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"A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn."
. 📟: breaking the Rulez . 🌐: Taipei, Taiwan . . As of everything else rules exist, lot of photographers stick to the rules of thirds, compositions, the most important thing is to get get the shot or composite you want for yourself not for others! . . . . LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS! . . #cyberpunk #cybervibe #ig_neoncities #neonnoir #futurenoir #tokyocameraclub #nightphotography   #NIGHTSHOOTERS #meistershots #AGameofTones   #citypicz   #citykillerz #guillermoalarconphotography #createcommune #INFINITY_NIGHT_ #japan_night_view #deepincity #TheVisualOnes   #globalnightsquad #urbanaisle   #CityUnit   #Creativetones #Houseoftones   #gramvisions #urbanandstreet #gotokyo #ig_underdogz #suspectmag #rustlord_unity   #yngkillers
👰 A little beauty shot from the last wedding I worked. I had so much fun. Fyi, if anyone wants an awesome wedding photographer please contact me!
Come sail away with me
The dilapidated Model Industries building on the back side of the Rock/Alcatraz juxtaposed with the modern skyline of San Francisco. “The Model Industries building or Industries Building is a three/four-storey building on the northwest corner of Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, USA. This building was originally built by the U.S. military and was used as a laundry building until the New Industries Building was built as part of a redevelopment program on Alcatraz in 1939 when it was a federal penitentiary. As part of the Alcatraz jail, it held workshops for inmates to work in. On January 10, 1935, the building shifted to within 2.5 feet from the edge of the cliff following a landslide caused by a severe storm. The warden at the time, James A. Johnston, proposed to extend the seawall next to it and asked the Bureau for $6500 to fund it; he would later claim to dislike the building because it was irregularly shaped. A smaller, cheaper riprap was completed by the end of 1935. A guard tower and a catwalk from Hill Tower was added to the roof of the Industries Building in June 1936 and the building was made secure with bars from old cells to bar the windows and grill the roof ventilators and to prevent inmates from escaping from the roof. It ceased use as a laundry in 1939 when it was moved to the upper floor of the New Industries Building. Today the building is heavily rusted after decades of exposure to the salt air and wind, and neither the guard tower on top of the building nor the Hill Tower have survived.” . . . . . #Bnw_Lombardia #sombrebw #bnw_rose #jj_geometery #bnw_planet #masters_in_bnw #ig_photostars_bw #bnw_creatives #bnw_life #bw_addiction #bnw_captures #bnw_souls #ig_ometry #bnw_just #bnw_greatshots #tv_pointofview #tv_hiddenbeauty #bnw_captures #thevisualones #bnw_planet #bnw_legit #bnw_addicted #bnw_magazine #rustlord_bnw #jj_blackwhite #bnw_demand #303magazine #therock #amateurs_bnw #alcatraz #sanfrancisco
// pomolchim.
Oh hey girl hey ☠️ ☠️Come see us at @rawartistsnyc in Queens, ENVISION this Wednesday! . . 👽Performing @sara_bex ‘s work that gives us life! Slaying with @courtney_deri @ameliapagliaro @nika.antuanette @sciampa01 @bestofbri @annieebrowne ➿ You have 24 hours to purchase tickets under Sara’s name to support ➿ Tickets will also sell at the door but it’s cheaper online! Link in bio always! DM me for any inquiries! . . Event starts at 7 pm! There will be a variety of eclectic artists showing their work in fashion, paintings, jewelry, film, performance art, and dance! 💕✨🍓
Hoy he sentido la llamada...📞🎶
The bliss of the abyss. New album up on fb.com/hkurbex and video at YouTube.com/hkurbex
All the colors 🌈 Clarion Alley Murals in the Mission | San Francisco, CA
Model @chanel.yui I haven't shot in a week and it feels weird. I realised I have a bunch of interesting people who have reached out to me that i haven't done a Photoshoot with. To all the weird cool people who DM me I just want you guys to know I haven't forgotten you guys and I am looking forward to shooting with You! I'm just taking a small break till after I my exhibition. Also I want to try something different and work with more stylist so if you like my photography and you are a stylist or make-up artist with weird fuck up ideas please DM me and we can make awesome art together ;)
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