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It won’t be long now
Mile 350, made it halfway the dessert. Wondering what more the trail has to offer. #pct2018 #pctig #pacificcresttrail #frommexicotocanada #trekthepct #thetrek
الوادي الاخضر في كاليفورنيا هذا الصباح. Green valley.
هيتش هايك الى كاسا دي لونا. Hitching to Casa De Luna.
A selfie from a very windy day between Hikertown and Tehachapi, I got blown off my feet a few times and it looked like they had to shut down the wind turbines for high winds . . #pct #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #pacificresttrail2018 #trekking #hiking #backpacking #windy #mountains #trekthepct #footstuffpodcast #california
Finally got around to pulling some pictures of my camera and as you can see the views have been spectacular. . . . . . . . #pct #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #pcting #pctig #mexicotocanada #hikethepct #thruhike #optoutside #trekthepct #thetrek #mycanonstory #canon5dmarkiv #bpmag #trailchat #pacific .crest.trail #california #hiking #stateofcalifornia #cali #hikingadventures #desert
If he were hydrated enough, there’d be tears in his eyes. The first 700ish miles of the PCT are desert, which means long waterless stretches in the baking heat. Its not uncommon to have to carry 6+ litres of water at a time. Luckily, ‘trail angels’ keep caches of water well supplied to make life easier. This one was at the end of a 20 mile dry stretch yesterday.
Muh goodness . #thetrek #trekthepct
The @appalachiantrail will always be a big part of who I am. There can’t be any better reading material as I travel to start my @pctassociation #thruhike today. #trekthepct #pctig #pct2018
Our first look at the “real desert” of the PCT. We hiked out of Mount Laguna on Monday afternoon, got 3 miles past and camped for the night. The next morning we started hiking and both of Nick’s knees started to hurt pretty badly. We decided about a mile in that it’d be best to turn around and come back to Mount Laguna. We’re going to spend 5-7 days here resting Nick’s knee and camping in the campground. This is not where we want to be right now, but if we want to finish this trail we have to let things heal. It really sucks we have to stop so early on in our hike. Send us some good vibes so we don’t go crazy from staying in one place!
It’s been exactly one year since setting off on the PCT and I can’t believe it. So many trail memories are still so vivid in my mind. I knew it would be life changing, but I couldn’t comprehend just how much it would affect my life. I am so grateful to have allowed myself this opportunity and the trail, the views, and most importantly the people will stay with me forever. Happy trail anniversary to my fellow butthole circus family and may the Class of 2018 be ruined in the most beautiful way. Give yourself the opportunity to really live and I promise you won’t regret it! Happy trails! Love, Pacer 👣#pacificcresttrail #pct2017 #pct #thetrek #trekthepct
Last few miles of trail before Fobes Saddle. 1300 feet down, then 1300 feet up the other side to the cutoff. Swapping potential for kinetic energy. Thanks to Mother Hen and BunBun for the pic! #pct2018 #trekthepct
"I came up with a name because many people my age tell me I'm dumb & I shouldn't be hiking. They say do what people my age should do...sit & enjoy my age. I don't want to live like that & have regrets." - Dumb 67 ♢#humansofthepct ♢ • • • Cherry & Dumb 67 were the first couple I met on the PCT coming out of the Manzama wind farm & into San Gorgornio Wilderness. • • • I noticed the flag on Dumb 67's pack & asked where he was from & he mentioned #Taiwan . He then said his wife was from #HongKong ! They have both retired to do this.• • • We stopped to talk & I explained my origins as well, being a HK citizen too! They had moved to the states after time abroad & have been in So Cal, volunteering with trail clean ups & even helping at the Chino Hills 50k, which was our first 50k last year so we'd crossed paths at some point. • • • At one point I caught a hornytoad for them to take a photo & then I took a photo of them...then found out later the SD card was broken, argh. • • • Flash forward 4 days & on the descent into Silverwood Lake we come across two familiar campers! They hadn't stayed in Big Bear so the timing was just right that we ran into each other • • • They noticed the stainless steel trowel I carry & mentioned they carry the plastic ones because they've found three on trail already haha. • • • I remember specifically the way Dumb 67 brought up his trail name...it inspires me to continue going against the norm or status quo. We live too sedentary a life & forget what it's like to connect with ourselves outside. • • • Of course I am using social media still, but also trying to use it as a tool and platform to get folks outdoors, inspire them & maybe even change the world a little bit...ambitious we know. • • • Glad we finally got to get a photo of them. Also note the crocs, living it up on the #PCT . • • • HappyTrails to these two & hope to run into them again once we get back onto the PCT • • Pcta #pctig #pctclassof2018 #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2018 #pctstory #trekthepct #optoutside #inspire #rei1440project #wanderlust #wander #travel #explore #smile #outdoorasian #hiking #camping #trailcrew #traillife #tentlife #backpacking
This is the view coming out of Hauser Creek. So far one of my least favorite parts of the trip. Not because it wasn't beautiful but because I had decided to leave the shade at the bottom of the valley in the middle of the day. When I had arrived at Hauser Creek I stopped to have a snack and quickly realized that my Nutella supply had exploded and gotten over all of my food. I didn't want to deal with getting Nutella over all of my gear so I made the extra miles into Lake Morena. It was probably just the exhaustion of that first day but that climb was and still is the hardest part of the trip for me. Half way up the climb I sat down on a boulder and from a few feet behind me I heard unmistakable hiss and rattle of a rattlesnake. That was all motivation I needed to make it all the way out of valley.
The Blue Tarp | There’s a lot of time spent alone in your own thoughts or overcoming a challenge of the day, but at the end of the night, we all come together and make dinner, pop blisters and embrace the amazing journey we’re all so fortunate to be on. This blue tarp is usually where this happens. Its our home base, dinner table, center of our campsite. It’s a just a tarp, but more importantly, it’s gathering place where I have a chance to just be with my #trailfamily ! • • • #pct2018 #pctig #trekthepct #optoutside #womenwhohike #womenofthepct #hikertrash #adventure #explore #hike #hiking #thruhiking #rainbow #pct #pacificcresttrail #pcta #bolddreams #northbound #girlsontherun
Stellar view, hilarious pack. 😂 I’ve got so much hanging off it right now. A full load of food and water makes it harder to put everything inside. • • • #pct2018 #pctig #trekthepct #optoutside #womenwhohike #womenofthepct #hikertrash #adventure #explore #hike #hiking #thruhiking #rainbow #pct #pacificcresttrail #pcta #bolddreams #northbound #girlsontherun
My favorite part of thru hiking is eating whatever I want whenever I want too. Your in such a terrible calorie deficit, that its work to eat enough. I wish I took a picture of all the food I ate this day in Tehachapi. On top of the pho, I also finished a whole Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza, cheesy bread, and 2L soda later that night.... oh and lots of wine. So like 5000-6000 Calories that day? I ordered a replacement shirt for the mouse eaten shirt I was wearing, but needed to wait a month to get it. Banana Pants mentioned that I looked badass in this tattered shirt... so I had him take a pic. #pct #pct2017 #trekthepct #pctig #thruhike #thruhiker #pacificcresttrail #pacificresttrail2017 #backpacking #hammockcamping #wanderlust #catamountgear #yearoficeandfire #fattieatheart #badass #tehachapitrailmagic
Yesterday, I was a gourmet cook on top of a rock next to a waterfall. Eating has been though. I have plenty of food and I’m trying to find what’s right for me, but my appetite hasn’t quite caught up and getting enough calories right now is a daily struggle. • • • #pct2018 #pctig #trekthepct #optoutside #womenwhohike #womenofthepct #hikertrash #adventure #explore #hike #hiking #thruhiking #rainbow #pct #pacificcresttrail #pcta #bolddreams #northbound #girlsontherun
I promised myself to take photos of #traillife and be present for all the beauty. However, sometimes, you just have to take a picture of the view. • • • #pct2018 #pctig #trekthepct #optoutside #womenwhohike #womenofthepct #hikertrash #adventure #explore #hike #hiking #thruhiking #rainbow #pct #pacificcresttrail #pcta #bolddreams #northbound #girlsontherun
Not a bad sight to wake up to. Mornings on the trail have been one of my favorite parts so far. The sun begins to peek out and the birds sing their songs while I pack up all my belongings into a little backpack and eat breakfast before I begin walking for the day. Never gets old!!
Day 13 Complete / Miles Walked: Zero / Total trail miles completed: Still 168.6 (269.8km) • Walked zero trail miles today in Idyllwild and ate a lot off $1 tacos. Life is grand.
One year ago today I began my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. To say the journey changed my life would be a beautiful paradox, both dramatic and understated. These memories are incredibly rich, each weighted with its own significance and impact on the trajectory of my life. On trail, time treated me like a friend, extending moments, repeating sunrises, and pushing me gently into growth as I continued north. Water moved me towards discipline and wisdom in time of desert, flooding, and snow. She commanded respect and led me to humility. Change was constant and reliable, revealing itself in weather, ecology, relationships, and personal character. While creation danced in its own mysteries, our maker gently whispered that I too reflect and embody wonder. I relearned what it meant to love myself, and how to live in both pride and humility. I met God in a new capacity, and experienced His glory in ways beyond check-box small groups and white board prayer requests. Community bloomed when I needed it most, from the desert homies to the Naked Suncups and crew. My dear trail family, I am proud to know you. These five magical, exhausting months on that 18”x2650mi strip of dirt continues to be one of the greatest gifts. It is a joy and privilege to celebrate this mile marker. Until the next one! #pct2017 #trekthepct #andrewshike
DAY 14: Certainly the highlight of the day and our hike so far was making it to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto at 10,834 ft! This was the highest mountain both Miles and I have ever climbed, so it was kind of a big deal 🙌🏻 #pctig #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #mtsanjacinto
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