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Had to make note of Mr Supertramp in my journal. Cheers @marianasncruz
Be the superhero you always wanted to see as a kid. #dontstopchasing
แอบมองเธออยู่นะจ้ะ 😝 #pooltime #huahin
❤️What are your thoughts on body confidence? 👇share below👇 —— I have to admit that it’s much easier for me to be confident when I’m traveling. Not being around people I know and in a foreign country seems to make my confidence much higher. Especially when everyone around me is wearing bikinis on the beach, it’s easier to follow the trend! I love seeing all types of people feeling comfortable in their own skin no matter what they look like. Embrace your beauty and you do you! ❤️😘
im sure those other girls were nice enough, but you need someone to spice it up🕸
“เจียงฮาย แต๊ แต๊...”❤️❤️❤️Location:Chiang Rai Province Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
"สิ่งไหนทำแล้วมีความสุข ก็ทำต่อไป สิ่งไหนทำแล้วรู้สึกทุกข์ ต้องปล่อยวางและทำใจ"
ตะกายขึ้นดาดฟ้าชั้น 5 แบบ no lift เพื่อมากินนี่ ที่ #ขนมฉ ัน #KanomChan #บางลำภ#banglumpoo #bangkok #thailand #thaidessert #kanom #instathailand #thailandluxe #unlimitedthailand #amazingthailand #unseenthailand #tourismthailand #lostinthailand #poongklomm #poohplate
River banter.
Getting up high to check out some views of Kalasin from a Buddhist temple. Actually not a bad little vista.
Deine Wahrnehmung 👁️ ist eine Reflexion deiner Projektion 🗨️❗ Jeder projiziert seine Gedanken und Gefühle auf Unbekanntes, um eine Vorstellung von der Welt zu haben. Manche jedoch sind einfach nur blind, und sehen aus Angst, Wut oder Neid nicht einmal genau hin 🧐 Leben stattdessen in einer Traumwelt Ein Verständnis der Realität zu haben, und dieses regelmäßig überarbeiten zu können, ist eine unserer wichtigsten Fähigkeiten. Was du weißt, kannst du versuchen zu ändern ☝🏼 Wenn du dich selbst im Dunkeln lässt, hast du nie eine Chance ❌ Ich muss wohl nicht erwähnen, dass ich nicht fliegen kann... leider 🤷‍♂️
my brother fell into the ocean after this pic...yeah I’m not lying
days get longer, life gets shorter #dripcoffeehuahin
Perched on a ridge overlooking the hills of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, and at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort opens doors to a world of discovery. Discover this world for yourself with this great offer clients booking 2 nights at Anantara Golden Triangle will receive 2 complimentary nights at their sister property Anantara Chiang Mai. Book now as offer expires soon!
Have a great weekend ☀️ #dubailife . . Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. . . Pic credit- @aakankshaupadhyaya ❤️ #mylove
This guy, nibbling at my feet all week! Ha still love you.
Big Buddha of Phuket - "Give, even if u only have a little" - i thing, i cant give anyone even a bit of Pad Thai :)
[FR] Koh Samui et ses jolies plages... J’avais beaucoup aimé cette île, assez grande pour regrouper des cascades, des plages sublimes, de la jungle... Vous connaissez? D’ailleurs, si ça vous dit, l’article est en ligne sur le blog ☀️. Sinon, comment se passe votre été? Des vacances de dernière minute, de nouveaux projets, des séances bronzette? Racontez moi 🌴 . [EN] Remembering the good time we had in Koh Samui: such beautiful beaches, awesome jungle and fresh waterfall 👌🏾
Sunday Ride (นาน ๆ ปั่นที)
SUNDAY @frontierbike Trip
Have you ever seen a monkey in the wild??? Where???🐒 🐵 👇Share below👇 —— Not fitness-related but I was hiking when I saw them! 😂 Best monkey picks yet!
Me looking for a theme for my feed
Which ones the monkey?
Emirates and their fancy lighting on board. I haven't flown long haul in so long that I'd forgotten air luxury - free food and drink, very reclinable seats, entertainment and TVs. A completely different world to RyanAir and easyJet. This was the start of an amazing 3 weeks in Thailand. I have a backlog of photos from the trip and will be posting them day by day 🙂 . . . . . #instapassport #thecreative #artofvisuals #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #theprettycities #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #exploringtheglobe #travelon #awesome_earthpix #campinassp #visualoflife #awesome_naturepix #roamtheplanet #unlimitedparadise #thailand_allshots #thailandluxe #amazingthailand #thailandonly #unlimitedthailand #pentaxian #pentax #pentaxfun #pentaxiansstandup #focalmarked
Always one of our favourite spots for an incredible view of Bangkok, the Sirocco restaurant captured by @umutkiziltan
When you take a trip to a destination you don't know, you will be amazed every single day! 😊😉 It happened to us...after Bangkok... Ayutthaya had so much to offer l loved every single day. 😊❤ . . . #wise_travellers #ayutthaya #thailand #temples #history #historicalplaces #igglobalclub #exploringtheglobe #wonderfuldestinations #neverstopexploring #amazingplaces #tropicalvibes #happy #travel #travelblogger #exploremore #bestvacations #thailandgram #lostinthailand #unlimitedthailand #thailandluxe #aroundthailandasia #thaitraveling #igerth #amazingthailand #thailandvisit
Best experience ever ✨🐘
Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. 💯💯 - ความฝันของเรามันไม่มีวันหมดอายุ หายใจเข้าลึกๆ แล้วลองฝันใหม่อีกครั้ง 😎😎 - Keepin' It Real!! Young Now เพราะเราไม่ใช่ แค่คนเล่นกล้าม
Weekend vibes are the best energy for to start a new week. Do you thing like me? Tag a friends you would share a vacation. . . . . . . . #flashesofdelight #islandhopping #ig_masterpiece @would_you_go_here
Be yourself, there’s no one better.
Tranquility and serenity on Koh Tao Island. Captured by blogger @leoniehanne
What’s your favorite place to go on vacation??? Share below👇 —— Beachy workout part 2! ☀️🏝😎 This one is upper body + abs! —— I shared with you guys all the activities I’m doing to keep in shape on vacay. But I didn’t really talk about my diet. I’ve been on vacation to other places that have been really difficult to eat healthy! However Thailand is really easy! Most of my meals have been chicken or shrimp with veggies in some kind of Thai spice/sauce. I skip on the rice most meals and limit my drinks to 1-2 per day. Breakfast is honestly the hardest part! It’s mostly baked pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, waffles, pancakes, eggs, and traditional Thai-style dishes. I’ve been trying to just mixed it up everyday and making sure I have protein! 😉 —— Online programs 👉 fit4mission.com or links in bio
3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 📍Grand Canyon, Chonburi (จ.ชลบุรี) 🔛 #30thousandthailand 🌎 #30thousandjourney 📷 @bas_gowentgo
I left it to a vote, and most of you wanted to see more of Koh Lipe, so here it is! - Koh Lipe was a great time. Beautiful place with kind people. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone 🙌🏻 - Some of you may have noticed I don't post very often anymore. That's simply because I'm not yet settled in London yet and haven't had the time to create new content, photos at least. I try my best when I have time but recently things have been very up in the air so 😬 thanks for the patience, and for the 1k views on my last video. If this video gets 1K views before Monday, I'll upload another video next Monday 🔥 . . . . . #instapassport #thecreative #artofvisuals #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #theprettycities #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #exploringtheglobe #travelon #awesome_earthpix #campinassp #visualoflife #awesome_naturepix #roamtheplanet #unlimitedparadise #dametraveler #planetdiscovery #discoveryearth #thailand_allshots #thailandluxe #amazingthailand #thailand2016 #thailandonly #unlimitedthailand
The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what‘s happening up there. 🌴🇹🇭
The monk who doesn't own a Ferrari!! #thailand2018 #thailandluxe #krabi
Buddha in Thailand 🇹🇭 💆‍♀️🏯
ไดเอทวันที่ 6 วันนี้ผลของการกิน low carb เห็นชัดเลย แรงไม่มี รู้สึกอ่อนเพลียทั้งวัน แถมซ้อมเสร็จ หน้ามืด เดินๆ อยู่วูบซะงั้น แต่ทีเด็ดคือ.... งานแข่งเลื่อนเป็นวันอาทิตย์หน้าซะงั้นนน 😱😱 - ตามไปดูการใช้ชีวิตประจำวัน อาหารการกินของผมใน ig story ได้ที่ ig:ynow_swaggaz - Diet day 6. Went with even lower carbs than yesterday. Feeling liveless all day and felt a little dizzy after my workout too. Only to find out that the competition is postponed until next Sunday... 😨😨 - You can check out my daily routine and what I eat on my ig story. ig:ynow_swaggaz - Keepin' It Real!! Young Now เพราะเราไม่ใช่ แค่คนเล่นกล้าม
Just after the sun goes down is the ideal time to capture the towering Wat Arun in Bangkok. We love this image by @brendandonohuefilm
➧Tener lunes y martes como fin de semana no esta tan mal 👌🏽. ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ ➧Having Mondays and Tuesdays as a weekend it’s a pretty good deal. 📍#chantaburi #thailand 🇹🇭
Physical work is hard, I think I prefer mental work.
Rural life and rice fields
Attempting to clean up at least some of Thailand's rubbish. A never ending job.
Navy seal trials.
Me and the gang!
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