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Skin Needling Working it’s magic ✨ this is just 6 weeks apart!
We still have a few of these @peachy_keen_handmade necklaces on sale 🌷
Every season is iced latte season ⚡️
Beautiful open living + dining space. Architect @ryanbriggs ⚡️ @benchmarkrenovations
Hair by @ivorystatehairandmakeup the photo shoot on Sunday. She literally did this in about 10-15 minutes! How amazing! I loved it and it stayed put all day I went from this 🧟‍♀️ to this👸 Thank you lovely x
|NQ BROWS| New client - first session I have been able to reshape the brow and create a much more natural, groomed brow. I always tell my clients that it can take a few sessions to get the brow exactly how they want it. It depends on the shape before, if the hairs have been over-plucked or over waxed and of course how they maintain the brow in between treatments. (No plucking in between) This is a fabulous result for her first session and I can’t wait to see the transformation continue. All clients are provided with aftercare and answers to frequently asked questions 😊
|NQ BROWS| This lovely client is getting married this weekend and we wanted to get her brows wedding ready! We have been working on them over the past few months to perfect the shape and I think it’s safe to say....they are wedding ready! I have used @ponicosmetics to fill in the brow All products available to purchase after your next brow transformation 😁 P.S I will even show you exactly how to fill them in using these fabulous products
Home Decor BOTARIUM nature bottled. Beautiful, colourful and calming floral bottles for style up your home/office. Gives you a little smile on your face eveytime you look at them ✨Handmade by certified florist🌸 They will be available in #toowoonbay #herveybay And #rockhampton ! For more our stockist info please send us message 💭 #sydneymade #madeinaustralia #gift #botanical #inspiredbynature #florist #flowerlovers #kangaroopaw #sydney
|NQ MAKEUP| Take your fiancé to work day! Thanks darling 😘 Fabulous shoot at @theforestchapel working with @stokerentalco @style_vine_events @petal_lane_studio More behind the scenes to come!
Her. ♡
|NQ BROWS| Do you know I work from 9am-8pm? I have some availability for this week, message to book! X
Love watching these guys cruise over the reef #portjackson
-Spherical Bay-
It’s so beautiful here #toowoonbay
It is important to make alternative cleaning solutions affordable. Soap berries, which are used in replacement of washing machine liquid/powder, from @that_red_house are a great way for people to reduce their chemical exposure, improve their health and save money. Completely natural and vegan, these soapberries are also safe for the environment 🌏 . . . . . #govita #govitabateaubay #govitaaustralia #bateaubay #bateaubaysquare #longjetty #forrestersbeach #toowoonbay #centralcoastnsw #centralcoastnaturopath #centralcoastnutritionist #soapberries #thatredhouse #thatredhousesoapberries #lowtoxliving #chemicalfree #allnatural #organic #vegan #vegansofcentralcoast #environmentallyfriendly #ecofriendly #naturalhouse #chemicalfreeliving #eczemafriendly
-Toowoon Bay Fantasy-
|NQ BROWS| One of my regular clients! She was able to stretch her appointment out by 6 weeks this time as she keeps up with her sessions regularly. The re-growth isn’t too bad and the brow has still kept its shape. Regular brow maintenance is so important! You won’t get the best results by having them done twice a year and the results show! Filled in with my favourite @ponicosmetics 🦄 •Brow pencil •Brow highlighter •Clear Brow Gel All super easy to use and available to purchase at your next treatment 😊
|NQ BROWS| One of my regular clients. This gorgeous lady has been using Eyenvy on both her brows and lashes and the results are amazing! They have both grown so much and her brows are so much fuller. She is so happy that she bought another serum today to stock up! To finish off my treatment I applied @ponicosmetics •Brow highlighter (applied with the Pro Brow Brush) •Brow pencil •Brow Clear Gel I have some available appointments for next week 😊
We have lots of beautiful books in store ⚡️
|NQ BROWS| This is one of my regular clients! Just look at how well her brows keep their shape in between treatments 😍 This lovely client has been using @eyenvyaustralia to help her brows to grow thicker and stronger. Such fab results 👏 Eyenvy is a brow and lash serum that helps hairs to grow. You just apply it once a day and watch your hairs grow. It’s perfect for anyone struggling to grow their hairs, over plucked or thin brows. It’s all so great for ladies (and boys) who want curlier, longer and thicker lashes. Available to purchase from my studio x
So this gorgeous soul got up at 3.30am this morning so she could get home sooner to see me 🙊 The way this girl loves me is beyond what I ever could have dreamed. ❤️ I’m the luckiest ever! Also, I kind of needed an excuse to post this because... 🔥🔥🔥
Sweet like a chica cherry soda 🍒 Our cold pressed Sour Cherry Soda!
|NQ BROWS| Brow Correction! This lovely client is trying to grow her brows out, we have still been able to create a nice shape removing the right hairs and applying tint. Filled in with my favourite brow products: @ponicosmetics Brow highlighter $26 Brow pencil $29 Brow gel $26
|NQ BROWS| Brow Correction Over-plucked, shaved or shapeless brows can be transformed. This was from my gorgeous client’s first treatment. We we continue to let them grow and I will clean them up every 4 weeks so they are more manageable for the client. I tinted the brow hairs and the skin so that the client can see the shape that we are creating. I also showed the client how to fill in the brows using makeup between treatments 😊 Your brows are in safe hands with NQ!
As some of you may know I am getting married on the 14th of December (I know I still can’t believe someone actually wants to marry me) so I will be having that week off. As my family will be over from the UK (I haven’t seen my cousins in 4 and a half years!) I won’t be working as much. I will still be working, but I won’t be as flexible with last minute bookings. Can you please keep this mind and start booking in for November and December so it is locked in so I can start organising my diary. Or just rebook at your next appointment 😊 I am usually very flexible and will start and work till whatever time to fit everybody in and even work on my schedule days off but during this time all appointments will need to be pre-booked so I can arrange and plan for family time. Of course, I will try and ensure everyone has perfect brows for Christmas but I just wanted to set the expectation just in case I can’t fit you in or if you try and book last minute. BASICALLY, the moral of this huge post just in case you get board reading it is....start booking in your appointments for November and December ASAP 👍🏻 Thanks for your continued support, I love you all ❤️ xxx
Peace 🌊🌿 Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions. #peace #calm #content #emotions #wavesoflife #anxious #healing #health #matters #wellbeing #mindset #essentialoils #doterralife #mum #natural #toowoonbay
S u c h a l o v e l y w a y 🍉 #sydney #toowoonbay #drive #appriciateforeverything
|NQ BROWS| I have said it once or twice and I will say it again, no matter what colour or style brow a client has, I will always finish off EVERY brow transformation using the @ponicosmetics Clear Brow Gel
BRUNCH // Don't skip lunch #centralcoastnsw #toowoonbay PC:@twobirdsgallerycafe
At GoVita Bateau Bay we only stock raw natural honey from happy bees 🐝 You can rest assured that there is no fake honey in this store! Honey has natural antibacterial properties, assists in promoting relaxation, is rich in antioxidants, can help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels 🍯 . . . . . . #govita #bateaubay #toowoonbay #bateaubaysquare #govitaaustralia #longjetty #centralcoastnsw #centralcoastnutritionist #centralcoastnaturopath #honey #rawhoney #raw #naturaltherapies #allnatural #lowtoxlife #healthyfood #organicfood #organichoney #healthfoodstore #supportlocal #australiancertifiedorganic #australianowned #organicfoodie
|NQ BROWS| Before pic was taken - July After pic was taken September This amazing client has been coming to see me every 4 weeks since July and has not been tweezing in between treatments and it has totally paid off. Not only do I appreciate my clients taking my advice and coming to see me regularly but I’m so grateful that they trust me. Not only do I love transforming my clients brows I love our chats, laughs and time together. If anyone is worried about having their brows done or have any questions please feel free to send me a message or email. NQ X
|NQ MAKEUP| Makeup for this gorgeous client ❤️ $70
This weeks PEAutiful special is Beetroot hummus with crispy peas, mushies + halloumi served on toasted sourdough ⚡️
Love Forever Changing Toowoon Bay #toowoonbay #longjetty @adrianzigursdavies
That is one big motha cuppa ⚡️
Beautiful new prints in store 📷 @rayell__
May your week be as fabulous as this outfit 😍
|NQ TIPS| Always use a damp sponge when applying your foundation or concealer. I dry sponge or beauty blender will soak up all the product and not give you the results you want. If you want a smooth application and base you must dampen your sponge!
|NQ BROWS| This is a clients transformation over the last few months. First pic is most recent It can take a few treatments to get that perfect shape, but with regular brow maintenance and a little patience we can get there!
16. Swish - earlier this year we stayed at Kim’s Beachside Resort for my hubby’s birthday. Pretty swish 😊 #FMS_swish #fmspad #littlemomentsapp #toowoonbay #centralcoast #centralcoastnsw
Spring vibes 🌷⚡️
No Monday-itis here || 🙊 #daytrips #toowoonbay #centralcoastnsw
Our beautiful Lab Silvy went missing from Shelley Beach yesterday morning, She is wearing a tag with our phone number and also micro chipped ,Please message us if you have seen her 😕😢🙏 #centralcoastnsw #centralcoast #bateaubay #shelleybeach #shelleybeachmarkets #theentrance #longjetty #killarneyvale #forrestersbeach #bluebay #toowoonbay #labrador #lab
Our beautiful Lab Silvy went missing from Shelley Beach yesterday morning, She is wearing a tag with our phone number and also micro chipped ,Please message us if you have seen her 😕😢🙏 #coastalzenyoga #centralcoastnsw #centralcoast #bateaubay #shelleybeach #shelleybeachmarkets #theentrance #longjetty #killarneyvale #forrestersbeach #bluebay #toowoonbay #labrador #lab
It’s a perfect day for waffles aka pancakes with convenient syrup traps ⚡️ banana, strawberry or chocolate available ⚡️
Me: counts down all week until the weekend so I can sleep in, waking up naturally and not to the noise of my alarm Also me: despite all plans to sleep in, my body clock wakes me up a hour before my alarm would have, rendering me in need of coffee more on the weekend than any other day. I assume this is everyone so see you from 8am tomorrow ⚡️
Avocado and salmon go together like avocado and literally everything 🥑
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