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The most beautiful couple!! 💍🌵
A lil treat
So happy to be back on the beach. Go check out my video on my IGTV to see some of the reasons why I love living here. 💕
What do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?! Photo by @shevchukproduction Model @tsara.lunga • Comment who you’d like to see on the seductive project! Use #seductiveproject to get featured ⚡️
She's Vovk @v_vovk
I had an interesting chat the other day about how a lot many times our physical appearance is a direct reflection of how we feel. Even if we muster the courage to put on a brave face and mask away the scars. They show. The picture to the left is one from April 2017 when depression was the raging storm in my life. I looked and even to a certain extent felt physically ill. Despite of the fact that my physical health was perfectly alright and the only thing rolling in the doldrums was my mind. The picture to the right is that from the summer of 2018. And this journey has been one I’m learning to be proud of. If you’re in a place in your life where you feel like you’ve been kicked down to the dirt. I promise you, just learn to lay lown for a while and just when the time is right and storm has slowed down, you will find your way out of this darkness into the light. You will laugh. You will smile. You will love even harder. And when you get there don’t forget to cherish the journey you’ve had and celebrate your victory. Have faith, have your own back, seek the light and find your way to YOU. Because this is life and there are several more raging storms to brave through! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #thoughtcatalog #selfcare
You can be anything you choose to be in this moment, so think again when you choose to be miserable ❤
my face when I actually meet an intellectual capable of talking about all things under the Sun, the best books as if they've lived it, and travel stories that they went on, because they had to. Vs. when I spot a pseudo intellectual who swears by the terms "wanderlust", "the bigger picture", self help books and "passion, and Zindagi", even though their actual hobbies are getting wasted and enjoying songs that say "dhoondh Google pe jaake, nahi milega ashiq mere jaisa" At 24, I've just learnt to segregate the two, and know people that actually know Amarula, instead of pretending to have heard of it from sources that weren't me, especially if you aren't even a friend! I'm tired of donating pieces of me, my personality, my vocabulary and my taste in books, and life in general to people. Honestly. It's about enough, and I have no more to give. Stop using my sentences, my references and me. Maybe you should take a walk out and figure out what or who you actually like, maybe you should conduct a tasting session for yourself so you can rightly own and claim your taste, maybe you should spend a day with yourself without drowning yourself in alcohol and without seeking validation, maybe you should just be the best version of yourself, irrespective of which aforementioned category you fall into. Whoever you are, you're golden. Stick to you (cause you can) and I believe in you, and in the fact that you'll leave me alone, while I'm becoming me. #MeemRants #getyousomepolkadots #thoughtcatalog #musings
I can’t wait to go to Arizona next month and go to Horseshoe Bend and many other gorgeous places! Fun fact I used to live there for 2 years! Arizona’s land is so breathtaking and gorgeous! There’s so many places out there that literally take your breath away! I still have one more spot available for a session while I’m out there! This can be in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Horseshoe Bend! I’ll be there from Oct 5-7 and Horseshoe Bend on the 6th! 🏜💕 • • • • • • #belovedstories #firstandlasts #weddinglegends #dirtybootsandmessyhair #wanderingweddings #thewandererscommunity #firstsandlasts #oarsandbeanies #muchlove_ig #authenticlovemag #loveandwildhearts #wildhairandhappyhearts #elopementlove #wildelopements #thoughtcatalog #justalittleloveinspo #azweddings #travelandweedingmagazine #radlovestories #radstorytellers #azphotographer #scottsdale #phoenix @firstandlasts.lovers #phoenixphotographer #scottsdalephotographer
😎Elegant Semi Stitched Suits For Women 👩 Size: Top: Upto 50 inches, 🔥 Bust size: Upto 44 Inches👌 Bottom: 2.5 meter 👍 Dupatta: 2.25mtr 💛 Inner: 2.5mtr💜 Material: Mix | Georgette, Chiffon, Linen Etc 👌 Style Tip: Wear these with Kundan jewellery and high heels.👩🔥💣 👉👉follow us on - @_unique_fashion94_ @_creation_pool_ @theamitbhadana #_unique_fashion94_ #_creation_pool_ #shopping #onlineshoping #onlineboutique #artofvisuals #ofhumans #thoughtcatalog #moodyfilm #gramslayers #agameoftones #portraitstream #bleachmyfilm #ftmedd #aov_portraits #thevisualvogue #sombrebeings #depthobsessed #portraitfolk #mystory #moodyports #innerbeauty #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #streetfashion
Proof that @ebannkay would slay in a Baywatch reboot
{ mother of meat } Saigon, Vietnam . . . 🥩 @kathytran.eats + @kathytranx
Last Days Of Summer @sophiedola
Tell Me I’m Pretty
Jay. For Harper’s Bazaar KZ. // @thewrightjay @newyorkmodels (Styling: @annebetduvall , Hair: @takashiyusa @mam_nyc , Makeup: @maki_h @thewallgroup , Photo Assistants: @justintjamison , @n.c.sweet , Casting: @cano_castings ) #dennistejero
Who is missing summer already? 😭😭 Model @juliette_perkins1 • Comment who you’d like to see on the seductive project! Use #seductiveproject to get featured ⚡️
Coffee, messy hair and studying. That’s basically how my day went ☕️ Tell me something you look forward to this week ? — Hello people of Bookstagram and beyond, how are you ? Hope this post finds you doing well !! I got some new books today, one of which is featured in the photo above, so I’m pretty excited about those 😝 Last book you purchased ? — I have to get back to studying so that’s a super quick post, but these grades ain’t raising themselves so ... wish you all the best 🤙🏻 BTW check the second pic cause it’s so aesthetic and I’m super proud of taking it xd . . . . . . #instabook #janeeyre #coffee_inst #flatlay #bookstagram #bujo #bookishfeatures #igreads #bookworm #thoughtcatalog #applewatch #pinterestinspired #instavivlio #bookmail #studygram #featureme
The truth is lying naked down this road, but nobody dared to walk because they were too scared. The ones who spilled it were cursed, rejected and people called them "outcasts." . What more can one do but to speak the truth? What if nobody is ready to listen to the words which are raw and real? You walk till you find the ones who live by it, swear by it and breathe it like it's the only oxygen on this earth. Rest is just a dirty game others play to maintain their fake covers which they have worn so well over the years. The truth is at the end of the road, you find it, you keep it close to your heart and never let it go. Trust me, it's the only real thing which can keep you alive and burning from within.
I've been trying to capture all the moments, the good and the bad. A little piece of memory, a candid without a camera, a moment without knowing when it started and when it ended. Because you are everything and you are enough. You deserve to find happiness. You deserve to wake up in the morning and hop out of bed because you are excited to start your day. Because you have great things ahead of you. Because you have milestone moments you are looking forward to experiencing. You deserve to find peace. To accept the mistakes you’ve made in the past. You deserve to accept who you are. You deserve to feel alive. You deserve to feel adrenaline course through your veins and feel your heart pumping extra fast. You deserve to be surrounded by love and laughter. You have only one life, you will rise and fall in that life. So keep falling and collecting those moments. You gotta fall, and fall, until you're caught. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _________________________________________________ Please ask before using/posting my artwork. DO NOT edit or remove My watermarks. __________________________________________________ . . My new art▪️ Candid ▪️ Some words from @thoughtcatalog #mouart #mouartt #art #sketch #illustration #illustrations #designer #dailyhiveyyc #huffpostgram #ladyterezie #dailyarts #lookkristina #yycartist #calgaryartist #southasianartist #artistic #artistic_share #artbasel #poem #love #coke #happiness #thoughtcatalog #artistsoninstagram #lifestyleblogger #artwork #happiness #sunflower #dirtybootandmessyhair #lifequotes
“Be the girl who just went for it.” #documentarywedding
Back home in England and enjoying the fact that it’s no longer 300% humidity. We do love this beach tho 💕 • Ry is literally my favorite human to travel with. Just a calm presence (except if we’re late) with almost nonstop humor. Where to next guys??
We tend to look for love but it seems like it will take a while. Imagine being taken care of. Not worrying if you need someone to watch movies with. Having a companion when you are craving and you want to eat in your favorite restaurant. You have someone to share late night thoughts. But have you ever considered doing all these for yourself? Always remember that you can watch movies alone, eat in a fancy restaurant because you deserve a break, and you can stay in your bed and talk to God if you cannot sleep. I guess we must stop looking for love and stop feeling unloved. Do everything that will make you happy and take care of your heart. You are strong and you don't need someone to validate this. You may be alone for now, but don't be lonely. Your own timeline will come. You just have to wait and believe.
acceptance //
Have you ever been on a boat? Photo by @cameron_hammond Model @johannelandbo • Comment who you’d like to see on the seductive project! Use #seductiveproject to get featured ⚡️
I still care… Irony is, we are friends yet not friends. Irony is, we love each other still not together. Irony is, I miss you all day, but don’t talk for the fear of falling in love again. Irony is, you’ve moved on, and I’m still waiting for you. Irony is, you wear clothes with my choice, but for her. Irony is, I’m important to you, but not like others. Irony is, I reply instantly knowing to get a late reply from you. Irony is, I’ve moved on, but actually neither my heart nor my mind agrees to it. Irony is, I love you, and you love you. Irony is, I want to be with you while staying away from you. Irony is, things are same but the places have changed. Irony is, the first date became my last date. Irony is, no one understands me like you do. Irony is, I know your every piece, but she doesn’t. Irony is, I want you to come back, with the old you. Irony is, I feel jealous but she doesn’t. Irony is, I’m ready to give all my time to you, but she doesn’t give a second for you. Irony is, things have changed still time is the same. Irony is, I am happy for you while not being with you. Irony is, I’m your home and you are searching it every where. Irony is, I want a person with long height, still never complained you. Irony is, I am happy with your memories which were never mine. Irony is, I live in your heart, but your heart belongs to her. Irony is, destiny wants us together and fate wants you to-get-her. Irony is… When I’ll be with you, when the cricket and badminton will make a pair, a scooty and a car racer will be together, a broken heart and faded heart will be together, the universe will smile and whisper, “it’s just a dream, woke up !” And that day, I will move on with your memories, with your care, the love you gave me, and the days I wish to had…! - Backstory 📷 : @smritiseh #thoughtcatalog #thought #forever #love #idomore #writersofinstagram #wordporn #wordsyoulove #poetrynart #poetrynword #writerscommunity #writersandpoets #illustration #thewritingspook #irony #imissyou #writingprompt #writersofinsta #insta #instagood #instadaily #instaquotes #bestoftheday #instalike
recommend me some great fall reads! 🍂 . this stool holds a ton of books i recommend for the season. but here are some more: 🍁 dark places by gillian flynn 🍁 the diviners by libba bray 🍁 people like us by dana mele 🍁 small sacrifices by ann rule 🍁 her every fear by peter swanson
You might not know it right now, but someone’s blessed to have you in their life. Someone has thanked the stars in the sky for you. You are that important. You WILL move mountains. I know. . . . . . #mountains #nature #green #movemountains #clouds #sky #skyporn #smile #blessed #quotes #thoughtcatalog #nofilter #leon #leonlynights #bucari #mood #happy #me #igdaily #sonyphotography #sony #sonya5000 #philippines
To love your body is to learn to love it right now. You might want to lose weight, or you may want to bulk up, but unless you learn to love your body in this moment, you won’t be able to love it at all 💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To love your body is to listen to it carefully, and always nourish it with what it wants. Not what your mind tells you it wants, but what the whispers of your body tell you. Some days that might be a bowl of leafy greens, other days that might be a bowl of choc chip ice cream💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To love your body is to think less about the physicality of it, and more about what it allows you to do in this world. Your body is the reason you can sprint around the park, climb mountains, and explore exotic lands. Your body lets you see nature in all its beauty, it lets you dance naked to your favorite song in the shower, and it lets you kiss the ones you love. You see, your body is merely a shape, formed by layers of muscle and fat encased around solid bones. Your body is a vessel for your heart💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To love your body means to leave your judgment at the door. And no matter how many times you find that judgment weaving its way into your mind, you learn to confront it, figure out why it was created, and upgrade it with empowering beliefs that serve you. Because your body does not deserve to be judged – your body deserves nothing but your love💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To love your body means to consciously choose to love it every single day. On the days where you struggle to fit into your best jeans. On the days where you’re trying on clothes in a dressing room and you feel like everything looks awful on you. On the days where someone calls you fat in the street. On the days where someone tells you you’re too skinny and you need to eat more. On the days where you’re watching your favorite TV show and comparing your body to the ones on screen. To love your body means to love it on all of your days, no matter how many reasons you find not to💖 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - from my recent @thoughtcatalog article 📸: @mangomoonphotography
Give me your hand I know you are hurting too deep down you are also a child which was hurt a long time ago I am too I was hurt too as a child as so many others so give me one hand and the other give the child you once were reach out to him and pull him out of there And into your arms Let us heal together For we are all children who were hurt one day by people who were hurt too Let us be the ones who release our pain and heal the scars so that our children are not hurt by broken people too 🐾🌌 • • • Purchase your personalised or handwritten poem. Send me a DM or an e-mail: maluna.gri@gmail.com • • • #poetry #art #poem #poet #poetryofinstagram #poetryisart #writer #writercommunity #thecultivatedfool #communityofwriters #communityofpoets #thoughts #thoughtcatalog #poetrysociety #tribeofwriters #poetrytribe #spokenword #travel #dance #sun #sunshine #summer #selflove #love #heal #roses #happiness #freespirit #infinity #free
//It's hot summer days, And cool winter nights, Rainy afternoons, And gloomy twilight, It's the crack of the dawn, And the slow descent of dusk, It's the way your skin changed colour With the light of the sun. How it glowed in the morning mist, And it sparkled under the soft streetlight glow. Its the sad grey tint when the sky slowly grew dark, And how I saw it brightening up As we sat at the window at 6 AM, Staring at the still waters of the lake outside. It was the little things, The way your mouth curled up when you were annoyed, The way your eyebrows twitched when you lied, The way your eyes grew wide, When my hands touched yours for the first time, The way you closed your eyes When you sang your songs. It's the seasons and how our love evolved, Through the years, With the sun, It's the culmination of our endless passion, It's the search for us, In the little things you do // . . . . . . . #instathoughts #instapoets #instapoetry #instapoem #poetsofig #poemsofig #poetryofig #poetsofinstagram #poemsofinstagram #poemporn #wordporn #thoughtcatalog #instawriter #poetryporn #poetrycommunity #writerscommunity #writesofinstagram #globalpoetcult #ttt #tttofficial #terriblytinytales #thoughtcatalog #instamotivation #instainspire #instainspiration #instamotivate #pandapoets
A re-edit of a wedding photo I took this summer.
В Нью-Йорке есть такая пора, когда ты ощущаешь дыхание осени задолго до того, как упал первый лист. Воздух стал прозрачным, лето осталось позади, и однажды ночью впервые за долгое время тебе хочется накрыться тёплым одеялом. ⠀⠀ Кэрри Бредшоу «Секс в большом городе» ⠀⠀ #вдохновение_designtape
"You have beautiful eyes" He said to me."They are just brown , nothing special". I replied. he lifted my chin with a soft and gentle touch, he was staring deep into my soul and he said "your eyes could make the stars jealous..... I feel like a scientist when I look into them, staring into beautiful galaxies that have yet to be discovered or named.
In all these years of my solitude, I’ve discovered my own truth. Not the one they summoned me to believe, but the one that’s completely mine and only mine to keep and relate to, because nobody else can perceive who I am and understand my real. . Quite long back, I stopped reading Thought Catalog, Berlin Artparasites or any other portal with such articles which may seem to be directed at us, but that’s not us. Trust me, they can’t determine us; not our truths. . In the last few days I took out all my diaries from the previous years and read each page of them. Since I’ve started committing to paper that was back in 2011 – my contents were only about my day-to-day routine. How little things had made me upset, my mental state during the prolong depression, stories of my heart breaks, song lyrics, motivational quotes, joyous moments, my travel experiences (it used to be family trips.), encounters with strangers, etc. . Gradually, with each year passing and with each new diary the content underwent an improved shape and it became more about how I’m getting over my shit. I fathomed how my heart had healed, and my soul has replenished itself with the potion of positivity. I realized I had failed miserably to acknowledge many things in my past and that realization become my experience; my journey. . Many people criticize me for my romanticism with pain, but let me confess to you something; I never fell by the wayside. I considered short breaks, piled up my mess, and climbed with all my strength. We need people like you & me who are worthy of their courage and strength, trying to bring changes in our small world by sharing happiness and trusting enough to share the sadness too. So that at least few can help, empower and be the support. We need people like you & me to talk about hardships, failures, successes, heartbreaks, and happiness. But always look for your reality; create your story; heal and lead with your truth. . My diaries hold my reality & I’m learning to hold down a space for my own story; my truth. . #SnippetsByAngana
I'd ask you to not come near to me, You would surely get hurt. Maybe this is why I isolate myself in a desert, like how much water a cactus can hold, the same amount of tears are waiting to be poured. . . //Cause I feel like I'm a cactus. . . . . . . . . . . . #SnippetsByAngana
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