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#NeekBucks in the studio with #TreyBurke & teases some new music... How’s it sounding 🔥🔥or🗑🗑? #ertvmedia
Tim Hardaway Jr is listed as questionable for tomorrow’s game @ Phillh with a heel injury. The same injury that kept him out of last nights loss Also, Trier and Mitch are ruled out once again. Dotson is listed as doubtful
Emmanuel Mudiay (32 points, 6 assists in loss to PHO) has averaged 20 pts, 5.8 assts in the last 9 games. David Fizdale on Mudiay: 🗣 “The first thing he had to prove to himself and to everyone was is he a legitimate NBA basketball player? And I think that’s proven right now.” [via Ian Begley, ESPN] -- [Via @knicks.clique ]
Today's #knicksbackpage . Do It!
Devin Booker claps back. 😳
Welp. That was ugly. Knicks get absolutely destroyed in the 2nd half. What were your takeaways? Check out the replay of tonight's postgame show on YouTube! (LINK In BIO or go to Youtube.com/knicksfantv)
First off... MUD. Second...Tough L ... but our key scorers were out and the Knicks just ran out of gas against a hot Phoenix team. The first half looked like it was going to be a beautiful Knicks W... 🙃😔😩Knox recorded 17 (13 in the 1Q). Kanter ended with 13/10 and Lee recorded his first double digit game this season (proud of our vet💪🏽). Mario tried to make it interesting with a late run in the 4th (ended with 14 points). Next up @76ers then back home vs ATL for Friday night Knicks. Let’s get our guys back🙏🏽
We lose as usual. We either can’t play defense in the first half or we can’t keep our leads. Something needs to be fixed. #porzingis #nyk #kevinknox #treyburke #allonzotrier #emmanuelmudiay #knicks #msg #thegarden #nba #basketball #sports
Well.....this happened. Mudiay was the only one to have a good game.
The Knicks fall to 9-23 with tonight’s blowout loss to Phoenix.
Knicks lose to the Phoenix Suns 128-110. Their next game is Wednesday @ Philly at 7:00 pm on MSG 🔶Top Scorers🔷 E. Mudiay: 32pts, 6rbs, 6asts K. Knox: 17pts, 5rbs E. Kanter: 13pts, 10rbs, 4asts, 1stl, 1blk M. Hezonja: 14pts, 5rbs C. Lee: 12pts, 4rbs Phoenix scores 41 points in the 3rd quarter. That by its self is bad, but to make it worse we scored on 17. I’m pretty sure TJ Warren outscored us in the 3rd. Devin had an quiet and efficient 38. For us, Mudiay scored a quiet 32 points. Eh don’t get too bumbed out. Yea it sucks but who’s really winning in May and June? Suns on a 3 game win-streak.
Knicks lose to the Suns 110-128. Knicks now drop to 9-23 on the season. Mudiay: 32 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, 12/21 FG Knox: 17 points, 5 rebounds, 6/16 FG Kanter: 13 points, 10 rebounds
And-one for @supermariohezonja as the Knicks attempt a late comeback 🗣
Knicks play the Suns after a tough loss to the Pacers. Tim Hardaway Jr. will not play this game.
Tonight's injury report. -- [Via @theknickoftimeshow ]
🗣 "It’s familiar to this group because half of them were just playing a lot of zone about a year ago. "I caved in a little bit and said let’s try something that’s a little more in their comfort zone. The mixing in of the zone has definitely helped them find some comfort." - [David Fizdale on Knicks playing zone defense]
Thoughts? 👀
Hardaway Jr. is out with a heel injury. Lee will start in his place.
With Hardaway Jr (heel), Trier (hamstring) and Dotson (shoulder) all out, Courtney Lee will start tonight against Phoenix - #KnicksClique #KnicksTape #Knicks #NYKnicks
Tim Hardaway Jr (sore heel) is OUT tonight against PHX.
Allonzo Trier (hamstring), Mitchell Robsinson (ankle) and Damyean Dotson (shoulder) will all be inactive tonight against the Suns at the Garden.
#GAMEDAY : 🗓: PHX (6-24) @ NYK (9-22) ⏰: 7:30 PM EST 📺: MSG Networks - @knicks.clique
Its gameday. This should be an easy win, but last time I said that, we lost the cavs.
It’s GAMEDAY! Knicks back at home tonight for a second of a back to back vs the Suns at 7:30 pm on MSG! Allonzo Trier, Mitchell Robinson, and Damyean Dotson and still all out with injuries. UPDATE: Tim Hardaway Jr (heel) WILL NOT PLAY
We need to win this game. It’s tough to beat any team but this should be winnable. #porzingis #kevinknox #treyburke #allonzotrier #emmanuelmudiay #davidfizdale #nyk #msg #nba
That time James Dolan auditioned for MadGood Idol🤫😭 #throwback • • • • Reports (that James Dolan has denied) stated that the Knicks owner would sing and play his guitar for the team on plane rides back... likely false, but still funny to think about🤣
James Dolan has recently considered selling the team. This is only if the offer is right, which would look like around $5 B. But, Dolan’s family wants to keep hold onto the Knicks, Rangers and all the Networks etc. Dolan doesn’t want to deal with the criticism that comes with owning the Knicks. This wouldn’t not happen unless his family agrees upon it.
🗣 "Look, when I brought on Phil, the big question is, 'Are you going to stay out of it?' And I swore I would stay out of it, and I did. I stayed out of it. And it wasn't until the very end that I had to make a decision that it clearly wasn't working. I think Phil knew it, too. I think he hoped I would have more stamina, but I didn't. ... I think it was much more about this triangle thing. It was much more about his philosophy, that he couldn't get the group to buy into it. And I think he got yessed a lot. I think they'd be underneath their breath going, 'This is not a great idea,' and he got into conflict with some players over it. But I think he tried hard to get his system in. I just don't think he ever got it in." - James Dolan on Phil Jackson's failed tenure. [Via Ian O'Connor, ESPN]. Thoughts?
Knicks (9-22) face the Suns (6-24) at MSG tonight. - Mitchell Robinson (ankle) is OUT Allonzo Trier (hamstring) is OUT Lance Thomas (knee) is OUT - Frank Ntilikina and Trey Burke both played about 15 minutes yesterday. - Also will be attending this game so might not be posting as much today. - 🔷🔶FOLLOW🔷🔶 - #knickstape #kristapsporzingis #kornet #nyk #treyburke #nyknicksrealm #nyknicks #knicks #nyk #timhardawayjr #newyorkforever #devonbooker #suns
Who's got $5 billion for me?
Knicks fight but fold in crunch time, losing to the Pacer 110-99. What were your takeaways from last night's game?
It's a travesty a player like @treyburke isnt afforded the same look some of these other guys are. He's definetly deserving of a starting pg job in the nba. Why the knicks don't see it... You tell me. #treyburke #knicks #backup #starter #logjam #nbabasketball YouTube:stuntedgrowth now. 👀⛹🏿‍♂️🎬 to watch #treyburke full feature.
Knicks fall to Indiana on the road - 🔷🔶FOLLOW🔷🔶 - #knickstape #kristapsporzingis #kornet #nyk #treyburke #nyknicksrealm #nyknicks #knicks #like #follow
Thoughts on Knox’s season thus far?? • • • • Kevin has consistently attacked the basket more and more👌🏽He’s not hesitating in open shots from downtown. His is overall game has shown it. He continued a stretch of solid outings @ IND with 15pts. 🎥full Knox interview on our YouTube page🔥
Final. Im not mad at how we played. Not bad against one of the best teams in the east
We were close until the final five minutes. We couldn’t keep up with the pacers and our turnovers lost us this game. #porzingis #kevinknox #treyburke #allonzotrier #emmanuelmudiay #knicks #msg #basketball #nba
Knicks take the L 110-99. Kanter was ol’ reliable. Seemed like the refs had it out for us as well BUT no excuse for the Knicks lack of execution down the stretch. Thoughts on the game 👇🏽💭
Knicks fall to the Pacers 99-110. Kanter: 20 points, 15 rebounds Hardaway: 19 points, 8/18 FG Mudiay: 18 points, 6 assists, 5/11 FG Knox: 15 points, 4 rebounds, 6/15 FG Vonleh: 12 rebounds, 7 points
Sweet move from @kknox_23 !
Burke is back! #knicks #treyburke
@treyburke back and already draining 👌🏾s. ( via @nyknicks )
Knicks trail IND 56-53 at half. 🤩This series between Mud and Kanter was def the moment shifter of the first half🔥🔥Shoutout to whoever can guess the final score without BOTH going over👇🏽👀
Knicks plays Pacers tonight at 5:00 PM EST. No postgame post again due to work.
12 years ago today.....
🚨New Video🚨🤩👉🏽link in bio. If you could keep 1-2 of our unrestricted free agents next year, who would you pick?? (Kanter, Vonleh, Burke, Mario) Comment below 💭🤔👇🏽
Knicks (9-21) take on the Pacers (20-9). Mitchell Robinson, Allonzo Trier, and Damyean Dotson are all out. - 🔷🔶FOLLOW🔷🔶 - #knickstape #kristapsporzingis #kornet #nyk #treyburke #frankntilikina #nyknicksrealm #nyknicks #knicks #nyk #eneskanter
Gameday! Knicks vs Pacers at 5.
We’re missing a couple players but Burke and Thomas are back. Pacers are a really good team. We have to play well in the first half #knicks #pacers #porzingis #kevinknox #allonzotrier #emmanuelmudiay #basketball #nba #treyburke
It’s GAMEDAY! After a very convincing come from behind victory against the Hornets, the Knicks travel to Indi to play the Pacers today at 5 pm on MSG Injury report: Lance Thomas will play Trey Burke will play Frank Ntilikina will play Mitchell Robinson is out Allonzo Trier is out Damyean Dotson is out
Edit of @23.savage23 this took a long time to make so please tag @23.savage23 in the comments
After a month long absence, Lance Thomas is available to play tonight vs the Pacers. Trey Burke (knee) and Frank (ankle) are also available. Dotson (shoulder), Trier (hamstring), and Robinson (ankle) are out. Tip-off is at 5.
I need my guy @timmyjr10 to get hot 🔥
Solid month so far for Kevin Knox this month (had 20 points in last nights W against CHA). Going to need the same consistency moving forward with Mitchell Robinson among others being injured now. - 🔷🔶FOLLOW🔷🔶 - #knickstape #kristapsporzingis #kornet #nyk #treyburke #nyknicksrealm #nyknicks #knicks #kevinknox #nbarooks
Mitch Robinson (ankle) will not play tomorrow against Indiana. Frank Ntilikina is probable to play after spraining his ankle yesterday. Trey Burke (knee) is probable to return from a six game absence. @knicks.clique
You can throw it anywhere, @23.Savage23 will slam it down! 💪🏽
Mudiay’s stats from his 34 point game🔥
Thoughts on Robinson so far?
Our top 10 scorers so far this season. Any surprises?
Knox continues his high level of play. 20 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block, 1 steal, 7/15 FG, and 3/6 from 3. 🔥
Emmanuel Mudiay last night 34 PTS 8 AST 3 REB 2 STL 14/21 FG 1/4 3PT - [Via @knicks.clique ]
Some of Mudiay’s best performances this season. 🔥
Highlights from #emmanuelmudiay 34 point game 🔥 @knicks.clique
A career night for Mudiay. 34 points 8 assists 3 rebounds 2 steals 14/21 FG
Knicks come back 16 points in the fourth for the close win against the Hornets. . NYK 126:124 CHA . Knix 20pts Mudiay 34pts 8ast Vonleh 15pts 11reb 7ast Walker 16pts 7reb 10ast Batum 21pts 6reb 7ast Zeller 21pts 13reb . Follow 👉@we_play_basketball . #timhardawayjr #eneskanter #kevinknox #frankntilikina #newyorknicks #allonzotrier #noahvonleh #treyburke #newyorknicks #newyork #bigapple #kembawalker #tonyparker #jeremylamb #codyzeller #nicolasbatum #milesbridges #malikmonk #charlottehornets #charlotte #nba #basketball #thisiswhyweplay
Read all about it. @emmanuelmudiay and @luke_kornet earn today's #knicksbackpage . Stellar performance from Mudiay, career high 34 pts and 8 dimes. 13 and 6 rebs for Luke in crunch time! 👏👏👏
Anytime the Knicks can make MJ feel this way, it's a good day 😂.
KNICKS WIN! The Knicks win a great game In OT down 19 at the half we tie it up and send it to OT to the get the win! Mudiay dropped 34 and is reviveing his career! LGK🔶🔷 Follow my partners: @nysportsterritory @yankeesfans.only @manchestercity.fanz - - - #knicks #nyknicks #newyorkknicks #msg #frankntilikina #timhardawayjr #dotson #noahvonleh #mitchellrobinson #davefizdale #treyburke #allonzotrier #emmanuelmudiay #kevinknox #eneskanter #nba #dallasmavericks #lancethomas #ff #f4f #sfs #porzingis #kristapsporzingis #thisiswhyweplay
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