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Hello dear friends 🙌🏼 hope you are healthy and happy :)) we have nothing new, just spend cozy family weekend together, my husband flew for a trip, and Daniel and I just sat and watched a film on Sunday 🙌🏼 ---------------------------------------------------- Ребята, привет 🙌🏼 как ваши дела?) уже середина ноября 🙈время прям вжух, пролетело, нас как-то больше теперь в Stories, чем здесь 🙌🏼 наверное, вы успели заметить 🙈 из нового абсолютного ничего :)) в выходные проводили папу и под дождик посмотрели один из новых фильмов 'Джим пуговка и машинист Лукас 🙌🏼 давно так не было такой доброй мудрой истории 🙌🏼посмотрели вдвоём на одном дыхании 👋🏼 советуем :)) хотя вдруг вы уже и без нас его успели посмотреть 🙈 ---------------------------------------------------- #jenyasoleva_swiss2home #unlimitedswitzerland #perfectday #picoftheday #switzerland #myswitzerland #best #places_wow #travel #zurich #worldplaces #picoftheday #today #titlis @switzerland.vacations @switzerland.hotels @myswitzerland #switzerlandpictures #switzerland_bestpix #mountains #mountaintop #switzerlandpictures #topswitzerlandphoto @this.is.switzerland #unlimitedswitzerland #jenyasoleva_swiss2home #kids #brunnen #trip #travelblogger
Un día mas, un día menos ❣
"As you descend further into the gorges the views are breathtaking. There are lots of bridges which give you an extraordinary view of the waterfalls and incredible rock formations around you. It’s nicely shady and honestly every turn, every set of steps and each bridge yields another spectacular sight." ▶️Read the full article on the blog about Gorges de l'Areuse
Le château de Chillon. .. .. .. ..
„Caprice De Dieux“. ------------------------- . Again and again the whim of nature is amazing. I planned to come to this valley and according to the weather forecast, the morning would be perfect for shooting. Cloudy and varied it should have been. And so it was everywhere, except in this valley here. Not a single cloud far and wide. Oh boy!!! As soon as I reached the gates of the valley, I noticed that the weather made its own rules here. Well, that’s just how it is! Take it or leave it I told myself. Therefore I decided to go for a twilight shot at the shoreline of this mountain river.. ------------------------- . In collaboration with @kasefiltersdeutschland , @kasefiltersglobal
📍Verschneiter Caumasee von vor 2 Wochen😍🌨 . . . . Foto: @leila_ae
📍Kleines Paradies in der Region Appenzell🏡🇨🇭⛰ . . . . Foto: @kinga_inauen_photography
do you like to rest here :: axel absolutely loves cotton grass. maybe because there is no such thing at home. It is especially beautiful in front of mountains, lakes and glaciers. Here I took a short break before the exhausting climb. :: photo by @trailingthelight ::
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