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might as well fucking kill me Tom fuck || @tomholland2013 - - I started school today & I’m drowned in HW already!! Yay!! And I still have 3 more classes to attend - - source: whi
Pt 3 of Equal Odds⬇️ Harrison's POV I'm rushing through my apartment, cleaning up trousers and trash on the floor and clearing room for Tom's stuff. He's supposed to be coming over later today. Tess is going to be put in a boarding kennel until Tom can find a place that allows Staffies. It's currently 3am. I really need to start learning how to go to sleep. I'm clearing beer bottles from the counter when on it my phone begins to go off rapidly. I pick up my buzzing phone and see 32 messages from Tom. My heart stops. The newest message says, "call me haz, oh god I hope you're still awake. it's an emergency" I dial his contact, and he picks up not two seconds later. "What's wrong!? Tom are you okay? What's going on!" I ask, worry bleeding through every word. I can hear Tessa whimpering I'm the background. Shit. When Tom replies his voice doesn't fail to shake. "I - I saw this guy in the parking lot. He was gonna hurt his girlfriend, Haz. He was drunk. I had to do something - I couldn't just let him hurt her." It sounds almost as if he's crying. I feel so helpless. He tells me his story about the girl and what he did, the room he bought her, and the promise for coffee. But something wasn't adding up. He wouldn't cry for this - Tom never cries. I ask him with a slow realization creeping up on me, "Tom, what's really going on..." The line goes quiet for a second, then a quivering breath is released from the other side. "I c-came back-k to my room, and tried t-to sleep. I - I woke up 20 minutes ago and decided to turn-n on the tv..." He stops for a breath and continues, this time he's crying again. "He was drunk, Haz. He was so drunk. I shouldn't have let him go - I mean he was an asshole, but I didn't have to let him go. It's on the Local. It's his truck. I let him get away, Haz. He crashed, and it's all my fault."
I go to open the door I sit up and frank freaks out and falls of the bed I go to open the door “oh my god is he here” “yes jenny he is so I would get yourself together”, I say playingly. I look through the eye hole just to make sure it was tom it was and aww he had a bouquet and his nervous face was looking around. I twist the knob and his face lights up “hi”, I say energetically “hi”, tom says a hear another squeal behind me “oh tom this is jenny” “ello” “h h hi” “jenny here is a big fan of.. “no I not what that’s crazy” ,tom smiles “well should we get going”, I say “yes that would be great” “bye”, jenny says her voice cracks “bye”, tom says. I open the door for him I turn back and I grin at jenny she playingly glares at my “bye”, I giggle. we get in his Audie and start to drive “so, she’s a fan”, tom says “just a little she has a fan account” “aww well Ill sign something for her”, tom says. I smile I get a text from my mom hey just checking in I reply everything’s great on a date right now I can call you tonight. She did not respond typical “who’s that”, tom says “oh just my mom” “cool so your family were are you from” “well I grew up in Maine but I came here when I was 16” “wow all by your self” “yea my family is complicated” “wow I’m impressed”, I smile to myself I look up and in the mirror. I see my reflection but just behind that is an old run down Subaru I inhale and breath a lot faster Tom notices “what’s wrong”, he says “can uh we turn right here” “ what is paparazzi” “no” “ok”, he . the car follows us but then a huge truck gets in front of it. “Cool”, I say “thanks”. we arrive at the park “I’ve never been to this one before”, I say “yea its one of my favorite places in LA”,wow it was one of the biggest parks I have every seen there was grass as far as the trees “wow”, I say “this is about 80 present of the green in Sothern California”, tom says. the sun is getting low wile me and tom find a nice spot on top of a hill. We lay out the blanket and sit down he pulls out a bag “so what did you bring” “well I have Cesar salad, watermelon, and a blueberry pie” “whoa did you make that, its so beautiful” “no I bought it” “oh”, I laugh “and I have c
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Part 1: It was the first day of sophomore more year and you knew it was going to be a rough year for you but you still didn't regret what you did. You got dressed and wore something nice but casual, you wore ripped jeans with a mustard yellow croptop sweat shirt and black vans and put your hair up in a cute messy bun and curled the edges of your hair, you got your spiderman backpack and car keys you finally got a permit to drive the car your brother got you for your birthday last year it was a corvette zr1 2018 and caused a lot of attention so when you got near the school you parked it a block away so you wouldnt be noticed. 1st period went by then 4th period went by then there was lunch you never really ate lunch so you just sat at a lunch table where no one was at and just worked on homework assignments so you wouldn't have to do them later but then you were interrupted by a familiar voice "He-ey..." he stuttered your name and then said, "you forgot your phone in 4th, so i decided to bring it to you..." You were silent for a second and you had a feeling you knew who it was, you looked up and it was Peter Parker you quickly thanked him and got back to doing your homework he then politely asked, "are you okay y/n?" you didn't look at him you just kept doing your work and said "yeah im fine" but Peter and Liz were the only people who knew when you lied because when you lied you itched your ear, Peter noticed you itching your ear and he said, "well.. I can tell your not" he said nervously and then said, "If you want you can come sit with me and the others" you looked at the table across and saw Mj and Ned sitting there and asked, "are you sure? Are you sure they won't mind either?" he replied with a soft calming smile and said "ofc not come sit with us" you nodded your head and smiled you gathered all your things and put them inside your spiderman backpack and out of nowhere you hear your name "y/n I really need to talk to you..." you turned around and saw Liz you rolled your eyes and answered in mad tone and said, "what do you want Liz??"...(TBC in part 2) @tomholland2013 Tags: #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #Peterparkerfanfic #imagines
Flash:wtf did you do to her Peter Peter:I have no clue,just agree to it Everyone agreed and y’all just planned everything out Y/n:wait I have a great idea guys,Tatiana,my favorite can be a ...distraction Jose:how? Y/n:she can strip for the principle Peter:lmao,she should Tatiana:how about you? Since every boy in the school likes you,and your body is “sexy” Y/n:thanks for the compliment,so?are you gonna do it or I could run off and you know... Jose:yeah she agrees to it Tatiana:no way! I hate you Jose Y’all were in the van heading back Everyone was smocking Y/n:eww y’all smoke? Tatiana:yeah,you got a problem with it? Y/n:I didn’t ,but now I do,throw them out and don’t smoke for the rest of the ride Tatiana:sorry but no Flash:just throw it away Tatiana You whispered in Tatiana’s ear Y/n:I know who you like,I can help you Tatiana:I don’t like nobody Y/n:Peter. Jose:why did you get red tatiana?did she make you pee your pants? Everyone laughed Y/n:can you come back here Peter? Peter:sure ,why? Peter went in the back Tatiana:so y/n,why do you want him here? Y/n:to show you something! You kissed Peter,just to make Tatiana jealous Peter:oh umm... He blushed and Tatiana saw Peter:no one can know! Y/n: she doesn’t know,she just saw me do it Tatiana:what did you wanna show me? Y/n:that,you should never mess with me,I can show you way more if you’d like ;) Flash:we are here,it’s 1:34 ,we have a few hours Y’all talked about Things,but Tatiana stayed quiet Flash:yo Tatiana why aren’t you talking,you are usually the talkitive one Tatiana:cause I don’t want to Jose:so y/n:are you dating anyone? Y/n:yeah, I am Peter:why’d you ask? Jose:cause ,seeing if I can shoot my shot Tatiana:their are people walking now,gotta go bye! Flash:seems like someone was jealous of y/n Peter:yeah me and y/n are gonna go now Y/n:bye! You winked at Jose Flash:y/n is weird,but hot Peter:you have anything against Tatiana? Y/n:no,she does,I just want to prove her wrong Peter:about what? Y/n:it’s only between me and her Peter:well imma get going cause your house is right their Y/n:okay bye ;) You kissed Peter and he kept walking Y/n.hey mom,hey dad! Mom:hey sweety!your dad isn’t here
Peter Parker fanfic part 16 Other parts ➡️#hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ..................... Y/n: Oh, hey Michelle Michelle: Hi Y/n. I wanted to apologize... why is your shirt all wet? Y/n: some guy siting behind my seat spilt water on me.. Michelle: Oh, cool. Anyways. You both walk into the bathroom where you start drying yourself with paper towels and Michelle continues to talk. Michelle: Listen Y/n, I'm sorry for being such a bitch I didn't mean to get so jealous and upset. Its stupid of me to have ignored you.. You cut her off. And hug her. She hugs back. Y/n: Its okay Michelle, you weren't being a bitch, I was, I did tell you how I felt but I didn't soon enough and it was wrong of me to say yes to this date without consulting you first. I knew how you felt about Peter and I didn't listen. You're my best friend and I hated you not talking to me.. friends again? Michelle: Yea, friends again. Get back in there. Y/n: What? Michelle: I heard your voicemail, go back inside and watch the movie with Peter. Y/n: Are you sure? I can just tell him that.. Michelle: I'm not mad. Y/n: ok, love you. Ill call you later tonight! Michelle: Ok, see ya! Y/n: Bye Michelle. You walk back into the theatre with a smile on your face. Peter: Why are you smiling? Y/n: Oh, uh, nothing I'm just happy. Peter: Mhm. You continued watching the movie until it was over and you both got out of the movie theatre. You went to a small restaurant to eat dinner. You ordered the food and brought it to a table and you guys sat down. Peter: How did you like the movie? Y/n: It was good! Suprisingly really funny. Peter: yeah, glad you liked it! *smiles* You both started eating... Y/n: The only part I didn't like when there was an interruption, on our special moment. *looking down then looking up at Peter* His cheeks turn a light red. Peter: haha, yea-h You kept eating and talking about different things, you really liked him, he's so sweet, he also has such interesting stories. Whenever he would stare into your eyes you couldn't help but smile. His eyes were a deep brown you could get lost in them. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
*at home* *Your POV* "Truth or Dare Peter?", Ned asked. "Um Truth", he said. "Is it true that you would go back a few months and change everything", Ned asked. "No I think everything is perfect the way it is", he said. "Oh so my mom being dead is perfect?", You asked. "Shit. Y/n I didn't-", you cut him off. "I'm kidding Parker", you giggled. "God you've got some really dark humor", he said nervously. "Obviously", you smiled. "Um Ned. Truth or Dare?", You asked. "Dare!", He said excitedly. "Okay um..", you said trying to think of something, "I dare you to text Flash and tell him to meet him outside of school tomorrow at 3" Peter and Ned looked up at you scared. "Um no I can't", Ned said. "Why not?", You said giggling. "B-because that's stupid", he said. "Fine", you giggled. "Peter?", You asked, "It's your turn to ask something" "Y/n. Truth or Dare", he said. "Truth", you said. "Is it true that you had feelings for Flash at some point?", He asked. "What?", You asked shocked. "Is it true?", He asked. "Um", you said, "No?" "So you did", he said, "Wow" "Parker it was when all the shit was happening I didn't know what I was feeling. All the feelings I had for anyone at the time was stupid and irrelevant" "So even for me?", He asked. "What? No Peter God no", you said. "You said for everyone", he said standing up. "I meant everyone except for you", you said. "If you loved me you wouldn't have had feelings for Flash at all", he said angrily. "Oh really? Need I remind you of Liz!?", You shouted. "This has nothing to do with that", he said. "Oh really?", You asked angrily, "Ned? What do you think?" "Don't bring me into this", he said. "I'll ask my own Truth or Dare question", you said through gritted teeth, "Truth or Dare. Oh um Truth. Is it true that you think Parker is being a huge shithead at the moment? Hell fucking yes that's true" You walked out of your room and walked past May. "Y/n? Where are you-", you cut her off by slamming the front door. You walked out of the building and walked past your old building where you and your mom stayed. You stopped and looked back at it. "I miss you mom", you said crying. (End of Part 5)
You woke up in pain,feeling like you were about to die,you were under bricks,you saw may looking for you desperately May:”y/n?!where are you!” Y/n:”I’m here ,can you help me please” May:”oh my gosh,are you okay?” Y/n:”yeah,my arm was hurting really and,and my ribs but not anymore” May:”let’s take you to the hospital, the avengers one” Y’all were going to the avengers tower Police”:name?” May:”may...” Police:”may...?” May:”JUST LET ME IN I GOT IRON MANS DAUGHTER HERE” Y’all got walked forwards the hospital and went In a Room Doctor:”okay miss y/n, you got a broken rib,broken arm and leg,as well as neck” Y/n:”but it doesn’t hurt” Doctor:it must be hurting really bad right now” Y/n:well it doesnt,I can do everything I could before Doctors:okay let’s take another X-ray They took you X-rays again Doctor:”woah,how is that possible?” May:what?” Doctor:”as we were taking pictures,you could see your bones recovering!” Y/n:”that’s so cool!” Doctor:”yeah!you could work as an avenger,we will test you,the necklace” Y/n:what about it?” Doctor:their is something about it,it only works for you,that is...fully diamond,” Y/n:”wow!i can be a hero!or a villain..but a hero!” You accidentally pushed the doctor away from you with the powers Y/n:”sorry!” Doctor:”it’s okay,you can kill anyone with your powers,they are born with you,take the necklace off” Y/n:okay” Doctor:”now try to do something “ You slowed time down,but you still moved at a normal speed Y/n:”wow,am I GOD?” Doctor:”these powers are special,don’t let anyone take that away from you, and may,Peter checked in from a cute in his head,cutting his skull too but he’s okay and back in war with thanos” Y/n:peter?”
Part 12🤷‍♀️ Sorry this chapter sucked... I rushed to write it while I had the time - - - - - - - - - - #tomholland #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland2013
Y/n:let go of me! Peter:I can’t ,you will go tell everyone,and you’re in it now Y/n:what the fuck Peter ,I never agreed to this shit Peter:shut up,people will hear us Y/n:LET GO OF ME,I WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS IF YOU DONT LET ME GO You slapped Peter,which he then pushed you inside the van causing you to hit your head and knock out,he saw your bruises on your wrists,and what he did to you,he just forgot about it and tied you up Flash:you got her? Peter:yeah,she won’t go telling her daddy about what we are doing now Tatiana:she’s a bitch,acts like a princess,I knew we shouldn’t of let her come with us Jose:yeah,we can erase her memory then release her in a trash can,5 hours away from here Peter:no fucking way Jose,her dad is tony stark, he will figure out what we did to her and kill us,like literally kill us Tatiana:then we gotta deal with her You woke up in the van and noticed you were tied ,tape on your mouth and your hangs tied up,you started to cry because you would have never thought Peter would have done something like that Flash:yo you hear that?i think the princess has woken up Peter:imma go check on her You hummed cause you were bored,Peter opened the door so you looked away and didn’t do anything Peter:hey...I’m sorry,I really didn’t mean too, do you promise you won’t do anything if I untie you? You didn’t respond Peter:okay I’ll take that as a...yes? Peter untied you and you looked at the bruises Peter:don’t worry,I got scratches from you on my back Y/n:you stayed in the corner tilting your head not wanting to talk to anyone Peter:I’m sorry y/n!okay?!i just knew you would go and tell people Y/n:actually I wouldn’t because I loved you Peter:I know you love me..- Y/n:I said loved, not love Peter:fucking bitch,I thought we had something Y/n:you’re funny when you get triggered,that’s cute,calling me names,I love you Peter:shut up you...nevermind Y’all both got off the van and skipped forwards the group Y/n:what’s up guys? Tatiana:I thought you would be mad? Jose:damn she’s- Flash:don’t say it,so are you in? Y/n:sure!but in one condition
*The next day* *Peter's POV* "Hey Parker", Y/n said walking beside me opening her locker. "Hey Y/n", I said closing mine. "So it's 1:30 and school is over in an hour thank God", she said giggling. "Yeah", I smiled. "So do you plan on going anywhere?", She asked. "Not sure yet", I said. "Well let me know what you have in mind", she said kissing my cheek and walking off. I walked to class. *Later* My phone vibrated. I checked it (swipe once). Woah. He said that he knew I wouldn't let him down. Mr. Stark is really growing fond of me. *A little bit later* My phone vibrated again. I checked it again (swipe again). Well now I just have to tell Y/n when I see her after class. *2:30 bell* Finally school's out. I walked out of the classroom and was trying to find Y/n in the crowd but I couldn't seem to find her. "Parker!", Someone screamed. I turned around and it was Y/n. "Y/n! I was just looking for you", I said. "Oh I'm sure you were Peter", she smiled. "Ned's coming over tonight", I said. "Really?", She asked. "Um. Yeah. I'm thinking we should hang out. We should play some games too", I said. "Definitely. Truth or Dare. The basic game. Or maybe Would you Rather. Or any fun game that'll make us nervous as heck", she grinned. "You know. You'd easily be mistaken as a villain", I laughed. "How come?", She asked raising an eyebrow. "Because you're so devious", I smiled. "Well I try", she said bowing. I smiled. "Do you think it's okay is Mj can come over?", She asked. "Uh-", I was cut off. "Pete. What's up man!", Ned shouted. "Hey", I said. "So?", Y/n asked. "Hey losers", Mj said walking up to us. "Pete so I've got a lot to tell you later about-", Ned started to say. "Guys! One at a time!", I shouted. "Sorry", Y/n said looking down. "Y/n..", I said. "No it's fine Parker. Mj want to come over to our place?", She asked. "I can't tonight", she said, "I'm helping my mom redecorate the house. She's a freak" Y/n laughed, "Okay! Have fun" Mj walked away. (End of Part 4)
Your eyes began to get blurry as you stood there in shock.”Y/n”Tom said standing up and putting his hand on your arm.You hit it off “Don’t touch me”your snarled.Zendaya sat there staring at the ground like she had just watched her puppy Get ran over.”listen y/n”Tom proceeded but you cut him off “Of course”you laughed through the aching pain.”Of course you aren’t different”you laughed and Tom stood there confused.You turned your back to walk out and looked back at Tom “Have a good life”you said and turned walking away.You thought back to all the previous pain and hurt.When your parents didn’t care about you and you practically had to raise yourself.All of the emotional abuse and the toll it took on you.How the minute you could get out of their house you did and you never looked back.They wouldn’t miss you.Then you met Maddy and she became your only person.Literally.Now she was leaving you.You had Tom and Z so you thought up until now.Now you were all alone in the big world.”F off world”you said walking away flipping off the world.It was a cruel place and obviously wasn’t him fit for you.”Y/n please don’t go”you heard from behind you and you looked back to see Zendaya standing next to Tom.”I ship it”you laughed and turned back around walking away.Everytime you cried or had a breakdown being sarcastic was your defense mechanism.You were going to need a lot of those being as you were all alone now.You were walking away from what you thought was going to be your forever.
[PART 5] “It has been two months since Athena June Stark, Tony Stark’s daughter, went missing. The Avengers continue searching for the beloved teenager, as do the police. Tony Stark has decided not to speak to the press about it, claiming this is no situation for public presentation. We have further news on...” “It’s okay, Pete. They’re going to find her,” May says as she rubs my shoulders, squeezing at them as a sign of reassurance. I hop off the stool and slip on my backpack with May’s help before I begin making my way to school. School without Athena has been ten times worse than hell. Without Athena around, Flash’s fear of her has disappeared and he picks on me even more. The worst part is that I can’t hurt him. If I could, I would. I really wish I could. I start walking to the train station and plug my earphones in, playing my music. I huff and the visible cold air blows out of my mouth as I shove my hands into my coat pockets. All of a sudden, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I find myself turning my head. I hastily raise my sleeves and see my arm hair standing up as well. Something is wrong. [LATER] “Voice activation required,” the lock on the door speaks. “Peter Parker,” I reply and the doors slide open. “Mr. Stark!” I shout and find Mr. Stark in the kitchen after passing by Wanda, Vision, Steve and Sam in the living room. “Kid? What are you doing here?” Mr. Stark asks and furrows his eyebrows at me. “Something’s wrong, I-“ All of a sudden, I’m interrupted by a large explosion coming from the outside. The ground shakes below us and we all make eye contact. Everyone begins scrambling, while I run up to the window and see the forest in front of us on fire, several trees collapsing. “Friday, get me a source on that explosion,” he says before pulling two strings from his outfit, and his bleeding edge armor starts to form. After everyone’s gotten into their suits, we run outside and examine the forest. The fallen trees and the ground are blanketed white from the snow. “There’s nobody here,” Sam states, giving us a look. “Well something had to have caused this,” Clint replies sarcastically. [CIC]
Chapter 20 - Trouble in Paradise Its Monday morning and you and Peter have school. Y/N: Peter wake up! Peter: Whyyyyyy Y/N: Becauseeeeee, we have school honey Peter: Ugh. Do we HAVE to go? Y/N: Yes gorgeous Peter: Fine. You and Peter got ready for school and left Peter's about 6:30 to walk to school. Peter: Soooo Y/N: Soooo, what? Peter: Do you like your necklace? Y/N: No Peter: *he stopped walking* What? Y/N: No, I don't like it... I love it! Peter: Dont scare me like that darling! You shrugged your shoulders *AT YOUR LOCKER WITH PETER* Y/N: So, did you finish the calculus homework? Peter: Yeah I d- *he stopped talking* PETERS POV Y/N asked me if I finished the calculus. I started responding and then I stopped. Something shocked me so much I couldn't finish my sentence. I saw someone I never thought I would ever see again. Liz. Liz was my love for like 3 years. She moved about a year ago so I got over her since I never thought I would see her again. But I love Y/N. She's the only one I love. Liz is irrelevant in my life now. Y/N: Everything alright? Peter: Y-yeah I'm fine. Y/N: Alright Liz: Hey Peter Peter: Liz! H-hey! Liz: You all good? Peter: Yeah I-im fine Y/N: Peter, would you like to introduce me? Peter: Y/N, this is Liz. Liz this is Y/N. My girlfriend Y/N: Hi, nice to meet you! Liz: Nice to meet you as well. So...girlfriend aye Parker? Peter: Yes, she's the love of my life Liz: Gotcha. Well I'm off to class. See you two later? Y/N: Definitely! Peter: Bye Liz: See ya Oh. My. God. I have never felt like this before. I know my feeling for Liz are gone. All my feelings are for Y/N. Right?....
It was as if I was counting the weeks. We were reaching a month together. The thought made my heart race. We think tonight will be a good night to “reveal” our happy relationship. Just a date night out on the town but due to my status, no doubt paps will be on to us. That will be the downside. Every date so far has been under wraps because of privacy reasons. We don’t want them knowing. But eventually the chick has to leave the nest. Or something like that. I’ve been a bundle of nerves every time I think about sharing Tom to the world. Why can’t he be my little secret? Then again if we never get out of have the slightest bit of space it may just end in disaster. I’ve seen it happen to Stacey. Now that was a nasty breakup. Cops called and everything. It was insane and all my brother said was that things weren’t working out. She was... not right in the head to put it nicely. But now he’s with someone good for him. Getting back on tack here, tonight we’ll be going to a simple diner just outside the city of LA. Keep it low key. This way can actually enjoy our food without feeling like we have to try to hard to fit in to the atmosphere. Wow I’m nervous. I stood there in my mirror, contemplating whether or not this or that looked decent enough. Nothing was working. I groan in frustration. I can hear Tom’s voice in my head. “You look great in anything darling.” Looking and feeling are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I look around my apartment for something, anything to ease my stress. Alcohol? No too trashy. Food? Nope not that either. I actually want to eat my food while I’m there. There’s no time for a nap. Just as I’m about to give up, a record is poking out from under the papers on my counter. Yes I did go back to my apartment by the way. xxMORE IN COMMENTSxx
Part 10!!!! Hope y’all like it!! Comment how you like the series so far!❤️ @tomholland2013 #tomholland #fanfic #fanfiction #tomfanfic #tomfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction
Y/N POV: Peter just nodded and beckoned for me to come in. I stood in the centre of the room nervously. ‘I... I don’t know how to say this.’ He started to look nervous. I closed my eyes, and thought of myself disappearing completely. I opened my eyes and Peters jaw dropped. ‘Y/n?’ He said. I reappeared. ‘I can do other stuff do.’ I closed my eyes and entered Peters mind. I made him sit on the bed. I opened my eyes and lost control over him. He blinked, trying to make sense of what happened. ‘How did I get here? I don’t remember walking...’ I shifted from foot to foot. ‘I did it...’ ‘what?’ ‘I... I have these powers Peter. I can make people do things, see things, change...’ He was shocked. ‘I wanted to tell you... seeing as you’re Spider-Man and stuff.’ He stood up. ‘This is crazy.’ ‘I know, I know... I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have come. Just... forget I ever came.’ I walked towards the door. ‘Y/n, wait.’ He held my shoulders. ‘We’ll figure this out.’ A month later I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I groaned and turned it off. I sat up and rubbed my face, before sliding to the side and getting out of bed. I got dressed and left my hair down (swipe) before putting on makeup and getting breakfast. ‘Are you ready?’ I nodded and Mom grabbed her car keys. We got in the car and too soon arrived at school. I sighed and hugged mom before grabbing my bag and walking through the gates. Everyone was staring at me. ‘That’s the girl who got shot!’ All I could hear was whispering. I saw Amanda coming my way, with her fake sympathetic face. I couldn’t deal with her right now. I closed my eyes and made her walk away from me. I smiled a little. Maybe school won’t be so bad after all. At lunch I looked around for someone to sit beside. I held my tray and my eyes swivelled around the room. I was about to throw my lunch in the trash and go to the library until I heard a voice shouting my name. I turned round and saw Peters friend Ned waving to me. I hesitated before walking over and sitting down beside them. Peter said an awkward hi, and then Ned starting into a conversation, asking all sorts of questions. He seemed like a nice guy. Peter was really quiet. CIC 💗
Days have past and your trip was closing to an end.You and Tom were attached at the hip basically.You Guys haven’t put an official title on anything but you both knew.Maddy and Haz are official and Z has been like your bff since Maddy spends most of her time with Haz.*At the hotel your packing to leave* “Maddy you have to pack eventually”you said. “Actually”she said dragging the y.”What”you said “I’m gonna stay here and live with Harrison”She said super fast.You Get your heart drop.You and Maddy had been bestfriends since forever and you had only ever lived with her as a roommate.”Maddy your not staying here”you said as you felt your face begin to burn.”Come on y/n you can stay to”she said pleading “No I can’t Maddy I have a life back home!”You began to shout and she stayed quiet.”Are you really leaving me for some dude you just met?”You finished.”y/n I’m sorry”she said.You were so furious.You stormed out the door and ran down the street.You couldn’t even think straight.How could she do this and leave you all alone.There was only one person you wanted right now and that was Tom.You got a car and drove to the set.You looked in the cars mirror and saw your cheek stained with tears you didn’t even know about.You hopped out the car and looked around the set.You thought this day could not get any worse.You decided to go look in Toms trailer and of course he was not there so you went to Z’s.As you slung the door your heart completely stopped.
Y/n:”come on dude!tell me please” Peter:”it’s nothing important” Y/n:”yes it is,now tell mee Peter” Peters phone buzzed,he got a text message :::peters POV::: I got a message from Mr.stark,he needs my help! Peter:I need to go,it’s an emergency,may needs me Y/n:okay,bye I ran out the front door to see that the sky was all purple,all I can think of was Ariana grandes song,one last time,whatever :::y/n POV::: “I wonder want may needed him to do,I’m bored imma check out his “ Y/n:”wow,what is this?” You grabbed strange thing,you didn’t know what it was so you tested it out Y/n:”wtf was that?i gotta get out of his room,hold up!” You looked out the window and saw the sky purple,like the music video for one last time,you and peters fav song Y/n:”I gotta tell Peter!” I grabbed my phone and tried to text him,it didn’t send,then tried to call him,it hung up quickly,their was no signal,all of a sudden the purge sirens go off,but it was the purge,everyone was running in the streets,I am so scared,I don’t know what to do,well at least I am safe here,someone starts unlocking the door so you tried to hide May:”Peter?!are you here?” Y/n:”oh,hey may Peter isn’t here,he said he went with you?” May:oh...I know what he’s doing” Y/n:”so ,do you know what’s going on out their?” May:”well their is purple clouds out their,and it’s raining literal acid,but it isn’t nature,it’s some type of purple guy,you could see ufo’s out their is the sky and this huge tire type of thing,and this purple guy in the sky” Y/n:”thanos...” May:”whos...thanos?” Y/n:”thanos is this guy that is trying to rule the universe by collecting all the stones in the universe,if he does,then he can wipe out half the universe with a snap” May:”how do you know all this?” Y/n:”my dad,he must be fighting right now with the avengers, I know that they have 1 or 2 stones, I don’t know but I’ve met all of them but never went to the tower so...” May:”with the avengers?your dad is tony stark,iron man?” Y/n:”yeah,it sucks,he gives me no attention” May:”so whos your favorite?” Y/n:”I don’t know, either Thor,Wanda, or spider man” May:”sounds nice-“
Part 7 sry for being late Guys tell me if I should do 2 story’s at once cuz I do have them on the go witting - - - - - - #avengersfanfic #ironman #captainamerica #wandamaximoff #peterfanfic #peterparker #auntmay #spderman #tonystark #steverogers #natasharomanoff #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland2013
please no hate ik this sucks but this is the first time I decided to make one of these. Also I apologize for my hand writing, it sucks. ANYWAYS ENJOY NEW CHAPTERS/PARTS OUT EVERYDAY MY POST DONT REPOST #tom #holland #tomholland #imagine #imagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #tomdaya #fanfic #love #tomhollandfanfic #fanfiction #nohate #haz #spiderman #ironman #thor #loki #blackwidow #marvel #mcu #spidermanhomecoming #infinitywar
You wake up at 6:25 am to get ready for school Y/n:oh,I forgot you were here,my dad is in the kitchen,so you might have to jump out the window... Peter:okay,done that before Y/n:yeah...you mind changing? Peter:oh umm yeah Y’all both changed, (sWipE tO sEE yOur OUtfIt) Peter:okay imma wait outside so we can go to the park and yeah... Y/n:yeah...okay You walked downstairs to the kitchen Y/n:bye mom bye dad,love y’all Pepper:okay,it’s really cold,it’s snowing so cover yourself Y/n:mmkay,bye Y/n:let’s go Peter Peter:I broke up with Liz already Y/n:how? Peter:by text Y/n:lame,could’ve done it in person Peter:whatever,oh they are already in the park just waiting for us Y/n:I brought 1k $ I didn’t know if we needed more Peter:you didn’t have to bring any... Y/n:just Incase! Y’all got to the park and they were blasting music Flash:get in the van don’t wanna get caught You got in the back meanwhile Peter went in the front Tatiana:you got something going on with Peter? Y/n:what?no! Tatiana:well he broke up with Liz,and everyone knows it,and suspecting that y’all have something going on Y/n:wym everyone? Tatiana: the whole school,keep up bitch Y/n:fuck you Jose:calm down girls,y’all got something against eachother? Y/n:I don’t but it seems like Tatiana does Jose:just ignore her,she gets jealous when pretty girls are around her Tatiana:stfu Jose,and I don’t get jealous Jose:yeah you do,cause you’re a Virgin,virgin ,virgin,virginnnnnnn Y/n:stop it Jose,pretty sure your a Virgin too Flash:we are here guys Y’all were in the very back of a dark alley ,their was fire too keep y’all warm Peter:okay so we still have to plan this out Flash:okay,we have to make sure the district doesn’t call the police,so we will make and anonymous donation with a letter saying no matter what happens ,do not call the police Peter:and how are we gonna get the money for the donation? Flash:use a fake credit card and donate the money,no one will know who that was Y/n:what are y’all planning to do..? Peter:take over the school,on the last week of school ,kidnap the teachers and shit Y/n:y’all can have fun cause I’m not doing that You started to walk away then Peter grabbed your arm aggressively
You swung down into the alley and saw Peter pushed up against the wall by a guy in a black mask. "Um sir", you said, "Release the Spiderboy and come get me" The guy looked at you. Peter still had his mask on so it's a good thing you got there before his identity was exposed. "You're the girl", the guy said. "Excuse me?", You asked. "You're the girl that was bit by the spider that night we had you", he said. "Its y-you?", You asked scared. "That's right. And Spiderman here is gonna get it for killing our spider", he said taking out a knife. He stabbed Peter. Peter screamed. "No!", You screamed. *You wake up* You're breathing heavily. Your heart is beating out of your chest. "May!?", You screamed. You ran out of your room and saw May sitting down on the couch. She looked at you and saw you crying and shaking. "Y/n?", She asked, "Oh dear. Come here. Come here" She stood up and walked over to you and hugged you. "Wh-wheres P-Peter?", You asked crying. "He's not back home yet", she said worried. Then the door opened. You jumped. Peter looked at you and stood in shock but then snapped back into reality. "Y/n?", He said closing the door and walking towards you. You ran to him and hugged him. "It felt so real", you sobbed. "What did?", He asked. "Y-you we-were sta-stabbed", you whimpered. "Oh I see", he said holding you closer, "You had another nightmare didn't you?" "Y-yeah", you sniffled. He picked you up. "I'll fix dinner", May said. "Thanks Aunt May", Peter said. Peter walked into your room and closed the door. He layed you down on the bed and got on his knees beside the bed. "Tell me more about it babe", he said worried. "It was the guy who did this to me", you said tearing up. "The guy who made the spider bite you?", He asked. "Y-yeah", you said stuttering. "I don't know what to do", he said putting his hands in his face. "Don't leave me ever Peter. Never", you said putting you hand on his shoulder. "I won't. I promise", he said looking up at you. "Even if we have this huge mission in the future. You can't leave me", you said. "I won't sweetie", he said. You slightly smiled. "I feel a little better", you said. "I'm glad", he said. (End of Part 3)
PART 1!! Part 2 will be posted tomorrow guys!! Please be patient as college has began and I already have loads of homework to do and also have work! Love you all 💗
I got this idea from @love_tomholland1996 . There is hate towards Tom and it sucks. Then there is hate towards others in this fandom. We are here to love and support Tom. Not to tear each other apart. I try to be nice to everyone until someone attacks me for my opinions. In this edit I showed everyone my dms. I get random messages from sweet people telling me sweet things. I haven't had many people attack me but there has been quite a few. But I ignore it and delete and move on with my life. If Tom saw how much hate was going towards one of his fans how do you think he would feel? He would want us to put aside our differences and love one another. It's hard to talk about how we've come to this. Hatred towards him. Hatred towards us. But as you can see. We all love Tom. We love him for who he is and we stand up for him once there is hate. He's amazing and I love him so much. And everyone making fan accounts for him feel the same way. I think it's time to push past the drama and be a family again. Some will not forgive or forget what others have said about them. But it's what Tom would want. He doesn't want us to hate each other. Nobody wants that for their supporters. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all. We are all amazing. So stop ripping each other apart with hateful words. In the end, Tom is the one who changed our lives for the better. He's helped so many people through rough times in their life. He's bright. Full of love and compassion. He's an inspiration to many. We all love you Tom @tomholland2013 . And I love you all ❣️ • @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandfanfic #peterparker #peterparkeredits #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerfanfic #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #marvel #mcu #avengers #infinitywar
A couple of weeks have passed since the day I got back from the hospital and filming of Spider-Man Far From Home is over. And in just a few simple days its time for the premiere! I was so excited for Tom. This is one of his biggest movies and he is so excited too. “Hey Tom?” “Yes darling?” “How about we go shopping! You know for new outfits” “Yea sure! I’d love that. And you could give me some fashion advice!” “I hoped that you could give me some!” I say and chuckle. We both get into Toms Audi and drive off to the mall. “You do know there’s going to be a lot of paparazzi right?” “It doesn’t matter as long as I’m with you” I say and stroke his perfect cheek. He smiles brightly and keeps his attention on the road. We arrive at the mall and Tom drags me past all the stores I usually go to and we walked up a couple of stairs. I never go up there because the things that they sell at these stores were worth a fortune. “Uh Tom you walked past the store I wanted to go to downstairs” “Darling you deserve to go through these stores and pick anything you want” “Tom I can’t take your money. I’m paying for myself okay?” ”Please love I’ll pay” “Tom I actually want to pay for myself!” “Okay I give up” He says and puts up his hands in the air to show defeat. We stumble into the first store to look for some clothes for Tom. He instantly ran away from me as we entered and grabbed at least 10 outfits. He then rushed into the changing room. He then had this hilarious fashion show for me showing off his moves left and right. I don’t think I have ever had that much fun in a really long time. At the end we decide to go for a gray gorgeous suit. “Hey love I need to use this bathroom, go look in some stores while you are waiting” I nod and he runs off to the bathrooms. I decide to go to the jewelry store. There were so many beautiful things in there and I got really stuck for a necklace *swipe to see*. It was so beautiful with a silver chain and a small heart shaped stone at the end of the chain. It was so beautiful yet simple. But the price tag was way off what I can afford. “You like that one?” “Yea but it’s way to expensive” (cic)
TOM’S POV I got home back from the set with Haz. “Y/n, I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat,” I said. But the house was dead silent. I suddenly had a bad feeling. Something didn’t feel right. “Y/n?” I said. “Y/n where are you?” Haz and I looked everywhere but she wasn’t there. I decided to call her. As soon as I called her, I heard a phone ring. I followed the sound and saw y/n’s phone on the kitchen floor, cracked. “She’s not here,” Haz said, coming downstairs. “I know, she left her phone too,” I said. “Where could she be? Why would she leave without her phone or telling us where she’s going?” Haz said. “I don’t know,” I said. Then I remembered. “We have security camera on the doors, we should check it,” I said. We headed in the room where the laptop was. I turned it on and clicked on the folder that held all the footage. I checked today’s and fast forwarded a little. Then I found something suspicious. There was a man, and a lady dressed in black head to toe. I couldn’t recognize their faces because they had hats and sunglasses on. “Haz, look” I said. We watched the guy come into the house. But the girl stayed outside. Then she spotted the security camera. She got a piece of rock and threw it at the camera. Then the screen went black. “No!” I shouted. I checked the other security camera footages but they were no where in sight. I ran outside and checked the camera and it was all broken and shattered. “Who were they?” Haz asked. “Well it’s obvious that they took y/n,” I said. “Tom, there’s no proof, you don’t know for sure if they took her,” Haz said. “I know Haz ok? I just know. I know they took her,” I shouted. “Ok, but how are we gonna find her?” He asked. “I don’t know.. I don’t know,” I said. ——————————— #tomholland #spiderman #peterparker #hazosterfield #harrisonosterfield #hollanders #quackson #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfanfic
10 minutes passed and y’all faced the opposite direction,so you decided to just talk Y/n:hey Peter Peter:yeah? Y/n:did you really want to date liz? Peter:no,I don’t know why I even asked her out Y/n:well maybe you didn’t want any guy dating her and you wanted her all to you,for when you actually love her,which makes you selfish Peter:I’m not Y/n:everyone’s scared of you,and you like that cause it makes you think your the shit Peter:well maybe I am Y/n:see you just accepted it,cause you think you are but no one has said that Y’all both turned around facing eachother Peter:well I’ve been thinking I’m the shit cause people say it Y/n:whatever,how long have you been in that school? Peter:2 Years Y/n:wow,I thought you barely came to that school,I loved going to the carnivals in October,they gave out free snow cones....... Ask you kept talking Peter just stared into your eyes realizing he loves you,love at first sight ,well not really but he knew he loved you Y/n:Peter you their? Peter:oh um yeah Y/n:what are you thinking of?of your true love? Peter:actually I am Y/n:wow,liz right? Peter:no,it’s actually...this is so stupid of me but...you Y/n:you’re so funny Peter no one loves me,and no one will ever love me,someone like you won’t Peter:I um... Peter grabbed you into a kiss You didn’t know what to do because you’ve never kissed anyone so you just relaxed and let him do his thing,you got on top of him,still kissing,😍,anyways Peter finally pulled away Peter:y/n I am really sorry if you didn’t want anything to do with me,if you want I can leave Y/n:no,it’s fine,let’s continue...? You took your shirt off and he took his shirt off as well as his pants, you forgot about everything,y’all kept kissing,then you took your shorts off as well as your underwear,he kissed your neck leaving you hickeys(rip readers under 12) You moaned in pleasure,he then took his boxers off,he got on top of you,he slowly went in you,you started moaning,he then covered your mouth so no one could hear ,he went faster and faster, Y/n:oh fuck Peter:shh don’t want your parents to hear Y/n:it doesn’t matter,their on the other side of the other side of the fucking house (CIC)
part 1.5! i will be posting the rest of part 1 today, hope it’s not too bad i tried!! comment what you think 💕 - - - - - - tags #tomhollandstories #thomasstanleyholland #iloveyoutom #tommyholland #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandedits #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanfiction #fanfiction
Part 3 guys so I totally regret about the 7 years thing, last night I was thinking about it and damn 7 years is just too much. So forget about it, only 4 years have passed, Y/n is 19/20 years now! Anyway, I’m sorry about that xx - - - - - #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandedit #tomhollandedits #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandfanfiction #spiderman #mcu #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandtextpost #tomhollandtextposts #textposts #quackson #tomhollandfanpage
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