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Permit in hand, condo rented. Now, just waiting on my one way flight to San Diego, 77 days✌🏼#pct2018 #trekthepct #nobo #mexicotocanada #adventure #livingmybestlife #outdoorlife
Autumn colors in the Cascades. By now my body was running on fumes and views like this one. #pct #pacificcresttrail #pct2017 #pctig #thruhiker #thruhiking #mexicotocanada #ultralight #trekthepct
We just released a brand new podcast. It’s called Backpacker Radio and it’s for long distance backpackers, by long distance backpackers. Head to @backpackerradio to get the deets. #thetrek #trektheat #trekthepct #backpackerradio
Back when we would play “PCT or stream?”
Future PCT thru-hikers: Are you MENTALLY prepared to spend a half year in the backcountry?  Although dialing in your gear, getting in shape, and finalizing your logistics are all important steps in preparing for a PCT thru-hike, in terms of finishing the trail, nothing is more important than strengthening your mindset prior to reaching Campo.  Luckily, there is a resource that will prepare you for this most crucial aspect: “Pacific Crest Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide to Successfully Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail” by @zrdavis and @carly.moree.   Check the link in our profile to learn more. #trekthepct #thetrek #pacificcresttrials
Lassen stands majestically over us as we set up camp.
Day 4: By sunrise I was still frozen and at best I had only minutes of sleep, but I survived that first cold night in Mt. Laguna’s bathroom. As soon as the cafe opened, all of us hikers poured inside to warm up over coffee. For the rest of the day, my brother and I scoured our smart phones for potential motel and AirB&B rooms we could rent and dry out in the night. But the majority of hikers and fled off trail and all the rooms were taken. With another nasty night ahead, I went back to the campground and reset up our shelter, bit in a new layout with a stronger pitch and additional pullouts, hopefully this one wouldn’t collapse too! Later at dinner though, the cafe informed all of us thru-hikers that we could sleep on their warm floor that night. As moderately determined I was to try out the new setup... I jumped at the opportunity of a warm shelter and instead slept inside with everyone else. #pct #pct2017 #trekthepct #pctig #thruhike #thruhiker #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2017 #backpacking #hammockcamping #wanderlust #catamountgear #yearoficeandfire
Green and snowy. The NorCal mix
Each and every day I’m thinking about my #PCT thru hike. Whether I’m researching gear, looking at maps, or planning my resupplies, my entire heart is being poured into this adventure. My feelings bounce back and forth in every direction, but through it all I know one thing - the trail is calling me. 78 days 🙌🏻
7.20.17 day 76 24 miles :: Who would have thought I would slow down to enjoy a rave in Belden. Should I stop to smell the roses? I think so. Half way baby!
It's always the right time to get out there & hike your legs right off. Well, maybe keep your legs attached so you can hike home & share photos with us...but it is always the right time to get outdoors, to explore the world & to expand your horizons. So what's stopping you!? Get your next hiking adventure on the calendar & get stoked! ⛰️🏕️ #hikerchat #getoutdoors [PC: @timeforahike ]
Future PCT thru-hikers, have any questions about the Sierra? Leave them in the comments. Resupply, river crossings, passes, ask about anything. #pct2018 #pct2017 #highsierra #sonorapass #alpine
Settled in to our camp site. Our @mountaintopoutdoor tent was super easy to assemble. I was very pleased! It’s a small 2 person tent thats perfect for hiking!
When is the best time to trek in Bhutan The most popular time for trekking in Bhutan is during the autumn, from late September to November when the climate is at its best. The skies are usually clear, offering fabulous unobstructed  views of the mountain peaks. It is generally dry but there is always the chance of a rain shower (as there is at any time of year). Nights are very cold but daytime temperatures are likely to reach the mid 20Cs. Spring, from March to May, is considered the next best time for many treks in Bhutan. Though there are more clouds and rain – or even the odd snow shower - than in the autumn, rhododendrons, magnolias and other wildflowers will be in flower. It’s not quite as chilly at night and you should still have glimpses of the high peaks, but they are unlikely to be as clear as in autumn. During the winter months it is also possible to trek at lower altitudes (below 2000m) on trails that take you through villages, forests and across valleys. Get in Touch with us and we will be happy to plan walking and trekking in Bhutan to suit your prefered time of travel and ability..#awaytobhutan #awaytobhutantours #trekking #trekthepct #trekkie #trekremedy #trekbikes #trekmadone #trekwomen #trekkers #trekkingbrasil #trekarooing #trekamerica #trektheat #trekkinginnepal #trekbike #treking #trekkinglovers #treksegafredo #trekronor #trekkingday #trekkinglife #trekkies #trekell #prilaga #trek #trekker #treklife
Super stoked to hike through the cascades this summer along the PCT. 75 days until I hit the trail down in the desert #hype
Some places just steal your heart. The PCT will always be home to me, and stopping by to show it some loving on this roadtrip is a legitimate highlight to the nearly 40 hours spent driving myself across the country. The trail, and Cascade Locks in particular, are such special places with so many fond memories. I can't wait to get back out and hike the trail FOR REAL again soon! #pct2018 #sexysectionhiker
I design and make most of my gear, so for the PCT I created an asym hammock rain tarp that could convert to a small ground tarp for the desert. I thought carefully about my setup and all the conditions I might expect; but a blizzard in the desert was not one of them. On the third day into our hike, it snowed hard! The winds wiped frigid snow around the tarp and into our faces. We wrapped our bag and heads with our cuben fiber ponchos in hopes of blocking it, but the cold would always find its way in. By 1am our rain tarp had collapsed and a 4” blanket of heavy wet snow was resting on us. Our clothes were damp from the morning showers, faces numb from the arctic blasts, down quilts collapsing from the moisture in the wet snow and finally sandwiched under a frozen blanket. Frozen through, I took off to the bathrooms for a brief reprieve. I grabbed the first door and burst inside... it was a shower. On the bench I unthawed and realized, I could sleep there. It wasn’t much warmer then outside, but it was dry and without wind. I returned back to our shelter to find my brother shivering under the blanket of snow, too stubborn to concede his manliness to me and admit discomfort to his hardened and experienced thru-hiking brother. So I grabbed him and we each took our own shower. The next morning we awoke to find 80% of the hikers in Mt. Laguna had also bailed to the bathrooms in the night. #pct #pct2017 #trekthepct #pctig #thruhike #thruhiker #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2017 #backpacking #hammockcamping #wanderlust #catamountgear #yearoficeandfire #mtlaguna #blizzard #collapsedtent
Early Desert. Working on a little video covering the first couple hundred miles of the #PacificCrestTrail and getting all the feels 🔥. Can anyone guess the location of this photo? Hint: burgers. Which reminds me, they had a vegan one ✌️.
Why I'm hiking. New post at The Trek. http://thetrek.co/pacific-crest-trail/why-hike-the-pct. Link in profile.
The sea of clouds coming down from Fuller Ridge. #pct2018 #pct2017 #socalhiker #socalhikes #socalhike
PCT | WASHINGTON | What mountaintops look like when the sun comes out after 36 hours of hiking in the rain.
Next morning we made coffee in our @uberleben.co wooden cups. It was delicious with a gorgeous view of Gold Lake!
Have some trail art? Please share it with me #pct2017 #TrekthePCT #alltrails #LeaveNoTrace #livingthesluglife
Repost from @pacificcrest.trail Almost too good to be true, but it’s the PCT, and it’s true. 📷 @byland.co #trekthepct #thetrek
Almost too good to be true, but it’s the PCT, and it’s true. 📷 @byland.co #trekthepct #thetrek
Who’s stood atop the highest point in the contiguous US? Who hopes to? 📷 @nicholeyoung1 #thetrek #trekthepct • • • #mtwhitney #highsierra #sierranevada #kingscanyonnationalpark
Here I sit in the field that changed my life. Photo - @nicholasraymondj #trekthepct #pct2017
Mount Lassen. Really miss the long days of hiking
The next morning ☺️
July 2, 2016. Pacific Crest Trail. Near Mile 836. Day 76. After sleeping a solid 10 hours (I’m never more rested than on trail), we strapped on our Microspikes and headed up to the snowline to get over Muir Pass in King’s Canyon National Park. We hiked through crevasses, over snow bridges, across streams, and around glacial ponds and waterfalls created by snowmelt. The terrain was actually more fun than dangerous. And we really didn’t need our Microspikes because the snow was softened by the sun, but wore them anyway since we weren’t getting our money’s worth so far in the Sierras. Pictured is The Neighborhood regular @jeffreyjoseph.jr leading the charge up and over the pass.
I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 months since I started the PCT with my brother. That first day was so hot that just a few hours in he had passed out from heat stroke. #pct #pct2017 #trekthepct #pctig #thruhike #thruhiker #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2017 #backpacking #hammockcamping #wanderlust #catamountgear #yearoficeandfire
Letting go of something/someone you love so dearly is one of life's biggest hurdles... Which is why I'm not going to. Hello PCT 2018 #illneverletgo 📸: @a.cone90
The Trinity Alps were a surprise beauty that weren't on my radar. The lingering smoke was from half the state beeing on fire. #pct #pacificcresttrail #pct2017 #pctig #thruhiker #thruhiking #mexicotocanada #ultralight #trekthepct
Just like when your hiking and someone says, "how much further," and the answer is always, "eh, mile, mile and a half." Christmas this year has always been a mile, mile and a half away. But no longer because today it's Christmas for us, woohoo! ;)
We had an awesome view of Mt. Lassen from the campsite. Lassen and it’s surrounding areas will be one of our next destinations. I’m a little nervous about having to be extra cautious about bears, though. But I’m hoping I can at least get some good shots of them ☺️❤️ 🐻
Mt Jefferson Wilderness- one of the areas many PCT2017’ers didn’t get to see due to fire closure. 📷 @jake_gustafson_ #trekthepct #thetrek • • • • #pnwhiking #hikeoregon #exploregon #mtjefferson
#SummitSaturday featuring @ryankodakbrown - "Continuing our stroll down the Pacific Crest Trail, we arrive at the famous Goat Rocks Wilderness: Here I stand in splendour overjoyed at the majesty of this place. We worked hard climbing the steep mountain as fast as our feeble legs would carry us. Our goal is a fabled campsite on the Knife's Edge. We watch the sun sinking as we hike 'round the ridgeline. It was sketchy. Mystery Man posed for a photo below some cliffs. Loose rocks tumbled down missing him by inches. Shaky legs settle. We continue on. Just as we reach our destination, the sun sets the world ablaze. A thin cloud of smoke amplifies the color, a brilliant gold that fades to red as hot as lava. You would think that Mt. Rainier, looming large across the valley, was erupting. Then, as darkness reigns, the full moon rises to pierce the shroud of night. We setup camp thankful for more than just the light. This moment is a highlight of my life, not just 2017. What truly made the moment special, however, was the company I was with. Without Mystery Man there beside me, it was just another sunset in another beautiful place. What was it Christopher Mccandless scratched into the side of that bus?" #happinessrealwhenshared #anxiety #endthestigma #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #thetrek #pctsobo #pctig #sunset #mountainscape #backpacking
Missing these blazes.
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