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Early Morning Field . . Comment your thoughts! 💬❤ ___________________________________________________________ . . ## This photo(s) was taken and is owned by @ethan_grazier All are welcome to use but credit must be clearly given/stated. ## . . . . . . #whpcolorpop
Wow. Walked around these gardens in the rain last weekend that were opened up for Cornwall Wildlife Trust. They were a haven for wildlife and were absolutely stunning!
Loved this damselfly that was glistening in the rain!
Don't you just love mother nature's lace, minus the actual spider?
Loved this cobweb glistening in the rain!
Whilst in London seeing these parakeets flying wild in the parks and also Kew Gardens was a first and a real wow factor for me. I hope the novelty of seeing them will never wear off for me as I believe it has for some, who consider them to be pests!
A beautiful robin basking in the sun!
Another shot of Kingswinfords poppies at sunset
I'm posting this lovely little sparrow in memory of my beautiful dad today!
"Incoming!" You can almost see the anticipation on the male damselfly's face!
Saw this beautiful butterfly in the woods the other day!
I saw so many herons in London, these particular ones were in St. James's Park and Kew Gardens. The shot at the end was funny as they appeared to be having a stare off!
Happy weekend and many thanks for all the birthday greetings 😎 One from the Lake District in Cumbria, England. A Herdwick sheep in the shadows of England's highest mountain: Scafell Pike.
Surprisingly for me I decided to make the daisies the focal point of this shot as opposed to the ducks, made a change if nothing else!
Saw this beautiful baby starling in London, haven't seen any at home so far this year so was a bonus!
Saw lots of interesting wildlife in London, didn't recognise this one, any ideas?
The humble bumble and the glorious foxglove, makes a lovely combination!
Today's beauty in the woods. Most of the birds seem to have disappeared at the moment so was so pleased to find one to feed!
This pair of damselflies did a bit of bonding in the woods today. Unfortunately I was struggling to hold one branch out of the way with one hand, the camera with the other hand and the footage was consequently a bit up and down as the leaf was also bouncing in the wind!
The night Hare 🐰 ✨✨ • • Not too hot on my Rabbits and Hares! But this little chap was on the clifftops of Rhossili, spotted a few more around the cliffs ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 • • #nights_dreamworld #nightphoto #astrology #astrophotography #animalphotography #starphotography #milkway #gb_gb #genuinebritain #ukpotd #ukshotz #ukshots #uk_shots #gower #beautifulwales #discovercymru #photosofbritain #walesshots #walescollective #rabbitsofinstagram #astrologyphotography #stars #starrysky #nightsky #wales #gower #findyourepic #findyourepic #moonphotography #beautifulwales
Saw this cute family whilst visiting my son in London!
Tonight's sunset was pretty spectacular. Unfortunately my camera didn't do it justice but the colours were fantastic and the reflections were like liquid gold!
I adore these guys!
I saw this poor dishevelled dunnock having a stretch in the sun yesterday!
Rapunzel's Tower was looking beautiful today!
This little guy was standing tall and was my welcoming committee as he greeted me at my table on arrival!
This isn't the clearest of shots but I still like the closeness it portrays as they were inseparable!
Is it a dog bowl? No, it's a birdbath!
This blackbird was gathering moss from underneath the water feature on the last shot, you can definitely tell it's nesting season!
Loved watching this blackbird having a bath!
I think these have got to be the most photographed piglets at Heligan. They were so cute an angelic I unusually took more photos of these than the birds!
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