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We had a small party today! Everyone was waiting for us since 8am! They love having guests! #livelikealocal #framily #worldschooling #unschooling #fiesta #partytime
Gorgeous poncho made by my talented Mama💜💜 man I wish I inherited her crochet skills!! #unschooling #crochet @sargentcl #EmmaLeona
Many years ago, before children, Mark and I went fishing on an abandoned station five hours from the nearest town. We chose an ancient old tree that had been tipped to become a bridge so long ago. As mark fished, I went adventuring and at the base of this wise tree where we sat enjoying the stillness, I found the most horrible discovery that has haunted me for years. Screwed tightly into the base of that beautiful tree hung handcuffs. I still feel sick at the thought of them there. A dreadful, disgusting reminder of our dark, dark history and as I walk past these beautiful giants, my hand brushing against them, I wonder; what secrets do you know?? What horrors have you seen? Did you know them?? Our beautiful first people?? Did you feel them whisper past you as they hunted? Oh, what respect these giants deserve. #bunyamountains #bunyamountainsnationalpark #sosorry #beautiful #nature #mysteryland #mystery #secrets #stationlife #unschooling #lifelearning #beautifulgiants
“As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unselfconsciously to the soughing of the trees.” -Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth
The Elephant poem is an engaging way to introduce homophones to children. The elephant carries a great big trunk; He never packs it with clothes; It has no lock and it has no key, But he takes it wherever he goes.⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #grammarisfun #poetry #kidspoem #kidspoems #homeschoolingfun #homeschoolkindergarten #unschooling #charlottemason #classicalconversations #wildandfree #bookskidslove #preschool #preschooler #preschoolteacher #preschoolers #Preschoollife #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome
My baby love enjoying some down time. . There's a huge storm outside. . And dinner is done. . It's been a huge day for vision, direction, and prep for the full moon. . I'm so excited but I love the end of the night relaxation. . What have you accomplished tonight? Or are you just chilling?
Some evening spindle box work. Does anyone else have a child that sometimes works at the shelf? I understand that’s not the Montessori way but when he is concentrating I wouldn’t dare interrupt. 🌱✨
#starwars #projects from http://wildolive.blogspot.com 😁
🌅⚪🏖️ This is the moment Phoenix decided he wanted to go swimming and he had the best time. Today I had yet another moment of being stoked I listened to my intuition and have not pushed him into swimming. I've been feeling Mum guilt for a while because I didn't take him to swimming lessons when he was a baby and he has been apprehensive about water for about a year now. I personally despise public pools, the chlorine makes me feel ill and the noise is too much. Arg, they are gross 😑 Anyway, today we went to the beach and instead of him avoiding the sea like he usually does he headed straight to the water. I followed him but let him splash about by himself without getting involved, until he wanted me too. Between my mother and myself we walked with him into the waves and he had a blast. No pressure, just a little guy living his best life. Just another moment proving that children do things in their own time. They will learn to swim, read, make friends and do much more when they are ready. Our job as parents isn't to force them to do things we think they should do, but provide opportunities everyday to participate in something they find challenging. They will jump when they are ready. #wildandfreelittles #beachbaby #petonebeach #aquarianbaby #birthdaymoon #fullmoon #unschooling #wildandfree #childhoodunplugged #summerbaby
Qu’est-ce que le co-schooling ? 🤔🤔🤔 . C’est un bien grand mot pour une si simple définition... 📚 Le co-schooling c’est lorsque l'on apporte un apprentissage extérieur à celui de l’Education Nationale, par exemple, si votre enfant est scolarisé dans une école classique, mais que vous souhaitez, chez vous, faire des activités pédagogiques avec votre enfant, sans le savoir et comme beaucoup de monde, vous pratiquez le co-schooling. 🤗👍👌 . 📚 . ☘️ Sharon, auteure de cet article et du blog @maviedewondermaman pratique le co-schooling avec ses enfants 👉👉👉 http://bit.ly/qu-est-ce-que-le-co-schooling 👌LIEN EN BIO 👌 . #CoSchooling #IEF #Activités #Enfants #InstructionEnFamille #homeschooling #unschooling #ecole #educationnationale #en #activesenfants #apprentissages #apprentissagesautonomes
Teens travel.... Teen adventure. Teens in community. Teens learning from the world. Teens month-long international trips for homeschoolers, worldschoolers, self directed learners and anyone ready to take the leap! During all Project World School adventures we dive deep into the cultures of our host countries. We practice deep immersion. We travel like a visiting local and give back to through days of service. The world is our classroom. Learn more at projectworldschool.com #projectworldschool #worldschooling #teenadventure #unschooling #homeschooling #homeschoolingteens #epicadventure #teentravel #theworldisourclassroom #travelisrich #travelingteens #worldschool #travelgoals #wanderlust #wanderlust_tribe #bestplacestogo #intravelist #travelislife #traveltolive
Dear momma;⁣ ⁣ It’s not about how much you get done. ⁣ ⁣ It’s not about how many crafts you can do with them. ⁣ ⁣ It’s not about the beautiful wooden toys you can buy them in the perfect minimalist playroom. ⁣ ⁣ It’s not about how much healthy food you jam into their faces. ⁣ ⁣ It’s about going to bed at the end of every single day knowing you showed up as your highest self, and that looks different for all of us. ⁣ ⁣ I believe a huge portion of anxiety in motherhood stems from guilt. ⁣ ⁣ It’s time to let that go. ⁣ ⁣ It’s time to start believing in who you are as a mother and person. ⁣ ⁣ It’s time to step out of that fog and into your greatness. ⁣ ⁣ It doesn’t matter if the whole world knows your name, it only matters that those little faces that look up to you from their beds; those little lips that utter momma, that they know you are ALL in, ALL there and trust and love you. ⁣ ⁣ So simple but for me for a long time due to depression and anxiety, so damn hard to believe. ⁣ ⁣ Crushed by the weight of my mistakes, my anger, and my reactive frustrated self I decided to step out and be the momma I knew I could be for these little boys. ⁣ ⁣ It was time to step up. ⁣ ⁣ I created a guided meditation for evenings when all is quiet that would help me believe the things I so desperately WANTED to believe as a mother but found myself doubting and feeling guilt over. ⁣ ⁣ And now I’m giving it to you, for free. ⁣ ⁣ Because my heart is to give mothers who are lost, frustrated and hurting in motherhood the space to begin to heal their mind and their thinking and catapult them into the journey of discovering the self that was designed, lovingly created and birthed into the world that was long ago lost.⁣ ⁣ It’s time you rise momma. ⁣ ⁣ No more hiding. ⁣ ⁣ No more crushing guilt. ⁣ ⁣ No more settling for the you that keeps you sad, angry and desperate for a new reality. ⁣ ⁣ Drop a ❤️ below if you want to be the first notified when this meditation goes live in the next 12 hours. ⁣ ⁣ This WILL change your life, and it’s my passionate, loving gift to you. ⁣ ⁣ It’s exactly what I wish I had 3 years ago. ⁣ ⁣ Tag a mom friend who would possibly want this too 💕
Ice fishing event today. B has wanted to try ice fishing for ages so I was thrilled to find this. B actually caught a tiny fish but I missed the shot. #catchandrelease #icefishing #brrr #jigging #tipup #iceauger #unschooling #interestledlearning #neverathomeeducation #getoutside
Hates the ocean, loves the beach 🌊 This is the littlest member of our crew, she competes with the 2 legged little one to see who can cause the most messes. At least she’s cute? 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰😬 #chihuahuamaltese #maltesechihuahua #dogsofinstagram #tinypup #traveling #wandering #love #adoption #adventure #vegan #minimalist #lgbt #unschooling #beach #roamtheplanet #earthoutdoors #naturelovers #outdoorfamilies #motherhoodsimplified #free #earthlings #travel #earthing #turningthetide #budgeting #debtfree #financialfreedom #debtfreeliving #gaygirlgang
An extra chilly day calls for a book and movie! 📙🎥🚂 . . Today it was -44°C so we decided to spend the day snuggled up at home! 🥶🥶 . . The book and movie combination we chose to do was The Polar Express... yes, a Christmas theme in January! 🙈 Better late than never right?! 🤷‍♀️😂 . . We also did some colouring pages and activities from @thewaldockway Polar Express Pack. The kids really enjoyed them. 😊 . . #thepolarexpress #bookandmovie #freezingcold #canadianwinter #snuggleup #staywarm #thewaldockway #printables #kidsbooks #bookandmoviecomparison #christmasmovie #wildandfreetobe #homeschool #unschooling #trainride
Your Neighborhood Homeschool Counselor (YNHC) and the crew was filled with so much great energy at the 2nd Annual Homeschooling In Color Conference in Tallahassee, Florida. I connected with amazing people that crossed my path at the right time and place! Thank you @the_scalp_nutritionist @nurturology_llc for this amazing opportunity and Queen Taese of @liberated_minds_expo I am honored to be in you alls presence. I want to give a major shoutout to my amazing husband, he is my #1 supporter with whatever I do 🧡 - Families, Students, & Educators, let’s work together! (booking tab in Bio) or at: www.ynhomeschoolcounselor.com to find out all of the services I provide (under the services tab) - #directstudentservices #resources #indirectservices #ascanationalmodel #homeschool #privateschool #deschool #unschooling #virtualcounseling #homeschoolcounselor #blackschoolcounselor #highschoolhomecoming #groupcounseling #counselingincolor #onlineschool #onlinehomeschool #capellauniversity #smallgroupcounseling #schoolcounselor #schoolcounselorlife #professionalschoolcounselor
118/365 - A clear day and we can see the #glacier on Mt. Chicon! I loooove knowing this peak is always there even though we can rarely see it from town. Ollie is sicky with a fever so the big kids and I ventured to the "parque por ninos" in a tiny taxi. While there I practiced deep breathing and remembered risky play is okay 🤣🤣🤣 #travelwidefamily #worldnomads #worldschooling #unschooling #sacredvalley #kidscantravel #peru #fulltimetravel #riskyplay
Do you wanna build a snowman? 😆⛄ Charlie named this snowman "frozen" and loved building him with Daddy. ❄️🏔️ #findusoutside
For much of the year, weekends mean either craft markets or flea markets and really make up part of our working week. January and February are a little different though. Today our daughter took center stage, both figuratively and literally (she is in a theatrical production). Before her afternoon matinee we went to the Women’s March in Philly. The crowds weren’t the same as two years ago but the feeling in the air definitely was. The play she is in is called Superheroes. It’s about superhero teams, fitting in, and the trials of working together but in the end how supremely important it is to bring justice and liberation for all people. There was a lot of similarity between the two parts of the day. Mutual aid and lifting people up are tenants we hold dear. How are you empowering each other today? ❤️🔥❤️ *shoutout to @nicethingsphila for the warmest perfect lavender hat!
My sweet girls covet my undivided attention, both of them. They ask constantly for special one on one dates, and never so much as in the days since I got home from my grad school residency. * * But money is tight because we’ve been spending a lot to help a close relative, and Joe doesn’t get overtime in the winter when the construction business is slow. * * “Mom, I just want to get a bagel and do my Diamond Art with you,” she pleaded. “It won’t even cost $10.” * * That’s all she said, but the pleading in her voice convinced me that this was a critical moment for my sweet girl. It didn’t matter that I had mounds of studying to do or that money is tight. All that mattered was that she needed her Momma, and I said yes. * * #christianmom #christianmoms #momlife ❤️
Sisters doing each other's makeup 😀 #sisterlove #family #makeup #unschooling #unschoolinglife
She’s really enjoying this book. I guess I’ll need to find the sequel for her! #bookstagram #bookworm #unschooling #dadlife #reader #bookdragon
https://sites.google.com/educationrevolution.org/aerox-virtual-gathering/home Calling all parents, teachers, students and everyone who wants to learn more about alternatives in education. This is a perfect opportunity to hear from some of the giants in Alternative Education from anywhere you like. Please join us as presenters Blake Boles, Peter Gray, Ken Danford, Akilah Richards, Maleka Diggs, Crystal Byrd Farmer, Nancy Tilton, Catherine Fraise, David Marshak, Chris Mercogliano and others including teen panels take us on a journey through ideas such as self - directed education, deschooling and the future of co-learning spaces. The event will feature an array of TED-style talks and workshops you will not want to miss it at this price! Please let me know if you have any questions. #alternativeeducation #selfdirectededucation #selfdirectedlearning #unschooling #homeschooling #deschooling #democraticeducation
https://sites.google.com/educationrevolution.org/aerox-virtual-gathering/home Calling all parents, teachers, students and everyone who wants to learn more about alternatives in education. This is a perfect opportunity to hear from some of the giants in Alternative Education from anywhere you like. Please join us as presenters Blake Boles, Peter Gray, Ken Danford, Akilah Richards, Maleka Diggs, Crystal Byrd Farmer, Nancy Tilton, Catherine Fraise, David Marshak, Chris Mercogliano and others including teen panels take us on a journey through ideas such as self - directed education, deschooling and the future of co-learning spaces. The event will feature an array of TED-style talks and workshops you will not want to miss it at this price! Please let me know if you have any questions. #alternativeeducation #selfdirectededucation #selfdirectedlearning #unschooling #homeschooling #deschooling #democraticeducation
Learning rope-halter tying and gecko care at Val’s. It takes a village to homeschool sanely when it is -30 outside! #homeschool #homeschooling #ittakesavillage #ropehalter #unschooling #leopardgecko
Road schooling was our method of schooling for 3 years! We loved every minute of it! Some things filled us with awe and wonder like the Grand Canyon. Other things, like this historical little rock left us somewhat wanting for more. I will always cherish our visit to Plymouth Rock but it was grander in my imagination than in real life! #roadschooling #roadschool #homeschool #unschooling #travelwithkids #modernschooler
We have 6 areas up to level 5 now in spanish.thanks to #duolingo . #homeeducation #unschooling Slightly obsessed with languages atm x
Yesterday’s gem is attending this session. We’re keeping the learnings in our hearts, in our notes and in IG stories. 😊Thankful for event like this where first time parents and attendees as well can assess and evaluate if homeschooling is meant for the fam. It’s enlightening. 💚 We really enjoyed the space, the topic, the pacing and the practical and real life stories shared by Ms. Ivy Guerrero as well as the relevant questions of our co-parents. ‘Til next time! 💖 @mamacademy_ph #involvetoevolve #intentionalparenting #unschooling #homeschooling #learningalongsideparenthood
The only threat my unvaccinated son is, is a threat to big pHARMa’s pocketbook. As he won’t be plagued with a lifetime of ailments including environmental and food allergy, autism, cancer, constant infections, autoimmune disease and on and on and on. 22 months old with zero need for a single prescription. 💯 #SorryNotSorry #themysticalmomma
Such a great private city park Dry camping spot. No worries with dry camping when it is cold since we now have @battlebornbatteries on board #airstream #liveriveted #fulltime #fulltiming #camping #family #homeschool #homeschooling #unschooling #30bunkclub #rvliving
A small slice of flora from the Dromore Wood Nature Reserve @irelandmushrooms
Spending the afternoon at a coffee shop with one of my favorite #bookworm kids. #dadlife #unschooling #bookstagram
2 drops each of lemon, lime, and lavender makes the perfect diffuser blend for an afternoon reading out loud to kids. It’s bright, fresh, and calming. Perfect for cuddling on the couch with a pile of books on a Saturday afternoon 💞#essentialoils #diffuserblends #read #readoutloud #homeschool #unschooling #unschoolinglife #doterra #emotionalsupport #hygge
Our Sunset rainbows are back in stock!!! The perfect start to any rainbow collection or addition to playroom. I just love this ball run. All that is needed is is a rainbow and wooden balls for hours of creative play. 📸 @where_learning_meets_play #grimmswoodentoys #thecreativetoyshop #playbasedlearningforallabilities
Affirming your daily joys of parenting, to yourself, is a lovely way for you to be happy and present for your children. Put in the effort to focus on these positive love-based thoughts each morning and throughout the day, instead of the negative. Over time your perspective will shift to mostly enjoying parenting! I say mostly because we all have our days. Of course, there will be challenges throughout the process but its all about our attitude, and the thoughts we focus on. The joy you find in having children gets you through the moments that are a little rough around the edges. There is much joy to be found in parenting when you are able to remain in a state of gratitude. • • What are some of the things you enjoy daily about parenting? - To access my affirmation podcast- click the link in my bio or copy and paste —> https://anchor.fm/maiaya-vale
Saturday afternoon at the Dromore Wood Nature Reserve🕞🌦️📸☘️🌳🌲🚶🏞️ #dromorewoodsnaturereserve #dromorewoods #woodsinireland15 #natureofireland 🇨🇮 #natureofireland #woodsofireland #dromorecastle
I swiped this from @fairlycrunchyhomeschool because it made me giggle sitting in the gas station parking lot. Haven't we all gotten tired of the socialization question? #modernschooler #homeschool #unschooling #yeswearesocialized #homeschoolmoms
I’m always a bit nervous when we share that we are unschooling... never know what kind of reaction we’re gonna get! I must admit that before I took time to research what it actually was, I found it a bit strange too...especially since I’m a bit of an organization/routine freak😜! Letting go of the control over my kiddos learning and trusting that in time they will be attracted to learn granted we provide a rich environment has been a challenge for me! But again this morning I was reminded that we are on the right path... Finlay decided to research sea shells out of our encyclopedia, by himself, just because... and he started talking about all we have seen and learned so far on our trip!!!! That’s what learning is all about!❤️ any other unschoolers or eclectic homeschoolers out there!?😉 #lovetolearn #unschooling #roadschooling #naturechild #exploringnaturewithchildren #seashells #eclectichomeschooling
Lately it's been difficult keeping up with the simplest tasks. It's almost as if life is moving faster than I can keep up, which in turn creates more anxiety all around. So, it's nice to just be able to sit down and do a simple craft project with my little guy. Today we made bookmarks. I probably want to put more details on mine but Briar is happy with how his came out and is finished with the ones he made. His was created with blue marker and acrylic yarn, but for his next one I'll try to convince him to give watercolors a go. He's only recently become even somewhat interested in art projects so I'm taking it as an opportunity to have fun and as a bit of practice as well. #homeschool #unschooling #craftsforkids #art #watercolor #bookmarks
Heading to the animals. Love how he knows this place so well and is totally comfortable in feeding the animals. Today he walked right up to the employees and gave them a dollar for duck food - signing food and duck 😊 . . . . . . #childledlearning #unschooling #asl #signlanguage #montessoriinspired #ourfamilyrhythms #floridakids #southernfreshfarms #localfarm #buylocal #downsyndrome #nothingdownaboutit #downrightperfect #letthekids #playdiscovercreate #handsonlearning #playbasedlearning #homeschooladventures #simplicityparenting #specialneedskids #minimalistmom #learningthroughplay #preschoollife #childhoodunplugged #busytoddler
Homeschooling or rather roadschooling at it’s best! Oatmeal, fruits and yogurt to accompany our read aloud this morning! We had stock up on a few good reads from the thrift store before leaving since we knew we wouldn’t be able to go to the library while on the road! We we’re lucky enough to find a few books from the magic tree house collection by Mary Pope Osborne which the kids and I love!!! Anybody else love these books? I’m always up for suggestions on great books, what’s on your reading list this month??? #homeschooling #roadschooling #unschooling #lifeontheroad #rvtravelwithkids #travellingfulltime #goodfood #goodreads #magictreehouse #marypopeosborne #readaloud #livingourbestlife #wildandfree
"The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” ~ Albert Einstein #wildandfreechildren #wanderlust #worldschool #unpluggedchildhood #unschooling #homeschool #homeschooladventures #familyadventures #kidswhoexplore #travelwithkids #thisishowwehomeschool #getoutside #badlandsnationalpark #southdakota #makingmemories
Working on our 2019 full moon calendars while we wait for the winter storm we are supposed to get. #homeschooled #homeschooling #homeschool #fullmoon #fullmooncalendar #unschool #unschooling
Just found this pic of my little people before their Christmas haircuts! They both really wanted their beautiful long hair chopped short! I miss those golden curls, but I remember dragging my mum to the hairdresser to get all mine chopped short too at around this age! Ho hum! #naturalchildhood #childhoodunplugged #wattleseedcollective #unschooledlife #waldorfhomeschool #waldorfhome #vintagefloral #patchwork #homeschooling #unschooling #slowliving #legolove
One of the “without fail” questions I will receive from people is - “aren’t you worried about socialisation!?” And to be totally honest my answers vary from understanding to the snarky “it’s home school not solitary confinement.” Depending on the day, hey I’m only human 😋 But let’s be real, and answer the question minus the snark. My kids already see other kids without school, we have family they spend time with regularly, there are family friends with kids they love to play with, they do activities that involve other children (taekwondo, horse riding, dance to name some from this years agenda) we also worked at finding our tribe and have an unschooling group we meet up with multiple times a week! They make friends almost every place they go, even grocery shopping. I’m not worried about the socialisation they will receive through home education, but I am worried about the socialisation they’d receive in school. Peer pressure, bullying, shaming and age segregation are all apart of the school paradigm, so yes I am worried about socialisation to be honest, but not from the way we’ve chosen to do life.
The professional part is done! #pigeonloft #pigeonlofts #pigeons #carpentry #unschooling
🍌What kind of keys open a banana?🍌 . . . . . A monkey! 🐒😆👏🏻🙈 . . We hope that you are all feeling how blessed you are and how grateful we are to know you. We’ve headed to Florida 🌴 so we are going to be doing a bit of exploring! I would love to hear about your plans 💌⬇️ . Have a wonderful weekend 🤗
Teaching kids to love God's creation is a blessing all its own! This little white tiger is now an adult and as gorgeous as they come! #homeschool #fieldtrip #whitetiger #unschooling #teachathome #learneverywhere #lovinglife #modernschooler
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