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I wonder what Donald Trump’s birth chart looks like 🤔 #MysteryMonday #ThoughtForFood #YeahNah
Mini picnic with my mini princess ❤ #braincookies ?! #thoughtforfood
Its tough to woman. Not because I’m one I say that. Its rather, I’m NOT one.. To be a Woman, is to be the perfect blend of elegance, patience and strength. The makings of a woman is intense wear and tear, brutal brawn and immense patience. I often wonder how they endure so much, how I will endure so much..like my mom? My mom’s mom? The good part is my adventures have led me to my own path of selflessness and awareness. To give before you expect to be given. To be kind before asking for kindness. To love without fear. To forgive without a thought. The makings of a woman. The makings of me. This journey..I can never ask for any less or any more than me blossoming into A Woman. The most sacred of a gift mankind can ever get. Try and wonder what would you do without your mother’s strength or your woman’s support or your sister’s protection? Just try.. #proudtobewoman #writersofinstagram #foodforthought #writerscommunity #thoughtforfood #monologues #wordsporn #odeditty #poemsofinstagram #poetryporn #poemsporn #wordsworth
Did you know? 🤔 •▪• 🍊Citrus fruit🍋 intake has been associated with reduced stroke risk! The key is believed to be a citrus phytonutrient called "hesperidin", which appears to increase blood flow throughout the body 📈 It's more than just the hesperidin at work though-- in a study comparing subjects who were given a solution containing the amount of hesperidin found in 2 cups of OJ vs. subjects who drank straight OJ, blood flow circulation in the latter was better than the former! 🤯 In other words, eating the WHOLE food will have more powerful effects on your health than any sum of it's parts (read: supplements)!⚡🍈⚡ * this also means for all you out there with cold extremities, having some citrus will surely help!* . 🧠 Brain food from "How Not to Die" by Michael Greger, M.D. 🧠
What if we had to wear everything we ate like a scarlet letter? The words on display, out there in the open for the world to see. Would you be proud of your choices? Would you be embarrassed? Would people be surprised at what they saw on you? . What if it wasn’t the name of the food on display, but the trash associated with it? Bones - Plastic wrappers - Fast food bags? Would you wear that proudly? . Let’s be clear here, I’m not saying what you should and shouldn’t be eating. The point is to bring awareness behind what you’re eating. It’s your choice and yours alone. How much waste is involved? How much plastic? Make a shift toward being proud of what you consume. Your food is your fuel, and your waste is yours too. #foodforthought #thoughtforfood #lesswaste . I threw a going away dinner party last night for @idreamayogini and served 100% vegan food. The waste was watermelon rind, avocado skin and pits, pepper seeds and stems, onion skins (all composted), cardboard (recycled) and plastic from the jackfruit and seitan packaging, the plastic carrier for the 12 vegan cupcakes (probably going to reuse, then recycled) and a few paper plates and napkins. I used my silverware, some china, and my glass drinking glasses. . It’s a small thing but we didn’t use plastic forks and knives, straws or plastic cups. Sure clean up would have been 30 minutes faster but my girls helped wash some dishes and the dishwasher took care of the rest. I will save and reuse the party decorations. Start small, and progress from there. Little things add up to a lot. If you’re still reading please tell me your favorite reduce, reuse or recycle tip/trick that you do. 💕 ♻️
Scale is everywhere in the world.Even and mostly in high aesthetics. So #foodforthought or #thoughtforfood ; #thoughtoftheday #vacation #philosophy #architecture #ideas
Fried rice are my favourite dish I try where I could find them really yummy and delicious so I keep in exploring places with yummy fried rice 🍛♥️ They gave fried rice @ 60 Rs that too in a huge quantity♥️🍛 . . The packaging was amazing and the taste was amazing 😉 love the food and the place ♥️swipe for more . . #pizza #supercool #followformore #foody #foodporn #thoughtforfood #hemuandosho #dontwait #goandenjoyurlife #foodphotography #foodlover #hemuandosho #foodyoucaneat #foodfun #itsallaboutfood #funtime #foodtimebird #foodphotography #goodfoodie #foodgasm #foody #foodporn #foodbloggerindia #italianfood #italylove #cakedecorating #cakes #bakery #pizzalover #pizzatime #cake #chinese
The aptly named cauliflower mushroom is a firm but delicate mushroom, with strong aromas and a mild taste with hints of almond.
Delicious English mallard plums with a firm, sweet, yellow flesh
#Brasserie2050 by night! New food concept at @lowlands_fest for which we have collaborated with @thefoodlineup.nl for the menu and calculated the climate impact. Future proof food that is just yum! 😋 come check us out!
“Learn how to cook,try new recipes,learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun” -Julia Child #thoughtforfood #youngcook #juliachild #inspiringchefqoutes #frenchchef #youngcook
Toxic people will not be changed by the alchemy of your kindness. Yes, be kind, but move on swiftly and let life be their educator. Pouring good energy into a person who has no use for it only fills up their ego and drains your energy. Don’t waste your time... #Anonymous #LiveAndLetGo #Sanctified #ThoughtForFood #YouWinTheGameWhenYouStopPlaying #AwareWolf #WarriorPoet #Message
HAPPY THURSDAY! For some of you it's a #tbt we will talk about that later... #entreprenuers do so much on their own, #motivate , #inspire ,#teach etc and yet who helps them? Usually a mentor and #books ! I loooove to read and more importantly I love a GOOD read that stimulates my mind 😎...but let me tell u I'm at a crossroads because I've read SEVERAL books at least 7 in the last 8 months. While I enjoy a good #motivational "YOU CAN DO IT" and "DREAM BIG" yea yea I got it, im in need of substance so my fellow fellows let me know what you're reading basically help me get out of readers block. #reader #motive #leader #businesswoman #bookshelf #newbook #maxout #creator #leader #coach #relentless #inpired #inspire #educate #joy #gratitude #building #growth #value #worktheprogress #journey #thoughtforfood #foodforthough #betheCEO #ceo
Wil je weten wat ik laatst in Rio de Janeiro deed? Lees mijn blog hierover. Met veeeel foto's. Link in bio! #ThoughtforFood #RioDeJaneiro #eventfotografie @thoughtforfood_org #vrtech #vrglasses
Great pic of our sweet English peas from @chef_wandless @texturerestaurant 😍
We have some great English plums! This “Top 5” variety has a juicy orange flesh with a sweet plum flavour, great for cooking!
Red Williams pears have a delicious creamy white, sweet, juicy flesh
About three weeks ago, we came together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss the past and the present, to learn a new skill set to make sustainable change, and, to prototype the future food system. We are grateful for this memorable experience, and hope to pursue our shared mission with you. To keep the momentum going, we'll be sharing statements from you, our community, including #TFFChallenge Finalists, Next-Gen Council Members, Ambassadors, Academy participants, sponsors, partners, and core team members. Let's get started with sharing the #TFFSpirit from CEO & Founder Christine Gould: “At Thought For Food, we inspire, engage and empower the next generation of leaders in food and agriculture. With the new TFF Academy, we’re introducing an approach to breakthrough innovation based on something we call multispectral thinking.' This is about opening our minds to new ideas and perspectives and collaborating with unconventional partners in order to solve our global challenges in new ways. Now, more than ever, we need to see it as our responsibility to uncover hidden opportunities that only come to life by bringing together diverse people from all around the world, with different areas of expertise, but an aligned set of values. We are so proud of this class who embarked on the adventure of the #TFFAcademy with us, and we can’t wait to work with more people in more places to create the bold ideas and solutions we need for our food system​.” #thoughtforfood #foodsecurity #tffsummit #tffcommunity #millennials #youthempowerment #futureleaders #futureoffood
The best scallop dish of the year, was at Tom Kitchin’s eponymous restaurant in Leith. Started with carrot veloute, scallop dish. White wine cream sauce with some herbs, sealed with pie crust was one of the best things that I have eaten this year. Followed by monkfish and lamb. Finishing off the course menu with soufflé made my day. #thekitchin #foodlife #foodforlife #comidasuperbuena #comidajaponesa #バルセロナライフ #ランチ食べるなら #バルセロナ食事 #バルセロナといえば #whenyouareinbarcelona #whatsfordinner #creativedish #バルセロナごはん #ilovefood #lovecooking #homecooking #comidajaponesa #thoughtforfood #healthyfood #heathymeal #comidarica #これ食べたい #iwanttoeatthis #cookstagram
Looking back and thinking about each of my grandparents I can't help but remember what they wished for my life. My Tita always wanted me to learn english, come to NYC and work in a bank she thought it was the classiest and most respectful job, and I did. My Papito always said to travel and enjoy life since our memories is what we take when we leave this world, I am doing that now. And my Mamita, I spent more time with her, well she just wanted us to be happy with whatever we were doing. I miss each and everyone of them, they were a big part of my life and I learned many things from them. #thoughtforfood #memories #grandparents #ilovemygrandma #ilovemygrandpa #naples #italy
Try to be the reflection of goodness and hope that you want in the world! #thoughtforfood 💕
It is time to eat!🤳Satisfy your hunger with our delicious and nutritious meal options! 🤗 Homemade and fresh daily for you and your family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 . . . . . . #instagood #instafood #thoughtforfood #healthyfood #vaughaneats #vaughan #piripiri #Portuguese #portuguesefood #picoftheday #wednesdaywisdom #ordermenow #ubereats #foodie #placestoeatinvaughan #gta
English baby pears!
These English greengages are super juicy with a sweet, rich flavour
Potimarron or onion squash has a thin skin and wonderful chestnut taste
A big shout out to everyone who has given their heart and tireless hustle, making the 2018 #thoughtforfood Challenge, Academy and Summit a memorable success ❤️ Onwards we go! Enjoy watching this fun compilation celebrating the uniqueness of the TFF Crew, featuring @crissyspice @kittyleering @jyarnallschane @chiquitajana @monika.jiang Mari Fujiwara @philip.snow @oupasdesign @oupasdesign @varini.a and TFF Resident DJs & Filmmakers @max.maloney & @oscarverpoort 🙌 🎥 Check the bio link to watch full video! #tffcommunity #foodsecurity #futureoffood #teamspirit #nextgen #changemakers
Finger limes! As @nigellalawson said, they are “the caviar of the citrus world!”
Food agency life Plants are food of course, but please Don’t eat these roses . #thoughtforfood #andflowerstoo
#TFFChallenge Grand Prize Winner Coating+ recognized in Forbes, highlighting #thoughtforfood 's unique approach and global community: "For Coating+, it’s not just the money that will propel their business – the award puts them in front of the International food and agriculture community, opening up the opportunity for corporate partnerships and other such inbound interests entrepreneurs in startup-heavy localities are more used to." Thanks to @gkmilne1 for this amazing piece! 👉 Like always, click our bio link! #foodsecurity #foodstartup #tffsummit #agtech #futureoffood #nextgen #millennials #neweconomy #futureofwork #sdg #socialstartups #sciencestartup #changemaker
Sweet and juicy English Victoria plums!
English Rosetta apples have a deep red skin, a firm, crisp bite with a sweet & juicy, pinky/ red flesh 🍎
Lebanese green almonds 💚
Reading and learning these books have really made Me realize how much more to health n fitness there is then just looking fantastic... Don't get me wrong. I knew before aswell.. But the first thing that came to my mind was sick shoulder caps n some mean looking abs n a killer ass... But. No.... Not just it at all... How bout helping diseases like CHD, diabetes, strokes.. Ect... Did you know that bed rest of 21 days is equivalent to aging 30 years for all your insides!!??? #personaltraining #course #interesting #thoughtforfood #workingout #health #fitness #important #lifestyle #stayhealthyeveryone
Previous #tffchallenge finalist @agrosmart provides farmers with the right information about the conditions of their crops so they can make smart, data-driven decisions. Follow them and learn more in their first episode of their new video series! Great job @dirtysouthfilms , @caio_bacci & @marianasvasconcelos 🎥 looking forward to see more soon! #foodsecurity #agtech #thoughtforfood #foodstartup #nextgen #innovation #futureofwork #digitaltransformation #farming #futureoffood #brazil
Dubai 🇦🇪 📍- As promised, here’s more of last night’s Indian Feast 🇮🇳 🍛, courtesy of @biryanipotme ! From left to right we have the Prawn Masala #Curry 🍛, #Tandoori prawns 🍤 & the vegetable #Jalfrezi 🥕 🥦 ( a first but definitely not a last 😋) . Tons of flavor & fragrances, everything was tangy, spicy 🌶 & palate pleasing. Dhanyavaad @biryanipotme 🙏🏻
Chicken of the woods, another great meat alternative! This tender shroom is extremely versatile and has a great lemony, chicken flavour.
Our absolute favourites - Scottish girolles 😍
Wild damsons to add to the plethora of stone fruit we currently have!
Watermelon radishes are a stunning heirloom variety, they are firm and crisp with a slightly milder taste than the traditional radish
Beef steak mushroom, a great meat alternative!
Us… and them. As Pink Floyd said, after all, We’re all just ordinary men And women. The media paints a picture Of right versus left, Black versus white, Rich versus poor, Humble versus might. But a tinted lens Blocks out shades of light That might cast doubt On crystal clear assertions. The light shines From all directions, Reflects and refracts Through multiple dimensions. If, in election we’re defeated, We must reach out and make the best of it, Not retreat into bubbles And preach out against it. Yes, Donald Trump is a prick, And it’s very easy for me to give him stick - But he’s been nominated for a peace prize And South Korea is backing it. Multispectral thinking Means looking from different perspectives, Because; Whether a climate change denier, Or indeed - a believer, Opulent omnivore, Or frugal vegan… We’re all complicit... I want to to buy a fancy car I want to travel near and far I want to fly to Zanzibar We're all complicit. I want the latest Apple phone I want to let my data roam I want my life engraved in chrome We're all complicit. I want the latest fashion trend I want to watch the money I spend I want my Primani H&Emmed We're all complicit. I want my showers steaming hot I want the stove to heat my pot I want it all I want the lot We're all complicit. --- But what are we complicit in? Overpriced tonic and German Gin? Russian interventions in overseas elections? Cambridge Analytica and Donald Trump’s erections? Ivanka Nudes And there it appears on the news, That wasted polar bear. Skin sagging over bones, We all know the image, a billion shares. We pretend to care, Hashtag “save the polar bear.” But we don’t care about that bear. As the climate quickly changes We feign despair, The mirror fills with steam As the hypocrite Shampoos his hair… ...we’re all complicit. Extinction Deforestation Environmental destruction OK Google: What’s in my smartphone? Oil for plastic, Copper, zinc - And where do we find it? We mine it. And where do we look, Once the reserves run dry? We plunder the rainforests And the animals still die. #thoughtforfood
Very recently I learnt about the types of cheating. Well plain and simple, cheating gets you killed (knock_knock ref). So..about the types of cheating, well there are two. UNO. Physical Cheating.. very obvious and very vastly found. DOS. Emotional Cheating. Well this, my friends, is where things get tricky..Emotional Cheating is when you flirt, confide with someone other than your bae, text or worse sext, and many other seemingly “harmless” flirting. Well for starters, flirting, is never “harmless”. Understand this. When you’re cheating, howsoever you are, you’re not only being unfaithful, but you’re breaking someone’s heart and hope. Imagine their fear to fall in love after they find out their better half, who they’ve given everything for, is finding comfort with some other person... “your” relationship is “yours”. I was too late to get this. But maybe if you read this, I actually saved you from breaking? #odeditty #monologues #thoughtforfood #foodforthought #writersofinstagram #writers #writerscommunity #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #wordpornoftheday #wordpornofinstagram #livelife #lovelaugh
L O V E Y O U R F O O D🙌 For a long time I had a love/hate relationship with my food. I spent so much energy thinking about right/wrong choices, calories, diets, and so on...that every meal was tense, uncertain, and sometimes avoidable😞 I had so much control on what I was eating that all I was transmitting to my food was anxious, guilty, obsessive thoughts. And that was exactly how I felt. That was the effect of the food in my physical, mental and emotional state every meal, every day. I encourage you to shift the way you think about your food and make each meal a loving ritual, where you can relax, appreciate, taste each mouthful with presence and kindness towards the food and feel its amazing effect on your body💞Healthy thoughts while eating nurture energy to a healthy body, mind and spirit🙏 #thoughtforfood #healthymood #mind #energy #body #loveyourfood #yogainspiration #yogarev
On Exercise: I love working out! I do some sort of exercise every single day. I don’t have a strict training regiment, I just listen to my body and do whatever feels right that day. Usually for me, that will be a combination of sport & getting outside in nature, like running, swimming, kayaking. However, when I grew up I was not the sporty kid. In school, P.E. was my least favorite subject (beside maths, who am I kidding😂). It was not because I was unathletic in general. I just hadn’t found what I enjoyed and hated being marked for giving my best. It took me years to find a sport that I actually LOVED, which for me was dancing. After I finished competitive dancing due to lack of time, I got into cardio and weight training. And to be honest, I started because I wanted to LOOK fit and lean. How I looked on the outside was much more important than how I FELT on the inside. This mindset seems to be quite common among younger women these days and I was one of them. ✋ Today, looking good is still a sweet benefit from working out but it is so not the biggest factor anymore. I NEED exercise ✅to feel good from the inside out ✅overall metal health ✅regulating stress ✅better digestion ✅a good night’s sleep ✅simply being a happy healthy human. This has been a learning curve for me as well. Knowledge has always helped me to question my own thoughts and behaviours. If you are interested, listen to the episode „Why You Should Stop Working Out“ on the Thought for Food Podcast. The guys make it super fun while still being informative and get you thinking about why one should work out (in the long run) and what should be our least concern (#fitnessgoals ). Find what YOU love doing, whatever that may be and simply have fun doing it. . . . . . . . 📷 @nadine.racingaloha #findwhatyoulove #exerciseinspiration #wisewordsoftheday #workoutforyou #workoutforyourhealth #sportislife #health #swimming #motivation #trailrunner #cardio #marathon #workout #fun #happyrunner #sport #healthy #workout #runners #excercise #thoughtforfood #thoughtforfoodpodcast
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