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Take a leap of faith. Maybe you'll land on something beautiful. Ryan G Adair . . . @calligraphiewithliz @adairpoetry #lettersandpoetrywithliz . . . Hunt 101 nib Sumi ink . . . #copperplate #leapoffaith #taketheleap #findyourpurpose #createlifeyoulove #lifeadvice #higherawareness
Playing around with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and my new Zebra Brush Pen from The Happy Ever Crafter's Brush Pen Favourites 😊 - Only ONE more week until Christmas!!!!! 🎄 #barrie #innisfil #ontariocalligrapher #ontariocalligraphy #tombowdualbrushpens #thehappyevercrafter #zebrabrushpens #handlettering #torontocalligraphy #moderncalligraphy #bemerrybebright #christmas @thehappyevercrafter @tombowusa
90/100 baseline exemplar! It's the home stretch everyone! Every time I get to a baseline I get really excited. Even though there are mistakes (that R 🙈), I'm so proud of how far I've come!! . . . #calligraphy #copperplate #the100dayproject #tees100daysofcopperplate #100daychallenge #exemplar #baseline #alphabet #majuscule #miniscule #numbers #abcs
Week 3 of the #ASDecemberLettering Challenge is up! Did you get your free traceable worksheets? You can get them delivered straight to your inbox every Monday this month by signing up to my mailing list, or grab them for free on my website on my website later this week ❤💚
If you've been following my feed, you probably have seen already that we're officially sold out of all custom ornaments! Thank you, Maraming Salamat everyone! 💖 . . To celebrate, I'm posting these very clever Filipino Food ornaments I wish I have on my tree! 😍
And that wraps the Holiday Special collaboration I did with @bvoyco !! I had so much fun handwriting everyone’s name into their notebook. They looked so good, I couldn’t help sharing some of them!! 😍😍 Happy travels 🛫 If you didn’t get a chance to grab one, head over to https://www.bvoyco.com! It’s never too late for some mindful travelling 🧳 . . . #traveljournal #calligraphy #collaboration #travel #journal #inktopaper #toronto #calligraphyart #torontoart #handwritten #christmas #personalizedgifts #giftidea #mindfultravel #gifts #torontocalligrapher #torontocalligraphy #finetec #gold
Are you guys sick of ornaments yet? 😂 shipping the last of these acrylic ornaments today! This one is going to the winner of my giveaway 🎁
I'l be back at Hudson's Bay at the Eaton Centre this Saturday Dec. 22 from 2-6! Get free personalization with any $20 purchase. Turn your gifts into something special with handlettering ❤ Some of my favs to write on are @frompaperchase journals, snowglobes and ornaments! 🎁
What a great last Calligraphy class of 2018 to cap off an amazing year! I love lettering and can talk about it for way too long lol. Loved chatting about techniques, materials and fun projects like seating charts with this creative group. Thank you all so much for coming and learning a fun new skill! . The last Brush Lettering workshop of the year is Tuesday December 18th - there's still a few spots left! And the 20% sale is extended til Christmas! Just use the code MERRYANDBRIGHT at checkout ❤ . Thanks @gerycw for the awesome photo!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Sharing a snap from yesterday's live calligraphy session @mujicanada @cfmarkville. I had a wonderful time customizing paper products and met some of the sweetest customers, like a pair of kiddos who were SO excited to gift a set of custom notebooks to their mom. 😍 I'll be at MUJI Atrium Saturday Dec 22 from 2-4. Come by and say hi!
A complete look at the custom Save The Date card and envelope that I worked on a while ago ☺️ Still one of my faves 💕 @carolinehuaa . #customcard #savethedate #envelopeaddressing
My #topnine of 2018! What an amazing year it’s been! I’ve pushed myself passed my limits and created pieces I didn’t think I was capable of. I still really struggle with the confidence to take on challenging projects and I still really struggle with pricing my work, but I have amazing babes supporting me along the way. Huge thank you to @viacalligraphy and @megannicolelettering for all the support in my first year! 🥂 to a new year and all the excitement that comes with it!
Swipe for the most embarrassing “before” pic ever. That’s my 2018 vs. 2016 style progress. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ During my workshops I really make sure that my students learn the basics first so that they have a foundation of solid technique. But as a beginner focusing on pressure and angle, you’re often tracing and learning by example. So as a starting point, your style is likely looking pretty “default” or like someone else’s. But modern brush lettering isn’t about copying fonts, it’s about finding your own unique style. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So where do you go from there? How do you arrive at a style that’s all your own? One that’s distinctive and instantly recognizable? One that sets you so far from the crowd that brands and dream clients want to hire you for you (and don’t price shop around for a cheaper option)? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I always encourage experimentation and regular practice to get there, but finally someone I love and admire has made an online course! My calligra-bestie Jodi of @somedayartco has spent a ton of time creating it and she’s poured her heart into making this incredible resource so you can fast forward into finding your style in 4 weeks (instead of over two years like us lol). Check out the link in my story now for an exclusive 20% off code! And tell me how you’d define your style now?
Multiple batches of ornament were picked up throughout the day today, thanks for those who came to pick up and Merry Christmas! If you are a last minute shopper or thinking of a thoughtful present for your friends, families, teachers, still time to submit ordered to be delivered before Christmas! #calligraphyornaments #packagingdesign #personalizedgifts
#INCPhotoADay Day 15: thankful Everything in me. Happy Year-End Thanksgiving to all INCs! *** Paper: Indigo Sketchbook @indigocanada Pen: Zebra Funwari Fude Colour Brush Pen @incmedianews #brushlettering #zebrapen #calligraphy #lettering #torontocalligraphy #brushpens #paper #bibleverse #psalms #bible #typography #thedailytype #thestoryletter #ChurchOfChrist #IglesiaNiCristo
I am in awe going through photos of this styled shoot we organized this last Fall. The editing, decor, set-up, all of the details - look simple yet very genuine. I can't even believe this is my calligraphy right here. 😲 . . Thank you to all the wonderful ladies involved. You are all beyond talented and a pleasure to work with 💕
More from this lovely styled shoot 💞• Calligraphy/ styling by me Stationary @elegantly_angeleta Flowers @picoteeflowers Jewelry @fluxandform Photography @josie_cipriano_ / @ciprianopalmer Makeup @facesbydom Model @genevievedalby Dress/robe @shopseasonelle
Table setting inspiration for your holiday meals and gatherings! Add your own personal touch with calligraphy handwriting elements. New practice sheet on the blog for you to use! Click on link in bio. #lifeidesign
O N E Y E A R | I know how time flies yet I still find myself surprised that 365 days have passed since Salv and I tied the knot. Our first year has been one for the books for so many reasons. Our Aussie fam traded their summer for our winter (now that's love!) to attend our wedding, we invested in our first home, we sought adventure in Barcelona, Marrakech, and Lisbon for our honeymoon, spent all of August in the hospital in Australia (a story I will share another time), and moved into the new place we are calling home. We certainly shared in both the good times and in the bad, in sickness and in health, and I couldn't have imagined doing it all with anyone else by my side 💕 Happy 1st Anniversary to us!
Finally finishing up my last round of Christmas orders, including these lovely “first home” milestone ornaments! 🏡 🔑
I’m not too sure about this P.. maybe not 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . All I know is the song, “The Time of my Life” wouldn’t stop playing in my head when I wrote this name 😂😂😂 . . . . #knmcalligraphy
H variations! Really need to step up my majuscule variations, or I will still be doing this in Jan! LOL! . . . . #knmcalligraphy
I remember feeling really anxious the first time I posted my services. Then I remember feeling really happy getting my first client, feeling validated when I got my first restaurant gig, feeling more confident as I get corporate businesses, and now, imagine my excitement getting the opportunity to demo at an Art Store! 💖 . . After today's super fun event, I will be back at @deserres (130 Spadina Ave.) on Saturday, December 22nd from 3:00 to 5:00 PM doing demo on custom gift bags, cards, and ornaments! Come out to support and to see this gal in action! 🙋🏽‍♀️🎨
I don't know about you but I'm totally a last minute gift wrapper! What about you? If you're the same as me then you're in luck because I partnered up with @handmadecharlotte to bring to you free printable gift tags featuring my lettering to help you add those final touches to your wrapping game. And if you're up for a challenge, then download the matching worksheets I created so you can practice lettering the holiday phrases yourself! Visit the link in my bio to go directly to the blog post featuring the free printable gift tags and lettering worksheets. You can also read about my experience with lettering and any advice I have for those interested in learning! @handmadecharlotte is a one-stop-shop for all things DIY, recipes, and design inspiration. I'm so honoured to have worked with them to create something for you in time for Christmas! • 📷: @handmadecharlotte #gracesongcalligraphy #handmadecharlotte
Congrats to A+P for their winter wedding today!
‘Tis the season to be... reminded multiple times that when they were my age they were married with two kids, a house, and a golden retriever... I mean jolly 💁🏽‍♀️ #passthewine #smileandnod . . . #moderncalligraphy #typegang #handmade #handlettering #handwriting #handlettered #typography #calligraphyfont #torontocalligraphy #torontocalligrapher #torontoletteringcrew #lettering #modernlettering #handdrawn #diy #procreate #christmasdecor
The last mirror seating chart of the year! Thanks Michelle & Ryan! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It also could be my last seating chart ever? The market is getting really saturated and it seems that there's a lot of price competition out there now and I'm getting undercut left and right (not to mention having people steal my photos too!) But it's also totally understandable— the most visited page on my website (link in bio, because I know you'll ask me) is about how to make a mirror seating chart and I'm always teaching workshops and telling people how to do this themselves, lol. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm not closing the door on this type of project necessarily, but I'm forecasting that it's not going to be my biggest export in 2019. This is not a caption meant to be like "oh poor me" or complaining AT ALL. Just want to put it out there in the universe that your girl is doing less and less weddings, and that's okay. Just making room for bigger projects. And the only way to grow is through change. #signsviacalligraphy
If my hand and arm muscles were located on my stomach, I’d have a six pack. Been working this hand overtime to get this big ol’ stack of holiday cheer ready for the mail! 🖤 . . . . #christmascards #holidaycards #icantfeelmyhand #holidayseason #torontocalligrapher #torontocalligraphy #handlettering #brushlettering #moderncalligraphy #calligraphybykg
Saturday mornings - with a bit of snow and white #whiteornaments #calligraphyornaments
Here’s a snap from the autumn inspired shoot designed & planned by @juniper.event.co If you haven’t already checked out all the beautiful details of this editorial on the Wedding Chicks website, click on the link in my profile to see the full feature! . . . . . . . . #jmpcalligraphy #torontocalligrapher #torontocalligraphy #torontowedding #moderncalligraphy #brushcalligraphy #watercolourcalligraphy #watercolorcalligraphy #handmadepaper #menu #menudesign #weddingmenu
When all your friends are getting engaged and having kids and you’re just over here watching Friends with your cats while eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon... or is that just me? 😌 #pleasehaveanopenbar . . . . #moderncalligraphy #typegang #handmade #handlettering #handwriting #monoline #handlettered #typography #calligraphyfont #torontocalligraphy #torontocalligrapher #torontoletteringcrew #micronpen #lettering #modernlettering #handdrawn #diy #engagement
It’s been a long month, and I can’t express how happy I was to finally finish off all my orders and gifts (all except for the PAY IT FORWARD winners, which will be announced Sunday!) . . I finally have my evenings back and can sleep at a regular time again. 😭😭😭 . . Now on to my next passion project... . . #torontoartist #torontohandmade #torotoart #christmasdecorations #citizencrafts #personalized #calligraphy #torontocalligraphy #torontocalligrapher
Had so much fun writing on ornaments and snow globes today at Hudson's Bay at @cftoeatoncentre ! I'll be back Dec. 15 & Dec. 22 from 2-6pm ❤💚💙💛
Obsessed with these Martha Stewart place cards 😍 perfect amount of gold accents! Congrats to A+P this weekend 🎉
Writing this quote "When its hard to get out of the woods, find comfort in being lost" by Wilder. . . . @wilderpoetry @calligraphiewithliz #lettersandpoetrywithliz . . . Hunt 101 nib Sumi ink . . . . #copperplate #reflectiononlife #yourthoughtscreateyourreality #lifeadvice #lifeslessonslearned #higherawareness #findcomfort
I figured it was about time to post something Christmas-y since we’re only 11 days away!😱 I’ve been lettering all the ornaments behind the scenes! It makes me so happy to think of them up on beautiful trees all over the place!🎄 I still haven’t decorated mine😅 it’s up with lights but no ornaments yet! I did a poll the other day and it turns out I’m not alone, it was about 50/50, so at least there’s that 😂 . . . . . . #handletter #handlettering #calligraphy #lettering #handwriting #writing #handwritten #moderncalligraphy #calligrabasics #wedding #weddingcalligraphy #weddingsigns #torontowedding #torontocalligraphy #torontocalligrapher #ornament #christmasornament #calligraphyornaments #customornaments
Personalized workshop bags ❤
89/100 magnetic inkwell stirrer from @ab_calligraphysupply. I LOVE this stirrer. It's small, lightweight, and sleek with no visible buttons or knobs. It came with one plastic and one glass jar, and two magnets (big and small). The stirrer is perfect for my @calligraphicashop crystal containers, so its a winning combination! . . . @belindachim and @aquino_da_silva make such wonderful calligraphy products (hello Engrossers Ruler!) and are great to work with! I promised myself if Im ever in Macau I will stop by to visit them!! . . . Swipe to see some up close letters using @calligraphicashop rose gold! . . . #calligraphy #copperplate #the100dayproject #tees100daysofcopperplate #100daychallenge #supplies #calligraphysupplies #crystals #shimmer #inks #rosegold #macau #inkstirrer
Christmas Snowflake Flourishing ❄️🎄 Click to see it sparkle ✨ . I used 6 pearlescent Finetec colours here: Copper, Bronze, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, Champagne Silver, and Silver. . And just a reminder that I have a special holiday discount for you guys to get 25% OFF all Finetec products at www.finetecus.com until December 31, 2018 . ➡️ Code: JW25 __ #flourishing #sparkle #snowflake
I thought these weeks leading up to Christmas would be relatively quiet, but I still have so much to do before the big day! Working on some Christmas cards today, hopefully I can cross that off my list. This flourished lettering style is one of the samples included in my holiday traceable worksheets. If you're looking for some brush lettering practice and inspiration, grab yourself a copy! Link in profile. #ep_modernbrushscript #ep_flourishing
I hope you want to see more photos from this styled shoot because I’ve got a few to share over the next little bit as I work on some holiday projects that I can’t share yet!• Calligraphy by me Model @genevievedalby Photography @ciprianopalmer / @josie_cipriano_ Jewelry @fluxandform
Just added these two new acrylic handles as an option to pair with any of my wax seal stamp designs! The Oyster (light grey) is a classic, neutral and goes with everything but the Dusty Pink is 😍 too. Which do you prefer? #gracesongcalligraphy #gs_waxseals #waxsealstamp #getmarked
And that's a wrap! The last workshop of the year has been taught and this group was so warm and amazing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I did 24 freakin' workshops this year (one in NYC!) and I can’t believe how many of you supported me by physically dragging your cute 🍑s out of your homes. Thank you! #learningviacalligraphy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Got someone in your life who’s been trying to get creative? Now you can grab a certificate from @embiria and gift an experience! They’re available in any amount and be used on any of Embiria’s curated experiences ✨ Just email hello@embiria.ca
Some more gift tags! 🎁
Caroling for Cheryl. @marinemom9071 . The Green Pearl did not shine on camera as much as I had hoped. . . . Hunt 101 nib Green Pearl @colirocolors Cardstock . . . #christmasartwork #christmasfeeling #christmas2018 #christmascarols #copperplate #calligraphyvideo #calligraphyvideos
What are the benefits of learning calligraphy? . 💙 Improved mental focus . 💜 Great for relaxation & destressing . 💚 Personalize gifts, weddings, party decor and more . 🖤 The more you practice, the better you get - guaranteed!
In the mail was the awesome flourishing book by Amar (@beinguxer ), sent to me by Lilian (@gwynwanglilian ). I am so excited because it finally arrived!!!!!! It took an extremely long time because of the Canada Post strike, but it made it!! I did an unboxing video, and you can watch it on my YouTube! The link is on my profile, go watch! I will post more calligraphy related videos on there too!! Stay tune!! . . If you’re ever interested to learn calligraphy and you’re in Singapore, go check out Tool Art (@toolartsg ) . . . . #unboxingvideo
If my hand and arm muscles were located on my stomach, I’d have a six pack. Been working this hand overtime to get this big ol’ stack of holiday cheer ready for the mail! 🖤 . . . . #christmascards #holidaycards #icantfeelmyhand #holidayseason #torontocalligrapher #torontocalligraphy #handlettering #brushlettering #moderncalligraphy #calligraphybykg
As a Settlement worker of over 2 years, I've probably facilitated over a 100 workshop sessions by now. These workshops are in wide range of topics: from Arts and Hip-hop dance, to Self-esteem and Family Reunification. Every single workshop plan and every single session comes from the practice of empowerment, client appreciation, and understanding individuals' varying needs, strengths and learning.💕 . . So when @fooodlicious asked me to facilitate an intro tk Brush Calligraphy workshop that she was planning to organize, I knew I had to do it coming from the same genuine approach. And of course, I'm very thrilled to be finally doing this! 🎉 . . If you want to support this gal's very first Calligraphy workshop, check out the link in my bio. We promise to have so much good stuff in store for you when you purchase a ticket! And yes - this is also a great holiday present to your family and pals so don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for gift vouchers! 😀 We hope to see you there! 🍍
I love wrapping gifts!!! 😍
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