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You never forget the first time you hear your song on the radio. Now I know it's true. It's been a long time in the making and so thrilled to hear our little band sing Swoon on @wfuv. Here's a video of me freaking out a la #thatthingyoudo #Repost @babetown__ ・・・ That feel when you hear your song on the radio... !!!! Thanks again for the spin @wfuv @daddyrussborris 🎧
Cali the Toy Poodle is sad no one has bought our LAST Blue Moon😢🌙💙 Who wants to make it theirs & turn her frown upside down?! Was $95 now JUST $49🤩✨ #allesbags
Tuesday Bedford Special: Butter Cream cake slices $2 📸 Strawberry Buttercream frosting with vanilla sponge cake! #marthascountrybakery
L’art de la formule par mon boucher... et l’art de savoir saisir les opportunités business ! Et oui, parce qu’en ce moment à New York, le temps est un peu cuckoo !!! #weather #easel #words #newyork #streetlife #forecast
"There is no such thing as simple. Simple is hard." - Martin Scorsese
Admiring the architecture inside one of the five arches at Prospect Park.
forever a Brooklyn girl 🍕
Brooklyn Bridge.
keeping things simple — in design, color palette, layout — and focusing on texture has been the most enjoyable part of making this one-bedroom a home
Always Advancing. One Step at a Time. #betterthanyesterday 🙌
Antiques ✨
Seriously falling in love with myself everyday💕 . . Having body issues is absolutely terrible, everyday is a struggle for me, but honestly I’m so happy to be back in the gym training again and working with my beloved @rawtalent126 & @jess.do.lt . . I’m surrounded by so much love and positivity, extremely blessed💕 . . Shoutout to @papaduaa.eats for always meeting me at the gym👏🏽
I don’t know whose apartment this is, but I love your entrance! Wondering what it looks like on the inside.....should I knock?! Why not, it never hurts to ask! Semi-pro tip: if you want to meet someone - just reach out! If you have a question, ask! You’ll be amazed how accessible most people are - many of us enjoy providing value, sharing contacts + disseminating knowledge. #putyourselfoutthere 🤘 📸 @deemarie096
It's Cupcake O'Clock at #marthascountrybakery ! $1 cupcakes every Monday! Available in Brooklyn stores only.
Behind the scenes w/ @othellobanaci #ShotAtBeyond 💥
Happy Monday, friends! Looking to make some extra cash? I've got just the right gig for you. I'm starting a referral program for anyone who sends me a wedding inquiry. Looking to book 5 more weddings for 2018. If the couple books (signs contract), I'll Venmo you $100! ($150 if it's in California!!!) Simple as that! :) :) :) http://www.elizabethtsungphoto.com
Feeding time 🐼 If you appreciate design + decor, and need a spot to stay in #NYC or #nashville , checkout @urbancowboybnb. They have a panda mask; need I say more?! 📸 @deemarie096 /@urbancowboybnb 🙏
“Everybody’s a web designer until, you know, they actually try to do it.” - Gabe Boning
Why’d you steal my cotton candy heart?
Good morning righteous owner of this vintage @porsche ! Mind if I take ‘er for a spin?! #grandtheftauto 📸 @deemarie096
Keep routines even when you travel, it makes Monday a day to look forward to 📸: @erichinman
Brooklyn Bound.
It’s springtime! I smell it!
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood 💛 One of the things I love most about spending the weekend at home is our Sunday strolls. It’s become one of my favorite family rituals. No matter how many times we walk these streets, we always seem to discover new places and have some adventures. Peep my stories to see Adina’s new 🐶 bestie. Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather!
BBall. #weekend
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