprise as well when the vet told us that she was pregnant and should deliver in 8 weeks! She was so skinny that most of us thought she would lose the baby. Exactly 2 weeks later, a very healthy Shiloh was born. We can’t believe how big he is already! We save slaughter-bound and at-risk equines and heal the humans we connect with them. #13handsequinerescue #nonprofit #equinerescue #helpahorse #followme #poundridgepride #poundridgepartnership #therighthorse #helpahorsehome #aspcapro
Ziggy clearing his first 90cm in the #peridingclub area. A beautiful round and a 3rd place. 🏆 our coach @snodgrassbotes cheering us on from the clubhouse in the background 😂❤️ #firstforhorses @summer_rahl @ziggy.the.showjumper @first_for_horses_sa #sponsorshipopportunity #therighthorse #sashowjumping #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove #mayshow #brandme for #sachamps #2019
She’s always so excited to go into the pasture and I absolutely love it! ❤️ She is really such a beautiful mover and I am really looking forward to riding her in a couple more years. I think she will be such a smooth horse to ride, and with her mentality I think she is going to make one amazing trail horse when the time comes! But for now I will admire her movements from the ground until she grows more ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse
Love watching them out in the pasture grazing and just being horses ❤️ Super excited to work with them both today, since the weather finally wants to cooperate again! And I’ll definitely be getting some photos today too, they’re too beautiful to pass up a perfect opportunity for some photographs ❤️ #therighthorse #righthorse #endhorseslaughter #savethehorses #rescue #rescuehorse #adoptdontshop #quarterhorse
Rescue horses have the capability to achieve so much, and to reopen their hearts when the right human comes along to give them a fighting second chance. This is Mambo, he started out as a cow horse in OK and was very skilled at his job. He eventually became a sheriff’s horse, and with a severe back injury, he became lame and found himself at a rescue in CA. Fortunately, there was something about him that caught the eye of this lovely young lady, @fourlegsonset and she miraculously nurtured him back to health. He is 17 years old and living his best life, the smartest horse she’s ever worked with in 25 years. Scroll to see the touching connection these two have. Give a horse a second chance by adopting from a rescue. The beauty and value these animals possess will astound. Thank you to @fourlegsonset for sharing Mambo’s journey with us, and for the work you do in loving and caring for your horses. You’ve clearly brought out the best in them! #nevergiveup #rescuehorse #horserescue #adoptdontshop ❤️
Well the dry ground didn’t last longer than one day, we got more rain and it’s back to a mucky mess again...😭 It was nice while it lasted though! Remi and I are currently working on her manners for the farrier again. She did so well her last trim and I definitely want to keep that going! #therighthorse #righthorse #savethehorses #endhorseslaughter #rescue #rescuehorse #quarterhorse #positivereinforcement
Caspian, an adoptable, non-rideable Arabian gelding at OHR, went to see the wonderful Emily Elias at Bar None Training for the past month thanks to #therighthorse training grant. Cas was difficult to catch and the two have been working on establishing trust— at the end of his 30 days Cas is able to be lead by the mane! #rescuehorses #arabiansofinstagram #oregonhorserescue #adoption
Meet the newest addition to the USHWR family- a sweet as honey mare that is blind. Apparently she has trouble finding her feed bucket. These are the horses we aim to help, those that don’t have a chance elsewhere.. She will be available to meet at After the Roses, our event this coming Saturday. Enter our contest for a chance to name her! We are so excited for her arrival and know she will be so loved. Link to event to buy tickets in our bio. #rescuehorse #horserescue #blindhorse
Cherokee checking in from his adoptive home. ❤️ He loves his life on the farm with his family, and we couldn’t be happier for him! <3
I'm so sorry I've been horrible at staying active on Instagram! It's been raining a ton for the past two weeks, which makes it really tricky to do much with the horses. Also, work has been crazy, and I'm working double shifts for the next 5 days. 🤦‍♀️😭 . . But here's a quick video of a session Flicka and I had yesterday when it finally dried up a bit. (Yes, I'm aware that shorts and boots looks dumb, but I was super busy, and I didn't feel like changing. 😂 😂). . . . . . . . . #horsesplanet #horseworld #equine #equestrianlife #horsesaremylife #horsesofinstagram #horselover #horses_in_hearts #minihorse #miniaturehorse #rescuehorse #naturalhorsemanship #libertytraining #libertyhorsetraining #horsetraining #therighthorse   #horseoftheday #libertyhorsemanship #weeklyfluff #horselife #inthecountry   #barnlife #mustlovehorses #horsenation #equinesofinsta #socialhorse
Taking a KCHA / HOP rescued Donkey to Petco for the @adoptcharleston grant award event! It isn't every day you can take a Mammoth Jackstock into Petco to raise awareness about equine adoption and celebrate victories in collaboration with small animal organizations to let people know how awesome #adoption is across the board. . . It isn't just cats and dogs, friends! Let folks know. . . Adoption is always an option for any animal! #therighthorse #adoptadonkey #adoptionoption #helpahorse or a donkey
Taking a KCHA / HOP rescued Donkey to Petco for the @adoptcharleston grant award event! It isn't every day you can take a Mammoth Jackstock into Petco to raise awareness about equine adoption and celebrate victories in collaboration with small animal organizations to let people know how awesome #adoption is across the board. . . It isn't just cats and dogs, friends! Let folks know. . . Adoption is always an option for any animal! #therighthorse #adoptadonkey #adoptionoption #helpahorse or a donkey
Amara (the mini) checking in from her adoptive home today <3 We are so thankful for great adopters who partner with us to help horses transition into the next chapter of their lives. ❤️
Bentley is feeling much better these days after a visit by the vet, and continued tender, loving care. Thank you to those supporters whose generosity helped cover this unexpected vet bill, and those who sent good vibes Bentley’s way 😀 #horselove #horserescue #rescuehorse #all4horses 📸@jaimie_tucker
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