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Lips don't lie. 📷: @immacutekiddo
Don't know why I'm chasing all the red lights. 📷: @immacutekiddo
📷: Me
a sharp knife is a chef`s best friend #marriottyogyakarta
Go somewhere new
The great variety of landscapes in California is one of my favorite things about this state. From beach to desert, mountains to city, there’s so much to appreciate.
Him: be careful you're going to get hooked. Me: I'm already hooked, baby! 😜💕💖 _____ I love the city life, in fact, I've lived in some of the biggest cities, but something about life in the slower pace life of the country and doing things like fishing makes me feel so content with life. _____ I'm just so lucky to be married to a man who makes all my dreams come true, says yes to every crazy request, and never shuts down my crazy ideas (except when I say I want another dog; we already have three!). And to my daughter, she's the crazy one who loved touching all the worms we used for bait, yuck! Me? Well, I had a @yuenglingbeer in one hand, hook in the other. It was the perfect way to spend Friday. 💕💕 Haha, I can't imagine life w/o my fave two humans!😘😍😍 #marriedlife #familyvacation #gonefishin #lakelife #alwayscreatingblog #alwayscreatingtravelgram
Leg day, what happened to the squat rack?
Just a few bumps and bruises along the way, but we did happen to catch the last few seconds of sunset.
one ride
Wild things.🌿
2 rainbows = 2 pots of gold 📷 By: @alessandraacatherine We want to feature your Colorado 14er photos! Share with us by tagging your photos with #co14ers .
smoke screen.
"YOLO" - говорят туристы. "Надо работать" - говорит таксист. "Крутая композиция" - говорит Славик. #howimetthatviet
A mutual addiction is sustainable if there is respect. 😘
• LeBron James to you Omaroses •
“It’s almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream” - Bern Williams Model: @autumnhempstock
Oh, you important? You the moral to the story? You endorsin'? Mothafucka, I don't even like you.
Dude, STOP!
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