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Hey my love ❤ I love you so much @farhan_saeed 😘😘 Stay blessed 💗 . .. . @farhan_saeed @urwatistic @mawrellous @raziamakhdoom #farhansaeed #urwahocane #mawrahocane #anythingforfarhan
Omg,She looked so beautiful in today's episode.MA SHA ALLAH😍😍❤❤ How was the episode? Tbh Rrk is going so good,Bhola and Noori are amazing 😭👏 @iiqraaziz #iqraaziz
SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? I am so confused,like Sometimes i think Wajih is the one but then i think why would he do that.So till now Its sure that His friend is the culprit.Do give your answer with a reason🤔 @bilalabbas_khan @aijazzaslamofficial @ushnashah #bilalabbaskhan #aijazzaslam #ushnashah
Vacation goals = #IqraAziz 🔥🏖
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