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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”
Whenever i performed with this garment,someone asked me "Nok gi nikoh ko?"
hatred paralyzes life; Love releases it. hatred confuses life; Love harmonizes it. hatred darkens life; Love illuminates it. Martin Luther King Jr
Man's not hot, never hot Skrraat pak pak pak
there are two parts to love emotional & the action they must go together you cannot just say love you must do love as well - patrick
When an ugly rabbit came as a guess,assalamualaikum??
Permata pintar kite..@maya_aleya4208
I did some @justinbieber stuff in Iceland. Cool story bro. @weareweslee - Bathwater #pinkezup
Baling..@muizasri 🤣
me: whats the first memory you have of your mom shorty: my mother was an amazing singer she was so talented i remember coming home from school and i needed help drawing a deer for an assignment she drew it for me and it was the best drawing ive ever seen one thing that i know is that she was awesome yeah she was great 📷 fuji xpro2
Abe kuat lipak😎
Salam Maghrib #mosque #mosques #greatmosque
short breaths long silence warm laugh moments stir mind wanders silence what could be what is what will be mind wanders warm thoughts you bring warm laughs hesitation what could be a dream i dream dreams you and i a dream
growing up i celebrated christmas to be honest i cant remember a gift i received but i do remember who i spent it with and i do remember the feeling of christmas as a child i remember waking up at 3am to open up gifts at 9am the excitement was magical im thankful for my beautiful family and my friends that constantly remind me that i am loved 📷 fuji xpro2 || 23mm f1.4
Gamba smula🤣....
me: whats some advice you have for me patrick: stay on your path and keep doing what youre doing me: whats something that got you through a tough season patrick: God! I was shot 4 times by a 40 caliber so i know hes got me you know what I’m saying so i keep my faith in him always 📷nikon d810
Done edit kasi lawa🙇🏻 Goodnight! #shotoniphone #shotoniphone7plus
Mudik ke hulu
Same Street Different Day 👾
Fly bird fly...fly to sky
Excellence Driven
and if my chute don't open wide  I have another one by my side  and if that chute don't open round  I'll be the first one on the ground - military cadence  Mr. Lee Jackson pulled me aside and started singing this to me the first time we met  after he asked if i could take his photo and i said sure only if I could print him a copy. Mr. Lee Jacksons served in the Vietnam war and sometimes goes by the nickname warlord
Always look further to know where you might stand one day. In frame @kamiliakadir #bnw #bnwphotography #bnwmood
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