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2 months to 5 months #transformationtuesday
Good night Friday.
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Working hard to reach my weight loss goals.
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Ya boy finally did 4 plates today!!
Happy Tuesday y’all!! Was finally inspired to do my least favorite workout tonight (core 😑) summers comin real quick so gotta get ready okurrrr! As always appreciate you!
Happy Monday y’all!! Was in a rush to get a lift in last night so had to combine a couple movements together, as always love y’all!! . Dumbbell row to push-up Plank Dumbbell row Dumbbell cling to front squat .
Nunca pares , nunca te conformes , hasta que lo bueno sea mejor y lo mejor sea excelente 💪🏻🙃😌😏 .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gym #gymmotivation #gymgay #likeforlikes #like4likes #health #fitness #fit #fitnessmodel #legs #workout #cardio #gym #training #health #strong #motivation #lifestyle #exercises #transformationtuesday #photography #photooftheday #photographer #love #lifestyle #style #iphone
Back Day with JK 🔥🥵
Happy Monday y’all!! Did chest late last night when I should’ve been sleep but 🤷🏽‍♂️ finished with these two new favorite . Low,Mid,High cable flys 4x15 Landmine standing chest press 4x12 .
Happy Sunday!! Been trying a lot of new ways to end my workouts, last night I finished with some Titan press and there killers!! Love and appreciate all y’all! . Titian press 4x10 .
Saturday night party with my favorite kettlebell back there!! Come thru
Happy Thursday y’all!! Switched but my accessory movements at the end of the heavy leg day I had. Gotta switch it up and keep it interesting!! Love all of you! 🙏🏽 . Front squats RDL Single leg RDL .
Deadlift Wednesday 🥵
Happy Tuesday y’all! I remember the time when my big self couldn’t and wouldn’t even try a pull up and now I can actually do them! Yes I know it’s only three and the forms not great but it’s small victories I’m happy of okurrr!!🙏🏽🙏🏽
Happy Sunday y’all!! These are just two of my favorite leg movements that I wanted to share with y’all. Appreciate all the love that you guys always show! 🙏🏽 . Kettlebell front squats Goblet squats
Yo I’m dead💀💀
Whenever I do cardio I do up downs! Nah but fr I hate standard cardio it’s too boring so I find myself trying to make it as fast and as fun as possible so this what I do! . Updowns Bear crawls Boxing Love and appreciate all of y’all!
Another Wednesday night leg day! Went heavy on squats and hex squats as my compound movements today. Also dropped the hexbar on my big toe while unloading the weight so that’s cool 🙃 Much love and appreciation as always to all y’all! . Squats 10x5 Hexbar squats 5x10
Took it back to the good old football days and did some latter work as my cardio today!! Did 4 sets of each exercise and was gassed. As always I love and appreciate all you guys support ♥️
After the hours shadowing PT sessions I’m finally getting the opportunity to do what I love and start to train people. Even if it’s just my coworkers we’re taking steps toward that cert. God is great man!!
Finally got to workout in the new!! Y’all need to come down to Experience and see what it’s all about! 💪🏽
Got back in the gym after missing a couple days in LA and decided to end my workout a little different than usual . Landmine rows 4x10 Standing single barbell chest press 4x10 Standing barbell twists 4x10 . As always I appreciate all y’all love and support on everything!!
Happy Tuesday y’all!! Did another heavy back day yesterday and just wanted to share some of my favorite movements. . Barbell bent over row 4x10 Rack pulls 4x10 Dumbbell row 4x10 . As always man I appreciate all the love and motivational words that y’all always show the kid!! 🙏🏽
Pull Up N Wreck 🥶
Sup y’all I’m back again! This is the bicep part to my shoulder day that I always finish with. As always man I love and appreciate all of you! Standing barbell curls 4x10 Reverse barbell curls 4x10 Hammer curls 4x10
My Saturday night shoulder blast in full affect!! Shoulder press 4x10 Arnold press 4x10 Lateral raise 4x10 Front raise 4x10 I appreciate all of y’all that always show love no matter what, keeps me motivated to create even more. Love y’all!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Everyone out here with the 10 year transformation but I made that 3 year transformation on the inside and out! My outside is differs yeah but the confidence and love I have inside is 10x what it was. And who knows what the next 3 years has in stores but with god and my fam and friends in my corner it’ll be great you can bet that! ♥️
Sup y’all!! Decided to go to the gym for some late night cardio figured I’d switch it up and do some ropes so yeah here it is!!
One of my resolutions that I wrote down for with year was to record more of my workouts. So to start off the year this is part of my leg workout that I did last night. I love and appreciate all of y’all!!
Tryin to row row row my way to a wider gorilla back!!
My sick self actually made it to the gym and had a good workout and did abs for my one time this month 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Monday night activities
Pull up LA like was good! 🤟🏽
Been trying to incorporate more fully body testing as compared to single muscle groups, definitely feeling that difference and it’s great! 🔥🤟🏽
Been trying out some new shoulder movements and loving them!! Always wanna find ways that I can be better than I was before!! 🤟🏽🤟🏽
This new HITT boxing cardio has become my new favorite type of cardio cuz those machines suck but this doesn’t! 🔥🙌🏽
It’s been a fat minute since I squatted and ya the forms not great and I’m not that low but it’s a good place we can start. But on the real tho someone send help ya boy can’t feel his legs!!! 🙃
Cardio killer....kettle bell swings. 🙃🙃
“Finally, be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:10‬
Pops always told me to write my goals down somewhere I’d see them everyday and on my mirror I wrote that one day I’d see my abs and I know it’s not the fullest but it’s the best I’ve been and I’m definitely gonna get better for sure! From were we started to now there’s only room to go forward never back.
Sunday Funday at the gym tonight!! I was going though my workout and was feeling extremely blessed. Blessed for the amazing fam and friends that I have and all the love they show! And blessed for the fact that no matter how good or bad my day may have been I always got them to lean on and the gym to get the pump in! 💪🏽🖤
It’s always a good Monday when you make it back day 🙌🏽
It’s back day everyday no matter what, gotta get lats so big that you can fly away. But fr no matter what scares or blemishes may be on my back I’ll always be from of the program and work that has been make and will continue to be made
Did this once and I'm do it again
Life is amazin', it is what it should be Been here for ten but I feel like a rookie
Back to business ➡️
Keep it pushin 👀
We on our way I’m just a big kid that’s trying to be great
Legs days the best days 🙃🙃
Just smile 😁
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