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on the ol’ bloggity today! link up there ⬆️
as promised, mr. linden’s sunset beach newborn session is on the blog tonight! take a peek at the link in my profile!
If you are like me, I really wished I had remembered more of my childhood, of course I remember some but it's those little details - the toys I played with, the toothbrush I apparently chewed on, the knick knacks in my room, what I slept with and so much more - it's never ending when you are kid. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #toys4life #toydiscovery #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #vancouverfamilies #squamishfamilies #clickinmoms #howiclick #cmpro #squamish #clickmagazine #beyondthewanderlust #squamishphotographer #thisdayandeveryday #fearlessandframed #cherishthisdayblog #definethejourney #dearphotographer #documentyourdays #thefamilynarrative #thenarrativesociety #kindredmemories #vancouvermom #vancouverphotographer #documentary_captured_ #yvrmoms #squamishmom #squamishkids #lightinspired #our_everyday_moments
These are the Days | 365 Project | Today is this little one’s 3rd Birthday. How is my last baby 3 already?! It seems like yesterday that my body ejected him in my living room into my own hands after a very short labour 🤭😂 He’s getting super hilarious, 3 is one of my favourite ages. He's now learned how to apply his own temporary tattoos. So when he finds some, he gets a couple sleeves 😅 . . . . . . . . . . #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #howiclick #clickmagazine #clickphotoschool #beyondthewanderlust #myfeatureshoot #thisdayandeveryday #fearlessandframed #familyphotojournalism #docfamawards #thedocumentaryapproach #shamoftheperfect #clickinmoms #cherishthisdayblog #definethejourney #clickpro #dearphotographer #documentyourdays #thefamilynarrative #fearlessandframed #thebeautifulreal #lovingtheordinarymoments #thegallerycollective #thegalleryoflight #clickaday2018 #thenarrativesociety #kindredmemories #vancouvermom #vancouverphotographer
-'Oh the look' - something I love capturing when photographing parents during "day in your life sessions" - I mean let's face it, we all do it and why not laugh about it - parenting is not always sunshine and rainbows! This is the beauty of real life - it's the connection in our most ordinary, everyday moments; where you’re authentic, genuine, real, raw, unpolished and unposed. With documentary family photography it's all about observing but also, it's time. The more time spent together, the deeper the photographer is able to go, the more extraordinary are the truths that come to light…and the more images of life as you know it surface. So what's your look? :) . . . . . . . . . . . #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #familyphotojournalism #squamishfamilies #clickinmoms #howiclick #cmpro #squamish #clickmagazine #beyondthewanderlust #squamishphotographer #thisdayandeveryday #fearlessandframed #cherishthisdayblog #definethejourney #dearphotographer #documentyourdays #thefamilynarrative #thenarrativesociety #kindredmemories #vancouvermom #vancouverphotographer #documentary_captured_ #yvrmoms #squamishmom # #subjectlight #cameramama #magicofchildhood #simplychildren #whistlerphotographer
We just potty-trained our last baby. We had a timeline because he started preschool in September (first kid to go to preschool, but he is SO bored at home by himself with the other kids in school, and he loves that he also gets to go to school). He was the easiest one out of all my kids to potty train, like he actually gets up in the middle of the night to pee and wakes up dry...which is quite shocking considering he is your typical toddler who is VERY particular about doing everything HIS way. These "lasts" are hard. I love having babies and toddlers around and these days are slipping away from me ❤ . . . . . . . . . . #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #familyphotojournalism #cherishthisdayblog #definethejourney #clickpro #dearphotographer #documentyourdays #thefamilynarrative #thenarrativesociety #kindredmemories #vancouvermom #vancouverphotographer #docfamawards #thedocumentaryapproach #shamoftheperfect #clickinmoms #howiclick #clickmagazine #clickphotoschool #beyondthewanderlust #myfeatureshoot #thisdayandeveryday #fearlessandframed #fearlessandframed #thebeautifulreal #lovingtheordinarymoments #thegallerycollective #thegalleryoflight #clickaday2018
As I look through my photos I've realized that I have so many images that I've never even took the time to actually look at. Having worked for 4 years in Bolivia for a small ngo, I was able to document life around me which was so amazing because it gave me a whole new perspective on life. To be an observer - so many stories can unfold themselves in front of you without even trying. Life can be pretty cool when you just sit and watch. Give it a try! You might see some pretty amazing things that you would never see if you hadn't taken the time.😉
October is Breast Cancer awareness month. This month we honour survivors, the ones we’ve lost and the ones who are currently fighting for their lives. It is not pink. It’s double mastectomies and breast reconstruction. It’s sickness and medications and countless appointments. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are young or old. Over the rest of the month we will be checking in with this amazing woman, Analyn, who I count myself so lucky to have connected with ♥️ @cancer_and_the_doula • • • • • #birth #doula #motherhood #empoweredbirthproject #motherhoodrising #documentaryphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #birthbecomesher #kendalblackerphoto #capturinglife #breastcancer #stopcensoringmotherhood #postpartum #fuckcancer #cancer #cancersurvivor #documentlife #uniteinmotherhood #breastcancerwarriors #breastcancerawareness #breastcancermagazine #brave #strong #cancersucks
I had the opportunity to sponsor #thedigitalnonprofit conference this year and sat in a room of people so passionate about change, about doing good, about giving back. Positive vibes all around. It's still on my bucketlist to do a volunteer trip to Kenya! What type of changes are you passionate about?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #vancouvereventphotographer #socialchange #giveback #volunteer #dogood #wegivewherewelive #vancouvereventphotographer #bethechange #lifegoals #inspire #livewe #charity #gooddeeds #actsofkindness #bekindtooneanother #bekind #taketime #jmegivesback #inspireothers
That smell, their soft and fuzzy skin, the funny faces & their little hands and toes all in those first days and weeks are what makes waking up every hour ...or two ..or three worth it. ♥️
The first issue of @confluence_magazine is out TODAY! This is a space that @katiejettwalls envisioned for emerging documentary work. I believe she has built something here that has been needed for a long time and it is here to stay for the long term. @signeclayton ’s adoption story of Victoria Li is my contribution to this issue. Having @ryanchristopherjones curate this project helped me see something about my work I hadn’t realized before. He has a true gift in searching for symbolism and allowing the photographs to represent Victoria’s voice in a way that hasn’t been conveyed otherwise. This is one of the best collaborative efforts I have had the good fortune to be part of; I will never forget this! Now go read it! Link in profile 👆🏻. #documentaryphotography #adoptionstories #internationaladoption
There's nothing quite like photographing two people in love! Who can resist sweet and tender moments like this one? Here's a final sweet photo from our feature member of the month photographer Leslie Roberts of @gilbiemedia. Leslie's ideal clients are adventurous, have vibrant personalities, and live their lives with purpose. Follow her work on Facebook Gilbie Media and Instagram http://www.instagram.com/gilbiemedia to see more! . . . . . #vancouverphotographer #vancouverweddingphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverfamilyphotography #fineartweddingphotographer #therisingtidesociety #tuesdaystogethervancouver #tuesdaystogether #communityovercompetition #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #girlbosses #vancouverentrepreneurs #collaborationovercompetition
These are the Days | 365 Project | Chats with dad (If you haven't noticed, I've given up on figuring out my day numbers 😅)
That moment when they wheel your wife into the OR and all you can do is wait. What was only a few minutes seemed like forever when Jason and I stood in the waiting room to be let into the OR for the birth of his baby. I can imagine his stomach must have been in knots here! Thankfully just a short 30 minutes after, he had his healthy son wrapped in his hands! @kohpilot @jmbaia @holisticbirthdoula Interested in having your birth documented? Shall we chat over some ice cream? 😉🍨 . . . . #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #vancouverbirthphotographer #burnabyphotographer #whyilovethisphoto #ourcandidlife #vancityfamilyphotographer #fujifilmXseries #dayinthelife #childhoodunplugged #thedocumentaryapproach #thisdayandeveryday #parenthood #thisisus #fortheloveofreal #childhoodunplugged #familiesbyjme #jmeshoots #thebeautifulreal #adventuresessions #fujixt2 #vancouverbirthphotography
Sending you off into the weekend with a little photo reminder to be grateful for the people who are closest to you. . This beautiful photo from our feature member of the month photographer Leslie Roberts owner of @gilbiemedia. This is one of Leslie's favorite family shoots. Leslie loves working with kids of all ages, but especially chubby babies like this guy. She also offers discounts to foster care families, so if you know anyone who is fostering, send them her info! . . . . . . #vancouverphotographer #vancouverweddingphotographer #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #vancouverfamilyphotographer #vancouverfamilyphotography #fineartweddingphotographer #therisingtidesociety #tuesdaystogethervancouver #tuesdaystogether #communityovercompetition #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #girlbosses #vancouverentrepreneurs #collaborationovercompetition
Nana: "Can I get the kids hamsters?" Me: "Sure! As long as they stay at your house!"
These are the Days | 365 Project | Back to school day...and finally getting up to sharing some of my summer! 😂 My 365 project is still going strong. This was on our trip back from our mini family vacay on Bowen Island, and the kids' first (well second) time on a ferry. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #clickaday2018 #documentyourdays#follow_this_light #cameramama #my_magical_moments#celebrate_childhood #shared_joy #letthemexplore #the_sugar_jar#atdiff_kids #theeverydayportrait #runwildmychild #childrenseemagic#jj_its_kids #let_there_be_delight #theweekoninstagram#galleryoflightfeature #theheartcaptured #count_itjoy #fstoppers#childhoodunplugged #kidsforreal #thesincerestoryteller#thebeautifulreal #vancouverfamilyphotographer#vancouverdocumentaryphotographer #familyphotojournalism#fearlessandframed #thefamilynarrative #dearphotographer
Why documentary family photography? To simply connect with the beauty of what happens between the planned moments - when life is the most honest ♥️
When she can’t help but smile and chuckle at her kids gettin’ jiggy with it! This friend of mine, the way she loves her children and thinks about creating the kind of childhood that is as much for each individual as it is for siblinghood - I always learn from her words. If you don’t follow @kylaewert on IG (and not just for the sake of social media), make space to take in her images, and more importantly her words. #thedocumentaryapproach #bustamove #mixedlightingftw
Sharing some thoughts about documentary photography on the @designaglow blog today. “Documentary photography is less about achieving an aesthetic product and more about honoring them and giving their story a voice and place in this world - just as they are, unaltered. There is power in bringing light to our differences and sharing this diversity will help normalize the way people and families are seen in photographs”. Link in profile if you would like to have a read!
I honestly think everyone present (including me!) had tears in their eyes as Matt’s mom and Brian’s mom performed the hand fasting in their ceremony. What a lovely way to involve parents!
It's always so inspiring to enter a person's home because you get an insight into their life story just by observing the spaces, the photos, the art, the little knick knacks around the room. Hallway's for instance, these are the spaces that are so often overlooked but are used so often and where so many memories are created. Just look around your place - you might be surprised as to where those special memories were created 🏠♥️
Oh what an honour it was to be able to photograph these two during their big day - as my last shoot before the baby comes - I can say that carrying an extra 30 pounds at the front was quite the workout but was well worth it 😂 @donnamcmurtry
This photograph pretty much sums up how I have been feeling these past few months. Teetering between “I want to quit” and “I want to keep building” this business. What’s the whole point of this? Wouldn’t it be incredible to just photograph for the love of it? To dedicate photography for the greater good without needing compensation or worrying endlessly about trying to achieve financial sustainability? Life goals right? I could not get any closer to the edge, my palms were sweaty, I was on the verge of peeing my pants....this is discomfort. But this is a place I find myself so often. Instead of trying to find an answer or making a plan, I’m sitting with it instead. Maybe this is growth? I don’t know. I’m just going to let it be and stew in my own discomfort for now. So in case you think you’re the only one going through the lows of having a business, I’m here to tell you - you are not alone!
My posting has been a little absent as I'm almost 35 weeks and I can say that I'm over it. The heat, the pelvis pains and don't get me started with gestational diabetes. It's funny how this whole pregnancy was total surprise and shock to us as we only found out only 4 and half months through the pregnancy. I really thought I had other issues and surprise that's what I had. I laugh about it but I'm not going to lie, so much is going on in my head as we are soon to welcome this tiny soul into this world. Excited ? Of course, who would't, this child chose us and we are going to do the damnedest to do our best as parents to guide and love this little one like no other. Scared? Hell yah, I mean my last pregnancy did not go so well on my body and did a lot of damage that I'm still trying to repair but it also brought along a lot of growing. With my passion of documentary photography I'm always telling other people's stories and I think this past year with my photography and my focus of authenticity it's time I start sharing some of my own - I do believe that the more vulnerable we can be with people, the more authentic we can be, those true connections arise amongst us and help us all along our journeys. ♥️♥️♥️
Wishing a happy anniversary to Giovanna and Andrew!
I am not /always/ a loud moment picture taker. Sometimes, it’s how people are in my frame, that sense of harmonious and visual balance, that makes me press the shutter. His hand on his mom’s shoulder, and his brother lying on dad’s back, leaning against his head. I like to think of this as a sort of found family “portrait”. Nothing poignant, but more than enough in its quiet being. #thedocumentaryapproach #documentaryfamilyphotography #vancouverfamilyphotographer
“Can you sit super close to him? You don’t have to like, sit in his lap or anything. I mean, unless you want to...” She wanted to. I love couples who are into the PDA! (Although no one was around so it was not really “public”)
When I first started documentary work, I posted an image to share. I received a critique from a fellow photographer, saying that my skin tones are a touch too cool and that there are colour casts I didn’t properly address. She went on to suggest I should know better because I am a Click Pro. She’s right - being a “pro” means meeting/exceeding the technical rubric required to produce a certain level of technical and artistic photography, including how to edit for skin tones to achieve the best outcome for different ethnicity. There is a time and place for insisting all those things should be achieved, but I will also argue for the alternative pictured here. Maybe I’ll get shit for posting this image because this image has the “horrid” colour casts. But over the years, I’ve learnt to let go of that expectation and sometimes, colour casts mean something more than improperly toned skin. Sometimes, it means this is how much fun a child is having on a water spraying bouncy castle. This is how close he got, trying to drink from a spray spout because it seemed like the most logical thing to do to cool from this heat. And this is how close I got to getting this moment when he is drenched, inches away from the red and blue surface of this inflatable equipment of J-O-Y. #thedocumentaryapproach #shamoftheperfect #vancouverdocumentaryphotographer
Evening shenanigans // If you can’t beat’em, join’em. That time of day usually feels like peak exhaustion for me. What to make for dinner is still a big question mark and there is still the dreaded mealtime where my slow eaters drag on and get distracted with books, toys, asking for a show, etc. More often than not, I want all of this to wrap up so I can catch up on work. I often wonder, does anyone else feel this way? And then when I work with families like @sylviegrahan , I am reminded that it doesn’t have to feel so hard. Kids have this sense that it’s bedtime and their need for silliness exponentially increases. And when you have a parent that engages with that sense of play, then the evening world is pretty sweet all around. You can resist their silliness and be irritated or choose to be part of it. The latter seems like a much better option! #thedocumentaryapproach #shamoftheperfect #dfpcommunity
Remember rain? Me neither and I don’t miss it at all!!! #sunlover
Once upon a time, it was a school. #thedocumentaryapproach
Although I hear there may be some home made bubble recipes at tonight’s session, this may be the best bubble photo I make this summer and lucky me, it’s of one of my favourite people with her favourite people @kylaewert 😘. #vancouverphotographer #shamoftheperfect #thedocumentaryapproach
Florida you have been so good to me. A 13-hr Day in the Life with @linseydavis05 went by in a flash. I am even glad for experiencing Stonewall Jackson’s fartcloud because he is that awesome. And he’s NOT the awesomest of this family. Yes, it was that good of a time. Slideshow in profile. #thedocumentaryapproach #shamoftheperfect #vancouverphotographer
“Omg we just eloped!!!”
Forget the pool - why not cool off in the smallest bucket you can find 😅🌞
Happy Canada Day!!! 🇨🇦 (This is my first Canada Day as a permanent resident and it feels great!). Was thrilled to get access to this amazing heritage location for T and C’s engagement session, thanks to T’s military service. Was like being on a roof deck of a castle!
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