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I might not be where I want to be, but this body has birthed two beautiful children, these hands have created products that heal, these crows feet are proof of laughter, these thighs are a result of making too many Christmas sugar cookies and hot cocoa. Even though I don’t love the number on my scale or sometimes relate to the reflection in the mirror, I’m grateful for the ways my body has created little humans and served myself and my family. Body, I wouldn’t trade you for the world. ❤️
"Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you REALLY are. Let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it." ❤ -C. Asaad . . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never forget the beholder includes yourself. There are SO many things that make a person beautiful...the least of which is physical. . . Focus on being the you you always wanted to be and that internal beauty will radiate to the outside❤❤
Looking to plan a self-love summer vacation? Join me July 8-13 @kripalucenter for a 1-week women’s only workshop on Dressing Your Intention and the Psychology is Color! Register here: bit.ly/2KxCMd
When you look in the mirror - what do you see? Does your first thought go to your “flaws” and things you want to change... or do you see yourself how the Lord does? You see, every single freckle... hair... wrinkle... laugh line... He made it. Your smile, eyes, body shape, ears, nose... He made those too. Our Lord makes all things beautiful and He cares for you deeply. He didn’t take a nap when He made your beauty. Our King created you purposefully and perfectly... you are His Princess and He made every inch of you beautiful. When society’s definition of beauty penetrates your heart... cling to the Truth. You are beautiful.
Transform your personal style with Jennifer Butler. July 8th-13th, 2018 @kripalucenter for Yoga and Health. $495 + lodging! Tap into the Secret Power of your True Colors and your Seasonal Archetype. Register Here: https://bit.ly/2KxCMNd #kripalu #color #beauty #style #vacation #selflove #selfcare #design #selfacceptance #authentic #essence #colorist #innerpeace #innerbeauty #truebeautymovement
Many years ago, I faced a life threatening eating disorder. Every day was a battlefield. Through faith and treatment, I overcame this illness and God began to use it to inspire women across the world. Who I am today is proof of the grace, mercy, beauty, and power of the Lord. Now I workout and eat healthy because it makes me feel good! I have been loving having green smoothies for breakfast and then taking hour long walks (unfortunately, I can’t run right now due to my toe). Let’s treat our body with the respect and love it deserves 💕 What is your favorite way to stay active and healthy?
One of the best years of my life had nothing to do with me... and everything to do with the way God wanted to use the crown for His glory. I’m so thankful that He selected me to serve as a sparkly vessel to help His daughters know their undeniable royal identity and worth. I may be a former now but my message is the same... true beauty comes from within and the year of service is a privilege, honor, and responsibility. #InternationalPageantDay
My name is Abby, and I have personally struggled with living “Life on the Curvy Side” my entire life and decided to share my perspective! If you want a little peak into being a size 14, click the link in our bio! #beautyknowsnosize #growingconfidence #truebeautymovement
At this time last year, we were planning our first Goddess Event which included the Venus 💜 chalk drawing in the classroom space, apricot mango mimosas, intuitive readings, jasmine hydrosol sippings, etc. Once I find the right space here in Santa Fe we will be hosting lots more of these types of inspiring, educational and uplifting gatherings. 💫
Looking at the rest of the week like... "Bring. It. On." #GirlBoss
Tonight Brandon and I went on a date to our favorite donut shop in celebration of it being one year since our engagement. Once seated, we both overheard a male customer commenting on how one of his female friends had lost a significant amount of weight, changed eating habits, exercise habits, and more. He went on to allude that this female friend had an eating disorder. Loudly. Mocking her. If he was genuinely considered then he would not comment on her in this manner - he would help her seek help. The most frustrating fact was that he said it all in a light hearted, uneducated, offensive, and insensitive voice that degraded the woman in more ways than one. This unidentified donut man is a huge reason why people stay entrapped in eating disorders. Whether the female friend was struggling or not... that's not the point. The point is that the fight against eating disorders is real. Eating disorders are not a joking or casual matter. They are a life threatening mental illness and must be taken seriously. This is exactly why I am in the fight against eating disorders and always will be. We must speak out, educate, and bring awareness to the most deadly mental illness. Recovery is possible and there will be a day where the world is no longer plagued by eating disorders. #RecoveryIsPossible
These are the moments that matter 💕
The lights will dim and the curtain will close... the evaluation of your year is in the hands of our Father who put you there in the first place. 👸🏽 H&M: @realaustinryde
It's a blessing to pass my title on to the beautiful Kelsey Craft! She is going to amazing things and I cannot wait to celebrate her during this season. We love you, @missinternational17 💜 @intlpageants
Last night, a very beautiful woman was selected to serve as Miss International 2017. I've been praying for months that the judges would have discernment to see the true hearts of the contestants and select the best woman for the job. I prayed that Miss International 2017 would embody confident humility and be ready for an incredible year of service. Kelsey Craft will represent Miss International with poise, intelligence, passion, sincerity, and on a mission to change the world. I have no doubt that she will be a great steward of this responsibility, privilege, and honor. 👸🏼Her genuine heart is evident, she clearly articulates her desires to make a difference, and is ready to take this job head on. I am believing in amazing things for you, Kelsey!
One year ago, God invited me into His plans and allowed me to serve as Miss International 2016. It has been a blessing, privilege, and honor. Thank you, Jesus.
It's Coronation Day! Miss International 2017, I am so excited to finally meet you. I've been praying for you over the past few months and believing that God is going to use your year for amazing things! 💕 @intlpageants
One more sleep as Miss International 2016... 🌙 @intlpageants
A year later and I am still in love with the most perfect Sherri Hill from The Competitive Image 💜 @intlpageants
There are few things better than being your big sister 💜 I love you, my sweet Garin 💜
Brought the heat with a first pitch at the West Virginia Power game! 🔥 @intlpageants
Today all of our beautiful contestants interviewed for the prestigious job of Miss International 2017! I loved being able to support them through this process and I'm obsessed with this Sherri Hill from The Competitive Image 💚 @intlpageants
Looking at the past year like 👀 😍I love this Sherri Hill from The Competitive Image 💜 @intlpageants
One of my absolute favorite parts of this job 💕 Some of the most precious Girl Scouts in WV! 💜 @intlpageants
So much love for Joey from The Competitive Image 💜💕 I couldn't have done this without you, Joey! Thank you for always believing in me 💜 @intlpageants
When a Princess tells you that a penguin is her favorite animal too 😍 I loved being able to spend time with all of our contestants and the Girl Scouts in West Virginia. 💜 @intlpageants
Miss International week is officially underway! Orientation was last night and I loved meeting all of the beautiful contestants.... one of which will be Miss International 2017! 💜 @intlpageants
We had a great time sharing our passion for International Pageants on the Mayor's radio station! 💜 @intlpageants
Serving Ronald McDonald Houses across the world has been a true pleasure! Last night, Garin and I were able to help the house in West Virginia prepare breakfast for the guests and we started on a puzzle to help the families relax! 💜@intlpageants
Today marks one year since I was given the opportunity of a lifetime 💜 It has been a privilege to serve. || @intlpageants
On my way to Charleston, West Virginia for my final week as Miss International 👸🏽 Romper: @marisajills || Best Title Ever: @intlpageants
Atlanta, you've been good to me. Last night in town before a new beautiful lady is entrusted with the most phenomenal job. Brandon and I enjoyed an evening celebrating his big 3-0 and now it's time for a new chapter 💜👸🏽 @intlpageants
I am so thrilled about the opportunity to serve as a Spokesmodel for the Eating Disorders Information Network! Yesterday I was also able to utilize my professional background as a Marketing and Branding Consultant to work alongside the organization as they plan for upcoming events and opportunities. 💜 @intlpageants
It was a true privilege to host a True Beauty Movement Workshop for the Hope Lodge! This American Cancer Society blessing allows families to stay at the lodge for free during their cancer treatments. During the workshop, we were able to discuss the true meaning of beauty and the women participated in confidence growing activities. 💕 @Intlpageants
Amanda Moreno, Miss International, was able to host a True Beauty Workshop for many of the women at the Hope Lodge! This American Cancer Society blessing allows families to stay at the lodge free of charge during their cancer treatments. During the workshop, the women discussed the true meaning of beauty and participated in confidence growing activities. #truebeauty #truebeautymovement #workshop #americancancersociety #missinternational #intlpageants #internationalpageants #beautyqueen #makeadifference #rolemodel @missintl2016
I know I've been missing in action a little... but great things are happening behind the scenes and I'm so excited to share with everyone in the near future. 👸🏽
I am so honored to announce that I have been named a spokesmodel for the Eating Disorders Information Network! This role will allow me to work hand-in-hand with EDIN to educate communities, increase awareness, and promote early intervention. It is a privilege to serve and we will redefine beauty worldwide 👸🏽 @intlpageants
International Photo Challenge Day 11: Transformation 👸🏽 @intlpageants ••••••••• I was never imagined that I'd be living the life I am today. When I look back at the incredible journey God has given me... all I can say is "Thank you, Jesus". The challenges have made me stronger, brought God the glory, and now I have the privilege of being the peer role model I needed as a little girl. #2017intlcountdown
International Photo Challenge Day 19: Favorite Beauty Products 👸🏽 @intlpageants •••••••••• Clay Spann Cosmetics is simply the best! Eye shadows and shimmers, flawless foundations, and my favorite... the lipgloss "Heather"...every product is a stand out! Run don't walk to get these must-have products!
International Photo Challenge Day 9: My Happy Place 👑 @intlpageants ••••••• When I was 3 years old, my family created a tradition of going to Walt Disney World each year for Christmas! Disney truly is my favorite place in the world and I am inspired each time I see the Cinderella's Castle! 👸🏽 #2017intlcountdown
International Photo Challenge Day 8: Platform 💕 @intlpageants •••••• True Beauty Movement is not just a platform... it is my life's mission. Our goal is to cultivate positive body image and character in young women worldwide. My personal battle with an eating disorder ignited my heart to redefine beauty worldwide and we are on our way to doing just that!
International Photo Challenge Day 7: Fashion Friday @intlpageants ••••••• Throwing it back to one of the most fun areas of competition and winning the Fun Fashion Award at Internationals 👑
International Photo Challenge Day 6: Biggest Supporters 👑 @intlpageants ••••••••• These are my people, my Ohana, my biggest supporters. Katie, Austin, Brandon, Mom and Poppa love me so well and I couldn't be Miss International without them 💕#2017intlcountdown
International Photo Challenge Day 5: Sister Queens 👑 @intlpageants •••••• Over the past year, we've been able to grow a meaningful and long lasting sisterhood. Our journeys have taken us across the world, but we are always together in heart. I'm so blessed by these ladies 💕 #2017intlcountdown
International Photo Challenge Day 4: State/Country Pride 👑 @intlpageants ••••••• I spent my July 4th morning running the AJC Peachtree Road Race! It's the largest 10K in the world and a long running Atlanta tradition. I come from a Colombian family but also represent the sweet state of Georgia. 🇨🇴🇱🇷#2017intlcountdown
International Photo Challenge Day 3: Crowning Moment and True Beauty 👑 @intlpageants •••••• Being selected as Miss International amongst a group of winners was a huge honor! The crown isn't about me, but rather... it's a megaphone for True Beauty Movement. I struggled with an eating disorder for 3 years and through my challenges... I've learned the meaning of true beauty. It isn't the clothes you wear or the outward adornments... it's who you are. It's your heart and character. This year has been a blessing I will forever treasure and it has been a privilege to serve.
#daythree of #2017intlcountdown is crowning moment or true beauty- since I didn't have a crowning moment as Miss Southern States, I chose the latter. I couldn't think of a better example of true beauty than the platform of our Miss International 2016. She promotes true beauty on a daily basis and encourages girls and women of all ages to love yourself for who you are💜💜 #truebeauty #truebeautymovement #countdown #loveyourself #missintl2017 #intlpageants #misssouthernstates #misssouthernstatesintl2017
International Photo Challenge Day 2 👸🏽 Creative Crown Shot 👑@intlpageants ••• I've taken many photos of my International crown but this photo will forever be one of my favorites. This time last year, I was Miss Georgia and would go to my church during the week to run laps around the parking lot while talking to God. I asked for His peace and His will over mine. I prayed that He would prepare me for the job, equip me to be a responsible steward of His gifts, and allow His name to shine above mine. I would not be Miss International without Passion City's love and their teachings about our Father. It truly is my favorite place in the world. #ThatWeMay
Presenting the cover of the Miss International program book 💕 Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful ride. 💕 @intlpageants // h&m and photo: @clayspannface // dress: @competitive_image @sherrihill
Y'all 😍😍😍 Can we just talk about how cute @ellielillustrations best selling Crown & Sash Girl is? Literally her entire website features amazing products! Check it out all her items and you may see a familiar crown and face. 👸🏽 @intlpageants
Good morning! Happy FriYAY! I am so excited to announce that I'll be taking over @intlpageants Snapchat! Make sure to add 👻intlpageants and come hang out with me to see what life looks like behind the crown! 👸🏽
Beautiful girl in your own little world, you are seen. You are chosen. I know that it's hard to wake up every morning with the belief that you'd be more worthy if you were just a few pounds lighter. I know what it's like to get on the scale multiple times a day out of the fear that you've gained weight. I also know that a moment in recovery is better than being trapped in the lies your eating disorder will tell you. Dancing in freedom is possible, recovery is possible. You are possible. Keep fighting 💚💙
When it finally hits you that you were on the red carpet for NYFW... 🙌🏽 Thank you, Jesus, for this crazy beautiful adventure. 👸🏽 @intlpageants
Perfect Saturday night! Fave snack #nongmo #popcorn hugged by grass fed butter, dashed with sea salt and love Organic Cab Syrah 🍷 Documentary #embrace #loveyourbody #bodydiversity #truebeautymovement
Being Miss International gives you a new perspective of life. You travel the world and will never be the same. A small piece of your heart will always be in the remarkable places you traveled and served. As I watch the news on any given day and reflect on some of my experiences, my heart aches for the pain our world faces. Religion, race, sexual orientation, origin, culture... we are all human. 🙏🏽 @intlpageants
Once crowned, you have 365 days to change the world. They go by more quickly than you could ever fathom but in moments like this.... time stands still. 💕 @intlpageants
Thinking of all the beautiful young ladies I was privileged to serve this year 💕 Africa, you have my heart. 💕 @intlpageants
Little girls grow into young women who can change the world! Inspire them, serve them, love them. 💕 @intlpageants
prayers for Paris. 🙏🏽 @intlpageants
thank you, Jesus. 🙏🏽 @intlpageants
It was honored to serve as the Keynote Speaker for the first annual Clarke-Oconee Go Red For Woman Wellness Expo & Luncheon! I have truly loved being able to serve as a spokesmodel for the American Heart Association this year and I cannot wait to see what the future of my relationship with them looks like. AHA ❤️ @intlpageants
Wear Tha Crown Wednesday Reminder When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor. Psalm 8:3-5. Ladies, WTCW is tomorrow! Miss Twirls-A-Lot and I are looking forward to celebrating this 3 fold ministry with you once again. Last week, we kicked off WTCW with a Crown Photo and interview from my 9yr old daughter and myself. We also had the participation of a beloved friend, who chose to submit her photo creatively with beautiful calligraphy! She created a private crown photo/video that Miss Twirls-A-Lot, and my entire family really enjoyed. We're hoping for another brave princess (or 2 or 3) to participate this week! Let's turn humpday into hope day! Below is a recap of our mission, wardrobe guidelines + interview questions. Mission ~Encourage yourself during hardship/remember that you're God's beautiful daughter. ~Share Jesus in your community when asked about your crown. Simply share how knowing Christ has blessed you. ~Celebrate The beauty of our sisters in Christ and stop tearing down other kingdom women. Clothing 1.No B's-Exposed Boobs, Butts, Bellies 2.Skirts/Dresses/Shorts, 6" above the knee or longer 3.Ripped Denim/Pants w/ Large Thigh Holes, Layer with Leggings Interview Questions (4-5 Sentences or Less Per Question) 1.What made you want to participate in WTCW? 2.Do you have a favorite bible verse that reminds you that you're a daughter of the King? 3.Name one of your gifts or talents from God. How can you use this to bless others? 4.Is there a princess in your life that you admire because she's not afraid to let her light shine? 5.If you could share a word of encouragement with your sisters in Christ today, what would you say to us? Label photos so we can locate them @lady31thebeautyroom_ #wearthacrownwednesday #jesusandtiaras Photos from accounts with nudity/alcohol-drug abuse/foul language won't be reposted. This includes accounts that cannot be viewed by Miss Twirls-A-Lot and I. Thank you! Lady31+Miss Twirls
It was a true privilege to serve the young women of Tuscaloosa Vineyard Community Church at Altogether Beautiful! Throughout the night, I was able to share my testimony... the story behind True Beauty Movement... how recovery is possible... and the amazing story of love - grace - and mercy that Jesus has shown me. After the message and a Q&A session, the young women broke into small groups to talk about the true definition of beauty! This was, without a doubt, a night I will never forget. Thank you, Jesus! 🙌🏽@Intlpageants
Featured in the newest edition of Pageantry Magazine wearing this beautiful Sherri Hill from The Competitive Image! Photo and H&M by Clay Spann 👑 @intlpageants
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