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🌜✨GLITTER WALLAH!✨🌛 on my brief Jaipur adventure last week one of the shop keepers I met had a glitter shop!! L👀k at dem sparkles! He had so many different types, I was tempted but am only buying biodegradable from now on so couldn't 💚🌿 There's also a hideous photo they insisted on taking with me in the middle 🤦‍♀️ afterward testing out approx 1 billion different varieties on my hand, his son took me up to the roof of his jewellery shop to see a view over the whole of the city... Mr Glitter Wallah was so keen for me to send him all the photos that he rang his son to remind him whilst we were up there! I collected so many business cards that day though so I can't figure out which one is him oops... 🤷‍♀️ #WhereIsTheGlitterWallahOfJaipur ? 🇮🇳
Got up and flew a plane over Lake Wanaka this morning, wbu? 🏔️🏞️✈️
Flower sellers in Jaipur... bringing a new meaning to the pink city. I can't even describe how sweet these roses smell 💖🌺🌸🌹🌷 in Pushkar the laundrette on my street sprays everything with rose water from these flowers, it's heaven...!
I look up to the sky and talk to you. What I wouldn’t give to hear you talk back. I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. For my special angel: For a mother lost. It’s 11 months since we lost you. I MISS YOU! #missyoumom #missingmom #mominheaven #bakhawanecopark #aklan #philippines #solotravel #wanderlust #wanderlustlife #wanderingfeet #travelsnaps #travelgram #traveler #backpacking #travelingourplanet #travellife #traveladdict #travelstoke #travelstories #travel ✈️ #travelgram #travelling #travelphotography #traveler #backpacker #backpackerlife #wanderlust #wandergasm #❤️travel #travelawesome #travelbug #travelstoke #travellette #itchyfeet 👣
My lovely hostel gave me hot tea and a fresh fruit plate once I arrived :) After a 12 hour night bus...the little things will make you happy. #travellife #travelblogger #travel #travelasia #wanderlust #travellette #backpacker #nomad #traveladdict #Vietnam #hue #hostel
More amazing views 🗻🌊🌳
So much beauty up the west coast of New Zealand 🇳🇿😍
Sooo a few days ago I was in Mumbai on the way back to Rajasthan and after seeing a poster in the hostel I was staying at I decided to stop over for a night in the nearby Hill Station Matheran before my flight to Jaipur... I'd never heard of it before but found out it was only a couple of hours out of the city & I've always wanted to go to a hill station! It's India's smallest and one of the only places in the world that has a ban on all motor vehicles with only horses and a little steam train running through it... 🚂 By chance I met a local guy called Imran as soon as I arrived and we got chatting about the Matheran Green Festival that he was involved in a few years ago - it ran for a couple of years but unfortunately didn't happen last year due to a shift in politics... Imran is really keen to see it happen again and chatted to me about the festival and how the environmental event brought together cultures from all over the world within their 3000 strong force of volunteers and artists... he took me to see the festival site, sadly now speckled with litter from visiting tourists and showed me some of the art work still existing from the festival. He's incredibly passionate about his home town, where his family have lived for several generations and so knowledgable about the surrounding natural beauty. I interviewed him about the festival and how he has seen Matheran change over the years so look out for that on my blog soon.... 🌲 After seeing the old festival site he showed me sunset point which was pretty incredible and the second best sunset ive seen in India (Hampi pips it to the post though!) We went for a lush Thali afterwards and then he introduced me to the flippin president on the walk home who interviewed me about what I thought of Matheran and their attempts at environmental preservation! 😂 All in all an eventful but short trip! If you're passing through Mumbai on your travels I'd really reccomend it, it's close enought to even go on a day trip. ✨
Pancake Rocks 🌞
Just jaipuring! Been interested to visit India's famous pink city since I was a kid but as I expected I wasn't overly enamoured with it... I only gave it one very sleepy day though so I'll probably be back for a second chance! 💖If you've been watching my stories you'll see I had a hilarious time on the walk to Old City mainly due to some cheeky shop keepers: I found a glitter shop and sampled lots (!✨), a boy gave me a go on his kite and I nearly crashed it , I took my first uber bike, I got given the sweetest roses by the flower garland makers 🌺, I was taken to a jewellery stores roof to see the bestest view, I had a go on a big old school paper slicer in a book shop, I wrote a letter in English for a sari sellers client and got invited to his sisters wedding... & I finished my short jaunt at the beautiful Hawa Mahal or windy palace.... maybe I do like Jaipur after all! 😂
Face to the sun. Listen your heart and expand your horizon. Follow the journey of @skin.at.heart that leave her job behing and decide to travel to know better the world and test her limits. first stop Bangkok . . . . . . . . . . #travellerblog #girltravel #travellette #diaryofnomad #sun #beach #happy #wonderlust frame_killers #faded_world #agameoftones #subjectlight #shooters_pt #transfer_visions #bomregisto #breakthesquare #tv_pointofview #click2inspire #justgoshoot #detalhes_do_click #golden_focus #lentesdiferentes #p3top #youhavetofollowthis #anablog #artofvisualst #allshots_ #instagoodmyphoto #shotaward
Vesiseikkailun jatko-osa 😊 Sponssasin myös yrittäjää ja meikällä o kynsilakkaa! sen lisäks ku täti tuli vesiseikkailun aikana kysyyn, et haluanko #hennatattoo tottakai ku kolmella eurolla lähtee haluun testata! #uae #dubai #ilovedubai #seikkailijattaret #travellette #worldtraveler #solotravel #travelgram #tukkahyvinnäkyykskello #sushi
That’s Amore😍 One of the best restaurants to visit in Rome, to eat authentic Italian cuisine.They’ve got the best Heart shaped Neapolitan Pizza♥️ And that’s what I am craving right now🤤😍 ————————————————— I highly recommend it🙌
Feels right now.... 🐒 Just arrived in Jaipur after lots of hours in the airport and a mega delayed flight... & feeling a bit like this little dude I met in Matheran this morning. Only half a day in Jaipur tomorrow before I've got to be in Pushkar - easy recommendations for the pink city please please! 💖🙈🐵🙉🙊🐒
Random pictures I took from the moving bus 😐 #travellette #seikkailijattaret #travelgram #worldtraveler
Haha! One shopkeeper wanted to sell me this outfit so hard and I thought he was so funny, so I tried this dress on 😂 no deals 😂#nicetry #travelgram #worldtraveller #seikkailijattaret #travellette #blueeyes #touristpic
#dubai #abra #seikkailijattaret #travellette #aintscared #travelgram #worldtraveler okay.. I scared, but just a little.. there's no fences at the abras. And the "driver" / "cap" drived it standing and turned the wheel with his toes...
VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE // After your initial orientation, you will be assigned a morning, afternoon or evening shift depending on the placement you applied for. You are typically required to work approx. 3 to 5 hours per day, but varies according to the needs of your project & NGO organization. Some placements are close to the volunteer accommodation & are walkable, while others may require a further commute. . Depending on the program you choose, your duties will vary on a daily basis. For example, (for the refugee program) on one day I was counselling & providing legal support to migrants seeking humanitarian asylum, another day packaging food for the local community (as seen in photo) & some days I would help grocery shop, cook & clean. . ➡️Remember, what you put in is what you get out of it! Even though you're required to work certain amount of hours, it doesn't hurt to stay an extra hour or come in on a weekend to help. Get to know the people you're helping - learn their first & last names, listen to their stories & don't forget the purpose of why you travelled in the first place! . #volunteerabroad #travelanthropy #mytravelanthropy #travelwithmeaning #givingback #travelwithpurpose
Little wander through Abel Tasman National Park today 🗻🌊🌳
Bit delayed (because I only got the photos back from the company like 2 days ago) but yeah this is how I spent Christmas Day 2017. Very different christmas to normal but so much fun!
Little stop for wine tasting at a Vineyard in Marlborough 🍷🗻🌳
Views 🗻🌊🌲😍
We did a super secret road trip to Wisconsin for most of December and into January. Here we stopped at one of the only opened waysides in Montana near the border of North Dakota to let this wild one run tons of energy off. We chased him around with my hat and it stayed over his ears for a short while before he would throw on the ground and run the opposite way. - I found out that is famed for an unsolved murder of someone from WI. #Mystery #travelbuddy
Missing travel. 🌍 #insertsadfacehere Is it just me or is this grey-in-grey- January- type of weather in Germany depressing af? 🌑 #worsttimeoftheyear
Practicing with my rockstar teacher and friend Mark Whitwell in Fiji (aka paradise I kid you not) 🙏🏻 If you wanna absorb some wisdom before you head out or into bed tonight here you go: "You (yes you) are the power of this cosmos. Arising in pure intelligence in utter beauty, in perfect harmony with everything else. This is a fact. Your yoga is merely your participation in that given reality. Don't try to get somewhere as if you're not somewhere. You're there already. Just chill." I love the last part the most. Just lean back, enjoy the ride, aaand chill. Let the monkey be the monkey and relax into that present moment (or in Ram Dass' words: "Be here now" 😂👊🏻bam - no wait - ram ! 🤣#ram ) You're part of nature and nature has been doin a pretty damn good job figuring out how to evolve and creating this lovely adventure park we call world 💓It may not be much fun at times but maybe it doesn't have to be wonderland all the freakin time. 🦄 If a rollercoaster went all straight you wouldn't enjoy the ride as much would ya 🤷🏻‍♀️ #easiersaidthandoneiknow 🙄 #spillingoutwisdom #truethough #markwhitwell #chillin #wonderland
"We tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely to death." Don't be an annoying tiptoer. Instead: Be the the cool ballet kid dancing and kicking in all directions, jumping back and forth, and flying to the moon to leave another pair of footprints there👣 (go home, Armstrong). #🚀 #🌝 #loony #shootmetothemoon
A new way of eating the sunny side up, broken over a beautiful traditional Rajasthani bread called batiya, cooked with veggies and cheese. Family recipes, only at @campchhatrasagar . . . . . #foodlover #travelforfood #rajasthan #desertdiaries #breakfastlover #traveltheworld #travellette #goodmorningworld #keepexploring #travelandleisure #luxuryhotels #luxurycamps #smallluxuryhotels #travelandwrite #whereareyounow
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