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---- My pick for the 'Essential 10' tracks in the new issue of @clashmagazine is 'Montego Bae' by Noname and Ravyn Lenae - "Noname delivers a dusky, razor-sharp soliloquy on a love from Jamaica. Enlisting the honey-sweet inflections of Lenae, Noname solidifies her early promise as maverick wordsmith, favouring non-abrasive poetry to posturing and we thank her for it." ----
the shade.... @whoay
Tupac was always preaching for the people 🕊
okay me
Rockstar 🎸
Are you excited? #lilpeep
i've seen many people in the community praise lil wayne, acknowledging his influence as well as his technical rapping skill, and his discography. many also say he's better than Em. what people seem to not talk about, in my opinion, about wayne is his inconsistent discography. most seem to only mention the Carter albums, which even though are the highlights of wayne's career, are personally the only projects that make wayne such a prominent hip hop artist. wayne's first two albums, Tha Black Is Hot and 500 Degreez sound so dated and lack the content that other albums of that time had, like Black on Both Sides, MMLP, Stankonia, etc. then, you have Tha Carter, Carter II, Like Father Like Son, and Carter III, which is a great album stretch, but Like Father Like Son's lackluster production prevents the album stretch from being consistent. from there, you have 5 terribly average albums that sound dilluted and extremely repetitive. after that is tha Carter IV, which is a MAJOR approvement over wayne's previous 5 albums, but then I Am Not A Human Being II is a follow up that just barely passes as a good album. Tha Carter V is a decent album, but suffers from obvious filler tracks. should wayne really be heavily praised if out of the 10 albums under his belt, only about half are worthy of some sort of mention? i know that he has influence and is one of the best rappers of the 2010s, but i personally think some people forget to mention his bad albums when talking about his goat status. ➖⚫️🖤
T an D
Color is perfect match #golfwang #tylerthecreator
Enjoy ❤️🎖🏌️‍♀️💯%#sketchrhymepadstories #yea ❤️here they are the New and improved sketch rhyme pad stories enjoy ❤️🌿14 second freestyle and various styles of graphic art animation and loop art and calll it the #sketchrhymepadstories #steezyasfuck #proera #artistontherise #creatorowned #morphartmagazine #idmagazine #topimpabutterfly #fashionista #flyingunicyclerecords #nyc #newwave #different #creative #cool #newyorkartist #radar #sozzyland #oddfuture #tylerthecreator #issue #sketchrhymepadstories #creativearts
I’m inna really good mood rn ❤️💕 I want 2 thank alll my friends for being there for me. It appreciate when you listen to my rants & taking the time 2 talk me :^). You guys are 89% of the reason why i go here everyday. I Even if we only talk once a month or every day, y’all still matter to me and are special to me. Ok enough of my gay ass , I would tag y’all but it’s always the same people who get tagged / should know who y’all are ilyily❤️
Where Flowers Bloom? #flowerboy #spring #sunshine 🌞 #tylerthecreator #golflefleur 🌻🌱🌺 #photography
Home Alone
that's tea @whoay
HOLY SHIT! Ever since middle school I only TRULY knew two emotions, ANGER and FEAR, and because of that relationships have failed or never started and I AM TRULY SORRY for that. I just never understood how the world worked and why. I was DIAGNOSED with DEPRESSION a little over a year ago and always thought “dam that’s scary but glad it’s not me.” I took the pills for a while and felt better and thought “ok we Gucci baby, now let’s get down to business,” and that’s when I FINALLY MADE THE DECISION TO ASK CYNTHIA BERENICE GASPAR TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND! I LOVEEEE YOUUU! IT HAS BEEN THE BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! Ever since then my life had been steadily improving but I was still too scared to do shit. This is the first quarter I have taken ALL UPPER DIV SOCIOLOGY classes and BITCH IM WOKE! 😂FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LOOOONG TIME I CAN TRULY SAY IM NOT DEPRESSED! I FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN! IM SO EXCITED FOR WHAT LIFE HAS IN STORE FOR CYNTHIA AND I! With that said, HMU! LOL *Alexa play I’ve Never Felt So Good by @MuraMasa * ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!😂😂 Just a reminder of some music that made me feel😬 #KIDSSEEGHOSTS #DRAKE #frankocean #THEWEEKND #jayz #notoriousbig #2pac #weezer #kanye #icecube #yg #schoolboyq #tylerthecreator #weezer #soad #majidjordan #JCOLE #THEXX #alina #migos #nirvana #LINKINPARK #BIGSEAN #DILLONFRANCIS
FUCK IT UP😤❤️❤️💅
Im diying #tylerthecreator
matt. is 9 years older than me can i get a sad yeehaw 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 #brockhampton #ciaranmcdonald #joba #merlyn #kevinabstract #brockhamptonedit #dommclennon #romilhemnani #merlynwood #iridescence #iansimpson #bearface #roberto #oddfuture #rnb #tylerthecreator
I cried 5 times last night lmao someone beat my ass
Do you think @sheckwes ‘s Mo Bamba is the greatest hype song ever? Let me know! If not what song? (Follow @firemusi.c )
NEVER thought we’d be able to see Tyler, the creator! I WENT WILD WHEN HE SANG WHO DAT BOY🖤 #tylerthecreator , #whodatboy , #memories
@thatgolfwango is selling these in size 9 go shoot him some offers i sorta fucked him over so at least go check it out :)
Wii sports basketball is better than last years finals • • • • • • • ignore tags _____________________________________________ #memes #dankmemes #kanyewest #hiphop #animememe #anime #oddfuture #tylerthecreator #earlsweatshirt #frankocean #blond #eatass
🌸 can I get a kiss and can u make it last forever ... I said I’m about to go to war #seeyouagain #tylerthecreator
Just drive
To those on a dark road with a bright future 🌒
I feel like this account is slowly turning into a Tyler fanpage🤔 In case any of my 4 followers were wondering 😉
yoshiyuki sadamato's manga panels for evangelion are very much as unsettling as the anime. ➖⚫️🖤
“WHEN YOU ARE THE WAVE THERE’S NO NEED TO ADJUST”💧💦🌊🏃🏾‍♂️Yeezy 700 Wave Runner: Solid Grey.
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