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The New Day vs The Bar vs The Usos, I see this match being really entertaining and very fun to watch. I think the usos will finally take back what is rightfully theirs the SD Live tag team championships.
When are y’all getting married?! I’m so anxious to know!! 😭💗💍 @meghan_trainor @darylsabara
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Sajzezoo 🖤 @fifi.official.fr
if this look doesn't kill any of you..are you even a human?
Dean Ambrose vs Seth Freaking Rollins, I see this match being fucking great, it’s gonna be a war out there, I guarantee that. Who do I see winning? Dean Ambrose, only because I have a feeling Seth is winning the Royal Rumble.
Untuk apa peduli sama orang yg tidak bisa menghargai kepedulianmu,untuk apa bertahan jika dia menghaeapknmu pergi. untuk apa takut kehilangan orng yg belum tentu allah takdiran untukmu. . . . Berharap lah pada yg menciptakannya. Dan sang pemilik hati🙏 . . #like4follow #uglyfollowtrain #ifollow #instafollow #uglyfollowtrain #instagood #instagoods
Sinem'in doğum günü geçtiğine göre atabilirim.
>>swipe if you wanna see me ——im so fucking nervous of this, but you all wanted to see me. im so self conscious, so this is so difficult for me. im pretty damn ugly butttt here i am. btw im not saying any of this or doing this to make people feel sorry for me, im genuinely scared 🦋
qotd: what is your zodiac sign? do u believe in zodiac signs? why? why not? aotd: Taurus, and no because everything about taurus is just false. it says that taurus is very good at cooking and gardening LOL i’m the complete the opposite of that i burn food and kill plants:((( there r of course other things. fc: 2371 - the signs and the five senses aries: the smell of cigarette smoke, the sight of empty streets at night, the sound of uncontrollable laughter, the taste of tea, the feel of many kisses. taurus: the smell of fresh flowers, the sight of words scribbled out on paper, the sound of a guilty pleasure pop song, the taste of marshmallows, the feel of a good night’s sleep.  gemini: the smell of expensive perfume, the sight of sunsets, the sound of water ripples, the taste of champagne, the feel of a bathroom tile bare-footed. cancer: the smell of baked goods, the sight of sunflowers, the sound of seagulls, the taste of soft icecream, the feel of sand between your toes. leo: the smell of an evening barbecue, the sight of sparklers, the sound of whistling, the taste of coca-cola, the feel of warm sunshine. virgo: the smell of a forest, the sight of vines on buildings, the sound of vinyls, the taste of avocado, the feel of leaves rustling under your shoes. libra: the smell of vanilla, the sight of painted handprints on a wall, the sound of a movie soundtrack, the taste of italian food, the feel of a warm bubble bath.  scorpio: the smell of bonfires, the sight of bookshelves in libraries, the sound of a type-writer, the taste of whiskey, the feel of an oversized jumper. sagittarius: the smell of candles, the sight of fairy lights, the sound of a church choir, the taste of mint, the feel of nostalgia.  capricorn: the smell of book pages, the sight of tartan patterns, the sound of a busy city street, the taste of coffee, the feel of ambition. aquarius: the smell of nail polish, the sight of a full moon, the sound of a music box, the taste of liquorice, the feel of goosebumps. pisces: the smell of swimming pools, the sight of a messed up bed, the sound of a piano, the taste of pancakes, the feel of first love. (source: little-rose-roselet.tumblr.com)
who else wears baggy inside & skinny when outside?
Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor. I see Drew beating the living hell out of Finn, and Finn having a comeback but in the end drew will claymore the rainbows out of Finn. BUT IF Finn brings back the demon I’d see Finn doing great, but either way I see Drew defeating Finn.
Returning all💞
Icarus Falls is number 1 in Tunes🤤I’m proudddddd @zayn
before or after? 😍 follow @kourtneykardasn for more!
I can’t wait for more of loren’s music I’m so proud of her 💕 @loren #angelsquad
what did i just read
Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles, I think this will obviously be a fantastic match and these two will tear the house down. I think Daniel will most likely win. You know what’d be cool, if they did a double turn, but they won’t do it :(
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He just wanted to be there for her.. [SPOILERS 1X07 LEGACIES] __ [WEAR HEADPHONES] cc: eunoais ac: my.audixs fc: 12,304 MY TRANSITIONS (I’m so proud of them 😪) __ I’m actually so proud of this.. (the quality got ruined let me kms) __ #omgpage
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I’m in love with a fantasy ✨ @madisonbeer #madisonbeer
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Braun Strowman vs a General Manager Elect Baron Corbin, I think this can go like 3 ways, 1 : Corbin calls out Strowman and then Braun actually comes out and fucking rapes Corbin. 2 : Braun doesn’t show up, and Corbin runs his mouth and Bray Wyatt finally makes his return and attacks Corbin. And 3 : Corbin babbles about how he is gonna be the new GM, and then Kurt Angle comes out and says his “vacation” is over and Angle beats corbin. So yeah, if any of those things happen, that’d be great.
heyo, im back and bored as fuck.
imagine is such an amazing song I’m so proud of ariana ❣️ #arianagrande
- @tenilledashwood @wwe_asuka - It’s kinda sad when you think that this was Emma’s first and only singles match on a PPV! She deserved so much better! #WWETLC
seth rollins screencaps
Nattie and Ruby's mtch tonight issa be bomb asf - [#natalya #wwe #wwetlc #womenswrestling #wwewomen ]
Bobby Lashley vs Elias. I don’t really give a fuck about this match, tbh. Who do I see winning, probably like Bobby Lashley.
it’s rainy out !!! i’m sO ready to go home and light a candle and make some tea !!! i’m so excited ♡
bey with chance and the twins. 💜 #beyhive
₁₆₁₂₁₈ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ;bak, bir insan tanıyorsun. diğer tanıdıklarının hiçbiriyle uzaktan yakından alakası olmadığını görüyorsun. çok başka birisi. şiir okuyor sana. şiir yazıyorsunuz beraber. güzel hisler beslediğini anlıyorsun. iki yüzüncü denemeden sonra hamile kalabilmiş kadın mutluluğu taşıyan hisler bunlar. masumlaşıyorsun. pembeleşiyor kelimelerinin hepsi. yalan söylemiyorsun. kendine yapılmasını istemediğin hiçbir şeyi yapmıyorsun ona ve kendine yapılmasını istediğin her şeyi, bayramlıklarını herkese göstermek isteyen bir çocuk masumluğuyla yapıyorsun karşısında. mutlu etmek istiyorsun onu. hislerin büyüyor zamanla. yanına uzanıyor ve bu başlı başına bir mucize gibi geliyor sana. onunla sevişmek ilk isteğin olmuyor yanındayken. sırtında ve kollarında kaç tane ben olduğunu sayıyorsun çünkü her santimini ezberlemek istiyorsun onun vücudunun. öpmek anlam kazanıyor. sıradanlaşmış hormonsal aktiviteler gibi bakamıyorsun ona dokunmaya. dua eder gibi öpmeye başlıyorsun onu. büyüyorsun saniye saniye. birisinin yara izlerini okşamanın içinde oluşturduğu güç şaşırtıyor seni. çok başka bir şey bu diyorsun. yan yana uyurken fark ediyorsun bunu. çünkü o uyuyor ve sen yaşadıklarını düşünmekten uyuyamıyorsun. ay kadar büyüyor onun yanında gözlerin. görmeye başlıyorsun aslında olup bitenleri. aradığım şey buymuş diyorsun. doğduğumdan beri bunun için beklemişsin gibi hissettiriyor sana. çünkü annenin artık küçük gelen kucağı, annenin sana huzur aşılayan kucağı onun yastığının altındaymış gibi sarıldı bana diyorsun içinden. tarifsiz bir mutluluk sanıyorsun onun sana sarılmasını çünkü onu hayatının merkezine koyma fikri heyecanlandırıyor seni. kendini uyandığında tekrar doğmuş gibi hissediyorsun. mutlusun lan. mutlu hissediyorsun kendi onca tanıştığın sancı saçlı günden sonra. bir insanın uyumasını izlemek sıkmıyor seni. bir asır sürse bu diyorsun. çocuklaşıyorsun. en güzel anılarını anlatıyorsun ona ve en güzellerinin içinde sana bunları anlatmak da var diyorsun. gülümsetiyorsun onu ve gülümseyişi başka güzel gelmeye başlıyor. buna aşık olmak da denilebilir, sarhoş olmak da. isteyen istediğini seçsin.
Hey guys! I hope your all having such a good day & if not feel free to dm me💛 so today we are doing a topic on borderline personality disorder , I just wanted to say that I had no idea about this disorder so I had to do alot of research but I do hoped it's helped you understand it alot better ✨ ~ Borderline personality disorder and the terms of splitting. One day we may be enjoying the "best" intimacy love, times of the relationship and the next we are dealing with a robot void of emotion, icy cold, and find ourselves ignoring you. We can feel intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealisation and devaluation and at the same time feel chronic feelings of emptiness. Sometimes we feel like a villian and this is when we wish we can just disappear and hide inside a dark hole and never come out - Ana Landa What is a borderline personality disorder? - Bpd is a disorder of mood and how a person interacts with others. Someone with a personality disorder will differ significantly from an average person in terms of how he or she thinks, perceives, feels or relates to others. The symptoms of bpd can be grouped into four main areas: • Emotional instability • Disturbed patterns of thinking of perception • Impulsive behaviour • Intense but unstable relationship with others Causes of bpd? - The cause of bpd is unclear. But, as the most conditions, bpd appears to results from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. - Traumatic events that occur during childhood are associated with developing bpd. Many people with bpd will have experienced parental neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse during their childhood. (I just want to note not everyone with bpd would of experience some sort of abuse in there life , this is just a most common cause that the nhs website provided for me) Treatment: - Treatment for bpd may involve individual or group psychotherapy, carried out by professionals within a community mental health team (cmht) - thank you for everyone who took their time to read about borderline personality disorder today & I hope it educated you in understanding it more💛
happy birthday mats you deserve the whole damn world, i love you 💕
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