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Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective to see things clear again. ⚘ Same kitchen, different view for you today. You know, this little square world of ours is so pretty and creative and perfect. Real life mostly is not. Real life comes with those 90 percent, you don't see on Instagram. The dirty mom shirts, the greasy hair, the unshaved legs, the screaming kids not to mention the self doubt and pressure we (moms) put on ourselves every day. It may sound strange, but when I feel overwhelmed and stressed out, cleaning really makes me focus. So does cooking and eating but today I cleaned the entire kitchen. Inside out. And what can I say, I feel so much better. Yes, I know, it's weird. But hey, that's me. Please tell me, I'm not the only weirdo here! Oh and let me tell you, feeling overwhelmed is pretty much something anyone is going through. Yes, even the moms behind the perfect Instagram grids. So don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing great! What are your strategies to calm a busy mind? // Was sind eure Strategien, wenn euch alles zu viel wird? Ich denke mal, die wenigsten sind so verrückt und putzen so wie ich, wenn sie gestresst sind oder? 🙈
Sometimes we feel alone. Sometimes we feel like we can't face tomorrow. ⠀ ⠀ It isn't true, you are heard, your voice matters and what you create tomorrow could change the world. ⠀ --⠀ I've seen some horrible threads this week and from a community that I love very much. ⠀ ⠀ To the content creators that inspire me, to those creating apps and tools that I avail of for free, to those whose images I could only wish to recreate, to those who take their time to write free fiction, blog content and amazing photo tutorials....you raise us all up. ⠀ ⠀ YOU are the reason that this community grows for the better. ⠀ ⠀ We have always grown together and raised each other up and long may that continue. ⠀ ⠀ I know that those negative comments hurt. They cut deep when you give so much but remember those of us who are quieter, who love what you create. We are here for those tough days, just reach out and you'll find us. #make_more_magic ⠀ xxxxx⠀ N
Woke up, got out of my car, climbed a rock, and was greeted to this view. One of my favorite memories on the Oregon coast.
Some beautiful light today in the woods. What are you up to this weekend? We are selling things at a local flea market tomorrow. Which I have to admit will be a first. I am excited to ‘lighten our load’ but not sure I will be able to give away at least some of our books 📚 everything else will be fine... but books 🙈 Our link pack is up with a great book suggestion😉 and quotes to put you in a good mood✨
✨Sunset in the salon is always the nicest time of day! It has the best light ❤️
This week the reoccurring theme for me in reading and talking with friends and colleagues is all about faith + fear. They are opposites on the scale spectrum. In order to have full faith in the future, you cannot have fear. Just the smallest bit counteracts all the good you put out in the world. By being 💯% convicted that the good and the bad will come for a reason and fully letting go and trusting in the universe/your higher power, miracles happen that you could not have even fathomed. It may be a week, it may be a month, maybe a year. But when you let go of doubt and focus on positive energy and abundance, we can provide the best versions of ourselves and also be open to receiving the miracles we can now clearly see as just that. Miracles. Hoping you all are ending the week on an inspired, peaceful note and going into the weekend with excitement and a new sense of rejuvenation. Xo
forever in love with these windows. 🌬️ happy friday!
Friday evening... what?! That was a super quick first week back at work for us! Vases are drying on all the shelves in the workshop and the kiln is back on firing another load for glazing. We truly have hit the ground running in 2018! • I'll be updating the website over the next few days with a list of all the shops that now stock Glosters pottery, I'm sure we're up to 26 now throughout the UK🙈 • I'm thrilled with these plant pot hangers that arrived in the shop this week from @notchhandmade ♥️ we have some plant pots firing in the kiln but for now our vases really do fit perfectly, I have them hanging all over the shop 🌺 (link in bio 😜) • We're taking a rest from 'hub building' tonight, we're loading Tom full of carbs ready for his first half marathon of the year tomorrow... slightly insane for someone who's barely run because of work and 'the cold of all colds!' Totally plan on binge watching The Crown tonight too... addicted to box sets! Friday's gin night too right?! . . . . . #wheelthrown #handmade #ceramics #vase #wipsandblooms #natureonthepage #glosters #porthmadog #potter #pottery #makerslife #makersmovement #creativelifehappylife #todaysgoodthing #myhappycapture #interiordetails #shopkeeper #falshesofdelight #persuepretty #handmadehome #stoneware #colouroftheyear #cherishandrelish_january #aseasonalshift #simpleandstill #awakethelight #dayofsmallthings #hellojanuary #untoldvisuals #makelighthoney
The sun began to collapse behind the hills tonight as Indie and I got off the river. And as I looked over my shoulder to search for Leo a flotilla of kayaks, filled with excited children, were paddling towards us, their lesson finished. Leo’s face as bright as the setting sun. It’s on evenings like this that I catch my breath and thank my lucky stars, not only for the moment, but that Indie’s lolly lasted the entire 2hrs while I paddled! 🧡#happyfriyay . . . . #littleandbrave #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #raisingragamuffins #wildandfreechildren #childrenoftheworld #magicofchildhood #dearphotographer #theheartcaptured #lovelifeoutside #adventure #wanderlust #rivernile #uganda #kayak #SUP #chasinglight #awakethelight #untoldvisuals #seasonalshift
The craftsman added his handmade signature when he installed the macrocarpa sliding rail at the foot of the stairs here at the " housewithnonails " BOUTIQUE RUSTIC BARN BNB Matamata New Zealand #untoldvisuals #global capture #leagueoflenses #travelphotography #photography #photo #visualarchitects #visualsoflife #visualart #art #architecturephotography #trending #travelblogger #thehousewithnonails
Being a full time dinosaur is hard work guys. 💤
• Evil brain , angel heart • 🗣 • • • Speak your mind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
#ObjectForOrgans - SKIN. A few weeks ago @just.isla.and.i launched Objects For Organs to help raise awareness and encourage organ donation. It's opened up so many interesting conversations about donating and what can be donated. I signed up when I was 17 and for me, donating my skin was the hardest part to wrap my head around. I worried that if I were buried without my skin it would be upsetting for my family and friends. I then remembered how I myself have had a skin graft, and how important it would have been to have access to donations if my own hadn't been enough. This is something that I've not spoken about on here before - what with all the picture perfect photos of hands that are all the rage at the moment - but I was born without all of my fingers on my left hand. This is why you'll only ever see my right hand in photos (have a look back and check! 🙈). Anyway, thanks to Adele's inspiring project, I thought it was time to share this part of me. If you swipe right you'll be able to see a simple shot of BOTH my hands. And if any of you have anything similar that you've not shared, I'm always here to talk. 💕 #rosiehardychallenge F is for Facing your Fears. ----- #make_more_magic #driedflowers #myeverydaymagic #floraltattoo #botanicalpickmeup #botanicaltattoo #ignitetheskillwithin #photoinbetween #envisiontones #stayabstract #myphotoshop #untoldvisuals #theweekoninstagram #inspiremyinstagram #thevisualscollective #hurrayforplay #seekinspirecreate
thank you for all of your lovely comments on yesterday’s photo. my son went to bed thoroughly exhausted (as did i) after a fun filled birthday. his cake is in my stories if you fancy a look . . i’m tending towards a slower weekend and might even take my son to the star wars movie because i think he’d get a kick out of seeing it in 3D . do tell me if you’ve got something exciting happening this weekend, or if you’re taking it easy as well . happy friday! . . lovely backdrop by @minibackdrops Use code PEONY for a special discount at checkout
I am super stoked to announce I am joining the @levelsix Pro Ambassador Program! @levelsix has been cranking out top notch paddling gear since 1997 right here in Canada, Here's looking to 2018 paddling season 📸@alex.marrtin #WildHouseMedia #levelsixinsta #levelsix
Calories don't count on the weekend. 😏 #FRIYAY
Burning in the skies!!!!
Industrial love at #tatemodern
А ви читаєте текст під фото?Так/Ні? І хоча я багато пишу (а ви думаєте зачєм я це все пишу-в мене тут справжній fake it till you make it), я сама дуже перебираю чиї пости читати. Купа блогерів безграмотні до неможливості (ні, я не про кому чи суржик, це для мене особливості стилю... я про "більш гарніше" і всілякі інші елементарні помилки), інші пишуть такий мрак, що я читаю пост і відчуваю як тупію... А що читаєте ви?Саме читаєте, не дивитеся Я завжди з задоволенням читаю @elena_mandziuk і її @dream_fit_mandziuk , @tarasenko.vasari і @arina_gonchar
Look around, look down, look up, look forward, look backwards you can never see no much. There is so much to explore, so much to see. Normally you would take a shot of something at eye level but why not bend your knees and take a shot low to the ground. Or try to get up higher and shoot downwards. There are so many possibilities. Thats what makes photography fun for me, seeing things i would have never seen. What is your favorite aspect of photography . . . #liveauthentic #exploremore #collectivelycreate #greatnorthcollective #peoplescreatives #adventureinspired #visualsoflife #exklusiveshot #campvibes #passionpassport #roamtheplanet #untoldvisuals #vsco_mood #folksoul #folkgreen #moodygrams #AGameOfTones #artofvisuals #folkvibe #folksouls #ourmoodydays #eclectic_shots #moody_way #depthofearth #lifeofadventure #ig_today #nikonphotography #t .i.l #unknownperspective #bokehshots
Редко счастлива без тебя
Dhan Uisge, a-rithist. The Highlands are white, such a contrast to this time last year when only a few spots held decent snow. So much white stuff that it was impossible to drive down Glen Etive yesterday. Today I swam for quite a while among the ice in Loch Morlich, my feet losing all feeling and the water causing my face and neck sharp pain by the end. Whose idea was filming outdoor swimming in January?! 😭😁🏊
Me. 📷@anuragwakdot
The image on a snowy day in the Peak District says it all, life can be difficult at times and obstacles can be thrown in our path but we have to keep pushing forward even if the road ahead looks difficult. I, or should I say we, because my family and dog will be along for the ride too are heading off on an Instagram journey. Hopefully you will like the images and my musings while I try to decide on the ultimate direction we will be heading !
Always miss the gelato…
Clouds broke, lighting the fells in the distance. Shot from few winters back #finland #lapland #fell #light #winter #blockai
Driveway to my future home?
💜#inspiration 🎶 there are moments when you fall to the ground but you are stronger than you feel you are now you don't always have to speak so loud just be as you are life is not always a comfortable ride everybody's got scars that they hide and everybody plays the fool sometimes just be as you are 🎶
My days here in Valencia are slowly coming to an end, on Monday I'll already be on my way home 😢 I am so sad about leaving; I will miss this beautiful city, the sunny weather, the sea, the people, basically everything! Nevertheless, I'll try to enjoy the little time that's left and make the best of it 💕🌇
I don't know, I think we'll leave out the part about the castle being empty and let her believe she lives next to royalty 💫
Pumpkin bread & ginger tea with lemon. We had a sunny day here so I went for a walk. And yes I've tried a new place where it's possible to buy cheese to your own container. The lady there was so nice and helpful. You can find this place in the market hall in Brno :) #sustainable #sustainableliving #pumpkinbread #food #foodie #instafood #teaandseasons #stilllife #baking #seekthesimplicity #littlethings #livethelittlethings #liveauthentic #instagood #theartofslowliving #visualdiary #visualsoflife #verilymoment #untoldvisuals #thebakedfeed #pumpkin #tastingtable #sustainablebrno #zerowastebrno . #definitely #not #a #foodblogger :D
New post up on the blog! My adventures from last evening and a quick guide for anyone that plans to chase the lights at #lumiereldn . These luminous balloons, aptly titled 'Childhood', make you want to dance with joy. Head to Trafalgar Square to watch these floating spheres. . More details on the blog. Direct link in bio. . . #AditisPen #travelwriter #travelblogger #lumiereldn #lumierelondon #lightinstallations #lightfestival #artinlondon #visitlondon #thisislondon #passionpassport #interactivelight #londonnights #igerslondon #untoldvisuals #londonlife #winterniggts #chasinglights #shinyhappybloggers #londonblogger #prettycitylondon #londonguide @artichoketrust @visitlondon
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