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Shwemawdaw Paya, Bago, Myanmar.
Myall Lakes Part 3 // Telectro 110 // Tiger 200
Wild swimming in Mexico. Probably the best natural pool I've ever been.
there’s a story here: today, @juuliamiller and myself hand-delivered special packages to fire victims, many who deserve the world but might only have scraps left of what used to be their home. Honest to goodness I’ll never post photographs to show off acts of kindness but here’s an exception ✨ Blessing begot blessing. My spirit renewed, fell, and rose all within a matter of one purposeful roadtrip and I was honored to have @juuliamiller for a partner-in-kind. She’s effortlessly welcoming to others and her encouragement throughout the drive was enough to fill me up like a fat cup of @dutchbros sweet iced coffee ☕️ 2 and a half hours of highway each direction, 3 stops, 2 burgers and an extra tank of gas and the mission was fulfilled. I was moved; neither of us knew we would be driving thru Paradise itself on our way to the town of magalia from chico. . actually speechless. Haunting. Ruin. Aftermath. I knelt down among the rubble —surrounding rusting car skeletons and blackened acres of trees — once we stopped before leaving for good and ran my fingers thru it’s char and ash... I might have felt reality alter into a mix of compassion and regret. Admiration for the brave moving forward, regretting that it’s been so easy to move on and abandon our family, peers and survivors. One of them, as she ran out to greet me on her front lawn, hugged me fiercely and handed me this beautiful flower 🙌🏼She says she didn’t know how to thank me or what to give us back in return, Julia reminded her nothing was expected but her smile, her radiance... the sheer determination to connect with a random stranger who was just wanting to love another human. This was the happiest moment our visit together. This was only the middle portion of our day. 🌸 Remember paradise fire, give heartily, these people - your neighbors - are going to thrive among community who refuse to let then go unseen and unheard. Be the change, share your heart, sit in silence while someone cries bitterly and honor the heartbreak — because #thismatters 💥 #pfunder10k #portraitphotography #thevisualones #acreativevisual #moodstabilizer #gramkilla
It’s easier to compare yourself to others Than to accept yourself After all She’s thinner And that one over there is curvier And that other one is taller But you are just... you I think it’s time we stop comparing ourselves ——————————————— Es mas fácil compararte con otros Que aceptarte a ti misma Después de todo Ella es mas delgada Y la que esta por allá tiene mas curvas Y la otra es mas alta Pero tu solo eres... tu Creo que es hora que dejemos de compararnos
Thanks for comin to hang today @lindsaaymichelleee
zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor / @vxxn.vn 🐲
i’d do anything for you.
When you don’t know how to skate but still wanna pond hack • @jponce_media
Let go of perfection and strive towards failure
y’all know that feeling when you order a new outfit for an event and you’re so hype to wear it? my outfit for @theclumzys show on the 24th is gonna be delivered soon and if you think i won’t sprint to my mailbox to get it, you’re wrong. anyway! go tap in with @clumzyasstoki and @clumzyuno for details on the show — i’d love to see some of y’all there! january 24th at the capitol, $7 entry 🖤🔥💥
A very scientific exploration into color manipulation
A different kind of danger in the daylight.
Sneak peak beauty shot from today! What a great group of ladies 💕
Switch it up 🕴 now we’re on the Mexican Coast Line! Which is more appealing to you? ☀️
In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m currently stuck in a bit of a creative rut and am finding it difficult to produce new images. Moving away from my beautiful peaceful little town in Italy back to the mad chaos of LA is quite the change and it’s taking me some time to readapt. The locations here don’t excite me as much, and when one does it’s highly likely overpopulated or someone is going to shout at me for taking photos with a tripod. I’m also supposed to be writing right now but I can’t seem to get anything decent onto the page which is making me feel guilty about doing anything other than write 🤦🏻‍♀️ So one of my goals other than the “I’m working out and eating clean” one this month is to do some location scouting and force myself to take images with the hopes of getting back into my groove. What are your goals for January? . . . . . . . #visualcrush #thevisualones #bandoffun #exploringcreativephotography #hashtagauthentic #gloomandglow #aseasonalyear #livemoremagic #colortheseasonhappy #letselflovebloom #simpleandstill #advancedselfie #memyselfandportrait #portraitcollective #surrealphotography
Rain is gone, clouds clearing up! Time to hit the California Coast🏃
The trick to making these places look isolated: a lot of patience and luck.
SC boys reprezenttt 🤙🏼🤙🏼#LabanPilipinas 🇵🇭
full moon ///
upside down
nothing is promised to nobody.
When in Prague 😏
“Enough pressure will create a diamond” - @architects . . #canon6dmarkii #canonusa #pmwintergridchallenge #waterfall #georgia
try to reach
Thank you @stylearchitexts for hosting a round- table discussion. Standing next to him and his colleagues was like the bad dream of waking up in class with no clothes on. @stylearchitexts you have to plug me with you cohorts because I would like to to shoot them one day. #melaninfeed #melanin #fashionblogger #style #mensfashion #melaninvisuals #portraitpage #portraitmood #portraitmag #portrait_visions #blackisbeautiful #atlanta #atl #createatl #interesting #colorobsessed #portraitstream #thevisualones #teamnatural #naturalhairstyles #gramkilla #ig_captures #blackexcellence #securethebag
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