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Summer pic 🍉
St. Roman monastery (9th century)
#tree Kaleidoscope 🍂 🍃 🍁 🥦🥦🥦 #reality #multiplied #treestagram
The frost on the fields this morning was so pretty! What’s your favourite way to keep warm & cozy?❄️
Enjoying sunrise before kayaking.
St. Roman monastery (9th century)
- Pilea Peperomioides | Ufopflanze - Endlich! Zuallererst ein kleines Hallo von mir, nachdem ich nun gefühlt 30 Jahre versucht habe, dieses Profil zu erstellen. 😂 Immerhin bin ich jetzt reifer und weiser nach dieser Aktion. 😁 Ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen: Ich bin Line, 20 und mag Pflanzen. 🌿 Wer hätte das gedacht. Tatsächlich ist diese Liebe noch relativ frisch, dafür aber umso stärker! Wie Du bestimmt schon vermutet hast, möchte ich hier gerne ein bisschen was von dieser Liebe teilen. Ich freue mich, ein paar Tipps und Infos zu geben aber auch selbst immer mehr zu lernen. 🤓😁 Ihr werdet also Zeuge des Wachstums meiner Pflanzen, als auch meines Wissens! 🌟 Dieses ganze Blog-Dings ist noch sehr neu, daher entschuldigt eventuelle Unseriosität. 🤓 Ich wünsche allen einen schönen Abend/Tag/Morgen! ☀️
always a pleasure... even in the chilly rain (sort of). but we got to unknowingly see Louis C.K. for $12 (which I also have mixed emotions about...). time to go, really ready for home. #newyork #cityscape
warhol exhibit 👍 #newyork @whitneymuseum
having a little too much fun hopping around cincinnati today. #midcenturymodern #cincinnati
loving your wedding photos @becfritch and @jfritch and this weekend’s cincinnati rendezvous with my hubs. all in a crazy week’s work. #cincinnati #danceparty
firming up another little asian rendezvous for wintertime. finally feeling settled into the new routine and able to get our heads above water to look forward. #makingplans #traveljunkie
all the seasons of cincinnati. quite a full and sunny week here. #ohio #cincinnati
snow is gone, sunny autumn weekends are pretty darn nice here. #october #colorado
one too many cups of disappointing coffee in asia made me a matcha lover. expanding the green goodness into my baking creations with a new treat: almond matcha biscotti! no surprise, my bittersweet espresso chocolate drizzle got a bit heavy handed...oops! (not.) 🍵 #matcha #baking
last year, today. #mongolia #goldeneagle
that time of year again. #october #rainydays
cancelled my flight to guangzhou for today and am instead soaking up some chinese art here at home. “riding to happiness (with 56 little pigs)” by chen wenling. @denverartmuseum #china #art
parents in town, always entertaining. #colorado #redrocks
cocina TRÄKÁL's "Spirited Patagonia" evening was simply beautiful. it's not every night I get to taste a new to this world spirit crafted with local ingredients from one of the most special regions of the world I have traveled to. such a fun evening of intrigue, sensory exploration, delectable food + gorgeous cocktails at denver's swankiest rooftop. @lingerdenver transported us all to Chile for the night with an authentic Patagonian dining experience. amazing work by the culinary and beverage teams on the TRÄKAL-inspired menu hosted by @drinktrakal and @twopartsco. the cozy outdoor space was so beautiful curated by @hyggelife. thanks for inviting me to be a part of this memorable night-- AMAZING! #spiritedpatagonia #cocinatrakal
guys, “america the beautiful” was written right here. ahh, the things you learn when your parents drag you through a visitors center. #colorado #redrocks
missing these ladies and those summery temps. ☀️ #vegas #girlsweekend
back to the mountains 🌵 #vegas #desert
it’s a wild world. #dogswithjobs #vegas
escaping a week of rain and grey skies in the midwest. #september #chasingsunshine
opportunities ahead to revisit last year’s passion project: travel portraiture. looking forward to big time adventures in december! #travelplans #portraitphotography
the annual rut. #elkcountry #colorado
farewell to summertime. #colorado #rockies
✌🏼chicago. #thebean #chicago
cozied up. early autumn in chicago with old friends and great colleagues warms the soul. #chicago #seasonsturnjng
loving all the beautiful images coming out of the mount hagen sing sing last week. lots of fond memories. #papuanewguinea #tbt
perfect weather for this quick visit. #newyork #architecture
scenes from another tuesday. #budspest #breakfastspot
well, that was fun. #design #pgemp
digging this town more than anticipated. #minneapolis #targetstyle
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