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Workout done!! Decided to take my workout to the gym today!! The cool thing? I was able to bring my workout program and trainer with me cuz I can stream my workouts anywhere!! 🤸🏻‍♀️ . I can take my workouts... • On vacation • To a hotel • To the gym • To the park . 🎶 wooooohooooooo 🎶 . . . . #fitover45 #fitover45club #healthylifestyle #fitat48 #girlswholiftheavyshit #fitnessislife #fitnessisfun #fitnessismylife #weightwatchers #shapemagazine #girlswholiftweights #ilovelifting #liift4life #iliftheavyshit #iliftlikeagirl #fit4lifer #successistheonlyoption #strongerthanyesterday #eatcleangetlean #trainingresults
#athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь Эхххх.... 😓😓😓 Не дали мне сегодня покачать спину.....Девочка-администратор, зачем ты так со мной? Сладких снов тебе... Ну а мне придется переделать тренировочный план, потому что спинодень пропускать никак нельзя.
Boxing Tonight at 7.30pm taken by Tony 🥊 Increase your cardiovascular fitness 🥊 Burn Calories 🥊 Have fun 🥊 Get a sweat on 🥊 Improve your technique The class is all pad work so don’t worry about thinking your heading into the ring for a knock out 🤪 Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Mixed class of male & female. £5 per person. Click the link in the comment box below to book.
#athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь Мясцо подъехало вам в ленту 🐴🐴
💪🏻 Boosted Bizeps 💪🏻 Train hard and earn your great results 😍 Show everybody that you train hard ❤️ Have fun with this awesome quote and enjoy your gymlife 👻 Good night and see you tomorrow 👀 ⚠️ Check out our new october codes! ⚠️ 🚨 New designs every day! Sub our page and you will not miss any new! 🚨
FIT Zone... what I am most proud of... this fierce bunch of people make me so proud of them every week. They don’t realize what they have done to ME as their trainer...training them week in and out and some of them multiple times a week gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge of training. They absorb it and tackle each challenge with an open mind and a heart of determination! The reward is the results... I have seen so many inspirational moments from all of you... whether it’s being able to do push ups, to crushing it on the rower, to pull ups on your own, even things like a stronger mental health, to getting off blood pressure meds (the list goes on)... the point is that I AM SO PROUD OF EACH OF YOU. So this week I have asked each of you to write down what you are most proud of... thank you for taking the time to write it down and share it because it makes me happy to see you proud of your hard work and results too! #trainingresults #westwoodhealthandfitness #gettingstronger #behealthy @westwoodhfc
results!!! 20 lb weight loss 💪🏽💪🏽 and we have more to go! 😍 sign up with me today! #weightloss #transformationtuesday #trainingresults
Fitness For Fatloss Class on Tonight 7.30pm - 8.15pm Book yourself and a friend in for only £2.50 each since it’s 2 for Tuesdays! Click the link in the comment box below to book, purchase the 2 for Tuesday package and select the class to book a place for you and your friend.
Happy birthday to me!!
Why am I not getting the results from my training that I want? # The answer to the Eternal Question, in most cases is: LACK of CONSISTENCY in YOUR • TRAINING PLAN • TRAINING EFFORT • NUTRITION • RECOVERY • SLEEP • HYDRATION • A lack of consistency in any of these areas of your training scheme, can impact dramatically on the quality of your results. # If you get the basic things well and keep it all consistent, the results will come. I will expand on these things over the next couple of days! # Have a great Sunday and work on your Consistency! # #garyhuntley #personaltraining #nobullshit #justresults #nutrition #training #sleep #results #consistency #getthebasicsright #hydration #recovery #noresults #noexcuses #noexcusesjustresults #østerbro #londonlife #fitfamdk #londonlifestyle #fitfamuk #transformation #trainingresults #copenhagen #lifestyle
Do you have a lagging muscle group? Your wanting your arms/back/legs to grow! Whatever area it is, it’s challenging you. Your diets on point, your making strength gains elsewhere and training the lagging area extra each week to make up for its slow progress. But there’s still no gains to be seen! However It might not be the volume your hitting the muscle with! It might be your technique and the exercises your choosing to target the muscle with. For example your biceps are made up of the long head and short head bicep muscles 💪🏻 To target the inner short head muscle of the biceps use the preacher curl. The emphasis of the resistance is put on the short head and the long head is slackened off by the position of the preacher bench. To target the long head muscle you would want to work with a close/hips distance apart grip during B.B. curls or accross body DB curls. You can’t expect an area to grow if your not targeting it properly. In the case that your are targeting the muscles correctly. It could be your tecnique that’s not working for you. Going through the motions of an exercise without keeping proper tension on the muscle your working will not effectively help your tear the tissue allowing it to repair and grow. Like letting your hips swing the bar during bicep curls shows the weights to heavy and your not engaging the muscles to pull the weight but instead your assisting your arms with your hips. For further tips to help you grow your lagging muscle or for a program to help you get the gains your after then please just contact us. Our coaches are all fully qualified and insured to help create you a bespoke training program along with training sessions to help you correct your technique where needed & help you start seeing some progress where you want to.
#xfit #xfitstoleshnikov Overexposed😉😋
Best way to feel better!🏃🏻‍♀️💨 . Whether I'm feeling stressed, blue or blah....when I workout I get those positive endorphins flowing and I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER!!🙃 . And NO I rarely "feel like it" when I start but my motivation is: . 🏃🏻‍♀️ I have more energy after . . 🤸🏻‍♀️ My mood is better . . 🏋🏻‍♀️ I'm less stressed . 🧘🏻‍♀️ My body actually feels good! . When I do my workout AND push harder....my workout almost ALWAYS ends in tears. Yeah Ok I'm an emotional person, but for someone who felt almost dead inside for a long time, this is a BIG DEAL and comes from doing the things I never pushed myself to do before, from finishing things and doing something hard but sooooo good for my body!! So yeah....sometimes I get emotional and I'm good with that. 🙌🏻💙 . So on the bad days I WORKOUT harder because I know that for me physical exertion causes a positive impact on my mental state, not JUST on my physical. Exercise is my therapy!! 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . . #fitover45 #fitover45club #healthylifestyle #fitat48 #girlswholiftheavyshit #fitnessislife #fitnessisfun #fitnessismylife #weightwatchers #shapemagazine #girlswholiftweights #ilovelifting #liift4life #iliftheavyshit #iliftlikeagirl #fit4lifer #successistheonlyoption #strongerthanyesterday #eatcleangetlean #trainingresults
My legs aren't sweaty, they're CRYING!! 😭 . I am between programs right now until my badass BRAND SPANKING NEW PROGRAM releases October 22nd and so I have time to explore NEW workouts and do some of my OLD FAVS!! 🙌🏻 I mean I have OVER 700 to choose from! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ . Today: Low HIIT 20 🙌🏻🤸🏻‍♀️ a fav of mine!! Amazing leg workout that is a martial arts inspired cardio! I love having said many workouts to choose from....I NEVER GET BORED! . . I have something for everyone and EVERY SITUATION... . ➡️ Time crunch - get in, sweat, get out! In as little as 10 minutes!! 😱 . ➡️ Get bored easily - YO!! Over 700 workouts!! . ➡️ Every fitness level - from NEVER worked out to Advanced! . ➡️ Can't Workout? I GOT YOU COVERED!! I have a completely nutrition based program for those who struggle with nutrition AND for those with physical limitations. 🤗 . Pair that up with my support and guidance and success is guaranteed!! 💃🏻 . I ONLY have a ✋🏼handful🤚🏼 of Spots left for my next 4 week Bootcamp kicking off October 22nd!! Drop a 💙 below and I will send you the deets!!
Grenade Carb Killa Bars in Stock now 😃High in protein 😃Loaded with Fibre 😃Low in carbs 😃Low in sugar 😃Perfect on the go snack £2.25 a bar - cheaper than the high street shops selling them. Or £22.50 for a box of 12! You can mix & match flavours too or just pick your favourite! Pop in to Underground Fitness to purchase.
How many of you start on Monday, finish the diet by Wednesday and restart on Monday again?! What if we told you there was an easier way to diet and a few small changes to your lifestyle would have you sticking to it from Monday and following that for the future. There's many ways to create a deficit and therefore see a weightloss. It's finding out what your lifestyle habits are and changing them slightly but realistically that you can commit to the changes and continue to follow them. No starting and stopping! You just have to be ready to change, ditch the excuses and find support in others to get you through. For help losing weight just message us! 😊
#athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь Спинодень😃 всем спины, мужики!😎
#トレーニング #trainingresults #筋肉 #腹部 Preparing for the next tournament オラオラオラ
#athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь Памп - это круто😎, но очень больно😢 Да и смывается в душевой после тренировки🤣🤣
#athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь 👉Объем или качество?👈 Начинающего атлета можно заметить по одной черте - Он обращает внимание на объем и вес. смотрит на весы и спрашивает про окружность бицухи. Обьем, масса любой ценой. Больше и больше. Только с опытом приходит понимание, что объемы не так уж и важны, если они не подкреплены адекватным качеством. Приходит истина, что: ☝Бодибилдинг - это не когда везде много, это когда где - то много, а где - то мало!☝ Важны не только окружности на пиках мышц, но и узкие места, задающие те волшебные пропорции, качество и тонкость кожи, рисунок вен, прорисовка. Приходит время и ты совсем не смотришь на весы, а смотришь на рисунок, форму, относительные размеры, симметрию. Вот вам пример двух пар ног - друга @scorp125 и моих. объемы друга скромнее моих, но из-за большего качества кожи, качества узких мест - колен и таза, эти объемы кажутся ну просто эпичными!. причем его фотография ещё и немного в расфокусе.
Сегодня голой жопы не будет. Сегодня я простой, настоящий, на тренировке ног в 7 утра. Люблю делать ноги. Каждый раз боюсь обосраться, но каждый раз кайфую когда от пампа они мешают мне ходить. Я скажу даже больше. Для меня то, как атлет делает свои ноги, сколько уделяет им внимания, воли и праведной злости, сколько может потребовать от них через не могу и выражаются его волевые и спортивные качества, его характер, а значит - его потенциал как атлета в будущем. Ведь если он умеет работать со своими ногами, остальное ему будет подвластно. #athleticgym_tver #agym #ag69 #тверь
Tomorrow it’s 2 for Tuesday here at Underground Fitness. Two for Tuesday allows you to train with your friend and share the cost! 🏋️‍♀️ 2 for 1 on Gym Day Passes 🏋️‍♀️ 2 for 1 on Pre-Workout shots 🏋️‍♀️ 2 for 1 on Protein Shakes 🏋️‍♀️2 for 1 on Class Passes for Fitness For Fatloss at 7.30pm every Tuesday 🏋️‍♀️2 for 1 on Personal Training Sessions *T&C’s Apply*Excludes all fridge ready to Drinks e.g moose juice/grenade shakes/bars. To book you and your friend in for a class space click the link below & purchase a 2 For Tuesdays (2 Person Discount) pass. Then select Fitness for Fatloss class to book in - https://app.gymcatch.com/provider/114/packages/bundle/939
Have you spent your whole life yo-yo dieting? Terrified of going to the gym because your uncomfortable in your own skin? Our suggestion would be to adapt your eating habits to healthier ones. If a diet club never worked for you before and you can't see yourself eating like that for your life then why start it in the first place. Join us to help guide you in improving your eating habits and lifestyle for life with no crazy rules or banned foods. Build your confidence in the gym with a coach whether that's in a 1:1 or group training session. Results won't happen over night they take time. But celebrate the small achievements through out your journey that could be taking the step to joining the gym, making the decision to change your lifestyle & improve your health, celebrate when you manage to pick up the exercise technique, when you can lift more, walk further without feeling as breathless or wear clothing that you haven't for a while. Just remember its your journey and the amount of effort you put in will reflect your achievements! 💪🏻☺️
Quando hai un buon allenatore e a stargli dietro finisce che fai il record della pista: Romagnano-Garniga, 4km, 830mt dislivello, 46 minuti. Prima volta: 1h e 10. Record precedente: 53 minuti. La soddisfazione del vedere i frutti dell’allenamento. #record #personalrecord #mypersonaltrainer #corsainmontagna #sundayrun #satisfaction #cottamafelice #tiredbuthappy #training #trainhard #trainingresults #contafinoacredici
💪🏻 PRO TIP 💪🏻.... • • Bring your watch to the gym, AND USE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • • If you are going to the gym on your own, whether you are a high level athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone trying to get in better shape - TIME YOUR REST PERIODS !!! Manipulating your rest when lifting weights will change what energy system is being utilized by your body and will determine how your body will react and change! ...... • • Looking to gain strength ? Lift heavy weights in the 2-6 rep range with longer rest periods between sets about 2-3 minutes. - - Looking to gain size ? Lift moderate to heavy weights in the 6 to 12 rep range and rest 1 minute between sets. - - Looking to increase endurance? Lift light to moderate weight in the 15 to 20 rep range. For this type of training one effective strategy is to time how long it takes you to perform a set and then rest the exact same amount of time (called 1:1 work to rest) or close to that number! —Be ready, this type of training will increase your lactic acid AND YOU WILL FEEL THE BURN 👊🏻🔥👊🏻🔥. • • Basically, putting a little more forethought, energy, and planning will help you reach your goals MUCH FASTER !!! Establish your goal then manipulate your rest periods to achieve it faster !!!!!!..... • • Lastly, for God’s skates, TURN YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE 🤞🤞🤞 Use your time in the gym for you. The world will still be there in an hour. You will be more focused, you will actually stick to your rest periods, and you’ll get the eff out of my way when I’m coming through 🤙🏻🤬🤬 • • • • • #ripthockey #isagenix #training #trainingtips #trainsmart #workout #workoutroutine #workoutmotivation #health #healthy #healthyliving #personaltrainer #trainer #strength #strengthtraining #endurance #endurancetraining #trainingday #learning #hypertrophy #trainwithapurpose #results #trainingresults #trainsmarternotharder #gym #gymmotivation #gymrules #nophone
My eight week lean female programme gives you the opportunity to have a training programme with accompanying videos , a cardio programme , a supplement programme and a nutrition programme with me for eight weeks . #gymlifestyle #healthylifestyle #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #gym #fitness #strength #muscle #strongwomen #onlinetraining #onlinenutrition #onlineprogramme #lsonline #trainingresults #mindset #healthybodyhealthymind #northernireland #instafit #instafitfam
#xfit #xfitstoleshnikov 😎😎✌️✌️
Results come from the work you put in when you don't really want to! They come from making better choices everyday, not from massive changes you make over night and only commit to for 3 days. They come from prioritising a short amount of time a couple of days per week for you to work out. You don't need to train for hours a short effective workout is great. Get in the gym, work hard and get back to what else you need to do that day. They come from making changes you haven't made before! If you haven't got results its time to change something. 💪🏻
Som jag har skrivit innan, har man ens tränat om man inte tar bild efterråt?🤷🏻‍♀️ #workforit #gymmotivation #trainingresults #alphaleterevivals #hälsaochfitness #hälsanärviktigast #ingenvila
100 complex fancy exercises will never = The basics done with precision 💥 - When first started as a personal trainer I had a list of 420 exercises. I was so proud of the fact. I probably don’t use 25 exercises ❎ on my entire client base. Yet I probably produce more results in 3 months than I did in my first 2 years. Plus I had a larger client base back then. - If you walk into 2 different restaurants and one restaurant had 62 items on the menu and the second restaurant had 4 items. Who’s food is going to be better? Obviously the one with less items. - Someone once asked don’t my clients get bored doing the same exercise. If they want someone to entertain them I’d agree. Clients seem really entertained by results 🤡. Tbh if a client wants entertainment they are not the client for me. I attract clients who want the end result 🥅. - Movement is a skill. Correct technique not only prevents injuries it produces results in strength, athletic performance and fat loss. The only way to get better is to practice. As cliche as it sounds. Quality over quantity wins every time. #trainingresults #gym #exerciselection #fitnessresults #strength #fatloss #weightloss #strong #sportsperformance #programdesign #personaltrainer #personaltraining #claphamjunction
#xfit #xfitstoleshnikov Лоб как пресс или пресс как лоб?🤔🤣😜
Motivationen har inte varit på topp dom senaste dagarna, men idag tog jag mig äntligen till gymmet och körde ett grymt pass🔥🍑 #gymmotivation #workforit #trainingresults #alphaleterevivals #hälsosam #träningärlivet
Snart ska vi börja med både mätning med måttband av vissa muskelgrupper och kostscheman från Styrkelabbet! 😍💪🏻 #styrkelabbet #taggad #styrkelabbetskostscheman #träningsresultat #trainingresults #träningsmat #träningsresa #kulattträna #älskaträning
The man in tights 😄 Reflection after hitting the finish line at the last and 12th race of #supcupberlinbrandenburg Claimed the first place and with it the overall victory in 14’! Satisfying #suprace season and motivation to keep on #trainhard Thanks to all my supporters, sponsors and the organizers! @sunova_surfboards @425pro_germany @fcs_surf @surfriderstore @supremesurfshop #sup #supracing #racemode #performanceclass #feelalive #mylife #onwater #trainingresults #newmotivation #keepontraining #intothesunset
Необычный космический свет в @xfitstoleshnikov .очень комфортное и уютное место
Remember me attending more nail training last week?🤓 Finally found some time to gather up what we did there. There are a lot of mistakes😔 and I definitely have a lot to work on to master these new techniques.💪🏻 Also so happy I finally learned what I came to learn 🤩 Thank you @dovilemattnailtrainings 🔹 🔹 🔹 #perfeccionistaMM #nailtech #nailporn #nailtraining #nails #manicure #manikiūras #ploksteleslyginimas #gelnailpolish #beautifulnails #drymanicure #efile #blacknails #pinknails #trainingresults #manikiurasvilnius #kursurezultatai #nailaddict #learning #маникюр #сухойманикюр #аппаратныйманикюр #темныйманикюр #чёрныйманикюр #матовый #курсыманикюра #учеба #dovilemattnailtrainings #nailyourinstagram
Ставим и успешно бьем свои собственные рекорды по приседу. Покорился рекорд в 110 кг, который был тут же успешно бит 115 кг. По ощущениям вытащил бы и 120+, будем как-нить пробовать 😬💪🏼#тренировка #мойрекорд #присед #trainingresults
Message me for special rates *this week only* and let's get started on a plan for you. Client testimony: Back in April 2018, I requested your help as I had just gotten very bad blood test results. I had very high level of triglycerides at 530. My weight was 192 pounds and my visceral fat index was 15. My Doctor recommended that I lower my weight by changing my diet and starting an exercise routine. My goal was to lower my weight to 180 pounds in two month. You reviewed my heath issues and lab test results and offered to help by teaching me how to exercise. You created a personalized training program for me and set my expectation to losing 1-2 pounds per week. On May 9 2018, I was already 180 pounds. My blood test were in the normal range the triglycerides were down to 176. Today my weight is 174.5 pounds, visceral fat index is 10. My flexibility has improved and there is no pain in my knees as I have experienced before. My expectations were exceeded by your work! Presently, I feel much better and exercise on a daily basis following your advice. Your professionalism is superb and would like to thank you for helping me when I really needed it. I would recommend your services to anyone without hesitation. #personaltrainer #personaltraining #testimonial #trainingresults #ltemployee #lttraining #weightloss #fatloss
Har du ens tränat om du inte tar en bild efteråt? Svar nej😉🤷🏻‍♀️ #gymmotivation #workforit #trainingresults #alphaleterevivals
Multiple recruitment exercises can make training results a lot more rewarding with limited windows in mind. Here showing a unilateral step bridge with db chest press @the_performance_trainer #exerciseoftheday #trainingresults #pt #fitfam #fitnesspageforall #results #fit #theperformancetrainer #surreyptstudio #wokingpersonaltraining #woking #surrey
This Sunday’s thought for motivation... ‘Sometimes you fall... In order to RISE!’ Just so you know, it’s okay to ‘fall off the band wagon’, stop following your training for whatever reason, whether it be for a holiday, work/ general life events or you just simply ‘don’t feel it’ for however long. But then you Restart and ‘RISE’ back to where you left off! Just because your training stopped... does not mean it’s the END... your journey is only Paused... RESUME and CONQUER! FITTER-STRONGER-HEALTHIER-HAPPIER
If you are not a professional model, but dreaming of participating in a real catwalk, you still have a chance ! The PKZ department store is handling a public casting for their seasonal fashion show today ( till 3 pm). The atmosphere is very good and friendly . My legs were shaking though #zurich 🇨🇭 #switzerland 🇨🇭 #modelling #fashion #womanswear #newinzurich #singlemom #expatlife #pkz @pkz.women #zurich #zuerich #legs #department #store #clothes #fashion #show #photography #selfie #iphone #trainingresults #justdoit
Apex helps you to reach your goals even faster! Not only does it supports you to maximise your training results- it also helps tightening your skin. Amazing right?! Get yourself Apex 😊💪💚 ➡️essential-life.vabo-n.com
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