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Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, because that's what friends are for-Al \\ I ran into Al twice in one day and both times he sang to me.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around-Leo Buscaglia 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
Drinking some coffee reflecting on the amazing circle of friends I have. My friend David always reminds me to take a step back and check-in on my internal feelings. Self-care is so important specially with my personality, I internalizes everything that’s going on around me and or people telling me there stories. I always want to help and when I run out of gas I usually crash... getting older I definitely have been better about making sure I’m good to continue the work I do but it’s friends like David that help me in my journey. Blessed to call him brother 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
Windermere Ranch California 2014
People hang out here because they have nobody to hangout with... 6th street! -B
artist & friend Nicholas Haight District San Francisco CA 2018 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
Mission District San Francisco CA 2018 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
walters hands Tenderloin San Francisco CA 2018 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
Out here you got to watch your back, your shoulder They will snatch your money Ohhhh lord You got to count your money before you go to the store and look behind you shoulder You got to have a rear view mirror out here - OG Vietnam War Vet 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia400
Tenderloin on film 📷 Nikon FE2 // 35mmf2 // Fuji Superia 400
So Vicky was having some tough times - Ron from ear to ear Vicky was always smiling She was loved by so many The memories I have of her I will always cherish I know she is in a better place but its not suppose to happen like this. I can’t help but think if she had housing and support where she would be now Every year real people die on our streets in San Francisco because of homelessness My friend Vicky passed away on our streets
a moment on the farm Fresno CA 2016
Thank you to all the wonderfully weird people that makes @dirtybirdcamp truly amazing! And of course, thank you to all the people who came and partied with us at the @pinkezup dome over the weekend! 🖤 thank you to all the DJ’s that threw down and to our special guest @sacharobotti & @wyattmarshall #pinkezup
Young Malik ( @xanubis_alive ) ready to perform @tiltedbrimsf for 1st Thursday’s art walk in the Tenderloin
Most of the time first Fridays in Oakland is visually overwhelming for me. there's music, dancing, live painting, hyphy bike crews, low riders & High Riders, motorcycles, open art galleries, food, and so much joy everywhere There are so many beautiful moments happening all at once I just love the fact that this is Oakland so much diversity and theres a place for everyone to express themselves which has been my experience throughout the bayarea
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Shorty: Felix can you take a picture of me and my wife Me: of course, I didnt know you had a wife. how’d you guys get together? Shorty: One night she was out here by herself and she said “I’m trying to get home” ... so I took her home...sure did .. she was about 8 months pregnant too so I took her home... then in 2003 we hooked up and been going ever since.
me: Angie where have you been? Angie: I’ve been staying with my family in the east bay. they’ve been taking care of me and helping me get back on my feet. Me: that’s amazing! What’s one thing youre thankful for? Angie: I’m just grateful to to finally get rest and be with some family.
Karen: Want to take a picture of me and my new haircut me: of course! Karen: thank you me: what would you tell yourself at 18 Karen: *pause* don’t do it!
i-suri d epf...done
Janice: I’m going back home Me: where’s home Janice: detroit Me: what’s the first thing your going to do when you get back Janice: I’m going to go and hug my mother... That’s all I ever want now is just to be held by my mother. I want to hear the tales of my grandpa and grandma or even how her and my dad hooked up. It’s important to know so I can pass on those stories on to the next generation. Ms. Janice Night aka detroit
THIS FRIDAY some of my work will be shown with some other amazing artist at Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza from 7-8:30 pm for the premiere of the “visual symphony” Imagine Abundance, featuring photos from @everydaybayarea artists and the community, as well as a live score by @oneworldjournalist , @KevChoice , and the @osaschool.
I'm afraid of God ... I'm not afraid of anybody else even if you can hurt me...God is who I'm afraid of -Micheal
I remember running around with my cousins playing tag or hide-n-seek as a child at family gatherings. glad to see the little ones in my family still having fun.
Tenderloin San Francisco CA 2018
When your going through it and life puts more challenges in front of you sometimes all you can do is smile. the tenderloin has shown me what true joy looks like and it’s not based on materials
aye man when we going to make this book so we can both get rich- Johnny Tenderloin San Francisco CA 2018
the villager Shan State Myanmar 2017
Outer Sunset San Francisco CA 2018 📷 contaxT2 // Kodak portra400
me: hey Tim how long have you been city? Tim: been here since Highschool but I'm from Navato. I'm the youngest of 7. me: you mind if I take a photo of you Tim: sure but I’d rather you get a picture of me working I met Tim on a project I was doing with @streetsteam
Another year has passed and I’m so grateful seeing my young brother grow into a young man. Happy birthday bro still can’t believe how big you’ve gotten, how much of your own person you’ve grown into, can’t tell you how much I love you I’m so proud of who you’re becoming and know I’m always here for you.
—> I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!<— Not quite yet but you are Invited to my show Tomorrow Sunday the 16th from 1pm-3pm. See over 70+ images of mine and my best friend @brentongieser who will also be screening his incredible film soooooo hope to see you soon friends !
Sunsets California Coast 2018
Kejap bby..
me: where did you grow up Margaret: in a country house in woodside california we had 2acres... my whole family was all into theatre me: what’s your first memory of theatre Margaret: (pause) I watched my mom build a puppet stage and we would all do skits all 8 of us kids and my mom made me this old man puppet. me: what advice do you want to tell people Margaret: Learn things with your heart... I have a good memory because of that
me: how’s it going janitor: good I guess (pause) a lot of people dying me: oh yeah there’s a lot of elderly folks living here janitor: sure,if you call getting stabbed 5x elderly(walks away) Me: 😵 If these walls could talk... Tenderloin San Francisco CA 2018
trying to find home Tenderloin San Francisco CA 📷 contax t2 // portra400
Muhammads Three rules to live by 1.Never give up 2.Be happy 3.Tomorrows never promised Muhammad is from Somalia He was asking me for a quarter but I told him I didn’t have change for him. He wouldn't stop asking me so instead I invited him to walk with me and my buddy Tin, I told him we would walk and talk for as long as he wanted. We went on our way and passed a bus stop where another gentleman asked for money and before I could say anything Muhammad reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter and he gave it to the gentleman. What amazes me about the Tenderloin is how the community cares for each other. The Tenderloin, where I'm reminded that even when you have nothing to give you can still give something
Me: so what does happiness mean for you? Deandre: happiness for me means mindfulness.
One of many suits from @world_famous_international_red
love in the tenderloin
Lately I’ve been shooting some medium format film with my twin lens mamiya c330. I was carrying it and walking down an alley off sixth st in San Francisco. A lady at the end of the alley was talking to the wall.. (this is normal in the city) as i got closer i was trying to listen to what she was saying.. She shouted “rolleiflex!” then went back to mumbling at the wall .. she stopped and faced me and said “twin lens!” then turned towards the wall to continue mumbling. She never made eye contact but she was able to describe the camera i had in hand. I stopped and asked her if she was familiar with my film camera... She said “yes, me and my old boyfriend had one.” then she shouted “transamerica building!” and she then started telling me how her and her old boyfriend would take photos of the building … i asked for her name and she said “temple, call me temple” I gave her a hug and told her my name and asked if she wanted to hold the camera and with out hesitation she grabbed the camera. I run into people you would probably think have lost it at first glance but if you take the time to stop and listen to what is being said you’ll be able to piece the words together and recognized what they’re trying to communicate. being dismissed is one of the worst feelings.. everyone deserves a chance to be heard and acknowledge.
one of many pagoda visits in Yangon Myanmar 2017
When someone mentions the Transgender community in SF I automatically think of my friend Rose. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve met and if you’ve visited @cityhope chances are you’ve probably seen her prepping food to pass out to our neighbors in the Tenderloin, She’s always finding ways to help. I recently had the opportunity to document her story which is really about overcoming and surviving... Rose is incredibly strong. on Thursday 09/13 6pm @cityhope you're invited to come listen to roses story and discuss after what seeing and being seen mean to you. Please RSVP if you’d like to attend (links in the bio)
Clarence: I’ve been sober 30yrs me: That’s amazing Clarence: no that’s God! I remember when I took this photo of Clarence... He was telling me how he’s an old cat and how old cats can’t get got by a kitten. The wisdom this man has shared with me over the years. Grateful for you and the light you shine on everyone omyou come across
The tenderloin is a neighborhood that takes action when there’s a need ... here’s an example of our Muslim brothers and sisters taking a step to serve meals to those that are in need. I love my neighborhood
There is no such thing as a weird human being, It's just that some people require more understanding than others ― Tom Robbins 📷contax t2 || Fuji pro 400h
me: what advice would you tell yourself at 18 bernard: well id say donate your time to a worthy cause me: okay what advice would you give me bernard: continue your quest and be the best you can be. when I step outside of my apt the goal is to connect with everyone but if I connect with one person it’s a win for me.
sleeping giant San Francisco Ca 2017 📷 leicaM // 50mm f2 summicron
Me: Hey Jon Jon, how long have you been in the city ? JonJon: Well I’ve been here for 49 years Me: okay, well what kind of advice do you have for me Jon Jon? JonJon: Do whatever you have to do to make it
a tea farmers home in Namhsan Myanmar Northern Shan state 2017
peace found through emptiness San Francisco ca 2018 📷 mamyia c330 // 80mm 2.8🔵 // fuji acros100
my friend warren
Namhsan Myanmar Northern Shan state 2017 on my trip with @burmainc
Ted is one of the first people that I photographed for Tender Souls. The more you get to know Ted the more you realize how many different lives he’s lived. He leaves himself open for the next "wow moment", the moments that give him life. You can see "the wow" on his face as he’s telling you about his travels and many different career paths he’s taken. Originally from New York, Ted has served our country in the military, practiced massage therapy, taught meditation on the side, and now is the proud business owner of a hand made soap line. “I woke up one day and I realized that I'm 66 years older. Not old but older. I never want to get old.” Ted lives his life looking for his next wow moment. He lives in the present, constantly redefining himself and along the way helping those he runs into. He may donate 60 bars of soap to people in need, teach someone how to center themselves in meditation, or educate a neighborhood drug dealer about the health consequences of substance abuse. Ted shows us all what getting older can look like if you focus on the present.
| ये बारिशों से दोस्ती अच्छी नहीं ‘फ़राज़’ , कच्चा मकान तेरा है कुछ तो ख़याल करो | #mkexplore #twgrammers #way2ill_ #tonechaser_ #visualarchitects #artofvisuals #fragmentmag #vscocam #streetprowlers #visualofstreet #shoot2kill #underrated_shots #urbanandstreet #agameoftones #rsa_streetview #instastreet #moodygrams #urbanromantix #meistershot #mobilemag #uncalculatedt #moodygrams #visualofstreet #streetmobs #illgrammers #p_i_
Got some film developed from my friends at @photoworkssf and it was really bittersweet. One roll was sitting for so long I forgot what camera I shot it with. opening up one of the files I realized the roll was shot with my contaxT2. A couple months back my bag was stolen with this camera in it, I managed to get everything back for the most part with the support of friends, family and strangers who reached out and donated. Even Charlie (pictured above) one of my neighbors in the tenderloin wanted to give me some money to help get me back on my feet. Just the fact that he even offered I got pretty emotional, i gave him a hug told him I loved him but I couldn’t take his money. For me photography has always been about community and man God has blessed me with such amazing circle of friends and loved ones. Thankful for you all 📷contaxT2 // Kodak portra 400
Dax is a native of the Potrero Hill Projects in San Francisco. He found himself dealing dope at the age of 14 and a father of three at 17. Dax had very few options growing up and could have easily have become a statistic. He joined a barber college and got his license to start cutting hair. Now the owner of Platinum Barber shop located on 291 Ellis Street in the Tenderloin Dax, chooses to give back to the community and his family Contax T2 // Portra400
House/Full of BlackWomen “A site-specific ritual performance project that addresses issues of displacement, well being, and sex trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland. Set in various public sites throughout Oakland over a two-year period, this community-engaged project is performed as series of “Episodes” driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to breathe, and be well within a stable home?” “ Director: Amara Tabor-Smith Costume: Dana kawano 📷contaxT2 // Portra800
tenderloin on film ContaxT2 cinestill800
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