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It’s a record breaking day! 14 headbands & 9 DIY kits. Every time I go out of town, I come home to discover, I’ve got work to do. But this is making we concerned about the Christmas rush. So please do not wait till the last minute to order softbands. Thank you!
Pumpkin patch field trip with @handsandvoices family camp. #HandsVoicesOR #DHHfamilyCampOR
Este domingo radiante, mami me sorprendió con una linda blusa hecha por ella. TQM MaMi #treachercollinsvenezuela #treachercollinspanama #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #sindrometreachercollins #bibianagarciadeltoro #microtia
TCS twins, BAHA buddies, having lots of fun together.
Three little Baha princess, with big kids to help keep them walking straight on the sidewalk.
sedih itu saat anak berbeda jauh sama kita 😥 ceritanya lagi di salah satu moll besar nganterin uti beli sepatu ,capek nunggu yauda duduk sambil lihat lihat sepatu kece. Tiba tiba ada ibuk ibuk dateng terus senyum senyum deketin akay sambil bilang 👵 : ganteng bangett putihhnyaa 👩 : iya eyangg makasih 👵 : papa mamanya bule ya apa arab ?? kok hidungnya mancung 👨 : "kasih senyuman dan dalam hati bilang"(lhaa aku ibuknyaa bukan mba cussnya 😭😭) 👵 : cakep ya sidedek duhh gedenya cakepp ini nanti anak bule yaa 👨 : iya makasih eyang (dan saya berpamitan berlalu pergi) yaelaaa nak segitunyaa amatt ibuk dikira mba cuss kamu 😭😭 nasib ibuk cuma buat wadah ya gini dan semua mua mirip bapak 😭 Gapapa dikata mba cuss kamu penting kamunya cakep 😍😘 #askara #akay #journeyofakay #treachercollinssyndrome #collinssyndrome
We arrived at @handsandvoices Family Camp and found the legos... I was hoping our kids would run off their energy before bed, or sit around and build stuff while meeting new friends :)
Wonder (2017) Directed by Stephen Chbosky, starring Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Izabela Vidovic. Follow @iconic.cinema_ for more! #wonder #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #jacobtremblay #room #juliaroberts #owenwilson #newyork #family #love #friendship #space #astronaut #iconic #cinema #iconiccinema #movies #films #film #tv
My Marketing Manger (husband) keeps advising me to get a real logo. Not that this picture of our daughter isn’t cute. Well, it took almost 2 years, but I am suddenly inspired to make a logo, thanks to yesterday’s Unlocking Creativity Workshop. So, a real logo will be unveiled soon and I cannot wait to show you! Thank you @the.ketoclimber & @kelleysalber
This picture might be a little intimidating, but this is Walt doing really well! A Li'l medical update for all this morning! He originally was doing well with just one nasal trumpet on room air, but he gets SO agitated with cares that he would desaturate REALLY LOW (down to the 30's and once to 4%...he should be above 90! #momscare ). The doctors made the decision to add a second trumpet, and more recently have added a humidifier to thin secretions. These secretions are what are blocking his trumpets and may be causing the desats. This is all temporary as the #nicu doctors work with plastics and ENT to try and figure out the more permanent solution. His scheduled CT scan today will provide more information! Despite all of this, he LOVES to cuddle with mom & dad and has done really well since the humidifier was added! #waltthewarrior #nicubaby #treachercollinssyndrome #gofundme
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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Inspired by @linabugz ’s version of Beetlejuice 💚 @milkmakeup Blur Stick, Kush Mascara, Eye Pigment in Rave @katvondbeauty Shade & Light Face & Eye Contour Palettes, Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette @anastasiabeverlyhills Poison Liquid Lipstick @nyxcosmetics_canada Matte Liquid Liner, Ultimate Brights Palette @kryolanofficial TV White Paint Stick @suvabeauty Fanny Pack Liner @serenityxlashes Silk Bali Lashes #microtia #bilateralmicrotia #goldenharsyndrome #treachercollinssyndrome #halloween #halloweenmakeup #beetlejuice #toronto #torontomua #milkmakeup #kushmascara #katvondbeauty #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #abh #nyx #nyxcosmetics #nyxcanada #nyxcosmeticspro #kryolan #suvabeauty #serenitylashes #sephora #sephorapro #wakeupandmakeup
Poor Morgan has been sick all day , even though he’s not at school we will keep up with some learning . His P5 classroom topic this term is the book Wonder about a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome. Morgan is loving this book and is excitedly teaching me lots of things about it . We decided to watch the film together although the poor soul couldn’t keep his eyes open and had a nap 😴 What a lovely film , thoroughly enjoyed watching it , plus I love Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Now time to see if the rain will go off and I can ride or lunge before picking up Graeme who’s been away working hard for 3 weeks 💙 #senthomesickfromschool #sicknote #manflu #wonder #treachercollinssyndrome #homelearning #nap #sickboy #mumsworkisneverdone #talesofanequestrianmum #thisisthemapthatshowsuswherewevebeen
Happy Birthday Auggie 💙 Auggie Pullman is a character with a Craniofacial condition called Treacher Collins from a book called Wonder. It’s about his journey starting out at a new school; navigating it while everyone else learns that kids with facial differences are still kids,#differentiscool and the right choice is to always, always #choosekind ❤️ There are kids & adults in real life with Treacher Collins & we’ve been blessed to call many of them our friends 💛 Even though Marco, RJ & I have Apert Syndrome, it is a similar Syndrome & journey & we’ve been so grateful & happy to help the world learn further about the beauty in diversity as well as about the different syndromes in the Craniofacial community. #wereallinthistogether #love #craniofacialawareness #life #treachercollinssyndrome #bravehearts #wonderwednesday
One of the best parts of being a mom is sharing Odin & his love with my own mama. Witnessing their connection, and experiencing her devotion & sweetness—the same nurturing that I’ve been so lucky to have—makes sunbeams & rainbows 🌈 shoot out of my heart. ❤️ Will have to stash & store those good feelings until @squam54 next visit. It can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, we have a new post on Odin’s blog www.odibsmane.com . #odinjames #childrenshospital #childrenshospitalcolorado #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #nicugraduate #nicubaby #trachbaby #tracheostomy #pulmonary #9thfloor
Sisters 💜💛❤ 📷 @helloannamoos
Hayattaki en değerli varlığım en buyuk şansım can yoldaşım hayat arkadaşım.. rabbimin emaneti canım oglum sukur ve hamd olsuun seni bana veren rabbime🙏❤ seni nasil seviyorum icime kata kata kalbime dokuna dokuna aski sevgiyi hissede hissede sen benim en kiymetlim gözbebeğim❤🍀 #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollinssyndromebeautiful #tcs #tcsmom #canımoğlum #kalbim #hamdolsun
Walter calm and glaring at me. He had a rough night and his dad wouldn't stop playing with his big feet. #meetthezings #walterquangduong #treachercollinssyndrome #dadmode
Gundelik calisma temposundan ve akademik hayattan da arada uzaklasip kucuk aktivitelerle mola vermek cok onemli 😊 gerci konu yine de baglantili 💙 #wonder #filmokumaları #movieanalysis #treachercollinssyndrome #changingfaces #proudtobeme #facialawareness #facialawesomeness
Gearing up for PJs cleft palate repair surgery... he has a lot of difficulty swallowing because the hole in the roof of his mouth is very large. But I still give him something to chew on so that he enjoys tasting flavors while eating through the Gtube. This will help him to learn how to move his tongue as well as get him interested in eating by mouth. (For those concerned about me giving him sweets, I would like to mention that #1 , he doesn’t swallow well, so he’s not ingesting much. And #2 , the longer a child goes without eating, the harder it will be to gain their interest. They can loose the instinct to eat because they have been fed by a machine their whole life, so I would give him Pop Rocks at this point if I thought it would help to keep his interest) #oralmotortherapy #oralmotorskills #occupationaltherapy #gtube #cleftpalate #cleftstrong #kangaroopump #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #wonderbaby #licorice
Happy Due Date, Walter!! ❤❤ to celebrate, please enjoy this lovely picture of the world's best cowlick! 🤣 #meetthezings #walterquangduong #treachercollinssyndrome #nicu #nicubaby
I get asked, “do you make Softbands for Cochlear’s BAHA? Or just Oticon Ponto Hearing Aids?” Since all the pictures are of my daughter’s Ponto. So I borrowed my husband’s Baha5 for some pictures. #deafdad #likefatherlikedaughter
Crisp air, pumpkin pie, Christmas music and making some festive softbands for BAHAs
Went on a date with Sebastian to Sonic last night! We walked there and the weather was so nice! #ilovehim #marrieddate #tcs #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #datenight
My kids with capes. But I don’t think they know what super hero’s are...
It’s #librariesweek so we wanted to share our favourite novels based on #geneticdisorders . #Wonder by @rjpalacio beautifully describes the life of Auggie who has #treachercollinssyndrome , and the impact on family and friends. You may have seen the film starring @jacobtremblay . #Avery is a gorgeous picture book from @cambridgeuniversity that illustrates difference and illness to pre-schoolers. A moving and readable account of #acutemyeloidleukemia can be found in the adult novel My Sister’s Keeper by @jodipicoult. And we loved #insidetheobriens by neuroscientist @authorlisagenova about #huntingtonsdisease and how a diagnosis affects a family. Please let us know if you have read and liked others. #libraries #bookclub @simonandschuster @penguinbooks
After PipSqueak goes to bed, I’ll be working on some new DIY safety line ideas to tether her Baha hearing aid to her softband headband...
Domingo protegido del sol, pero estoy tan entretenida en la piscina, que se me olvida el sombrero #treachercollinsvenezuela #treachercollinspanama #treachercollinssyndrome #sindrometreachercollins #treachercollins #microtia
Shelby's looking pretty darn adorable in her sweater. It belonged to her big sisters back in the day. One of the handful of items Mommy kept around all these years. 😍💗
Thank you so much for writing a review on my Etsy shop. I do my best to provide quality custom service and a quick response time.
I recently read a study saying that 80% of people with a facial disfigurement get harassed or abused on the street. This absolutely broke my heart. The beautiful faces above are the faces of real people with real lives and real feelings. They see you staring at them, they hear you making comments about them, and they deserve as much respect as anyone else. If you have a facial disfigurement and you’re reading this now, please know that you are not required to fit what society says you need to look like. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are enough.✨ #bodypositive #selflove #burnscars #cherubism #vitiligo #treachercollinssyndrome #facialdisfigurement #bodypositivity
I wrote a blog about how we got my toddler to stop throwing her hearing aids. https://thebahamama.com/2017/06/do-not-throw-hearing-aid/
New Halloween prints are in stock. All fall / Halloween theme prints are in sale too!
Un antojo lo tiene cualquiera, ésta tarde fue una hamburguesa de McDonald's #treachercollinsvenezuela #treachercollinspanama #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #sindrometreachercollins #microtia
A massive thankyou is in order for these girls for the success of the fundraiser last night. @misskatecollins @beckyhawkes1 @mephamkirsty @hannahmontana24 @katrina1984_ @holliekate86 The time and effort gone into the planning has been huge and the WhatsApp group has been going mental for months. All the organising, making, cutting, sticking, printing, planning, calling, raffle ticket selling and everything inbetween has culminated in what was a brilliant night that made loads of money for Loui (final amount tbc) and most importantly that the little Legend himself enjoyed! They even all chose outfits on the night that wouldn’t clash with the orange colour sashes that Loui adamantly chose! Lol! He had the best time at his ‘party’ with his friends and seeing the buckets of money at the end all for him that will be going toward his ticket to a trachy free life was emotional because the pain and frustration from living with it day by day is so great and people’s generosity is making it a possibility to get there. Some people would be deterred from attempting to raise such a phenomenal amount... but only because of you guys and the support we have, has it been possible to hope we’ll get there someday in the not too distant future. I love you girls for all you’ve done for Loui and to everybody else who donated money and prizes thankyou soooo much! Thankyou to all that came and added to the great atmosphere of the night and another very special thanks goes to Pam Dellow and Joe Dellow who did some amazing singing to start the night, Steve Krafft for the DJ’ing and to Andy Locke who was our auctioneer! For all raffle prizes won by people that couldn’t attend we will be in touch soon... #louisarmy #loui #fundraiseforloui #louifundraise #wewillgetthere #treachercollinsawareness #tcsawareness #zebedeemodel #bahaboy #tubiebaby #tracheostomyawareness #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollinssyndromeawareness
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My little peanut just signed "more" for the first time....twice!!!! #soexcited #firstsign
Happy birthday to Jacob Tremblay (born:October 5,2006) is a Canadian child actor. His breakout performance was his starring role as Jack Newsome in #room (2015), for which he won the #criticschoiceawardforbestyoungperformer and the #academyofcanadiancinemaandtelevision #awardforbestperformance ,#byanactorinaleadingrole , and was nominated for the #screenactorsguildawardforoutstandingperformancebyamaleactorinaleadingrole . In 2017, he starred as August Pullman, a child with #treachercollinssyndrome , in the drama #wonder (2017). Tremblay is an avid fan of the #starwars franchise and named his dog after #district 's character, #rey . His excitement at the characters #bb8 ,#r3d2 ,and #c3po 's appearance at the #88thacademyawards ceremony was considered a highlight of the evening. #jacobtremblay @jacobtremblay @jacob.tremblay_
Thank you Tara, for your review. And thanks to all your requests, there’s all sorts of new prints available for other families to choose from :)
Hello friends! Walt made his appearance 1 day before he was scheduled to be induced, born on October 1st, 2018! He was born by urgent c-section and was taken to resuscitation room immediately, where an airway was established with a nasal trumpet. His blood has been sent off for formal genetic testing to look for the #TCS gene, and we will know in a few weeks! Right now, his goals are to continue growing to see what needs to be done eventually. He LOVES mom & dad, HATES diaper changes and baths, and gets tons of love from his sweet NICU nurses when mom & dad can't be there. More updates to come, but this momma is SLEEPY! 😴💙🐼 #treachercollinssyndrome #tcs #ohsu #nicu #nicubaby #walterpanda
Learning numbers. I need to find round GF cereal which also tastes good...
Girly softbands for BAHAs :)
Our family has gone to the children’s hospital in the city 10+ times since PipSqueak’s birth. Way more often that we want to make that trip, but we always look forward to staying at the Ronald McDonald House, and are so Thankful for our home away from home. #ronaldmcdonaldhouse
Here it is folks, the trailer for Happy Face and it will be premiering this weekend in Montreal! Pictures will be coming soon! click on the link below to watch the teaser! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GVh5WOiwBc Donate: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/happy-face-feature-film#/ #montreal #wednesday #working #craft #acting #unique #weird #premiere #screening #nyc #actor #successquotes #door #art #dark #comedy #movie #different #steppingout #winning #moving #treachercollinssyndrome #creative #awesome
A couple orders of softbands for BAHAs going out in the mail.
3 years ago - meeting @jonolanc was the first time my husband & daughter met someone else who has TCS. @the.ketoclimber
Esperando que me quede el casco de mamá, para pasear en la moto con mi papá. #treachercollinsvenezuela #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollinspanama #treachercollins #microtia
⭐️⭐️⭐️WONDER. NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES MERVEILLES de RJ PALACIO. Il se passe aux États-Unis une chose interessante autour de l’histoire #wonder et surtout du film qui en a été tiré : alors qu’en France les affiches et la communication misaient surtout sur les stars et l’aspect #feelgoodmovie , aux Etats-Unis la sortie a été l’occasion de décliner le slogan #choosekind et toute une campagne incitant le grand public et les enfants des écoles à faire preuve de gentillesse et de manière globale à accueillir les différences. Cet album pour enfant traite de ce sujet, reprenant le personnage d’#augustpullman et aidant les lecteurs à réfléchir à ce que l’enfant rejeté pour son apparence peut ressentir. « Moi je ne changerai jamais de visage, mais les autres peuvent peut-être changer leur regard sur le monde ». Les illustrations sont très américaines mais assez jolies dans leur genre. Ici ça a bien plu, et je trouve important d’aborder ces sujets avec nos enfants pour qu’ils soient la génération d’un monde plus inclusif ! Pensée spéciale pour le petit @pjs_playhouse dont je suis le parcours. « When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind . » #litteraturejeunesse #livrespourenfants #inclusionmatters #rjpalacio #regardeavecbonté @pocket_jeunesse #thewonderofwonder #augiepullman #tolerance #noussommestousdesmerveilles #solitude #harcèlement #bullying #stopbullying #treachercollinssyndrome
Do children who have hearing loss, just NOT sleep through the night, ever? It’s like she wakes up at 3am thinking: It’s too quiet! I’m going to scream and freak out for no reason what-so-ever. . Can I blame that on hearing loss? We already cut gluten and dairy, the eczema cleared up, we did a sleep study to rule out sleep-apnea, and it’s not night-terrors. Sometimes she needs to go potty, already wet the bed, or wants her blankets fixed. Other than that, I’m running out of excuses for our sleep deprivation...
My darling girl, You have faced many challenges in your short life, and you have always come out victorious. You are full of bravery, determination, and strength. You inspire me in ways I never thought possible. There will be times when that crown on your head becomes too heavy to carry alone. May you always remember you have a safe and soft place to rest. You are a wonder to behold, and I am so blessed to call you "daughter." Thank you for letting me love you and care for you while you grow into the person God created you to be. You have rocked my world in the best sort of way. I love you. ~Mom . . . . 📷 @helloannamoos
“Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?” That’s been little PipSqueak’s mantra since conception... or at least since our ultrasound at Pregnancy Resource Center, January 2015. We had just moved and didn’t have a Dr yet... and I was 75% sure I was NOT actually pregnant... As it turns out, PipSqueak not only exists, but is now a happy, healthy, thriving little 3 year old, who likes to see everything as an obstacle to overcome or a challenge to be conquered.
In honor of anti-bullying month, I’m gonna share a story that I haven’t shared before. • • When PJ was born I disappeared from social media for 6 weeks. (I needed some time to educate myself on Treacher Collins and prepare for our unexpected journey... and to be quite honest I was very fragile and I like to hide when upset/depressed) • • Someone that I went to high school with but didn’t know very well was trying to reconnect with me on Facebook. • • He asked how the baby was doing (my last post on social media was that I was in the hospital being induced), he wished me a happy new year and then happy birthday, all to which I didn’t respond. I wasn’t responding to ANYONE at that time because I was secretly living in the NICU with PJ. • • I finally posted to announce PJ when he was 6 weeks old, while still living in the NICU and explained all about Treacher Collins. • • This disgruntled person, obviously upset and feeling rejected, posted this photo the next day. • • I immediately unfriended him and haven’t spoken about it since. Looking back now, maybe I should have reached out to him and tried to bridge the gap and promote kindness. • He has children and I believe that it all starts with the parents.... PJ and I can speak at schools, but it really starts with the parents. • • From this point forward I will make it a goal to nicely confront any and all bullies we encounter as a means to an end. #killemwithkindness • • #choosekind #choosekindness #kindiscool #differentiscool #scarsarecool #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #gtube #hardofhearing #microtia #bahahearingaid #mandibulardistraction #craniosynostosis #babywithtcs #facialdifference #childrenwithfacialdifferences #selfacceptance #selflove #stopbullying #nicu #picu #specialneeds #specialneedschildren #wonder #wonderthemovie #wonderbaby #auggiepullman
Yay! I’m glad you like your softbands! I’m loving the 1 inch Wide Softband too!
In light of the bestselling book & movie “Wonder,” our family had an interview with a journalist in the UK and here’s the published story: https://stories.swns.com/news/dad-born-with-no-cheekbones-due-to-genetic-disorder-is-a-role-model-for-his-daughter-after-she-inherited-the-same-rare-condition-99945/
Después de unas largas y divertidas vacaciones ya estoy lista para ir al 1er. día de clases con mis amig@s de 4to. grado #treachercollinsvenezuela #treachercollinssyndrome #sindrometreachercollins #treachercollins #microtia
It’s been a quiet weekend after a super busy month. Finishing off September with one last softband and DIY kits.
For this last day of September I will do a little throwback for #CAM2018 which is Craniofacial Acceptance Month! We have had our fair share of twist and turns throughout these 6 years since Ayvree was born. Some days are hard; surgeries, kids calling names, parents telling children not to stare. And some days are good; friendly smiles, simple curious questions and people genuinely being nice. I’ve stepped back a bit this year on posting a ton about Ayvrees experiences and that’s EXACTLY why...they are her experiences, not mine. I accepted her and loved her the moment I met her, never did I question my love for her or think she was/is anything less than perfect and the same goes for my husband. That’s what gives me the most hope for Ayvrees future, Josh and I couldn’t be more opposite but we love her just as she is and the people who come across her in life that are worthy of sticking around will stand out and that’s all I can ask. Be a good, descent, kind person to everyone you meet; don’t think twice...just smile and say hello. It’s that simple😊 #lovethyneighbor #treachercollinssyndrome #ccakids #brayvree
This silly messy baby is turning one in less than a month. How can it be?! 💜💜11 Month Stats💜💜 💜Likes💜 *peas *squash *dancing *touching people's faces *grabbing things with her feet *sitting while playing *hanging out on the couch with her sisters 💜Dislikes💜 *apples *pears *having her nose wiped *seeing a toy just out of reach 💜She's getting closer to crawling. 💜She's finicky about eating baby food. You never know when she'll want it. 💜She drinks her bottles like a champ. 💜She pulls her Baha (hearing aid) off every 2.5 seconds. 💜She still goes to bed without a fight. 💜She's wearing 6-9 month clothing. 💜She's vocalizing a lot more. 💜She continues to wrap us all around her little finger.
Look at all those llamas! Or are they Alpacas? We don’t know...
Ekspresi kamu waktu tercyduk sama emak pas makan permen diem diem 😂 Biasa aja mukanya ,aku gigit juga nih 😘 #askara #akay #journeyofakay #ngtwarrior #treachercollinssyndrome #treachercollins #pejuanglangka #pejuangkecil
I had the absolute privilege of meeting @jonolanc and hearing him speak at the @moebiussyndromefoundation conference this past July. Today, I told one of my best friends to watch his speech from that conference. I sent her the link and she said she cried twice because what he was saying is so moving. I remember sitting in that ballroom with tears in my eyes throughout his entire speech. I was moved and more than that, I was inspired beyond belief. Jono is one of the most beautiful souls on this planet. I'm so sick of the prejudice that we with physical differences all face. It's time for society to wake up and see us for who we are; we are human beings who deserve the same respect and opportunities. Beauty isn't what society believes it is. Never judge someone based on appearance alone. We are all worth SO much more than that. #different #difference #love #value #human #worthit #treachercollinssyndrome #moebiussyndrome #awareness #society #education #learn #medical #media #inspirational #inspiration #inspire #amazing #beautiful #beauty #truth #canada #unitedkingdom #life #student @people @theellenshow @dailyhivecalgary @yycinfluencer @theperezhilton @theperezhilton
What an amazing evening so far... turns out we scrub up alright 😜🖤 #lmlmff #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #charityball #charity #antibullying #loveyourself #ball #friends #suitedandbooted
R.O.A.D T.R.I.P to The End of Summer Charity Ball in Honour of ‘us’ at Love Me Love My Face Foundation & Toms Trust #charityball #lmlmff #tomstrust #ball #excited #roadtrip #tcs #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #antibullying #raisingawareness #bekind
“You know I’ll take you there.” Odin rocked his party pants & 80’s-esque hearing aid headband all the way from the NICU to the Pulmonary inpatient floor where we will be for the next month+ as Chandler & I get trained in caring for Odin, his equipment gets ordered, his bottle feeding progresses & we find in-home nursing care. Leaving the NICU & embarking on our next phase of the journey is bittersweet. The NICU was our home for a month & a place where Odin was showered with impressive care & adoring devotion, and these new parents felt supported & empowered. “In the midnight hour I can feel your power.” More updates on the move to the 9th floor can be found on Odin’s blog! Www.odinsmane.com #middkidintraining #likeaprayer #middlebury #sketchcullough #NICU #nicubaby #nicugraduate #childrenshospitalcolorado #treachercollins #treachercollinssyndrome #odinjames #newborn #poopingordancing 🤷‍♀️
This little missy is only happy sitting up today. So she's surrounded by her favorite toys and she's in baby heaven. 👼 The pack 'n' play keeps her from getting trampled by her five siblings and provides a great view for Mommy. Winning all around. #babylife #treachercollinssyndrome #littlesister #play
#Repost @elifs_tcs_journey with @get_repost ・・・ Mucize kızımız Elif’ in birinci doğum yılı anısına hazırladığımız, gebelikte tespit edilen anomalilere rağmen gebeliğe devam etme nedenlerimizi varoluş, mutluluk, hayatın anlamı ve amacı ekseninde aktardığımız, yüz anomalili bireylerin yaşadığı sorunları ve çözüm önerilerini sonrasında kurulan sevgi köprülerinizi paylaştığımız kitabımızın ön satışı başladı. Genel satış yakında başlayacak. Kitabımıza internetten ulaşabilirsiniz. Gelirin tamamı yüz anomalili bireyler için kurduğumuz @yuzumlemutluyum derneğine aktarılacaktır. Kitabımızın yayınlanmasını sağlayan ve bu süreçte büyük katkılar sunan @arzusandal2 hanıma, değerli editörümüz #suathayriküçük beye, @a7kitap ailesine teşekkür ederiz. \ Our book including our wonder daughter Elifs journey and TCS awareness issues is published in Turkey. #treachercollins #tcs #genetik #yüz #treachercollinssyndrome
Thanks so much for your review on my Etsy shop. I’m glad you love your softbands!
Shelby rarely snuggles while sleeping. She'd rather sleep in her own space. I picked her up to move her tonight and was able to sneak a few cuddly moments that totally melted my heart. #mommywin #snuggles #treachercollinssyndrome #littlelove #myheart #lovemelovemyface #ccakids
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