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If we ever leave this room (!), you’ll find us strolling through the property’s (and the city’s largest) private garden, which spans 11 glorious acres 🌱| @vitalephoto
Beautiful Budapest 🇭🇺❤
I love the view from this perch. Always makes me think of the movie Serendipity...anyone else??
You haven’t lived til you’ve gotten the side-eye from your favorite animal 🐘 • • • 📷 by @fumagram
last days of autumn in my neighborhood 📷 =📱
One of the optional nude beaches in SF - right by the Golden Gate Bridge so that tourists can see your bits.
Les œuvres murales de Diego Rivera au palais national. Je rêvais de les voir ! Et demain, la maison de Frida #diegorivera #cdmx_oficial #fridakahlo #rivoluzione
Golden hour 🌅
Let’s get cosy an read secondhand books! ;) I honestly also love the smell of new books and read them as well, but I also love secondhand books. The feeling is different, but great. Ps. I finally updated my highlight story and added some bookstores + their geotags. #bookshoplover
Wait, what?!?! You’ve never hiked two mountains AND gone to a truffle festival all in 2 days?! You’re missing out. 👌🏼 • It’s filled with literal ups and downs, and well... plenty of food. 😂 • I got you covered though, head over to my recent blog post and read what it’s all about! (Link in my bio) Don’t forget to subscribe! I’ve got big dreams coming up soon, you don’t want to miss being a part of it! We’re going to change the world #littlebravebabes
"Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted". It was always my dream to capture Central Park with my camera in autumn, at its most beautiful. So I decided it's time to go back to NY, in the one season I still didn't have the chance to experience. And it was beautiful. But the truth is, so many places are. The first picture I took with my phone, as my camera wasn't with me at the moment. I was coming back from a friend in Brooklyn, after sleeping for 3 hours only, it was cold and raining and I didn't have an umbrella, but I had to stop. The sight was so beautiful I had to capture it. The second picture I took with my phone as well in Roosevelt Island. I'm so happy I witnessed it. Till next time...
Here in Vilnius, we are not only creating and implementing top quality and unique tours - we also learning everyday, participating in many social and professional activities like today's seminar about how to service disabled travelers better organized by the Union of Disabled People of Lithuania and State's Department of Tourism. #localsknow and participate in good matters.
I said I had traveled 4 months ago without saying anything. It's time to tell it, slowly, as I like doing it. As I did at the beginning here on @Instagram , a picture for every moment of that journey told with the underlying desire to relive in this way everything again, get excited again, feeling there because after all it‘s just a game of mind - the reality. And to let me go to every sensation felt by transcribing them. Travel twice. Turn 4 days into a month of moments remembered in detail, cause when you travel you always live much more than you normally do - and much more that you can transmit in 200 characters. If you want, I'll take you to Paris with me, hand in hand, emotions in words. Will you be there? #LetMemoriesMakeYouHappy . Avevo scritto di aver fatto un viaggio 4 mesi fa senza aver detto nulla. È arrivato il momento di raccontarlo, piano piano, come piace fare a me. Come facevo all’inizio qui su @Instagram , una foto per ogni momento di quel viaggio raccontata con il desiderio sotteso di rivivere così tutto d’accapo, emozionarmi di nuovo, sentirmi lì perchè in fondo è solo un gioco della mente - la realtà. E di lasciarmi andare ad ogni sensazione provata trascrivendole. Viaggiare due volte. Trasformare 4 giorni in un mese di attimi ricordati nei dettagli, chè quando si viaggia si vive sempre molto più di quanto si faccia normalmente - e di quanto si possa trasmettere in 200 caratteri. Se ne avrete voglia, vi porto a Parigi con me, mano nella mano, emozioni nelle parole. Ci sarete? . . #dasynka #dasynkainparis #paris #toureiffel #toureiffelparis #carousel #travelforwonder #tasteintravel #vzcomood #neverstopexploring #lifeintravel #mytravelgram #travelinspired #beautifuldestination #travelstories #travelstyle #travelpics #travellingthroughtheworld #travelgo #instatravel #styleonthestreet #motivationalspeech #travelwithfathom #beautifulmatters #pathport #seeyourcity #wheretofindme #culturetrip #prettylittletrips
Leaving this here for future reference that all houses should be clad in solid marble! ⠀ ⠀ Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #topkapipalace #istanbulturkey #travelturkey #exploreturkey #turkey_home
There’s nothing I love more than the way Europe does coffee. We’ve been starting our mornings with a latte and pastries all while people watching and planning our next adventure. I loved this in Paris and I love it here in Portugal.
“Dare è la più alta espressione di potenza. Nello stesso atto di dare, io provo la mia forza, la mia ricchezza, il mio potere. Questa sensazione di vitalità e di potenza mi riempie di gioia. Mi sento traboccante di vita e di felicità. Dare dà più gioia che ricevere, non perché è privazione, ma perché in quell'atto mi sento vivo.” Erich Fromm
From #budapest with #love ❤️
Gaudi's beautiful Parc Güell 😍 For the time being, one of it's most famous sections is closed for repairs so they can keep preserving this work of art, however you can still visit and I recommend it. Make sure to purchase your ticket online ahead of time, you'll have to pick your time slot and arrive on time (in order to not have to wait around). There are free park hours before they open and just before they close, but make sure to note sunset times in order to be there with plenty of light 😉
Railey Bay, Krabi
if you couldn’t tell from my ig stories, I’m currently obsessed with the @pantone app. Thanks @armphoto_ for the inspiration! #pantonechallenge
Our first impact project! Today we planted 74 trees and made instruments 🎻 for kids at the Arturo Somdhano music school in Puerto Rico. #traveldeep #travelwithfathom
One morning while in Venice, Italy, I awoke at 5am, grabbed my tripod, and ventured out to capture the Grand Canal at sunrise. The city had yet to wake up, so all the plazas, alleys, canals and bridges were empty. So quiet in fact I could hear my feat echo against the walls as I walked. In a city normally overflowing with people, it was wonderful having the place nearly to myself.
I'm so happy to be home!⁣ :::::⁣ I used to think that having a home base and loving to be home somehow made me less of a traveler, that if I wasn't fully nomadic I wasn't as committed⁣ :::::⁣ I used to get shamed for the "tourist" in my name, as if it somehow defined me and how I travel⁣ :::::⁣ I used to feel bad for wanting to spend time in nice resorts, or check a bag instead of living out of a carry-on backpack⁣ :::::⁣ I'm here to tell you that it's ok, however you get out there and see the world (as long as it's responsible, respectful, and hopefully sustainable)⁣ :::::⁣ If you want to stay in a nice hotel, that's ok, if you want to take a tour instead of be independent, that's ok, if you check 2 huge bags and wear makeup every day, that's ok⁣ :::::⁣ So, I'm very happy to be home with my cat and my routine, and now I realize that that doesn't diminish my travels, and that it's ok!⁣ :::::⁣ What kind of traveler are you?⁣ :::::⁣ PC: @kevinlacyphoto ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #visitmorocco #thetravelwomen #morocco #girlsborntotravel #marrakech #explorerbabes #globelletravels #marrakesh #visitmarrakech #radtravels #radtravelcollective #gltlove #iamtb #travelbloggeres #girlsvsglobe #bestintravel #secretplaces #globewanderer #lovetheworld #suitcasetravels #gothere #travelwithfathom #earthcapture #expediapic #inspiredbyyou #athomeintheworld #fodorsonthego
Getting so much design inspiration at Smithfield Cottage, one of @scaddotedu ’s guest houses, where I just interviewed founder and President @paulaswallace about architectural preservation, design education and Savannah’s renaissance. Stay tuned for an article on @archdigest.com 🕰🏺🗝 #freelancelife
It’s only proper to have a full Italian feast for our last dinner in Capri. And mamma mia this was heaven. Food coma details 👉🏻 link in profile. #empiretraveller #EmpireTravelsCapri
GRAB YOUR GOOD MOMENTS. The last weeks weren’t the best days for me, anxiety has tried to winning the battle to me. I felt so exhausted and so sad about all and nothing at the same time. Hopefully, I’ve the best people a human can have by my side. Today some friends from Spain came to visit me here in New York. They have brought me a lot of light that has been so necessary for me the last days and finally after near 40 days at the hospital I’ll come back home with my hubby. So remember that guys, collect the little good moments that life gives you, because that it’s the most important thing always.❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #goopgo #hello_worldpics #spotoftheday #newyork_instagram #mytinyatlas #travelwithfathom #ongooglemaps #abeautifulmess #living_destinations #bestcitybreaks #prettylittletrips #seeyourcity #TLPicks #travellingthroughtheworld #wheretofindme #topnewyorkphoto #kings_villages #what_i_saw_in_nyc #apartmenttherapy #dslooking #theeverygirltravels #travelerinnewyork #loves_nyc #theprettycities #huffpostgram #theweekoninstagram
Portly bodied espresso macchiato, thick pure hot chocolate and a Florentine semolino tartlet decked with sludgy dark chocolate- Florence, you are a safe place to be a foodaholic ❤️☕️🍫#curiousappetite #foodtours
Windows in Kolonaki #aspectsofathens
scene from another beach on another day but gives me all the feels all the same ☀️ (unedited + shot on my 35mm)
To continue with images of my latest trip to Mexico here is the Cempasuchil and Terciopelo flowers and Corn. Ornaments used to start building offerings for Dia de Muertos 🌼🌽🇲🇽 . . . . . . . . . . #thediscoverer #iamatraveler #traveler #travelphotography #travelgram #SUITCASEtravels #vsco #vscocam #TLpicks #vscoearth #tellon #folkgood #travelwithfathom #exploretocreate #livetravelchannel #MyCustomView #lonelyplanet #lpfanphoto #Everytraveler #elcaminotravel #mydomainetravels #Mexico #VisitMexico #FoundInMexico #DiadeMuertos #Patzcuaro #michoacanmexico
“I am starting to love the willful ignorance of New Yorkers, the ability to look at the epic and beautiful and quickly put it into context. It's a skill that comes from the skyline; we see something that magnificent every day and somehow go on living. A back-drop like that will dominate you unless you learn to become a part of it, and that's what New Yorkers do. Become towers.” - Rachel Syme ~~~ 📷: @wanderstylust
Fellow fans of handmade carta marmorizzata aka 17th century Florentine marbled paper will so appreciate the lovely leather accessories of two Tuscan brothers, Timothy & Tommaso, who have just opened @cuoiofficine on Via Guicciardini with a gorgeous new line of quality sustainable leather accessories (swipe right to see). It is also quite nice to see siblings who actually get on quite well as friends, enough so to leave lucrative careers behind and take a risk to follow their dream, something this girl can really appreciate. Thanks guys for bringing more quality and passion to Via Guicciardini 💪 . More in the link in my bio #YourFlorence
The last of the leaves 🍁 @irongatedc
@haleyjohil and @ninaweithorn , first time footloom weavers and best friends reunited during one of our workshops, sharing the pieces they wove with the help of the Vida Nueva cooperative during our weaving workshop in Oaxaca. There are just 3 spaces available for our next Oaxaca weaving workshop February 3-8. And if you miss that one, join us Feb 16-20 for a mezcal and food focused workshop, which will also include a taste of textiles and ceramics. 💫 #threadcaravanoaxaca
“Paris is always a good idea.” Apparently there’s some debate over whether Audrey Hepburn actually said this, but either way, I agree with the sentiment... which is why I’m visiting Paris again this weekend for the fourth time 😍 BUT, thanks to our unusually busy schedules recently, @spencermenglish and I haven’t done even half the planning we normally do before a trip, so please send me all your Paris recommendations! (Especially if they involve food, drinks, and/or pastries!) 🇫🇷
Gusty, blustery, beautiful fall morning. 🍁
Focusing on the details 🌿🏙 ─────────────────────── ◦ Camera: @canonusa EOS 6D ◦ Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM ◦ Exposure: 1/125 ◦ F-stop: f/2.8 ◦ ISO: 100 ◦ Flash: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT ───────────────────────
Ce soir je participe à la 1ere conférence inspirante de The Circle des audacieuses à Mexico City ! Rendez vous à l’Hôtel Condesa 19h-20h40. Merci @charlotte.coquillaud et @thecircledesaudacieuses 💫💫
i slipped and fell yesterday, and my left knee hates me right now. how are you? 💞
Brownstones of West Village 😍 . . . #seeyourcity #prettycitynewyork #passionpassport #newyorkcity
According to our ghost tour guide, Savannah’s trees grow so big and tall because of all the corpses buried underneath them. That’s also why the city is so haunted. The colonists who founded it in the 1700s built it on top of a Native American burial ground and for the next hundred years, it was plagued by two wars, three deadly yellow fever outbreaks, and two fires. Many people who live here believe that ghosts lurk in the houses, hospitals and squares 🌳👻🇺🇸 #freelancelife
Estamos en una época en la que parece que todo vuelve: la maternidad consciente, las manualidades de la abuela, la comida menos procesada... pero, y los oficios? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Es algo que pienso sobre todo cuando veo barandillas como esta de la foto, verdaderas obras de arte que un herrero ha forjado. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lo triste es que cada día es más difícil encontrar uno. Nadie quiere seguir con oficios tan duros? no son oficios rentables ya que los precios se encarecen? tú qué crees? 🤔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #postitfortheaesthetic  #newyork_ig #prettycitynewyork  #feelfreefeed #ilovenyc  #darlingdaily  #folklife #verilymoment #morningscenes  #streetscene #beautifulhomes #seeyourcity  #myhousebeautiful #travelwithfathom #beautifulmatters  #pathport  #loves_nyc #travelerinnewyork  #thebigapple   #facadelovers #westvillage #brownstone #townhouse
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