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Repost because it's true! Say no to debt and yes to love 💕 Bake cookies, go hiking, exchange library books that changed your life, exchange your talents (i.e. photography, artwork..), have a movie night in, have a sleepover, call your family, send a love letter, home cooked meals, go on a walk together, offer to dog/baby sit so they can go out, bring a nature-made centerpiece as a host gift.. lots of ways to show you care! Reach out to somebody you care about this holiday season. Make somebody's day! 💕 . Original poster: @unlimitedknowledge
Made some chocolates with my mama today. We also decorated her mini tree and watched old Christmas movies 💕🎄
This year has been a tough, well more the last couple of months. And after thinking about what yould be best for me and what I need to do to get to that place of being happy I decided that I will be moving away from Orange County. Its hard to actually come to that decision but it was one that once I found the reason why it just made sense. So with that comes soooo many changes. I am sooo thankful that I am in the position of being able to transfer to another location not only with my Full time but as well with my part time job! This to me is amazing and honestly knowing this made the decision much easier. Now with this my budget will be changing. Since I will be moving back home I will actually be saving sooooo much money that I will hopefully be done with my snowball way faster. I havent done the math and I kinda dont want to just because I know myself and if I do that I will make excuses for myself to spend money that I do not need to do. But I am hoping that with this I can actually be on Baby step #3 by April 2019! Im crossing my fingers that its sooner than that!!! This is good change! I cant wait! 2019 I am hoping will be a better year for me! #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep1 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #debtfreejourney #goals #debt #financialplan #fpu #llnoe #daveramsey #budgetgoals
10 reasons why I hate this man: 1. The Total Money Makeover forced us to start paying off debt and become real adults..how boring. We also started budgeting and being smart with our money because of this book..blahh that's no fun. 2. His show and debt free screams literally make me cry all the time and inspire me to keep going on this journey...I'm not crying over a family paying off their debts you are. 3. Instead of going on a huge trip this year we're being responsible and paying off our car...we are still taking a 15 day road trip that's going to be amazing but still. 4. My family thinks we're poor because we talk about budgeting all the time and say no to things if they're not in the budget...OMG I have become the weird person Dave talks about on his show. 5. Started selling things I don't need and have been trying to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle because clutter drives me crazy...damn you Dave for stopping me from buying all the owl decor from Homesense. 6. Joined the debt free community where I've been inspired and cheered on by so many great people... ugh that's the worst part. 7. Started planning for retirement and saving for my kiddo's education (this doesn't follow his babysteps but it works for us)...SO mad I won't have to worry about money in retirement..the worst. 8. Started saying things like "better than I deserve" when people ask me how I'm doing...what kind of person have I become that realizes just how blessed we really are. 9. Started reading way more financial books and articles in order to improve myself and our finances...I still read my dirty cheesy romance novels though. 10. Started dreaming about a debt free life where we can give generously to those around us - one thing I want to do is give a big donation to my favorite charity... ummm maybe that one isn't too bad. Ok fine maybe I don't hate Dave Ramsey and justttt maybe I can't wait to do a Debt Free Scream one day. So ya thanks Dave for changing our lives...you lovable bald man you. #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #daveramsey #budget #budgeting #thetotalmoneymakeover #personalfinance #howmanydavefanswerereadyforafightatfirst #drinkthekoolaidfriends
So, our paid off 2008 Rodney (yes, we name our cars😝) the Rogue (Nissan) has been through the ringer over the past couple of weeks. The day before Thanksgiving someone rear ended my husband (not bad) so we just settled outside of insurance but today my husband was driving him again and a person didn’t yield coming off of a ramp on the interstate and they hit each other (also not my husbands fault). The damage didn’t look TOO BAD in the pictures but then my husband said after he got the police report and went back to work he thinks that the tire took a big hit too because the steering was weird now and the traction control sensor keeps coming on AND his coworker was in the car with him and when he got to work he couldn’t get the passenger door open! 😒 more body damage then it looks apparently. #Murphy can go on home now please! . . #DebtFreeCommunity #DebtFreeJourney #FPU #FinancialPeace #FinancialPeaceUniversity #BabySteps #BabyStepTwo #DebtSucks #LiveLikeNoOther #Debt #DaveRamsey #DebtSnowball #TheTotalMoneyMakeover #FinancialFreedom #Budget #ZeroBasedBudget #TheDebtFreeCommunity #PayingOffDebt #DebtIsDumbAF #DebtIsDumb #CashIsKing #BetterThanIDeserve #RachelCruze #OnABudget #NoSpend #Frugal #Planner #GazelleIntensity #GazelleIntense
Let There Be "Pizza" On Earth 😂 Ugly sweater day at work!
💰💰💰💰 Happy holidays! Fetch rewards $3 referral bonus is back until Wednesday! All you have to do to earn rewards for this app is scan receipts (no need to buy specific items like Ibotta, but some items earn you more points than others) Pass it on, if you're gonna be food shopping, then you might as well earn money on something you've already budgeted for 💰💰💰💰
Whoop whoop, already this month I’ve been able to throw $202.26 into my EF! For the girl who couldn’t even save $20 a couple months ago, I have to say I’m beyond excited to watch this number steadily go up! Adding some more income this morning month by starting to do some babysitting and extra baking for people for Christmas! Keeps me busy but I’m stoked to get this Emergency Fund up to $1,000 so we can start kissing debt GOODBYE!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #budgeting #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #gazelleintense #budgetprogress #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
This was my mindset while cleaning my kitchen table today
This is the only decoration we have up, thanks to my sweet boy. We have only finished 4 days in our Countdown to Christmas book. It's a busy season for me in my work. This year isn't going to be filled with holiday preparation and decorations. And I'm totally ok with that. We're giving thanks I'm well enough to work a lot. We're giving thanks that we spent a good chunk of last year and the beginning of this with bankruptcy always at the back of our minds and we made it through. We're listening to Christmas music and audiobooks and getting out to see lights when we can. It's a different kind of Advent for us. One without the stuff. One without the noise. One with a lot of reflection and joy. One with a of businesses so that we can slow down and enjoy a few days of rest at Christmas. . . . #workingmomslife #homeschoolwahm #workinghomeschoolmom #worklikenooneelsesoyoucanlivelikenooneelse #thetotalmoneymakeover #daveramseycommunity #workingmomstruggles #debtfreeliving #babystep2 #yourmoneyoryourlife #debtfreejourney #livelikenooneelsesoyoucanlivelikenooneelse #wahmhomeschooler #workingmomma #busyworkingmom #workinghomeschoolmoms #debtisdumb #virtualassistants #getoutofdebt #debtfreeisthenewsexy #livelikenooneelse #workingmamas #daveramseywouldbeproud #virtualassistant #workinghomeschoolmomlife #busyworkinghomeschoolingmom #busyworkingmoms #workingmamalife #workingmomlife
Crushing hard on these festive colors from @stasherbag ! Day 3 of bringing a huge 54 oz stainless steel water bottle and a home packed lunch to work 🌎 They have popcorn kernels in bulk at our @wholefoods so I can't wait to bring our jar and air pop some more for work snacks 😋
🎯 I'm on a mission. Dont ask me for Shit #YaHeard ? #DebtFreeByFebruary2019 #TheTotalMoneyMakeover
So true....………….................... sacrifice when I’m young and healthy
This year has been life altering for me. Mostly thanks to the discovery of #thetotalmoneymakeover by @daveramsey. It totally changed my paradigm on my approach to life and jump started my path to #financialfreedom . After doing my written budget for this month, realizing that I will have over $50,00 paid off since February, makes working three jobs and having no days off for most of the year totally worth it. Time for the home stretch! #babystep2 #debtfreejourney #disciplineequalsfreedom #getafterit #freedom #schlowmintensity
Tomorrow we address & send out christmas cards! We do a picture card each year and the first year we did it, we propped up my phone in a mug balancing precariously on a ledge lol whatever works! This year I used my real camera & a tripod (on chairs to get a massive angle). This card is beautiful, no? Credit to the rightful owner! Christmas cards already got me thinking of New Year's Resolutions!! I'm already thinking of new ideas for next year, it'll be here before we know it. I'm going to try to enjoy 2019 as much as possible! That's going to be my New Year's Resolution -- to be present in my mind, move my body, and really LIVE my life. Also, to never take for granted my husband and the health of my family.
Inspired by @thefiguremaker this is what we paid in interests this year, including mortgage interest. Without mortgage interest, we are talking about 3000€ aprox. This makes me sick to my stomach, but I guess that is also a result of unfortunate circumstances and of not knowing better. Our debts are 4 personal loans on: 1. Fran’s pilot studies 2. Fran’s company closing due to unpaid invoices from main client, but VAT due to the government... 3. Loan taken for my teeth implants 4. Loan to do necessary home construction If we had no debt, this money could be a nice vacation. Not enough for a trip to the US, but still a wonderful holiday in Europe. Have you calculated how much interest you paid this year?
In love with my @stasherbag sandwich and snack silicone bags and cotton, wool-insulated lunch bag from @packagefreeshop ! Slowly, but surely investing more of our money in the world we wish to see 🌎 Eventually, snacks and treats will be homemade and meals will be wholesome ingredients 🌱
Planning a lil vacation after our vacation next year at a remote (and tiny!) cabin 😍 No cell reception, small stove, fire pit, beautiful views, serenity, silence, a shower/toilet, heat & AC. Basically, we are going to glamp our hearts out with only books and each other's company! 😍 If all goes well, we'll do this kind of trip 2 times a year when we're debt free! 🤞🏻
Pretty manageable goals this month. $135 left on Afterpay, then we are done and dusted. Rego is being paid for 6 months so in June I can just pay a year. This plan will reduce stress this time next year. I'm hoping to start January on the right foot and start demolishing debt with our snowball. #daveramsey #daveramseybabystep #debtfreecommunity #thetotalmoneymakeover #debtisdumb #ozdebtfreejourney #debtfreejourney #llivellikenooneelse #aussiedaveramsey #aussiedebtfreecommunity
Murphy is always coming around. Your reaction will depend on if you have an emergency fund (EF) or if you’re debt snowball is enough to cover Murphy. 💰🏦 This past week we had our alternator give out on one of our cars and also our garage door stopped working. 🚗 $440 was the price to have the car towed and fixed. It was fixed in about 6 hours. The shop also dropped the car off at work once it was done. The car is 7 yrs old so we should expect some things needed to be fixed. 🏠 Garage door stopped going down several weeks ago. Of course, I google to see what it could possibly mean. And of course......I skip everything and go straight to see how much it’ll cost to fix. Lol. Average cost came out to $200. 🏠 Come December we budget $200 to hopefully fix the garage door. This weekend we had a local garage door company come take a look. Good news!! All we needed to do is simple maintenance. Total cost $80 🤑 Murphy sucks no matter if you have the money or not. However with an EF, Murphy would suck less. 😁
‘‘Tis the season! There is no better gift that you can give, than the gift of knowledge! This book has changed my life in so many ways and for Christmas I decided to spread the cheer and the knowledge to those that I care about the most! Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream, it can be reality! ❤️ @daveramsey thanks for sharing your knowledge! #livelikenooneelse #thetotalmoneymakeover #changeyourfamilytree #gazelleintense #thegiftthatkeepsongiving
Just don't give up. It is hard. You will more than likely feel like quitting. Things will happen that will set you back. I know all of these things personally. After going through so much one right after the other. 2 months of silence on my end trying to figure out how to get a handle again. It was hard, depressing, frustrating, tiring, sad, embarrassing, and I felt like I was failing at everything I did. The truth was, it was my own insecurities. Not living up to the #debtfreecommunity world. Who would want to follow me? Who wants to know I suck at life? I do not want people to criticize me. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have taken the break and regain my strength to conquer our #debtfreejourney I unearthed my passion for budgeting, planning and gym time. With the exception for being under the weather currently. I truly hope to inspire so many people as I go through this journey uncensored, raw, and real. Start today and don't give up! #realtalk #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #babystep2 #budgeting #budget #cash #daveramsey #thetotalmoneymakeover #goals #dontgiveup #planneraddict #fitnessgoals #inspiredbysomany #hustleandshine #theseladiesaremyfav @debtkickinmom @freedominabudget @thebudgetingwife #followthem
We are fresh out the gate and ready to attack this debt. We are still a single income family and have been managing to hold the 4 walls. But “S”👩‍🦱 just finished her Bachelors Degree program in Business Management and starts a new job on Monday Dec 17th! It’s probably going to be a bumpy start as we figure out just exactly how much money we have to be able to add to our emergency fund and then start a debt snowball. Watch us fight our way out of this financial mess from the ground up! 🥊🥊
The wifi is out, I guess I'll get back into reading🤓 . . . . #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #babysteps #ttmsuccess #thetotalmoneymakeover #debtfree
Ok a little raw honesty here! This saving for the Emergency Fund is going much slower than I would like. I know I’m kinda doing all I can (we are doing a spending freeze while I save this so how more extreme can I get?!) It’s going to be worth all the sacrifices though and it’s gunna feel so dang good to have it funded so we can start attacking that debt! 😍👏🏽 I downloaded Every Dollar budgeting and got my budget worked up there so that’s the fancy little chart you see there saying how much further I have to go! It’s made this months budget wayyyy easier to work up! Definitely recommend it to anyone interested in budgeting! What about you guys? Do you have an Emergency Fund? Is it already fully funded? Or still in progress? Let me know, I’d love to hear where you guys are at with it! Happy Sunday! #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #budgeting #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #gazelleintense #budgetprogress #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
I finished reading #thetotalmoneymakeover yesterday and I absolutely love the highlighted sentiment. It makes me feel better about where we are in the process and taking the time to be better every day. In the past few weeks, I’ve been more diligent in buying produce and meat on sale and made more vegetarian dishes to cut back our grocery budget without feeling deprived. We are saving typically $20-$30 by reducing our meat consumption and preparing a grocery list instead of winging it at the store. This weekend I also carved out some time to 1) apply for Dave Ramsey’s $5,000 Christmas Giveaway (Its open until the 15th!), 2) apply for scholarships for the rest of my graduate program, and 3) work a bit more on our Christmas Door Decorating project (We want to win the $300 gift card!). #weekendreading #buildingdiscipline #findingmoney #scholarshiphunter #creativepursuits #havefun #livelikenooneelse
As promised, I will pick a winner but I decided to give all the people who have entered to get copy of this book. Ive read all your comments and I can relate to all of you. I hope this book will change your lives. So congratulations to @gr3yzc @lemilabeauty @jayglamour @amandadelprince @jessfrancis97 @nathanielcregut you will all get a copy of #thetotalmoneymakeover and @onefrugal you will get a copy of the #retireinspired . Please DM me so we can arrange where to send these books. My ultimate wish is for your lives to change for the better. Merry Christmas! #debtfreecommunity #givingback
I actually always budgeted(used to make very little money so had to make every euro work). But if you have never done it, just start where you are with the basics: your income, basic expenses, track your spending and if you don’t know, just give it a guess. It will become easier with time, I promise!
You can change your family tree. You are not damned to live a life prisoner of debt. Maybe no one taught you. Maybe you are scared, because it takes a lot of courage to sum up your debt, see reality right in your face and act about it. But YOU CAN DO THIS. The #debtfreecommunity has your back. Be brave, take a pencil and a piece of paper. Sum up your debt, make a budget and start taking small steps. You got this. You can do it.
That time of year! #topnine2018 this is such a supportive community 😍💕
Typical night time activities 🎮📖 Jon's been having a blast with Red Dead Redemption and I've been reading The Ultimate Cheapskate again 💕 We'll mix it up sometimes with football 🏈 Most of the week I read and watch him play a video game. It's fun-- it's like watching a movie, but I get to sometimes choose what he does like one of those Choose Your Own Ending books 😂
I have 100% neglected this page... I havent 100% neglected my finances, but I could for sure do better! Over the Christmas break (for me its between Christmas and New Year) I'm going to be doing a few things; > Organise my 2019 budget & set my goals > Clean out my clutter and organise my storage > Finalise most of my wedding planning (hopefully) > As well as enjoy the short time off I have haha In the new year I will do an update to show you and myself how far I have come in 2018! 2019 is my year!
Adjusted our debt totals! $25,970 gone forever and never coming back! I'm so happy we started this journey in April. It's a huge weight off our shoulders and I can't imagine how high our debt total would be if we kept going down that road. . We have a cruise coming up end of March/early April with my brother in law and his wife. It'll be a perfect way for Jon and I to privately celebrate a year on the debt free journey 😃 2019 will hopefully be a year with big changes for us, and we're determined to tackle them financially secure! By September of 2019 we will be DEBT FREE 💋 #byedebt
So so delicious! I was watching YouTube and came across the recipe, I swiped some Turmeric from my mom and tried it and wowwwww.... 😲 I was not expecting the taste I got! Absolutely delicious! The recipe I use was.... 1 cup of milk. 🥛 (I used raw cows milk but the recipe called for almond milk) 2 teaspoons of honey 🍯 And 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Put in sauce pan and warm up... stir vigorously to mix and serve immediately (warm) 😍😍😍 The best drink I’ve ever Concocted at home for sure! #diydrinks #deliciousdrinks #yummydrinks #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
Working on achieving my goal with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover that arrived this week, while drinking some hot tea out of my new holiday mug from @karoligou 😁 #12daysofstarttoday #starttodayjournal #hopeisnotastrategy #daveramsey #thetotalmoneymakeover #holidaymugs
I hear this guy knows a thing or two about being #debtfree & gaining control of your finances...I’m ready to learn all about the #thetotalmoneymakeover by @daveramsey 🤓 it is waaaayyy over due! Wish me luck! 🤞🏼🤑🙌🏼
New Bi-Weekly video is up. Check it out, the link is in my bio. #cashenvelopes #debtfreecommunity
A few nights ago I spent an hour or so drawing this up on Carl’s graph paper! I was really happy with how it turned out! Down at the bottom where you see the EF you’ll notice the little square says those boxes are worth $25 each not $100! I just wanted to be able to stick smaller amounts in there and mark it right away! While Carl saves for some repairs on his truck I’m getting a head start on the EF! I can’t wait to start knocking these debts out with a vengeance! 👏🏽 #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #budgetingtofreedom #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #workingmybuttoff #debtfreecharts #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
I give you, the power of walnuts! . . We scratched our hardwood floors moving the bed around 😬 I tried an old trick with walnuts to make it look less glaring and this is with the FLASH y'all 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Notice that paper chain behind me? It's not a countdown to Christmas. Each ring represents $1,000 remaining of our mortgage. . I know, we're WEIRD. You see, in 2012 I was so stressed out about my finances that I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to make my minimum payments. I was fresh from my massage school training. I had $18k in debt and I was working at three separate locations doing massage but I still felt broke as hell. . I was introduced to @daveramsey and his book #thetotalmoneymakeover . When I got that book in my hands I read it cover to cover in half a day. I had so much hope for my future but most of all knowing that I was in control of it made me feel empowered! . Something funny happens when you start paying attention to your finances. All of a sudden, there's money everywhere, because you're focusing on it! Theres more in your account because you're not spending it, you pick up an extra shift, and extra appointment, you find shit to sell, you realize you won't die if you don't go to Starbucks everyday. Opportunities come up and it's your job to say YES to the things that will help you grow and reach your goals! . I may seem unreliable to a lot of people because of where we are right now. Debt free, a 6 months emergency fund + extra and a goal of paying our house off in 5 more years. But trust me, I've been in your shoes. . I've kept some secrets and now I'm going to share this with you…I have a you tube channel with financial videos that date back up to 3 years! If you're interested in this journey go to the link in my profile and follow the Cash Flowing Life You Tube Channel! I'll be sharing so much more financial things over here from now on! Tag a friend who deserves to feel empowered! . . . #youtuber #finance #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #babystep6 #cashflowinglife #livelikenooneelse #frugalliving #simplifyyourlife #payoffdebt #debtisdumb #daveramseybabysteps
Are you familiar with the cash envelope system? @daveramsey can teach you all about it! I have used it on and off for a couple of years, and it so works! Basically, you set your budget (down to the penny) each month, get cash and load up your envelopes. When the envelope is empty, you’re done spending. I use my debit card for everything and lately I notice that using my debit card makes me spend kind of mindlessly...when I use cash, I’m super aware of it. A lot of people use plain old paper envelopes, but they were getting tattered in my purse. I got this wallet from “missie pie wallets” @etsy. She is super nice, and her wallets are durable and super cute. There are a million ways to customize them. The magnet closures on the envelopes make them super easy to manage. I don’t know why I’m feeling super careful about $ lately; maybe because I have made a few $ impulse purchases and am feeling guilty? Dunno. #cashenvelopes #cashenvelopesystem #daveramsey #thetotalmoneymakeover #financialpeaceuniversity #frugalnotcheap #frugal #frugality #paycash #etsy #cashenvelopewallet #timetosave #couponing #coupons #middleage #budget #budgetplanner #tellyourmoneywheretogo #sinkingfunds
This quote from The Ultimate Cheapskate by Jeff Yeager (and the second slide from a quote HE used from Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert) really explains why Dave Ramsey's teachings and minimalism are so important to me. You will live like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else! Otherwise the money you accumulate once debt is gone us just a "useless pile of paper." Minimalism or at least not being focused on materialism is important too, because it's all too common for people who come into money to spend it on THINGS. Luckily, Jon and I are happy with what we have and we want to live in a small house sometime down the road. This leaves us the opportunity to focus on paying for EXPERIENCES and TRIPS instead of CLUTTER. We'll be able to donate to SO many wonderful causes and organizations. When asked about his status as wealthiest man in the world one day, Bill Gates said, "I wish I wasn't. No good comes of that."
This is how it feels to say GOODBYE to STUDENT LOANS 🎉 this past year I decided to attack my loans, thanks to @daveramsey and #thetotalmoneymakeover .. $25,000 paid off in 12 months! I got 2 extra jobs, worked most weekends and even some weeknights. I said “no” to a lot, and obsessed over my budget. And it was SO WORTH IT 🙌🏼 this year was hard, but full of blessings, and I am incredibly thankful for those who have celebrated with me along the way, encouraged me, and prayed for me. Now on to a new chapter along this #debtfreejourney 🥳 #daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #financialfreedom
Currently our bedroom light!🎄 Our apartment is really so festive this time of year, I wish it were all year round and I can tell you this -- I'll be thrifting fun pictures and decorations for every holiday and season this coming year! Can't wait to give second hand decorations a loving home! 💕
I think we're missing out on an untapped gift supply in groceries 😂 . . Getting back into my roots by reading The Ultimate Cheapskate again 😃
Early Christmas gift from Ben! So #excited - now to return the Library's copies and dive into these with my highlighter and pen! #gettingoutofdebt #daveramseybabysteps #likeagazelle
Hold on tight, we are in for a crazy ride! 🤣 Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day calling everyone we owe money to! It was a slightly miserable task! It had to be done though! And now having everything written up into a plan, having our debt snowball outlined.... it has given me such a sense of relief! Phew.... now we tackle it as soon as our Starter Emergency Fund is good to go! The plan of attack is slowly starting to build excitement between my husband and I! I can’t even explain the excitement it brings to me knowing we will start knocking those debts out soon! (One side note****) We will be building our house starting in the spring, and we still have a little money to save for that since we will be cash flowing it! (Personally I have $1,000 to save) and I’m not sure the exact amount my husband still has to go! We kinda broke it up a little since our incomes are so different and mine tends to be very sporadic! I asked him for a dollar amount that I should save towards our house and that’s what he gave me! Also note we are building a very small house and my husband works in construction so he can do it all himself! So the house isn’t costing us a fortune to actually build! ☺️ #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #debtfreeisthenewsexy #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #budgetplanning #girlmom #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #babygirl
🎶 Oh, the weather outside is frightful.. 🎶 I could spend all day in our kitchen making cookies 💕
Haha this quote..... I’ve been selling everything in site it seems on eBay and Facebook! Bringing in as much as possible to sock away in our starter emergency fund! (Baby step 1) So eager to get started on baby step two, paying off our debt! I spent today writing up our debt snowball and the plan of attack! And I’m so thankful that I get to do all this while staying home with my daughter! 💜 It May be hard scraping through to be able to contribute financially.... but it’s so worth it that I get to be here with her! What about you guys? Have you put this motto into action? 😏 #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #debtfreeisthenewsexy #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #workingmybuttoff #riceandbeans #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
Yeap.... No words....
I want to see the that #debtfree view 👀
With 2019 right around the corner, our book club will be kicking off the new year reading “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.📖✂️💳 Bring on the financial fitness!💵💪🏻 • • • • • #johnlscottrealestate #johnlscott #johnlscottlaketapps #ourofficerocks #laketapps #bonneylake #bonneylakewa #washingtonstate #bookclub #officebookclub #learning #together #growing #business #financialfreedom #financialfitness #thetotalmoneymakeover #jlsmoneymakeover2019 #realtorlife #pnwproud #pacificnorthwest #upperleftusa #daveramsey #newyear #makingchanges
Today I made a snowflake payment of 98€ so we would be below 40000€ in debt! I can’t believe how far we have come... We were able to throw 17k to debt(my MIL gave us almost 3k this summer) and we were able to cash flow my hubby’s Type Rating. We still spend quite a lot in eating out and this is something I’ll try to talk hubby into for next year. But, being almost a year into the DF journey, I can totally say it has changed a lot inside of me. I definitely know what a want and a need are now. I am much more conscious about not accumulating stuff for nothing in our home and also about my clothes consumption. Even though we still have so much to go, having to stop our snowball again, I know, more than ever that I can/we can and we will do whatever is ahead of us. What has this journey taught you so far? Edit: we still owe 39998,71€, not 3998,71€ thank you @soblondroxane for spotting it!
What is the hardest part of your debt free journey for you? For us it’s definitely been this spending freeze we are on to save our starter emergency fund! It hasn’t helped that my husband was injured between transferring to his new job and we have gone almost three weeks now without an income! But if I’m being honest I have been addicted to spending! And have the urge to buy little things here and there ALL the time 😑 that needs to stop (working on it) I know it’s going to be worth it though! ☺️☺️ #daveramseybabysteps #nospendmonth #nospend #writtenbudget #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #envelopestuffing #envelopesystem #debtsucks #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #totalmoneymakeover #thetotalmoneymakeover #nomoredebt #debtfreefamily #debtfreeisthenewsexy #daveramsey #daveramseybudget #daveramseycommunity #debtfreeinmy20s #workingmybuttoff #riceandbeans #financialfitness #christianbudgeting #christianfamily #godstiming
Keep it simple. Yesterday evening, I roasted a chicken in the oven, with olive oil, black pepper, lime juice, garlic cloves and 3 big potatoes. (First picture is not mine). I also cooked green beans. This has given me 6 servings, for about 1€ per serving. I will cook some white rice tomorrow, because the serving of green beans on Wednesday will be too small. But when you meal plan, think about simple, whole food and use herbs and spices to give flavor. It is good both for you wallet and for your health. Bon appétit!
Motto for the week 💋 . . *Edited the "drink" part for cocoa, cause Christmas! And I don't drink anymore 😂
Hey y'all! I'm back 💕 Here's a recap: I was a dog mom for a day - and due to circumstances we couldn't control, he had to go back to the shelter. He was a good boy 💔 We said goodbye to No Shave November and had fun documenting the shaving process (I don't mind the mustache 🤔). We took our picture for our christmas card this year - shot in our living room with my Olympus camera and mcgyver-ing the pop-up flash to give a softer glow. 📷 My December Goals are simple: we've joined our gym again, with weather getting worse I can't go outside and it's cheaper to get a membership than pay for a treadmill or elliptical. We we're able to reactivate our old plan which has a great monthly cost lower than the current sale and is month to month with no commitment. Our goal is to go Monday-Thursday. I've switched my shift to the closing 12:30-9:00 M-F for multiple reasons; it'll prevent us from eating out, as I'll be at work until 9:00, it'll shorten my commute since I won't be driving during common rush-hour times, it lessens the stress on me (a major plus), and I don't waste away more of my day and can spend all morning cleaning and reading and running errands. I'm excited to close every day, the gym is 5 min from our apartment and shouldn't be crowded at 9:30 pm! The goals weren't clear -- 1) Gym M-Th 2) Develop schedule for mornings off 3) Schedule dentist appt 4) No eating out (not a problem during the week since I close, but the weekends will be tough)
I went live a few minutes ago and my friend @debtfreeingermany won my 1000 followers give away. Congratulations!! I just pay paled you 10€ and I will make a donation to Sea Shepherd as soon as I can access their web page. I also decided I will give another 10€ to the rescue center where we adopted Blu from as a lot of you put animals rescue centers in your comments. I’ve loved doing that give away. Thank you #debtfreecommunity for all your support.
⚠️⚠️PLEASE READ!!⚠️⚠️ Follow this format when commenting how much you saved to make it easy for me to add up: • • Amount of money saved in US dollars with a dollar sign 👉 ($1,287). • • THEN, if you want to leave a comment, put a % after the number and before your comment. Please please please do not put a bunch of !!!! right after your number. Put it after the % sign. It keeps me from doing a lot of manual work. 😘😘 • • Example: “$1,287 % October was amazing!” • • The amount of money can be from saving for baby step 1, baby step 3, or any other saving you're doing. If you're pausing the snowball to cash flow something, put that here! If you don’t feel comfortable posting your numbers, message me and I’ll comment them for you. If you forgot to add your numbers last month, add them here. I add the totals up after 7 days, so make sure to get your numbers in! • • Example: $1,000,000 % I saved so much money this month!! 🔪💣💀 • • #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #debtfree #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep1 #babystep3 #babystep4 #babystep5 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #thedebtfreecommunity #livingthatbudgetlife
⚠️⚠️PLEASE READ!!⚠️⚠️ Follow this format when commenting how much you paid off to make it easier for me to tally up: • • Amount of debt paid off converted to US dollars with a dollar sign 👉($1,284). • • THEN, if you want to leave a comment, put a % after the number and before your comment. • • Example: “$1,284 % October was amazing.” Please don’t put a bunch of !!! right after the numbers. 😂 That makes it so hard for me to manually remove it. • • Include your minimum payments towards debt for the baby step you are on. If you don’t feel comfortable posting your numbers, message me and I’ll comment them for you. If you forgot to add your numbers last month, feel free to add them here. I add the totals up after 7 days, so make sure to get your numbers in! • • Example: $1,000,000 % I murdered my debt this month!! 🔪💣💀 • • #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeinsunnyca #daveramsey #debtfree #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep2 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #livingthatbudgetlife
A few weeks ago, I was asked to post some Christmas gift ideas for teachers for those parents who are on a budget. 🎁 I did this last year ☺️ I asked many of my closest teacher friends at school what gifts they enjoy receiving from their students and here are a few frugal gifts that constantly came up. 1. Amazon gift card or store gift cards 2. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift cards 3.Restaurant gift cards Also please remember, we don't really expect anything from our students. However, it's always nice when the gift and card is thoughtful. This year I’m giving my daughter’s teacher a gift card to #teacherspayteachers for $25.00 because teachers spend a lot of their own money buying things for their students. I also bought her a cute shirt that says “Team Kinder” from Etsy. My daughter made a card and we will write a special note together. If you are a teacher, comment below👇🏼what gifts do you enjoy receiving from your students during the holiday season. 👩🏻‍🏫❤️🎅 . . . #frugalgifts #christmasonabudget #giftsonabidget #frugaltips #daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #teacherlife #thetotalmoneymakeover #budgetlife #gazelleintense #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep2 #everydollar #financialpeaceuniversity #studentloandebt #budgeting #fpu #savings
We just feel so blessed. We were able to pay off our credit cards, a good chunk to student loan #1 , and buy most of our Christmas gifts. We love these 3 paycheck months!!! Why can’t we always have 3 paycheck months 😉
My emergency is getting close to being fully funded!!!! Super excited! I’m hoping that this month I can hopefully add another $300 to this total! #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep1 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #debtfreejourney #goals #debt #financialplan #fpu #llnoe #daveramsey #budgetgoals
November Goals Update!!! Lets see this is how I did for my goals ... STICK TO THE BUDGET : This one was hard and easy at the same time. I said I did ok with this. Yet, I do think I could have done better. I need to cut back in some areas like eating out. I know it wont be easy with working 2 jobs but also I need to make sure I focus more on this just for my own good especially for my own health. LIMIT MY EATING OUT SPENDING: The start of the month I think I did well but I fell off when it came to the end of the month just because of the hours of work that I was doing. I do need to limit this. I will continue to work on this and just try to do better and thats not just because it will help me reach my goals but because I also want it for my own personal health. ORGANIZE MY ROOM: Man, I can honestly say that I started working on it but I just became lazy. But this will continue to be part of my goals just because I want to get rid of things that i just simply dont use and are just taking up space. TRY TO WORK BOTH JOBS FOR THANKSGIVING: I was able to get that overtime or atleast holiday pay for these days which was great!!!! I did ok over all I know that I could have done better but I feel like it’s all a work in progress and I just need to keep pushing. #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep1 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #debtfreejourney #goals #debt #financialplan #fpu #llnoe #daveramsey #budgetgoals
If you are a lurker in the DF community, don’t wait until January to start working on your New Years resolutions. Start now. 🎉 Even if it is small thing. May it be unsubscribe from commercial mailing list, grab a pen and a piece of paper to write down a budget, actually stick to your Christmas budget presents list. 🎁 Whatever it is, you can do it now. And if you have the courage to start now, in such a complicated period of the year, any little success will lit you on fire for 2019. 🔥 I promise. That’s what I did last year. On November 28th, I bought the last piece of clothes for my no clothes challenge year. And I made it. 🍾 On December 17th I officially joined the DF community and made my first payment towards my debt snow ball. Yeap.... 1 week before Christmas. 🎄 And almost a year later, we are in a much better place... I can’t even start telling you what a difference little steps can make ... Which actions have you taken that led you towards small or big victories? Have a wonderful Friday!
Progress not perfection. 24.2% of my debt paid (🏡 not included).
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