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Fine Lines 〰️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Switching it up a little. I’m going to do less series’s and begin sharing more of my stories with you guys. One liners can only last so long. And I’ll be shooting some fall colors up north next weekend! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Day 291/365
"Stay on the path". But the only way that path was made was by not staying on a path...
I’ve been a little MIA ever since starting my new job, dedicating a lot of time to getting better and learning new things, and it finally paid off! After three months of working there I got a promotion and I’m going to be a manager! 😃 Now I’ll have even more hours and far later nights, but I’m ok with it. I’m pretty stoked. 🤘🏼 • • • • • • • • • #thenwadventure #jj_oregon #oregonnw #cureboredom #nikonnofilter #compassoutdoors #oregonexplored #outinoregon #cascadiaexplored #discoverearth #pdxavsquad #orlandscape #nationalgeographic #pnwwilderness #thenwadventure #pnwwonderland #upperleftusa #natgeoyourshot #exploretocreate #bestoforegon #neverstopexploring #thegreatoutdoors #heatercentral #artofvisuals #instagood #thevisualelite #agameoftones #pnwadventurers #tomdickandharry #mthood
Reflecting leafs you with wonders.
There is brilliance in you. 🖤
Black Lake.
And the usual water shot! 🌊🌊🌊💑 📷Fuji XT2 56 1.2
Downtown Traffic.
after glow: sun from the sky
Blurry wonderous wanderer.
|| personally, i like imports 🤷🏽‍♂️ its really my family who loves american muscle 🐎 but our 5.0 is nice or whateva 🤔
Frozen in time. Period.
Beyond the forest, around the mountain, on the stump that has stood there waiting.... There!
Da itsee bitsee spider went up the water spout.
So, my camera will be on point again by the end of the next week, just in time to hit EU with this sexy boyband. I want to thank everyone that supported me this past days, both sharing my work or getting some prints, I really appreciate it 💕 But I specially want to thank this guys @brotherstillwedie for being the best friends that I could ever ask for, their support and help has been huge and I feel so blessed to have people like them by my side. Now we are stronger than ever!
Pumpkin tree.
"Binary." 🔷📷🔻 Pics from grand finale at @playgroundfest , by the hand of @lewisfautzi , bringing us darkness with his music.
Fruitful Floor, Forbiden Forest.
Love gives life within. 💑🌅 📷Fuji XT2 56 1.2
"The Last Generation." 🕷️📷🕷️ More shoots from the @playgroundfest , this time is the turn for another headliner: @coyumusic. Trying some new colour variations for some of these. Couldn't resist to edit those purple lights at the back.
Dainy Ray.
This weekend at @playgroundfest was an absolute blast. It was amazing to witness and capture so much talent gathered for two nights. My greatest thanks to all the artists, staff and people that has made this possible. 🔥📷🔥 Talking about talent, here's some pics of @giorgia_angiuli set, definitely my favourite performance of all the festival. Check her out, even if you're not into techno music, it's worth the time.
Golden. If I had to describe that afternoon in one word, it would be golden. The sunlight, the museum, the mood - golden. I walked through the Galleria Doria Pamphilj in the heart of Rome. The audio guide, with it’s cheap plastic headphones, hung heavy around my neck. The silence was respectful like the soft murmur of footsteps on polished wooden floors, as the smattering of visitors walked from one painting to another. Every inch of every wall was covered with expensive paintings: Caravaggio, Velazquez, Parmigianino, Memling - all hung one next to the other, in ornate, golden frames. I rounded a corner and my eyes widened as they encountered this vast room. Statues of white marble, bathed in afternoon sunlight lined both sides of room. The paintings in their gilded frames stretched up along the curved ceilings, at the centre of which hung a crystal chandelier that stood motionless and still. I was alone in the room. I walked around, my head craning back as I looked at the pieces of history before my eyes. I was drawn back in time and I felt that if I listened hard enough I could hear the faint glimmering of the harp, and the rustling of expensive silk ball gowns. As I left the gallery, and fell back into the rhythm of the world outside, I tried to hold on to the memories of that blissful, golden afternoon. [ #passionpassport @passionpassport ] • • • • #IamATraveller @cntraveler #visualseduction #thelensbible #feedbacknation #MEISTERshotz #mightydreamers #IG_KILLERZ #igtones #agameoftones #visualambassadors #bevisuallyinspired #lensgods #trappingtones #theIMAGED #ig_underdogz #thevisualelite #certifiedshooters #visualmobs #thehedonists #travelstribe #travelawesome #undiscover #tourisminitaly #beautifuldestinations #travelmobs @travelmobs #tlpicks @travelandleisure #dreamingtones @dreamingtones
It's not right, but it's okay I'm gonna make it anyway. 🖤🔥
Blood in the water.
"Oh lord Jesus it's a fiiiire."
Creating with this one in Los Angeles this weekend. @toniestes #jazzellamckeelphotography
Damn, I missed editing in black n white. 🔥📷🔥 Couple of shoots of @saturacionnihilista and @fxntc from @weareroninforlife , one of the new bands in the local scene of Madrid. Keep and eye on them.
@meltdownband / Madrid / september 28th
Tis the season.
"Many believe in following their dreams, yet they watch them walk away." -Deven Wenclasky
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