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🎤The playing field is level bitches🎤 Total girl crushing up in herrrrrrrre!!!!!! Not only did I get the opportunity to hear @love_andreacrowder drop the MIC today🙌 ...I also got the courage to walk up, say hi and thank her for all she does and puts out. ((*ahem* and share that my Crystal's are in my bra #duh and express EXCITEMENT for her crystalette coming out soon! @spirituallyintimate )) She doesnt known it but I've followed her for YEARS through my journey as a coach. The way she leads and shares and gives is nothing short of incredible. How unapologetic she is (and has helped me step into understanding the power of who I can become...who ever the f^ck I want!) And now learning her money mindset and how to shift every single day getting closer to what I want in my life too. I AM an empowered woman and an energetic match for financial wealth. Girl...you are too. 💫All we have to do is get our energy behind it and FEEL the feelings of having whatever it is we WANT. 👊WE decide what we want 👊WE create a new blueprint Time to get our heart and mind to agree and watch some mother effing magic happen 👊 @joshcoats_pushcoach #letspuketogether
When the boss calls for a boat day the only answer is HECK YES! First we spotted a turtle off the coast before getting stuck in a pod of Pacific White Sided and Bottlenose dolphins making today extra epic. Have you guys ever seen a pod of dolphins? 🐬 Check my story for videos of my day out on the water! #earthboundshots #travacs #travelingchannel #hottravelz #luxnaturetravel #tknaturephotos #thetravellingplanet #earthfocus #travelaway #girlsjustwander #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #wanderluster #globetrotter #discoverglobe #wnexplorer #travelista #wearetravelgirls #travelinggram #earthescope #beautifulmatters #femmetravel #womenempoweringwomen #dametravel #earth_shotz #traveltagged #beautifuldestinations #sanclemente #liveyouradventure #visitcalifornia
Lovely afternoon at the beach 🏖
Foggy mornings off the coast of Nova Scotia are hard to beat ❤️
The adventure ended but the memories will last forever ⌛️I still can’t believe that almost 29 years in the US and I had never visited Boston till now. If you haven’t been, you must GO ! Full travel diary coming to the blog soon !
I was listening to a Dave Ramsay podcast in which a woman was frustrated because she needed extra income, but the childcare she needed would completely eat the income she made. I wanted to reach through the radio and tell her that she didn’t need childcare to make an income; that she could stay home, take care of her kids, and still make an income. I felt her frustration. So many moms feel helpless because many times working means working to pay for childcare; taking very little to nothing home. For those moms I want say I have a solution for you. I have a solution that will, with hard work, gain you an income while caring for your children. So what’s the catch? You can’t be afraid of hard work. You can’t ✌🏼 out and give up. If you’re still reading this I think you’re a hard-worker. I think you’re a “let’s do it” type of person. You’re exactly the person I want to work with. The go-getter type that will take the bull by the horns and show it whose boss. 💡Go-Getters, go get it and comment below or send me a DM to learn more.🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s that easy.
Overlooking the night lights ✨ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. edited Who would you take to his spot? 🌌 Double tap if you like it Source: @epic.travels
Yup this room screams super cozy! #travelwriterslife #virginia
Doesn't it knowing make it less exciting?
My team makes me so proud by changing sooooo many lives! And my fitness squad in my virtual lounge are on 🔥 with their results, they are showing up DAILY for themselves and seeing huge changes physically, mentally + emotionally! It’s absolutely AMAZING to watch them get over their excuses and decide their happiness and health is WORTH the time, investment + hard work!🙌🏽 . I am just BURSTING with happiness + positivity today! Life is AMAZING!✨I have so much to be grateful for but this team is a HUGE one today! We’re hosting a virtual pop up Saturday to give ya a behind the scenes of what we do, how we earn + how YOU can do it too!😘 . If you have been watching, creepin on all the fun, wishing you were apart of a positive community of empowering women, or wondering how you can be, come check out the coach pop up and get allllll the deets! Just message me, hit the like button, or drop an emoji.
✨🥂 If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello 🥂✨ .. :: Traveling feeds the soul ❤️ I’ve been loving my time away from home and don’t want to go back yet 🙊 Can you blame a girl with a view like this? What has been your longest trip away from home? Would love to know in the comments below 👇🏽 .. :: The island Madeira has a lot to offer, thanks to @visitmadeira who’ve been taking so well care of us 🙏🏽✨ .. :: Cliffs, waterfalls, botanical gardens, mountains, caves, beaches and natural swimming pools: today we’ve paddled through some of the adventures mentioned 🏄🏼‍♀️ without losing our balance. Love being so active like this on my trips! Have you watched my latest stories 🎥 to get a glimpse? .. :: Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s adventure 👀 and let me know if you’re team beach bum 🏖 of team active like me 💪🏽 😂 Wishing you a lovely start of the weekend ladies there’s still so much more to explore 🚀 #madeiraisland #visitmadeira #discovermadeira #madeiranowordsneeded
😁 “ Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert. 😍 “ I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.” – John Green. 😉 “Don't listen to what they say. Go see.” ☺ “ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle. 😚 “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman 😄 “It feels good to be lost in the right direction” Choose your best one. And share it with us in the comments 👇👇 Follow us for more content about #traveling 👉👉 @traveljourney1 👉👉 @traveljourney1 Credit @travel_inhershoes
Danggg we look good 💕Until next time! 👋🏻 #hosgoglobal #cruiselife #seeyouin2020
Photo by: @digdarshinee_rout ~~~~~ Just IMAGINE
BERLIN WITH LOVE. #berlin #travelista #voyage #weekend
Un gros pull 3x trop grand et tout doux, un training, des chaussettes de noël(on ne juge pas 😂et d’ailleurs je cherche à m’acheter de nouveaux habits ringards pour Noël, j’attends vos bons plans) des plats commandés c’est bon je suis prête pour l’hiver 🤪❄️ En parlant de Noël, ça vous dirait de gagner un voyage à New York ??? Hyper facile.. ils vous suffit de voter pour votre servir de livraison à domicile préféré sur www.peppaward.ch et à vous le voyage ✈️🇺🇸Bonne chance les amis 😘 #night #relax #grostas #posey #home #winteriscoming #marionkaelin #cosy #home #switzerland #wintersocks #fatgirl #photography #ringardeetfiere
Do you practice 'the art of doing nothing?'' ** In Asia you can always find people just sitting, looking, chatting, sleeping...doing nothing. They call it 'the art of doing nothing'. I have so many pictures like this one, were I capture the 'doing nothing' moments. I look, I quickly take the picture and I smile. They smile back :) ** . . . . . . #Shanghai #china #instameetsh #timeoutshanghai #shanghaicomune #chinadestinations #ig_china #travel2china #travelguide #travelthroughtheworld #travelislife #backpackerlife #traveladdicted #Ippathefinders #architecture #iamtb #vistichina #chinainsider #chinatrips #travelista #travelingplanet #travelingworld #travelingislife #travelingsoul #travelpicsdaily #travelstories #globelletravels #travelvibes #travelcommunity #beautifuldestinations
Paris, France. Photo by @patrickcolpron
Throwing it back to last Friday night partying in Manhattan... this Friday I have worked a Manchester there and back and in bed by 10pm! How the mighty have fallen... 🤦‍♀️ • • • #crewlife #cabincrew #flightattendant #solotravel #fridaynight #nyc #travelgirl #throwback #wanderlust #girlwanderer #airhostess #trollydolly #lifewelltravelled #sheisnotlost #newyork #ladiesgoneglobal #travelista #blessedgirl #adventuregirl #travelgirls #wanderess #tourista #travelette #travelinggirl #wanderwoman #nomad #adventure #travelgram #instatravel
When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming." — Dory from Finding Nemo
Para mi un poco de montaña y sol. #madrid 🇪🇸
Hi, I’m Paulina, my friends call me Paul, but I could also go by The Girl Who Loves To Eat 😛 I actually had to get seconds of this beet quiche bc duh, AMAZING and now am planning on making beet quiche regularly when I get back to the states someday 🤤 Been working on my Guide to Gdansk and it’s almost ready to be published to the blog, can’t wait to share! ❤️ #brooklynkittentravels #guidetogdansk
#FBF to my lovely NOLA friend and fellow lover of lwa La Sirene in her SIRENE sleep mask. 🌊💙🌊 I smile whenever I see this picture because I get so much joy from making something beautiful for people who have shown me kindness; I can’t help but sew in love and positive intentions with every stitch 💋 She writes a wonderful blog, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share her generous words about my work with you. Thank you @selene504 for being a beautiful star in my orbit, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you next month (if your wanderlust hasn’t spirited you away once again!) http://creolemoon.blogspot.com/2018/08/my-obsession-with-perfect-sleep-mask-2.html?m=1
CUBA...What port are you docking at next? If you’re cruisin’ to Havaña, you’ll stop here. 🇯🇲 ☀️ ✈️ #Wanderlust #Travelista #TerminalSierraMaestra #PlazadeSanFranciso #Cuba #JamaicaSunshineTravelsCuba #TravelWithJamaicaSunshine #Roadto100Countries #BlackGirlsTravel #TravelPhotography #MySunshineLife ™️
Poppin’ Bootay’s not bottles 🍑🍾
People are going to crazy over this! Do you like it as well, "yes" or "no" and TAG a friend Follow: Double Tap if you like!! #traveloften #travelbook #travelislife #travelista #travelinspo #globelletravels #travelvibes ----- Follow: @summerfuntime360 ----- Credit: @lost_in_z_world #cristalwater #sunshinecoast #beachlife #happyvibes #travelcouple
I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. - L.M. Montgomery
In Reykjavík for the weekend with my mum 😍🙌🏻 first time in 15-16 years we’re traveling without the guys in out fam 💥
Punta Cana Tip - These chairs are the best. You can clip a towel to it and sit on the towel so you don't slide down the plastic. They also adjust so you can sit up, lay down, etc. Most of the other kinds of chairs just have two settings, up or down. So I say go for these guys first 😉
• seeing is not enough. you have to feel what you photograph • _________________📷_______________ Andre Kertesz
Fish bars on the boat ! A place in Eminonu near Galata Bridge where you can get a fresh grilled fish -balik - in bread straight from the sea, literally! -
Spice Bazaar or Egyptian Bazaar is part of Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. ~ It is located in a lower part of Grand Bazaar in the direction to Eminonu. Relatively easy to miss while wandering through the streets of Grand Bazaar. ~~ Here, you can find dried fruits, spices,nuts, teas and coffee and fresh groceries. Highly recommended for sensations overload. The smell, flavours, colours...... .
James Joyce, Dublin
Poster near @thetemplebarpub .
The river Liffey - Life , Dublin
Ceiling of #livrarialello
what a guy would do for a proper pint 🍺🍻of #guinness - The Long Hall Pub, Dublin
Famous @thetemplebarpub Dublin. Best Irish coffee I have ever tasted.
#happenybridge in Dublin
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