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#Repost @rhul_library with @get_repost ・・・ We might not have got around to creating this book display but we have been working hard on our #shelfhelp collection. Want to know what we have been up to? Best you keep an eye on our Twitter (@rhul_library ) over the exam period as we'll be showcasing some of the new titles we have bought for the Shelf Help collection. Many of them are taken from your recommendations on #unimentalhealthday . Just in time to complement the excellent #stressbusters @surhul have organised as well. Also, don't you forget @rh_wellbeing are on hand if you need some support during the exam period, or any other time for that matter. #rhul #rhullibrary #royalholloway #wellbeing #mentalhealth #studentsupport #selfhelp #books #selfhelpbook #chalkboard #libraryhumour #libraryjoke #bookdisplay #library #librariesofinstagram
We might not have got around to creating this book display but we have been working hard on our #shelfhelp collection. Want to know what we have been up to? Best you keep an eye on our Twitter (@rhul_library ) over the exam period as we'll be showcasing some of the new titles we have bought for the Shelf Help collection. Many of them are taken from your recommendations on #unimentalhealthday . Just in time to complement the excellent #stressbusters @surhul have organised as well. Also, don't you forget @rh_wellbeing are on hand if you need some support during the exam period, or any other time for that matter. #rhul #rhullibrary #royalholloway #wellbeing #mentalhealth #studentsupport #selfhelp #books #selfhelpbook #chalkboard #libraryhumour #libraryjoke #bookdisplay #library #librariesofinstagram
#throwbackthursday to #unimentalhealthday We loved this event and reading all of your tips on our well-being wish tree. Everyone that got involved had great ideas for managing our mental health, but here are just some of our favourite ones from staff and students! Feel free to comment some more well-being tips below👇🏻 . . . . #tbt #throwbackthursday #wearenua #unimentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #norwichuniarts
One step at a time 🔦
“I use my voice to fight the stereotypes and stigmas that surround eating disorders. I began sharing my story a few years ago after keeping it hidden for so long. I realised that by standing up and sharing my story it had the potential to equip others to manage their recovery. It showed people that you can go to university despite whether you have had a mental illness or not. I want to keep using my voice to shout loudly for those who don’t feel able to. Those who are turned away from services or support and those who feel like they cannot reach out for help because they don’t look like someone who supposedly has an eating disorder." @studentmindsorg #unimentalhealthday 👉 https://www.unimentalhealthday.co.uk/casestudies.html
mHealth (mobile health) is changing the health care game. Mobile devices are getting smarter and apps like Avail can provide individuals with personalized healthcare. However, before we can reach every person around the globe, mHealth has some hurdles to overcome, learn more in the bio link @availapp#mHealth #healthcare #mobilehealth
Today we're highlighting Michael Landsberg, a Canadian sports journalist and mental health advocate. Michael is spearheading the movement called #SickNotWeak which is breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.⠀ ⠀ Who is your favourite mental health advocate? Tag them below and we'll add them to the feature list. #ChangeIsHope #FightForYourHappiness
Schools can potentially be at the forefront of providing an environment and strategies to detect and respond to youth mental health concerns. There are many school staff who can play a big role in identifying problems, but far too often they can’t, find out why in the bio link (@availapp ).⠀ https://buff.ly/2Y8lNsE
Mental health is mental wealth 💭 A huge thank you to @worcsu for today's University Mental Health Day events. Head over @the_hangar_ for @petsastherapy_uk dogs, @studentwellbeingchampions bake off and much more! 🙌 • 📸 @worcsu 📸 • • #worcesteruni #universityofworcester #worcesteruniversity #studentlife #universitylife #petsastherapy #mentalhealthsupport #unimentalhealthday #highereducation
Tomorrow I'll be working on the Staff Mental Health Network stall for #unimentalhealthday ! I co-founded the Network with a colleague and Professor in Psychology. Honoured to be a part of it and excited to watch it grow - I made some flyers and posters to dish out too! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #stopthestigma #mentalillness #anxietyrecovery #wellbeingwarrior
As an employer, you can't afford to ignore mental health and well-being. Investing in strategies, resources and support mechanisms for these issues is fundamental to engagement, productivity, and your bottom line. Learn more about the importance of employee wellbeing in the blog post below. #EmployeeEngagement #MentalHealth #Productivity
Who cares that it’s Monday when we can look at these precious pups 😍🐶🐕 #tb
You can help share some #MondayMotication in our libraries by leaving a message on one of our Positivity Trees. Help our trees to bloom by sharing your strengths and coping strategies that help to get you through difficult times. Here's some of the lovely messages that have been left on our tree in the Thompson Library to help support student mental health awareness.
Working on something for more OPEN: Talking Mental Health. Coming 🔜@open_talking #mentalhealthawareness #timetotalk #unimentalhealthday #mind #youngminds #endthestigma
#Meetourspeakers Pastor Prosper convenes a Christian youth outreach fellowship called "youth alive for Christ" with the aim of raising a generation of young Christians. He also organises outreach programs for youth struggling with drugs addiction and other youth vices. It's Conversations on Mental Health hosted by Youth Center at Mariacutty this Sat., March 23 4 p.m at KIS no. 1 Wurno rd, Badarawa, Kaduna Hit link in bio to attend or go to mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation #youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support
How does your library help you support your community? #mylibrarystory #mylibrarymystory Reposting @staffsunilibrary To mark University Mental Health Day on Thursday 7th of March 2019 we have set up some Positivity Trees in our libraries at Stoke, Stafford and Shrewsbury. Help shape the future of student mental health by writing on a tag and hanging it from the tree to describe your personal strength, coping strategy, enjoyable activity or identify supportive people. #UniMentalHealthDay  #umhd2019  #useyourvoice #staffsuni  #staffordshireuniversity #proudtobestaffs  #connecteduniversity  #library #libraries  #librariesofinstagram  #librarylife #librarylove  #libraryland  #mentalhealthawareness #universitylibrary  #studentlife  #wellbeing
We took part in University Mental Health Day and our furry friends from Merseyside Dogs Home definitely raised our spirits and put a smile on our face . . . #mentalhealth #UniMentalHealthDay #yourvoicematters @dogschoolmerseyside
#Meetourspeakers Zainab Bello is an expert in human resource management. She recounts meet "Hadiza Aliko Mohammed, the founder of the House of Recovery, played a very significant role in making me develop the interest in fashioning out ways of combating drugs/substance abuse in northern Nigeria and the country at large by way of training, counselling and collaborating with necessary agencies and partners." Zainab attended Bayero University Kano where she obtained a diploma in public administration and later proceeded to the Hertfordshire International College of Business and Technology (HIBT) UK where she gained another diploma in business before proceeding to the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom where she bagged a Joint Honours degree in Human Resource Management and Tourism. Join 'Conversations on Mental Health' hosted by Youth Center at Mariacutty this Sat., March 23 4 p.m at KIS no. 1 Wurno rd, Badarawa, Kaduna Get free entry: Hit link in bio to attend or go to mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation #youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support
@u_law social media channels supported University Mental Health Day last week to raise awareness of student mental health and encourage students to share their stories. Drop in sessions with the Wellbeing Team were also available and the outreach led to a very positive response! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #globaluniversitysystems #ULaw #mentalhealth #studentwellbeing #unimentalhealthday @studentmindsorg
Comfort Bangoji is a Teacher, a Counselor and a Social Worker working with dysfunctional homes and rehabilitation programs for the delinquent, abandoned and persons with special needs. She the founder of Life in Christ Gospel Mission international; a faith-based NGO committed to empowering the lives of widows and Ripples, an NGO which is focused on mentoring and equipping young mothers and girls Mrs. Comfort trained as a Social Worker, DIP and ADHSSM in 1979 and 1972 respectively. She further trained in PCC and Pre-Marriage counseling at the International Theological Seminary, Ghana. She has authored a number of books with the latest; History of Social Work in Northern Nigeria. Join 'Conversations on Mental Health' hosted by Youth Center at Mariacutty this Sat., March 23 4 p.m at KIS no. 1 Wurno rd, Badarawa, Kaduna Hit link in bio to attend or go to mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation #youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support .
Our second #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to last week's #UniMentalHealthDay when we published our latest #StudentStories #blog by our #apprentice Louise Slimm about her journey to achieve good #mentalhealth : https://bit.ly/2SKfxU5
#Meetourspeakers Dr Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u is a consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Head of Forensic Psychiatry Unit of Jos University Teaching Hospital. She is the Consultant Psychiatrist in charge of the Prison clinic at the Jos Maximum Security Prison. She has contributed to a number of committees, including the constitutional review committee of the Association of Psychiatrist in Nigeria. She has some fifty published papers in peer reviewed journals. It's Conversation on Mental Health hosted by Youth Center at Mariacutty this Sat., March 23 4 p.m at KIS no. 1 Wurno rd, Badarawa, Kaduna Hit link in bio to attend or go to mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation #youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support
Have a burning question on your mental health? Ask this diverse line up of mental health professionals, religious counselors and youth workers. Swipe left. Dr. Aishatu Yusha'u (consultant psychiatrist), Pastor Prosper (works with young addicts), Fatima Mai Bornu (children's teachers trainer), Zainab Bello (human resource manager), Comfort Bangoji (trained social worker and faith based NGO founder), Imam Muhammad Bello Auwal (imam, counselor and school director). Don't suffer in silence or wait till its too late. Free entry, simply apply to attend: It's Conversation on Mental Health hosted by Youth Center at Mariacutty this Sat., March 16 4 p.m at KIS no. 1 Wurno rd, Badarawa, Kaduna Hit link in bio to attend or go to mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation #youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support
Just like UK rapper @professorgreen admits, it is easy to dismiss your mental health challenges. But accepting it and addressin it now can save your life later. That's why you can't miss this👇 Conversations on Mental Health Date and Time: 16th March 2019 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Venue: Kaduna International School, 1 Wurno Road, Badarawa, Kaduna. The Youth Center at Mariacutty @ycmariacutty is organising this event to create awareness on mental health among young people especially 17-29 year olds. This is the first in the series of interactive conversations on mental health. Discussants include health professionals, religious counsellors and youth workers. Attendance is strictly by registration. Please register here http://mariacutty.org/mentalhealthconversation Join the conversation online using hashtag #youthmentalhealth #mariacutty Twitter, FB and Instagram @ycmariacutty Please share with someone you care about youthmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #panicattack #depression #anxiety #grief #aggression #abuse #addiction #itsokaytonotbeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #support
@jura_ssickwain #unimentalhealthday created by students reflecting on their tips for #positivementalhealth is now hanging in The Quiet Space (Cor212) why not pop in for some inspiration and a moment of calm? #chaplaincymatters @livhopecreative @liverpoolhopeuk @lukeskilly
Thank you to everyone who came, engaged and gave us so much to talk and think about last night 🗣 You can read highlights from the discussion by searching the hashtag #ljmuvoice on Twitter 🐦 A massive thank you to @angelas1971 for chairing the panel and being so supportive, my wonderful committee for their hard work and dedication during their final year and dissertation worries, Amy & Claire for giving up their time to be on the panel and speaking so openly and honestly, Bernadette from SAW for giving us a platform to be involved with staff (and organising the hot drinks), Andy at @johnmooressu for answering all my panicked emails and helping with the practical stuff and to everyone at @studentmindsorg especially Ollie for giving us the tools and confidence to listen and share 🌟 Last night was just the start of us coming together as a student collective, using our voices and creating change! 💭 #liverpooljohnmooresuniversity #ljmulife #ljmustudent #ljmuwellbeing #studentmentalhealth #unimentalhealthday #ljmustudentminds #studentvoice
Just a reminder that YOU matter! The staff here at Green Wood Court are always happy to help with whatever is bothering you.💖 #mentalhealthawareness #homesforstudents #spreadhappiness #unimentalhealthday #greenwoodcourt #uniofsouthampton #solentuni #southamptonuni #studentaccomodation
As March is the month of #UniMentalHealthDay , all this week we are providing advice on how students can boost their mental health. For instance, did you know that if you're finding uni work overwhelming, sit down every Sunday and draw up a plan for the week. Breaking your work down this way can make you more relaxed. #students #engineeringstudents #mentalhealth #universitymentalhealth #stressrelief
"Why does it take someone to hit crisis point in order for them to get the help they need?" At Student Minds, we see prevention and intervention as key to improving student mental health. @megwamithi_ and @rebekahdussek shared their experience seeking support at university and why they are calling for change  #UniMentalHealthDay 📽: @c5news
On Thursday SAE Liverpool invited Jack aka 'One Eyed Jack' and his owner Judith to Campus as part of University Mental Health day. Our students have been asking for a visit from a therapy dog for a while and we were finally managed to secure a visit! Our students were elated with this, it chilled them out a day before their hand in which is great! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #unimentalhealthday #universitymentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #dogsofinstagram
We recently spoke to Solent University about our magazine and fundraiser gig - Click the link in the bio to have a read☝🏼 On Thursday it was #UniMentalHealthDay with this year focusing on the power of using your voice! More information about Uni Mental Health Day and to find out more about events happening in universities nationwide can be found on Student Minds social media pages🧠
Ran 5K around the Thames this morning for the Great King's Run! 🦁🏃🏽‍♀️ there were over 300 runners today doing 5K, 10K and the colour run, well done everybody 💪🏽❤️ #unimentalhealthday #kingscollegelondon #sundaymotivation #studenttakeover #lifeatkings #student #uni #unilife #studentlife #postgrad
Amazing panel Friday.. incredible guests and discussion. I think we all agreed the most fundamental antidote to suffering is to talk, talk, talk.. share, be open, find a space whatever that may be. Don't suffer alone, we can handle this together. #unimentalhealthday #opentheconvo #mentalhealthawareness
So I'm completely changing up my website and I want to involve you. I want to give you practical and inspiring content that will help you get through the day. At the moment I've been giving a lot of 'tips' posts which give you some advice, as well as covering events such as #EDAW2019 and #unimentalhealthday But what would actually help you? I want my blog to be somewhere you come and feel better after leaving the page. You can say things like shorter content, sharing my story more, more 'reasources/reviews posts' I'm open to all ideas, so let me know below! 👇👇👇
We are giving away two copies of Notes On a Nervous Planet! To enter just send us a response to one of the following: “I’m using my voice to shape the future of student mental health because...”, “How can you empower more students to use their voice?”, “What changes would you like to see in student mental health?” or “How have you used your voice to improve student mental health?” YOU MUST GO TO UOY TO ENTER #notesonanervousplanet #unimentalhealthday #matthaig #mentalhealth #competition #uniofyork #uoy
Hello everyone! Thank you to those of you who came along to our stall this Thursday for #UniMentalHealthDay to share your thoughts on the mental health support at our university 🧡 We’ve made a survey where you can let us know what Durham’s doing right and where the services here can be improved, with a focus on the counselling service! #UseYourVoice (Link in bio)
Lots of great posts and advice on our happiness wall this week for #UniMentalHealthDay @studentmindsorg ! Make sure to check it out next week! There’s plenty of space for more :} #StAndrews #PsychNeuro #wellbeing
So it's the day after #unimentalhealthday And you're probably thinking right now - "What's changed?" And that's ok. Changes aren't going to happen straight away. Although the government have a new taskforce for students now, But, if we keep talking and using our voice, after the day has ending then we can bring about changes. So keep talking about mental health throughout the year. Keep speaking to people if you need that support. And just to inspire you I wrote a blog post with some reasources that can help you do just that. (link in bio)
At Keele besides education we value the environment and you, and by you we mean your well-being and especially mental health. Hope this post could bring you a smile. ☺️ #KeeleInternational #loveKeele #UniMentalHealthDay #KeeleBecause
On March 12th we are honoured to host Ella Baron who will be running workshops based on her 11 pictures representing student stories on mental health #UniMentalHealthDay Book your place with the link in the bio
With yesterday being University Mental Health Day and today being International Women’s Day it seems pretty fitting to share that last night I sat on a panel with three other incredible hard working and inspiring women to talk about student mental health live on Channel 5 News. As most of you will know my own journey through university so far hasn’t exactly been the most conventional as after becoming increasingly unwell towards the end of my first year, which ultimately resulted in a suicide attempt and a brief stay in hospital, the decision was made to transfer to Nottingham to continue this year. Although it’s been really hard having to adjust both academically and socially as I didn’t know anyone, I have no regrets about the decision and have been able to benefit from greater support from my family close by and also the NHS, which in turn has (and hopefully will continue to!) allowed me to carry on with my degree. I can’t imagine my mental health difficulties going away any time soon, and I may always have to do some things a little differently, but what this year has taught me so far is that it is possible to still have multiple mental health difficulties and achieve your goals. Sending big love to family and friends, both old and new, who have been a positive and supportive presence in my life since last summer. For so many people, a small act of kindness can make such a big difference! #unimentalhealthday #internationalwomensday
I'm a huge fan of Stephen Sackur a True Hard Man in my opinion. I'm also a massive fan of Professor Green #ganggreen His music has got me through the darkest of days and given me warrior spirit. He'd have loved my Dad. He was very quick witted, caring proud man. He had been born just after the war. So taught Men don't cry, don't share their worries, etc. But I remember the first time I'd ever seen him cry was about 20 years ago, because we were left with no mental health support for my brother, in crisis, my Dad expressed his worry. It's a natural human response! He was also a True Hard Man who then took the fight, campaigning for change in Scotland. Which happened, meaning he was even invited to the opening of the Scottish Parliament. It's a shame though that there's still such a lack of funding for NHS Scotland in Mental Health & treating illness. Doing research, providing adequate Social Care & teaching children, teenagers and adults about maintaining their mental health, looking after their brains. At some point I'm going to pick up where my parents left off as I believe to change the stigma you have to start with children. Children at primary school age. 💖 #Repost @bbc_hardtalk ・・・ .@professorgreen tells @bbc_hardtalk 's Stephen Sackur that his childhood growing up in a "tough household" without a father figure meant he was taught that "being a man meant being hard". . Speaking in front of a live HARDtalk audience at the BBC's New Broadcasting House Radio Theatre in London, the rapper and mental health campaigner said that as an adult he has learned to reject this and instead be open about his vulnerabilities. . "Actually there is a strength in being vulnerable, because as soon as you are honest about it, you can deal with it," he says. . "The more honest I was about my vulnerabilities, I found the more strength I had in myself". . #mentalhealth #rap #professorgreen #london #londonlife #depression #grief #support #itsokaynottobeokay #timetotalk #suicideprevention #socialmedia #photographs #jungle #music #ukmusic #bbc #hardtalk #bbchardtalk #fangigtickets #ganggreen #unimentalhealthday #masculinity #toxicmasculinity
We are passionate about supporting students manage their mental health, if you need support - contact your Independent Student Advocate. We will empower you to make decisions and overcome difficulties that affect your student life. Source credit: @studentmindsorg Thanks for mentioning us yesterday! #unimentalhealthday #mentalhealthmatters #adventadvocacy #uniadvocates
Ayr campus taking part in walk a mile for mental health, along with residences,education,student services and FMOS😁.#unimentalhealthday #walkamile #itsgoodtotalk #endthisstigma #reslife #uws #uwsreslife #reslifeayr #
#UniMentalHealthDay what's your advice about #mentalhealth and studying? Tag us in your posts and we'll share the best ones throughout the day 👍
Jo & Laura were pleased to support @uniofgreenwich with their #unimentalhealthday well being event yesterday by providing seated massage treatments to both students and staff. Everyone loved their treatments and we were very busy at both campuses we attended ! #mentalhealth #wellbeing #wellbeingatwork #seatedmassage
Thank you to all of you that joined and helped to support @jessrachelsharp and I last night for the beginnings of OPEN: talking mental health. It means a lot. 💕#unimentalhealthday Thanks @officialuom and @studentmindsorg and @whitworthart for hosting 🙌 #mentalhealthawareness #studentmentalhealth #mind #timetotalk #thewhitworth
Day 66 of the 2000 mile challenge: I still can’t believe what I achieved... 3️⃣4️⃣.1️⃣9️⃣ miles!!! My longest distance ever! 🥳 This week had been tedious training wise then I just suddenly felt that get up & go! 😄 When you really want to do something, you make it happen, no ifs & buts, you do what it takes to get the results you want! I wanted to push myself to the limit and see what I really had in me. There’s always more than we think. It got tough at times and I really admire ultra runners even more now 😂💪🏻 on international women’s day, I just wanna say, this girl can 😉💗 #iwd2019 #miles #fitgirl #70000steps #ultrarunning #34miles #2000milechallenge #fitness #journey #march #halfmarathontraining #run #jog #hike #unimentalhealthday #getupandmove #health #goforit #fitnesslife #instafit #fitbit #rainbow #biggestachievement #zerolimits #strongwomen #inspire #hope #day66 #lovedit #getstrong 🙃💪🏻
Thank you @c5news for inviting me down this evening for their special University Mental Health Day cover and for allowing me to share a snippet of my own personal story as a student who has and is still battling with mental health problems whilst being at university. Although, It is great to see more coverage being done to shed light on some of the real issues and situations many students across the UK face every year, there is still more that needs to be done. Let’s start discussing the practical steps that need to be taken to tackle this issue - schools, universities, students, the government and the NHS together. Also, I cannot deny the fact that I was completely fan girling over Claudia the entire interview. Was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you in person today. Beautiful woman inside and out. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Today thousands of students and staff across the UK joined together to raise awareness for #unimentalhealthday Let’s all continue using our voices not just today but everyday to shape the future of student mental health. #mymindmatterstoo
Being part of a sports club is more than just physical fitness. Mental health is such an important part of a students career through university and joining a sports club is a great way to improve it, make friends and increase confidence. With exam season looming make sure to include some physical activity into your revision schedules! 👊 There are also plenty of resources available to get support at UEA - https://portal.uea.ac.uk/student-support-service/wellbeing —————————- @ueasport @uniofeastanglia @uea_su #unimentalhealthday #mentalhealthmatters #boxing #uea #homeofthewonderful #team #teamsports
• how being a uni student feels sometimes • today has been #unimentalhealthday and as a student who struggles a lot with their mental health, I thought I’d put together 5 simple tips on how to look after your mental health at university: 1. if you’re struggling, tell someone. anyone. a friend, a family member, a stranger, a doctor, a teacher - anyone. no matter how unnecessary or embarrassing or uncomfortable you feel talking is, it will help to lighten the load a bit. keeping it to yourself will only cause you more pain. 2. allow yourself to have mental health days. if everything feels like way too much, you are allowed to take a day/week/however long you need off. ask for extensions, recordings, or for friends to send you notes - your lectures and classes and essays can wait; your health is more important. 3. utilise ‘basic self care’. this might sound like the opposite of the last tip in some ways, but sometimes - when you’re in a real rough patch - it can be helpful to focus on smaller tasks that feel difficult, but are necessary. that can mean eating a meal, drinking water, showering, or sleeping; or sometimes it can mean forcing yourself to go to lectures, revising, or doing something you’ve been putting off. take it at your own pace, but you will thank yourself when it’s done. 4. create routines: morning routines, night routines, study routines, etc. routines help to create basic frameworks that you can use throughout your day. they also mean that even on your worst mental health days, even if everything else has gone wrong, you still have some basic structure to hold on to. try starting with a morning routine! 5. ask your friends how they are. everyone struggles at uni, and sometimes just checking in on your friends can make a huge difference. if you have the energy to send your friends a message every once in a while, try to do so - you never know how much a text could help. . . . #mentalhealthawareness #studentmentalhealth #mentalhealth #selfcare #mentalhealthsupport #selflove #recovery #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthmatters #useyourvoice
I’m speechless... never in a million years would I have thought that when I first took on the society we could have pulled off an event and have 80+ people attend. My brain still cannot comprehend it now, hours later. This panel would have been nothing without the amazing chairman TJ and our panelists; @ashleighlnelson , @georgedavidhodgson , @palindrometodd and @georgewalker1996. Everyone was so so inspiring and passionate. It means the absolute world that you all gave up your time to support our little society. Enjoy the chocolates even though you deserve so much more. Thank you to everyone else that came I really hope you enjoyed it and took something away from it, I know I did. I hope it’s inspired you to start a conversation about mental health now. #UseYourVoice #BreakdownTheStigma #UniMentalHealthDay #ItsOkNotToBeOk Rhiannon xx PS. Turns out I wasn’t speechless after all! 😂
I decided to write another blog for #UniMentalHealthDay 💻✒💭The link is in my bio if you fancy a read! #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth #SupportGroup #PrettyHardDay #Blog #BlogPost #PhDChat
Sometimes you have to jump off the hamster wheel and head for the hills. #unimentalhealthday #midweekrun #slowrunning #stcatherineshill #naturephotography #nofilter #lunchtime
How I spent #UniMentalHealthDay Report writing, cheeky glass of pink gin and lemonade, a gossip and a help out with some data with @saskiab97 @studentmindsljm @studentmindsorg #Liverpool #Report #Biology #University #StudentMinds #PinkGin #Gossip
@jamesmcgowncoaching and Beirut pledging to keep talking about mental health so together, we can help tackle the stigma @uclansu @uclanarena #unimentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #Beirut #UCLan #Lancashire
This evening our founder, Hannah, was on a panel titled ‘Work, social life or sleep?’ with these wonderful panellists! They covered everything from self care tips to university and its responsibilities, as well as sharing their own experiences. A huge thank you to @roeymhn and @charitysane for hosting and organising such a brilliant event. To @georgedavidhodgson and @ashleighlnelson for being so inspiring and lovely. And to everyone who came to join in and ask such important questions! For those who asked, submissions for our second book ARE open and you can click the link in the bio for more info 💖
Absolutely love the theme for #unimentalhealthday this year! Mental health in uni is on the rise. There is a lot of good work going into improving mental health in uni but there is more to do as well. The government today said announced a task-force to look into the issue. But it needs us. It needs us to stand up and speak about what's going on. Even if you don't have mental health, maybe you can see what you're friends going to. So share your story, use your voice, and lets change mental health for students. P.S I wrote a blog post about this, you can find the link in my bio.
my new post is all about coping with exam stress during university. It’s something I struggled with really badly especially as my OCD got in the way ALL THE TIME and I suffered with my health. • give it a read • link in bio 👀 #university #advice #toptips #blogger #unimentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #universitylife #student #exams #examstress #stress
Sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been having time off social media to take care of our mental health. But we’ve still been working away and today we talked to staff and students at @uniofsurrey as part of #unimentalhealthday Great to learn that mental health is a top priority here, as it should be in every single university!!!! #universitymentalhealthday
VIP visitors for University Mental Health Day. Posted @withrepost@surreycwb We loved having Betty and Charlie join us today from @canine_assisted_learning for #unimentalhealthday 🐶 . We hope you all enjoyed visiting these two adorable pups! 💕#uniofsurrey #wellbeing #dogs #canine #lovedogs #therapy #therapydogs #dogsofinstagram
According to the National Institute of Mental Health 75% of lifetime cases of #mentalillness develop by age 24 making #university students the most vulnerable age group. 🧠📚 University involves great changes. For many people, like it was for me, it is the first time leaving the nest. It is the first step into adulthood and independence. Everything has to be cared of from groceries shopping, to laundry, to cooking, to our #wellbeing . University is learning to deal with an empty room. University is thinking about careers, loans, fees and homesickness. University is finding a balance between the thousands of things to do without breaking apart. And sometimes you just do break apart, despite everything. So, if you do, get help. It is hard. It was for me. But I am confident that these are the best times we have got. Indeed what do we have left if not to find ourselves after we lost our way?
Today is University Mental Health Day. Student suicide rates are on the rise, meaning the work our Black Dog Campaign does in universities is more important than ever. Swipe to see where our Black Dog statues call home and click the link in our bio to find out more about our campaign. . #SANE #charitysane #charity #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthmatters #unimentalhealthday #blackdogcampaign #university
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