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When your buddy rolls into town and wants to go hiking, pick something dramatic, shoot the weather gap, and summit something awesome. 📷 @randall_randerson
Packing your bags for a little adventure this Thanksgiving? We've got you covered with the Wanderlust Weekender Bag. The perfect size for a carry on or when you want to pack light. Get yours now and have it in time to pack your bags for Thanksgiving weekend. . 📸: @derekmartinez featuring @raddatattchazz . . . . #adventurefuelsmysoul #davistaylor #thanksgivingweekend #travelbag #travelbug #bohostyle #bohemiansoul #hippielife #natureaddict #adventureiscalling #myboholife #womenwhohike #wildernessbabe #welivetoexplore #whyweadventure #wearetravelgirls #unrulydreamers #sheexplores #roadtripusa #fallcolors #seeyououtthere #packyourbbags #hippiesoul #takemoreadventures #themountainsarecalling
Как понять, что не зря тратишь время? Минуты превращаются в потерянные годы. Работа из необходимости, а не по вдохновению - зря потраченное время. Соц.сети - пустое. Транспорт ежедневно съедает часы. Но есть средство. Чувство счастья освещает любой процесс смыслом. Занимаюсь любимым делом - жизнь проходит не зря! Наслаждаюсь любимым хобби в выходные - даже без результата это не потраченное бессмысленно время. Общаюсь в сети с дорогим человеком, который далеко, и улыбаюсь - разве это пустота? Получается, что весь смысл в счастье и любви. Как бы находить способы быть счастливым каждую минуту?Осозновать, что счастлив. И это возможно! Точно знаю. И верю в возвращение своего потерянного рая 🖤
emily moose is on the loose
You know those people you meet? The ones you just met, but instantly feel like family? These are those people. Thank you @estancialacriollita for welcoming us into your home and sharing your world with us. Oh, and remember those fossils? I forgot mine so, I’ll be back soon to get them and to enjoy Manor Victor’s amazing cooking. 😜
The path less traveled!
🎉 Today I am 26 years old! The last year was full of ups and down but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because it’s made me who I am! I’ve gone on some rad adventures, done some cool things, and hiked to a few amazing places! I’ve got a big year planned out for 26 and I am SO excited to get it started. And that starts now! I woke up at 5am and we’re off to Tofino, one of my favourite places, and we’re going to eat burritos and go surfing and eat more burritos and go to some hot springs next to the ocean and go for beach walks and eat burritos and have a beach campfire and have s’mores and eat burritos. Did I mention the 🌯?
Early start for an accent on Puig, beautiful November morning #lovemountains #climbing #mountain #lovemyjob #costablanca #finestrat
A while ago a friend approached me & wanted to do a photoshoot. A real one. Not traipsing around in the mountains or playing in the dirt, but a real, serious, artsy type one. . I won't lie. I was terrified. I am way more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. I preach for women to get outside their comfort zone, while I happily stay inside mine, with the protection of a camera in my hand & a dog by my side. So I've realized that if I'm going to talk the talk, I should probably walk the walk. So here it is, in all its moody glory (with maybe a mild look of irritation after being told to quit smiling for the 432nd time 😁)My step outside the comfort zone. . . All our comfort zones are different. They encompass different areas & spaces. Have different edges & boundaries. Some say that's where your life begins, but I don't think that's true. I think it begins when your realize that you're strong enough to take the first step towards it. . . . . #womenwhoexplore #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #beboundless #braveenough #wonderfulwildwoman #creativesoul #portraitphotography #liveyourwild #shesdopetoo #livebravely #unrulydreamers #womenwholead #wearethewild #forceofnature #courageouscreative #findyourwild #wildwomen #wildernessculture #wildcreativelife #liveoutsideyourcomfortzone
Watch GOT they said & I am one of the WHITE WALKERS now💀 . @raghav_sehgal bro awesome click one of the best if not the best👌🏻✌🏻👍🏻. #whitewalkers #blizzard #optoutside #unrulydreamers #thruthepaces #neverstoptheadventure #incredibleindia #uttrakhand #mountaineers #mountains #natgeo #pictureoftheday #snowblizzard #himalayas #findyouradventure
Sunset at Cape Alava, westernmost point of the contiguous US and terminus of the Pacific Northwest Trail. What started as plans to thru hike the PNT turned into two section hikes, but after all was said and done, it was for the best. The trail was tougher than I ever imagined, and I doubt I would have finished if I tried to hike the whole thing at once, alone. It was not only an intense physical challenge, but a mental one as well. In the Olympic Mountains, I went three days without seeing another human. As an introvert, I don’t mind hiking alone, but I missed the hiker camaraderie more than anything. Well, maybe not as much as having dry clothes, but I missed it a lot. During the first two weeks of the Washington section, it rained nearly every day. My days consisted of trying to stay warm when I wasn’t hiking. Even when it wasn’t raining, I still got soaked from the wet brush along the trail. I quickly learned what it’s like to hike unmaintained trails/roads while making my way through the Olympics; there were giant blowdowns everywhere, overgrown brushy miles, and navigational challenges. In spite of all this, I was still able to average 18 mi/day, slightly less than the 21 mi/day through the easier Puget Sound section. The wilderness coast was a completely different animal. I was fortunate that the sun came out because that’s where the hiking was toughest. There were slippery rock fields, steep climbs up and down bluffs, tricky creek fords, and high tides. For the coastal section, I averaged only 11 mi/day, hiking when I could from sunrise to sunset. As hard as it all was, it was incredibly beautiful. There were moments that made all of the previous struggles seem worth it. Because of this, I do recommend the PNT, but with stipulation. Do it with friends, give yourself enough time (don’t force the miles like I did), and be prepared for the challenges that await. Do all three, and you’re more likely than not to have the time of your life out there.
These cold days have me missing the warm nights in the tent with nothing but a thin layer of mesh between me and the mountains and stars. But I absolutely love winter camping and all the fun that comes with it so bring on that snow already!
Friendship, perseverance, challenges and grit is bountifully on display when you watch @mountainmahila . Come join the Mountain Mahila climbing team including our own Kinfolk Ida Vincent & for the film’s premier this Thursday evening at the @mountaineersorg Sand Point building 7-9pm. An intimate discussion with Phurba Sherpa, Tammy, Kim & Ida will follow the film.📸 Kim Couri @kimgoess
It was like I had pulled off the river and entered a Dr.Suess book that evening. The muddy banks, cracked so perfectly the lines seemed carved in by hand. The tall grasses, lush and vibrant. The trees, the biggest I had seen in months, standing fierce and the flowers curved and curled with a quirkiness that brightened my smile. The only space between the cracks and fallen trees, just large enough for my single tent. The incredible Suessical surroundings was comforting. Too beautiful to allow any fear or worry. The sounds of the deep woods that night was my own personal lullaby that had me curious as it hushed me to sleep. “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.” #drseuss • • Official partners @canoekayakmag @mec @msr_gear #canoekayak #canoekayakmag #mec #mec_nation #msrgear #unrulydreamers #homeiswhereyoustakeit #tent #tentlife #camping #campingcollective #neverstopexploring #paddlingmagazine #exploreorg #outsidemagazine #kayakcamping #otvadventures #naturephotography #naturelovers #livingwithnature #outdoors #getoutside
Up, up, and still more up. This was the start of a stupidly steep section of trail and after 43 km of hiking in the three days before this hike, I was basically destroyed. But it was finally worth it when we saw what we thought was the hut but was actually the outhouse. I’ve never been to happy to see a shitter before 😂 Thankfully the hut was just a hundred meters behind it.
If it involves mountains, sunrises, coffee or campfires, count me in ☕️🌝 • • • Travel tee from @theparksapparel ♡ Any apparel purchased protects parklands and endangered wildlife. Use MCDOWELL15 at checkout & save 15% off your entire order!!
How was your Monday?
When you hate being cold but this weekends motto seemed to have been "how many times can we make ourself freeze?" 🤷🏽‍♀️ But if it involves sitting in a tree stand for hours or the first winter camping trip and hanging by a fire with hot toddys and great friends... totally worth it . . . #adirondacks #visitadks #pureadk #liverefreshed #OptOutside #letscamp #llbeanmoment #beanoutsider #llbeancontest18 #livebravely #truetothetrail #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat #unrulydreamers #feedyouradventure #liveyouradventure #otvadventures #ladiesgetoutside #sleepoutside #adventureanywhere #barkeaters #homeiswhereyoustakeit
When a storm hits, you’ll want to have a bombproof tent. We’ve put our Hilleberg Keron 4GT’s through the polar ringer time and time again and they never let us down. That trust alone can help avoid a sleepless night when 60+mph winds come knocking. #Hilleberg
Missing this so bad! I’ve been on a hunt for a new car, and hopefully one I can take on service roads 😂
Last night’s sunset ✨⛺️
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