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If you're looking for me in the next half an hour, you can find me here...snatching a quiet moment with a freshly baked Dorset Apple cake (apples gathered by my boy and his grandma this morning) and a little bear waiting to be put together. ________________________ #woollenhearted #freshfromtheoven #dorsetapplecake #teddyteatime #teatime #thatsdarling #workinprogress #intheworks #onmytable #onmytabletoday #simpleandstill #thehappynow #cornersofmyworld #petitejoys #pursuepretty #thisismykingdom #flashesofdelight #hurrayforplay #folkandstory #daysofsmallthings #toymakingmamas
Lil forest babe! I got impatient sewing their head on which is why they're looking up and needed a scarf. But I didn't do a great job hiding my sloppy sewing 😂 I made up the body pattern but used my doll pattern for head and hat.
😂😂😂😂 this guy did not turn out how I planned.
Little gnomes we're making for my nephew. Still need a bit of a clean up, then will crochet some things to go with them. ⭐
Working on a baby doll, not really sure what I'll do with it once it's done though. Turned out way bigger than I meant to make it whoops! Think I might need to find some patterns for arms and legs and not just wing it... maybe.
Little fox finally finished. I couldn't find a free pattern (that I liked) anywhere, so he's a miss match of a doll/bunny/cat/bird patterns and my attempt to modify. Think he turned out pretty ok. Not sure if to add eyes or not...
Finally got around to finishing this, can't believe my baby is one in thirteen days 😢
These colors 😍😍 not sure if it looks more like a tree though 🤔🤔
Shroomies! The little one i followed the pattern and the big one I made up/adjusted. I don't think I have anywhere near the skill level to be changing other people's patterns but not too bad XD
Bunny and carrot. Never making a bunny again, got so mad! Still needs a face but I am done for now.
Forgot to share the Eastery/springy gifts I made dem kiddos. A Rabbid, a bunny, an Enderman. We don't play or watch any of these, but we do have the books! #shelteredkids #somewhat #toymakingmamas
Started on the big one for Cyrax's birthday. I think I stuffed the hood up but not too badly. My fingers hurt so might leave the rest for another night!
I forgot I made rainbow placemat too. #toymakingmamas
I think I may have done a mighty fine job with these. 😎 #toymakingmamas
Finished making this little dude last night. My fingers still hurt as I did the whole thing by hand. But so cute! Now to try make one a bit neater.
We have been reading the story, " The Leprechaun's Gold". So for a craft for St Patrick's Day, I cut out green felt for the pot of gold and we finger crocheted yarn for the rainbow that appears at the top of the pot, so the leprechaun knows where his gold is. On March 17th we will see if our pots are full. I bought gold and yellow flat marbles to add to their pots as well as a gold chocolate coin. This is gonna be a fun craft. #toymakingmamas
Poor guy looks sad, and I think his head is too small 😂 but this is the trial baby 😉
I've resisted opening this box for days, weeks, because I convinced myself I would use up some of my other craft supplies before getting stuck into making blueberry's birthday gifts. But... I didn't. So now I'm going to try make my baby a baby 😁😁😁
I really want to make these for my Spring Peg Doll collection. Anyone want to join me? #toymakingmamas
I made replicas of these Peg Dolls for Japanese Children's Day which is observed on May 5th. Supplies: (2) 4cm pegs, wool felt- dark blue, brown, pink, watercolors, toothpicks, small wooden beads, colorful paper, fabric scissors, glue. #toymakingmamas
Toy making inspo! I'm excited others want to make toys along with me. Use the #toymakingmamas to post your inspiration, your supplies, your WIP'S, your finished projects, etc. I'm hoping to work on toys for Easter baskets, birthdays and even Christmas- it's never too early!