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Hi #ментұратынқаладағыкөріністер Возьму от жизни всё, что можно... И капельку чего нельзя!..
Black Mirror 📽 Bing: I didn't plan words. I didn't even try to. [2/3] . . . . . #blackmirror
You're never too young to dream big ☁️☁️
Next snow is coming soon here
Out of shape 🔲
lately i‘ve done alot of phonephotography. due to the cold weather my fingers turn into fucking icicles as soon as i want to take out the camera to take a picture. and honestly, the results arent that bad, i have to say. 👌
Фото случая, но нет. Пришлось пробежать за этим дедушкой 2 квартала, обгоняя остальных и надеясь, что перед нем не пройдёт поток машин 🚍
What was your last scary dream?
Make a wish
i was used to you
No Hype... Beast...
I went to the westside to buy my drugs @13hunnidmichael 📸: @joshmearslife
Global Dan - “Off-White” ft. Mongo
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