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Quintessential Tuscany. The iconic cypress trees. Let Evia craft your next journey to this fabulous part of italy.
Canals of Amsterdam🐳❤️ 👥Tag someone who would love this 💎 👇Discover and Follow our Luxury page👇 🎆 @luxury_at
Bucket List Moment 🎈 ---------------------------------------- Congratulations @cute_baybay 🌟 with this photo taken in Cappadocia, Turkey 🌴 --------------------------------------------------- Tag your photos ➡ #BestVacations for your chance to be featured ✨🌟
Hiking in Puglia Italy. Pure life pursuits. Pure life challenges for new perspectives. Sunshine and sunny friendships.
Sometimes you need to take time to notice the things other people are overlooking. . . . #schonbrunn #schonbrunnpalace #schönbrunn #vienna #visitvienna #vienna_austria #wein
Thank you Toronto 🍁 We had such an amazing time as usual! Also a huge thanks to✨@ShangriLaTO ✨ This is Toronto Island taken by @tonoariki ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• -- 👉 Follow @BestQuotesinMyLife for Daily Quotes 📝 --
This is probably the most beautiful waterfall swimming spot I’ve ever been to. We traveled 2 hours from Guatapé, which is filled with other tourists, to San Carlos. We saw a few locals here but had the waterfall to ourselves most of the time. When is the last time you got off the beaten track? ••••• • 🎥 @bernthewaterfall
Mystical night at Taj Mahal 🌌 Agra, India. Photo by @traveller.chris
It’s a beautiful modern architecture with art.
I just can’t get enough of these views! El Peñol may look intimidating, but if this Kansas girl can do it so can you! Check out my previous posts to see the crazy staircase I conquered & other photos of these incredible views. 😍 • • 📸 Photo by @bernthewaterfall
Duplex Treehouse 🏡 📷 via @placeyouwanttogo
Beautiful road in Australia Photography by @mattcherub
"Hello, yes, welcome to my castle. If you could just step this way please..." (Haha, I wish) I had all of 5 minutes notice that we would be visiting this castle, but it was without a doubt one of my favorite parts of my trip. To show you all more of the castle ruins I visited, I have a NEW POST on the blog showing all the photos, tips for going, and so much more. Do you all want to visit castle ruins? Let me know down below!
Sindhrot, Vadodara ,Gujarat - Haunted Sindhrot, a small town where the locals claim of seeing visions that haunt their nights. Individuals have witnessed a lady clad in a white kurta with disoriented facial structure walking the roads of the town. Several visitors have reported that they hear someone whispering in their ears to go back and never set their foot back in the town. The paranormal activities happening around the place has scared visitors as well as the local crowd. These are just a few places in Gujarat which are believed to be haunted. There are many such places that locals believe to be haunted, but no concrete information is available about them. Some of these are folklore, some are personal sightings and experiences. If you are a brave-heart and are craving some adventure, you may try to explore these places and share your experiences. They may help you get closure, or give some great stories to tell your friends and family! But these adventures are definitely not for the fainthearted. #travelworldwide #solotraveller #travel #getlost #traveldestination
Blue Caves of Istria, Croatia💙🏊🏼 • Credit @doyoutrave someone you'd take there!
Немного юмора и изобретательности). В американском городе Арнольд, штат Мэриленд, студент пришел на экзамен с огромной шпаргалкой размером около полтора метра! Преподаватель бухгалтерского учета Реб Битти из Общественного колледжа имени Анны Арундел позволил учащимся пользоваться на экзамене карточками размером 7 на 12, но при этом совершенно забыл уточнить единицу измерения. В итоге, шпаргалка молодого человека заняла весь стол! Преподаватель так пояснил разрешение использовать столь огромную шпаргалку: «Я обычно точен. Но мне никогда не приходило в голову пояснять, что речь идет о сантиметрах. Поэтому я позволил ее использовать. Придумано здорово. Ну а мне это послужит уроком». Конец мая и июнь — месяцы финальных экзаменов для студентов, — желаем им удачи и такой же изобретательности, чтобы на каникулах можно было отдыхать, путешествовать и не думать об учебе! Путешествовать поможет наша Виктория: +380736164484 (Телефон, Viber, WhatsApp).
95% of Thai people are Buddhist, and every Thai man has to become a monk before the age of 20, some remain for 3 months and others for life. You will see Monks in the streets everwhere you go and the temples are incredible. Buddhism is a huge part of life in Thailand . #thailand #thailandtravel #thaitravel #thaitravelling #travelthailand #bangkok #bangkokcity #bangkokthailand #bangkokholiday #thaibeach #thailandbeach #culture #history #holiday #holidays #holidaybrochure #holidaygoals #holidaybooking #seethesights #seetheworld #sapphiresunshine #sapphiresunshineITA #travel #traveltheworld #travelworldwide #travelagent
It’s Maldives a country full of small islands, one of the best holiday destination in the world 🌎 • Good morning everyone, have a nice day 😊 • • #sun #sunny #saltandsunny #dji #djiglobal #awardtravel #travelworldwide #saltwater #sea #sky #beach #bluesea #bluesky #island #speedboat #destination #travel #visitmaldives #maldives
Chill water park in Bali. 💦 tag your crew. Photo by @travelvibee Tag someone you'd take there!
▪️ Have you ever had a #campingnight ? One of the best feelings in the world 🏕️🌙
Fairytales' castle 🏰 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Photo by @jackmartinphotoart
En el templo de Sensō-ji, #tokyo #Japón , recuerdo que era un día algo nublado, y aún así el templo no perdía su encanto; tomada con mi #GoProhero5 #Hero5 @gopro @gopromx 🙌🏻 #travel , #iPhone #life #travelworldwide #japan #love #view ⛩🏯
Cormorant Fisherman, Li River, #China Photo by @king_robert Tag someone you'd take there!
Venice, Italy 🇮🇹 Photo by @brandon_barre 🌎🌏🌍
Leap of faith on the outskirts of Sydney @lukedamant
When you travel you meet incredible people almost every day. You only really keep in touch with a few. Even fewer you see again. Those are usually true forever friends. But to meet someone you connect so deeply with - someone you instantly feel has been a long-time best friend - and continue meeting, country after, country, is beautifully rare. Here’s to country number 12 & many more! I’m so grateful that no matter how crazy we drive each other we still keep coming together, sharing beautiful experiences and making the most wonderful memories. 🙏💗
Detalle de un rincón del Templo de Luxor #egypt #luxor #tebas #nilo #travelworld #travelworldwide #pinterest #chrome #google
Pink Tuileries gardens 💖 Paris, France. Photo by @by.steph
#Theedge , Bali __ Info: * Credit: @jeremyaustiin * Join the #yournextrip community ⚡️ * ©️Photo Owners | DM for credits / remove * Turn ON Post Notifications to see new content
Sunset in Maldives ✨ A @nature paradise 🌸 Photo by @pilotmadeleine
Barcelona Day 2 Walking to a magical old town, I totally lost my way😓. A lot of walk, a lot of views , fall in love with Barcelona💕.
🇪🇸Zaragoza/Saragossa. 🇻🇪Aquí recordando un estupendo día con la mujer más maravillosa del mundo... mi hermosa Madre/ 🇬🇧Here, remembering a great day with the most wonderful woman in the world ... my beautiful Mother. . #Viaje #Viaggio #Voyage #Viagem #TravelersLife #TravelLife #TravelerPhoto #SoloTraveler #SoloTravel #LoveTravel #TravelsTagram #TravelHolic #InstaMoment #InstaFun #InstaLife #TravelWorld #TravelWorldWide #Trip #TripGram #TripsTagram #TravelPhotography #TravelPhotographer #TravelPic #TravelPics #TravelAddict #Travelling #Traveling #WorldTraveler #GlobeTrotter #UrbanExplorer
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