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There's nothing more magical than the colors of fall on the farm. 🍁🍂 #repost from @gemini_digitized via @newengland_igers
Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served. 🇺🇸
Heartcatcher, every time.
The little strawberry runners are growing larger and are full of new leaves! Soon (I hope) they will be covered in flowers and strawberries 🍓They are getting a drink weekly with worm tea or seasol so fingers crossed it helps them along. I have topped up my metal raised bed with some compost and soil mix to give the new summer plants some nutrients to see them through to Autumn. In this bed I am planting some climbing beans, tromboncinos and cucamelons to go up and over the arched trellises and some Roma tomatoes! I’m so excited for Summer harvests 🌿☀️
We could stay right here and take in this gorgeous scenery for forever... 😍 #repost from @jackdarylphotography
Whoa! That's a MONSTER asparagus! 😱 #repost from @murrnongfarm
Anyone up for some hibiscus tea? 😋 #repost from @growing.in.the.garden
I harvested my first bunching onions today 🌿 These were started from seed 6 months ago and have taken their time to get to this size. They are so tasty and sweet so well worth the wait. I have another 20 or so to harvest but I will let some go to seed for the bees 🐝 Seeds from @theseedcollection
Check out this gorgeous Indigo Milk Cap mushroom! 😍 How would you enjoy this colorful, delicious mushroom? 💙 #repost from @thetaylortribe3 via @wildfoodlove . They’re back! The beautiful and elusive Indigo Milk Cap can be found in oak and pine woods in Eastern Northern America from now until October. This wild mushroom bleeds blue, has a sticky texture and ranges from indigo to silvery blue in overall appearance. When it’s exposed to heat, its color changes into a grayish green. How do you prepare this colorful shroom? You can add it to all sorts of things - everything from breakfast scrambles to ice cream 🍨💙 #wildfoodlove #lactariusindigo
Peeking through the black bird netting I spied some eggplant flowers!! These flowers belong to one of my overwintered eggplants. This plant is looking really healthy, lots of new growth and buds. The other overwintered plant looks a bit sad. Its leaves are turning yellow and it doesn’t have much new growth 😩 I gave it some worm tea this morning so fingers crossed it recovers! By the looks of it, I’ll have eggplants in a couple of weeks 🍆
Putting my money where my mouth is. Literally. This year I completed this first (of three) levels of study as a herbalist. While it's still early days in this lifelong journey of learning the traditions & science of plant medicine I'm beginning to truly find a sense of reverence towards the way the natural world is built. The way one must look at the whole plant (and the whole body) to understand the nourishing & supporting components the plants can bring to the body. Today's tea: Milky oat top - avena sativa Stinging nettle - urtica dioica Chamomile - matricaria chamomilla The goal: support a frazzled nervous system + nourish the body. #culinaryherbalist #myplantjourney
Calling all berry buffs! 🍓 Who can name this berry? #repost from @bibittanamanonline
The heirloom squash is the first zucchini to sprout!! It looks like the little leaves are waving at me and saying hello 👋🏼 Just behind the squash is a white borage which will be moving into the veggie garden this weekend. I have almost ¼ of my main garden bed planted out with flowers and flower seeds (if they ever germinate...) My honey bees are arriving on Sunday so I am very mindful of what will be flowering throughout Summer for them. I would love to be able to harvest some honey 🐝
We can't get enough of these gorgeous fall days! 🍁🍂 What's your favorite thing about fall? #repost from @mblockk
Anyone up for some pumpkin π? 😉 #repost from @powerandsoundmind . Pumpkin Circumference / Pumpkin Diameter = Pumpkin Pi . Just trust me on this one
MARIGOLDS 💛🧡❤️ I have had zero luck with germinating marigolds so I bought some seedlings from Bunnings. They are a lovely mix and will be interplanted between my tomatoes. I also have some basil to plant with my tomatoes. I have decided this season to really give companion planting a go, I love that plants can protect and help each other grow!! 💛🧡❤️
So far I have only sown one variety of tomato - ‘Baby Red Pear’. I have seeds for 6 other tomato varieties but they will be sown later in the month. There’s not enough space right now for them unfortunately!! I am trying to set up a trellis for my tomatoes this season but I’m not sure what will work the best. Any tomato trellis advice - what’s worked for you previously? 🌿
Du changement au jardin potager 💛🌿🌱💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Nous avons décidé d'adhérer à la #permaculture 🍅🍆🍆🍆🌿 Alors, beaucoup de préparation comme vous pouvez le voir 😉 Il faut que ça maaaaarche 😁💚💚💚💚 Et vous, pensez-vous qu'on a raison ❓ #potager #bienmanger #alimentationsaine #autosuffisancealimentaire #automne #autonomie #agroecologie #potagergarden #terrenourricière #country #ig_garden #gardens #jardin #jardiniere #urbangarden #urbangardenrepublic #organicfoods #chambredhotes #lesreveriesdelescargot
Check out this gorgeous purple cabbage! #repost from @carmelbellafarm
This container of edible violas is destined for a grazing table tonight 🌿 They are almost too pretty to eat!! These little beauties are growing throughout my veggie garden. They attract the beneficial insects, they are a lovely pop of colour and best of all they are edible!! I almost have my rainbow of violas... I have tired of growing them from seed so I buy some seedlings whenever I see them. But often they self seed 🌿
Don't you love when the trees turn colors? 😍 Fall is here! #repost from @benjaminwilliamsonphotography
The garlics were drooping and the leaves were starting to turn brown so I decided it was time to harvest them (I planted them way back in March!!) My harvest was a real mixed bag sadly... these six garlics are the biggest and other twenty-odd garlics range in size from a ping pong ball to smaller than my thumbnail! Now this is my terrible attempt at braiding 🤪 It’s much harder than it looks on YouTube videos! The braided garlic is now hanging in the garage to finish curing and then I will be able to taste my homegrown garlic - I hope it passes the taste test!! ✨ These garlic cloves were from @thediggersclub
Evenings in the garden are my favorite. Harvesting lettuce, spinach, baby beets, lemongrass and radishes. Our weather recently has been so warm, today was 90 degrees here! I think a lot of the plants are getting confused for spring time.... blueberries are starting to bloom even! Found my very first monarch caterpillar in my milkweed , although I think he too is out of season and won’t be able to make it to Mexico.... could be wrong though since it’s my first one. #monarchbutterfly #monarchcaterpillar #butterflybush #milkweed #fallharvest #beets #radish #radishes #littlegemlettuce #organicseeds #organic #growfoodnotlawns #growfoodnotlawn #growfoodnotgrass #raisedbeds #raisedbedgarden #raisedbedgardening #organicgardener #urbangarden #urbangardenrepublic #urbangardens #gardengeek #gardengang #gardengangstas #gardengangsters #lemongrass #warmfall #warmfallweather #mygarden #frontyard
The last of my brassicas, these golden acre cabbages, will be harvested over the weekend. They have formed cute little heads but are only about the size of a grapefruit. A bit disappointing when the seed packet said the heads can reach 1.2kg 😂 I have decided for next winter, I will plant less brassicas and purple podded peas, and more garlic and onions, and more rainbow chard. The brassicas have all been a bit of a flop and the purple podded peas were pretty but not all that tasty. What are your plans for Winter next season? Is there anything you would grow again? 🌿
Fall is in the air and fall colors are in the harvest! We just love this time of year. #repost from @yogalifescience
Could this be a carrot about to flower? 🥕 I decided to let some of my carrots go wild and crazy and grow out of control and they’ve done this 👆🏼A quick dig around in the soil and it appears to be a purple carrot. All the other carrots are behaving themselves!! Perhaps the purple carrots can’t tolerate the warmer weather 😂
What's better than this pumpkin paradise on Halloween? 🎃 We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday! #repost from @thedallasarboretum via @thehappygardens
What a cute little mandrake! 😍 Where are all the Harry Potter fans? We love this Halloween costume! #repost from @mrs.rose.olson
Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween! 😃
The sweet peas are on their last legs and I think the predicted hot day on Friday (36 degrees!!) will be the end of them ☀️ Poor flowers... they’ve been so lovely for the past few months but it’s time for something else to take their place 💜
What did the trout detective say? “There’s something fishy going on around here” . . . . #fresheggsdesign #landscapephotography #urbangarden #urbangardenrepublic #annuals #landscapearchitecture #landscapeart #landscapeartphotography
#K17 next one to be thrown away from next year tomato list. Small, acid, few tomatoes on the vine, great disappointment. 🌱🌱 Krzyżówka pomidorów truskawkowy x Purple Russian, mogę odnotować ze hodowalam i schować głeboko nasiona, o. #tomato_book #tomatooftheday #frommygarden #gardeningisfun #garden #vegetablegardening #vegetablegarden #veggies #instagardeners #instagramhomesteader #organicgarden #organic #smallspacegardening #smallgarden #urbangardening #urbangarden #urbangardenrepublic #urbanorganicgardener #warzywnik #warzywa #ogródwarzywny #tomato #pomidor #pomidory #eatyourgreens #eatgreen #potager #ogrodwpojemnikach #containergarden
Falar com cachorro na rua é fácil.🤔 Doido mesmo é falar com flor e perguntar como ela passou o dia.😁🌺😂 ... #truelife #moreflowers #maisflor #maisflorporfavor #staypositive #planteseujardim #jardimurbano #urbangarden #urbangardenrepublic
Fall bliss! 😍 #repost from @budsandbloomsreno
I’m all for the variety! Often times referred to as “square foot gardening”, this pack-them-in style of gardening has proven to be the most efficient means of growing leafy greens. The variety of plants easily cover the soil resulting in less weeds as well as they attract different insect preventing an infestation of a single pest. As they grow out, I’ll seed other plants to occupy the new opening! Have a great start to your week everyone 🌱 #nosprayhawaii #thinkdifferent #growsomethinggreen #urbangarden #urbanorganicgardener #thehappyhomesteader #thehappygardener #growsomethinggreen #urbanorganicgardener #urbangardenrepublic #squarefootgardening #growingvariety #permaculturegarden #garden_styles #growingfood #growingmyfood #epicgardening #growingfoodisfun
How cool-looking is this sweet baby ginger? Are you growing any ginger? 😍 #repost from @loveandcarrots
A busy bee visiting the nasturtium flowers 🐝 Look at those pollen pants!!! The garden is bursting with flowers at the moment. I really want to make a conscious effort to plant more flowers in and amongst my garden beds! They add so much colour and are wonderful for the bees 🐝
My onion babies are starting to fatten up but I was concerned some were a bit too crowded... I have carefully pulled out the crowded onions and replanted them! Have any of you had success with transplanting onions? Fingers crossed they survive the move and become lovely onions in a few months time ✨ Onion seeds from @theseedcollection
Popcorn on the cob, anyone? 😄😍 #repost from @sam_and_wild_violet_garden
Happy Pumpkin Day! 🎃 How are YOU celebrating today? #repost from @pallensmith
Dreaming of zucchinis.... 💚 This time last year I already had my zucchini plants in the ground and they were getting close to producing their first flowers. I am still waiting for my zucchini babies to get a bit bigger before I plant them in the ground. Fingers crossed I get a bumper crop this year with my three beehives (two stingless bee hives and one honeybee hive means lots of bees in my backyard 🐝🐝🐝) What’s your favourite variety of zucchini? Are you planting any weird and wonderful varieties this season?
Beautiful key limes! Anyone else growing key limes? #repost from @harmonygardens_az
Think corn has to be yellow to be tasty? Think again! There are so many fun, delicious varieties to grow! What unique varieties are you growing in the garden? #repost from @grow_it_green
It's Sunflower Seed time! 😋 #repost from @urbanveggiegarden
Organic spinach bouquet, we'll take one! 😍 #repost from @chili_blossom
My garlics are looking great 🙌🏼 A few of them are starting to send up scapes... I counted 4 so far but I expect many more in the coming weeks. The garlic scapes will be cut off and eaten so the garlic bulb can fatten up (fingers crossed they do what they’re meant to!) I can’t wait to use my own garlic in my cooking very soon ✨
Getting a jumpstart on old man winter. Bringing the pots inside for a bath and prepping myself for some interior wilding🌿
Happy Apple Day! Are you eating your one-a-day?😄 #repost from @annikalinneaz
Magnificent carrots 🥕 These Nantes carrots were poking out above the soil so I decided to pull them out. Little did I know, underneath the soil were fat, giant, straight carrots!!! They were so satisfying to pull out! 🧡 Seeds from @theseedcollection 🧡🥕
Who knows what this ugly duckling root vegetable is? 😄 #repost from @mrsbeesgarden
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