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CHAPTER FOUR: Y/N’s POV: •Four days later• Tom and I had just purchased our plane tickets, now we just have to figure out the final details, like what we are going to do about Harrison and the fans. Thankfully one of our problems decided to sort themselves out. “Y/N can I talk to you?” Harrison asks, his hand laying on my shoulder. I hop up from the beanbag I was sitting on and follow him into his room as Tom stares at the two of us confused. “I know this is going to be awkward Y/N,” Harrison sighs for a moment, “but I’m going to have to move out, I need to move to New York for a few months for a job. Which means it’s only going to be you and Tom in the apartment.” “What?” I feel guilty, after all I’m more happy than I should be. Thankfully helping the boys practice their lines has given me a fare bit of acting ability. I manage to allow a tear to fall. “It’s only for a few months Y/N and then I will be back, and we can call all of the time.” I smile and hug Harrison tightly. Upset by the fact that he is leaving but at the same time relieved by one of Tom and my problems being sorted. Wow, what a horrible person I am. TBC❤️
(Your perspective) "Dad I'm fine. I can go to school" I said while grabbing my school. "Are you sure? Do you want me to sent an undercover cop or-" "No dad it's fine. Peter is gonna be there to protect me if aliens kidnap me" I said sarcastically. He pulled me into a hug. "I just want to protect you" he whispered into my ear. "I know" I hugged him tighter. "Your name is supposed yo be Y/n Hogan. So in case something happens we'll send happy. So all the teachers will call you Hogan instead of stark so we can protect your identity. No one knows except of peter and the Avengers and we have to keep it that way" I looked up at him "okay". Then I grabbed my keys and got out of the house. Happy was going to drive me there. "hey kid" "Hey happy" we started moving. "So, excited for your first day back to school?" "Yeah but I'm kind of nervous you know. I've lost a week of classes and I don't know if I'm going to be able to follow with the rest of the class" he looked at me confused through the mirror. "Are you serious? You got the stark genes, you're a genius. Remember that time when you made tony a watch that could transform into a iron fist? The one with the shooters like the ones he has one his suit" "The nanotech one?" "Yeah, yeah. And you made it when you were like..." "12" "Exactly. And you're worrying about following through with the class? Honestly, I don't even know why you want to go to school. You don't need it" "I might not need school but I need friends" then we were really close to the school so I told Happy to drop me there cuz I don't want people to see me go out of this expensive ass car. "Bye happy" I waved "Good luck y/n". So I walked the rest of the way "y/n" I heard a familiar voice call me as I entered the school. It was peter and a boy with him "peter" I ran up to them and hugged peter "Good morning y/n how are you feeling?" "I'm perfect" "Hey I'm Ned" the boy said giving out his he and for me to shake "y/n nice to meet you" I smiled "And how exactly do you know each other?" I spoke before peter had the chance to "My dad knows his aunt. They were friends so we met" "ohhhhh ok" *time jump* (Peter's perspective) I had P.E. with y/n and Ned.⬇️⬇️⬇️
A part 1 of 2 Tom Holland imagine 💛 okay, so usually my imagines are sad and that so for hitting 1000 I’m doing a happy imagine and this will be in 2 parts ! How exciting! Oh god, it’s too early for me. Anyways sorry for not posting last night, I was revising for a math test that I have today, wish me look! So I decided to post this morning at 7am. Fun. Anyways enjoy! 🙃 #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #tomxreader #mcu #mcuimagine #marvel #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #avengers #avengersimagines #interviewimagines #imagines #happyimagine (audio credit to @Icviathanaudios 💞)
my choir performance sucked we were so quiet - imagine is in comments
Part 11- He sat in the sun with me his face smiling lightly. "I should get going. I'm sorry though. A-about your boyfriend." He said quickly standing up. I stood up with him looking at him. "Thanks," I said not liking how it sounded when I talked. He nodded then looking over at the sunset. I realised we had been talking for almost an hour. "I'll see you in class tomorrow," he said quietly. I nodded wanting him to stay. He then nodded slowly again before turning around about to run off. I gripped his hand turning him around and kissing him lightly. He stared at me shock covering his face. I felt the shock on my own face matching his. "Oh..I'm. Oh my-" I started not knowing what I just did. Peter then kissed me his hand on my cheek. I stood there kissing the cute nerd of the school how stood in the Spiderman suit. Talk about an upgrade.  _______________ A/n- tell me what you think❤ #tomholland #tomhollandedit #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandfanfic #peterparker #peterparkeredit #peterparkerimagine #peterparkeefanfic #marvel #marveledit #marvelimagine #marvelfanfic #zendaya #zendayaedit #zendayaimagine #zendayafanfic #harrison #harrionedit #harrisonimagine #harrisondfanfic
~Part 7: Prove it~ “Excuse me?” Flash says in utter shock. My eyes widen. What the hell is he doing? I shoot Peter a look. “I said get lost..” Peter repeats. “Oh i see.. you going to the formal with Penis Parker aren’t cha Y/n?” He says with a grin. I shake my head in confusion “wha-“ Peter cuts me off “yes. She is Flash. Now you can get lost or your gonna get through me.” He mumbles. “Prove it Parker..” Flash says still looking at me. I swear if a fight happens here and now Peter will either get expelled or detention all because of me. “Peter.. its oka-“ He cuts me off again. “I’ll prove it then” he says. He turns to me and i look up at him. I raise a brow. He walks towards me and leans in. Closer to my face ever than he’s been before he plants his lips right on mine and kisses me then pulls away. He winks and i just stand there in shock. “That enough proof for you?” He says turning back to Flash. “That is enough. Y/n you could have just said no..” Flash turns to me. I sigh “you know if you weren’t such a bitch and so damn full of shit maybe it would have been harder to say no. The minute you asked.. i wanted to say no.” I walk away. Leaving Peter and Flash behind. I bump into someone. “Sorry..” I mumble looking down. “It’s okay sweetie. You seem stressed, wanna talk?” Its a girl.. i havent talked to any girl at this school. “Yeah sure okay..” I look up. She seems nice. “What’s your name sweetie?” She asks. “Y/n.. Y/n Rogers” I smile at her. “Well nice to meet you Y/n. My name is Michelle Jones.. but you can call me MJ.” She smiles back and i nod my head. Finally another friend. “So whats up?” She asks as she starts walking. “Umm, this guy asked me to the Formal i wanted to say no he made it hard to say no, thankfully my uh neighbor i guess/ crush came to the rescue” I look down. “Dang.. thats tuff but you know.. boys will be boys” she scoffs. I nod my head in agreement and we both laugh. -End of Part 7-
Part 2 for you guys, I wish you all are enjoying this story like I am ☺️ Lots of love! * * #tomholland @tomholland2013 #tomhollandau #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandfanfic #inlovewithamoviestarimagineaustory #hollanders #hollander
“It started in summer” Part one!!💖 Comment what you think?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . {tags} #tomhollandfans #tomholland #tomhollanders #tomholland1996 #tomholland2013 #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic
The cutest little bean 🤩🤩 ————————————————————————credit: @cuddlypeter ——————————————————————— #infinitywar #avengers #spiderman #tomholland #peterparker #avengersedits #spidermanedits #tomhollandedits #tomholland2013 #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandimagine #chaoswalking #intheheartofthesea #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanedit #edgeofwinter #pilgramage #cute #puppy #tom #sweet #hello
Here is Part 3 I hope you like it💛💎 ---------------------------------------------------- #spidermanfanfic #spidermanfan #spiderman #peterparker #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkerfan #fanfiction #fanfic #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland #tomhollandfan
A Christmas Gift // Part 33 It was the day before Christmas Eve. Jon and Lauren had flew in yesterday, but they were both in their family's homes. "I think you shouldn't think about him." Jonah says. You were currently talking to your older brother about the situation. You and him always had a good relationship. When it came to needing advice about things, he always was there for you. "I know it hurts, but it's going to be okay. You're here in California. Leave that back in New York. If he comes back to you, then it will be at the perfect time, at a time where he won't be confused, where there's no one else." He advises you as you nod. "It's just hard you know. Everyone around me is in love, and I'm here. A 21 year old girl, still single as ever." You say as you sigh. "The right guy will come along I know it." He says. "Thank you." You say as you hug him while he kisses your head. "Anything for you little sis," He says, "excuse me while I help Alissa out there." He says as you look over to your sister-in-law struggling to decorate the backyard. You nod him over as he goes to the backyard. You sat back on the stool by the kitchen island, watching your mom and dad finish up lunch. You smile at them, seeing the love they shared. You drift your eyes to your brother, Jonah and Alissa who were dancing outside in the backyard as they decorated it for tomorrow's party. You kept thinking back to your chances at finding a love like theirs, but each time you thought of it, it made your eyes water. You shake it off and wipe the tears away before they fell after one another. It seemed like everybody around you were in love except you. Maybe it wasn't your time to find someone yet. You get up from the stool as you set your mug into the sink. "Hey dad, could I use the car?" You ask him. "Sure! What for exactly?" He asks. "I just need some fresh air." You say as he nods you to go ahead. "Take care and drive safe! We love you!" Your mom yells as you tell her thank you and I love you before exiting out of your home. You get into the car and drive off to The Grove. You decided to just walk around. You went from store to store just looking at all sorts of stuff⬇️⬇️⬇️
“It started in Summer” New fanfic is up!!! I’ll be posting these at least twice a week💖👌 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . {tags} #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfans #tomhollandposts #tomhollandedits #tomhollanders #tomholland1996 #tomhollandposts
Part 9❤️🕷 ahhh 100 followers thank you guys so much💗 • • #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #harrisonosterfield #zendaya #harryholland #samholland
“So, you and Tom?” Bella asked me, when Haz and Tom were gone. “What do you mean?” I asked her. “Come on Y/N, he totally likes you!” She exclaimed. “Oh shut up, I’ve known him for a day” I told her and puched her in the arm. “Wel, maybe you just don’t like him YET” she said and pulled me to the side of the rink. I rolled my eyes and looked to the direction of the boys and saw Tom staring. When he noticed I looked, he quickly looked away, but I could see a smile on his face. Does he like me? “Maybe he has a girlfriend” I said and crossed my arms while leaning against the side of the rink. “Wel, go find out” Bel said. “Yeah, that’s not gonna look desperate” I laughed. “Whatever, I’m just saying that you guys would be cute” she shrugged. Tom’s POV: Y/N looked very cute being so concentrated. She was looking at her feet, making sure she didn’t fall. But then Bella yelled her name, which scared her and before I knew it she was laying on top of me. “Oh my god, I-I’m so sorry” she said, clearly embarassed. I stared at her for a second and then we both started laughing. “Are you guys okay?” Bella asked. We both nodded. “Tom can I talk to you for a sec?” Haz asked, looking kinda mad. “Um, yeah sure” I said confused, while getting up. I followed Haz to the other side of the rink. “What’s up?” I asked him. “Aren’t you forgetting about someone?” Haz asked me. “What do you mean?” I asked confused. “I’m talking about your girlfriend” he said seriously. I sighed and looked at the ground. “Mia and I aren’t on best terms at the moment and-“ “That doesn’t mean you can cheat on her” Haz interupted me. “Woah, I’m not cheating! Nothing happened between me and Y/N” I defended myself. “I can see you like her, you are drooling all over her” Haz told me. I licked my lips and turned my face to look at Y/N. She was talking with Bella, then she turned her head to me. I quickly looked back to Haz, but couldn’t help but smile. Damn it... “See, you’re even smiling right-“ “I know, Haz” I said annoyed. “Look, I don’t really like Mia, she’s kind of a brat” Haz began. Ehm, woah okay? I just raised my brows. “But nobody deserves to be cheated on, so stop liking Y/N or break up with Mia” Haz ⬇️⬇️
Part 14! Aka the end💘 - - - I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! I don’t know when the next story is going to be uploaded but I think pretty fast! Ly🥰❤️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandedit #tomhollandedits #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #fanfic #fanfiction #fanfics #quakson #quaksons
MUST READ THIS FIRST!!! I wrote this part ages ago and i never added the notification and i forgot what it was so lets just forget about that❤️ • • • #tomholland #tomholland2013 #peterparker #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandedit @tomholland2013
Part 10- He sat that way for an unmeasurable amount of time. "Hey, guy?" I asked seeing him not moving. He then looked over at me, I felt my breath get caught in my throat. "Parker?" I asked, not believing it. "It's Peter." he sighed lightly. "Whoa...Whoa!" I said my brain not grasping it. Peter nodded slowly. "But you can't tell anyone," he said in his now nerdy voice. I nodded slowly staring at his face as I committed it to memory. "I won't," I told him honestly. "Peter Parker is Spiderman," I said more to myself than him. I leant against the wall staring over at him. "Yeah, I know. Crazy right?" he said looking at his hands. We both sat there out legs straight out in front of us, backs pressing on the brick wall. I stared over at him. ______________________ #tomholland #tomhollandedit #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandfanfic #peterparker #peterparkeredit #peterparkerimagine #peterparkeefanfic #marvel #marveledit #marvelimagine #marvelfanfic #zendaya #zendayaedit #zendayaimagine #zendayafanfic #harrison #harrionedit #harrisonimagine #harrisondfanfic
On the 4th day of Christmas Tom’s parents gave to me!!! 4 Holland boys, 3 broken noses, 2 sandals on a new level, and the cutest smile everrrr. —- • • • • • • • • • • • • • • —- #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagines #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfans #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandfanfic #tomholland1996 #tomhollandposts #tomhollandvideos #tomhollandfanpage #tomhollandspiderman
I'm sorry that the story is still boring and sorry for my bad grammar😂😂 but here is Part 2💛😂 ---------------------------------------------------- #peterparker #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkerfan #tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfan #mcu #spidermanfan #spiderman #spidermanfanfic #fanfiction #fanfic
Part 2 -you didn’t see it coming -tell me what you think about it -YDSIC #tomholland2013 #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanfic #likeforlikfe #followforfollow
(Either swipe or read below) Part 4..PETER PARKER While I was throwing my lunch tray in the trash can(dustbin), Y/n bumped into me. I helped her get up. But the sight, of her crying, triggered me. I tried to ask her about it, but she walked away. I even followed her out of school and her super serious honest answer to my extremely simple question triggered me even more. She said, that people only ask her for Liz and not for herself. And I'm really sad to admit, but it's quite true. Liz's glory is suppressing her sunshine in so many ways. She challenged me, that I didn't even know her full name, but that wasn't true, at all. She's studying with me for 4 years now and I have always admired her as an 'ideal student', so of course I know her name. So I called her by her complete name, which caught her by surprise. Talking to her killed my mood to attend Liz's party and of course I could never forget that 'Penis Parker' drama, at her last party, also Ned is going to visit his relatives, so I'm left with no specific reason to attend this party, except Liz, but she never cares about me. What an unfair world! I decided to patrol the city at night, as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and unexpectedly saw Y/n, walking out of the movie theatre. I was wondering how somebody could watch a movie alone?! I landed behind her, grabbing her attention. I tried to talk to her. (which didn't end well, I guess?! maybe not even start well!) "Soo..Well.. I'm Spider-man." What a lame introduction, but I still held out my arm for a handshake. She narrowed her eyes looking at me. "Of course, I know you are Spider-man!" She said shaking my hand. "So, what's up, with Spider-man talking to a strange girl at this time?" she questioned. "Just saw you alone, so I thought, I could give you company!" I answered, sounding genuine. She smiled at this. "S-so, you-u saw this movie alone?" I don't understand, why I am so nervous and stutter often. "I didn't have anyone else" She said, with her smile fading away. "Hmm..You could have asked someone from school, like Peter.. Peter Parker. I've met him, I'm sure he would've loved to see Star Wars with you" I said. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS👇)
Part seven! This is a short one.#tomholland #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandimagines
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