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Okay here we Go!! And were not gonna Stop here ! Here we Go 1000 follower GIVEAWAY and in store purchase giveaway also! Win a free @badmodderfogger New Shirt and 5 x 60 and 2x100mls the entire line follow the rules ! They are Simple and stay Tuned as soon as we get 1000 and pick Winner another will be announced! Lets go !! 1.Follow @a1vapelife & @badmodderfogger 2.Like this post 3.Comment 3 friends 4.Repost this Giveaway original post! #Saturday #18650 #giveaway #bmf #supreme #doubleup #vapingisnotacrime #a1vapelife #Socalvape #supportyourlocalvapeshop #notimetositgottahustle #beruthless #dripanddrive #modporn #rda   #vapergram #igers #coasttocoast #vapeoftheday
you were my favourite lie
Comment down below you night!!! . . . . . . . . . .
While I was playing to it (spoiler for the "Not Nostalgia" series) I transformed in the teddy bear and laughed a lot. Every attitude kid wanted to play as a soft teddy bear in a action game for sure! So I did another edit, for putting the teddy bear and for putting even the marvellous painting of the japanese version. And since I was in the mood, I was inspired by 90's magazine style and the texts on the rear of the MD covers. Of course, I hope you like it. I think there is a typo for the "action", since I wrote "acrion" instead. #alteredbeast #bear #unbearable #ponee_edit #retrogaming #megadrive #90s #vaporwave #paintnet #paintnetart
You're just a beautiful enigma.
b r i n g o u t t h e g i m p 🍆🍑
Sex is cheap.
A Midsummer Night's Dream | short review Love is so influential upto the extent that it makes us do certain things that we cannot even imagine doing. A Midsummer Night's Dream is something that portrays how love could make us go crazy, but deep within it's very roots, it is actually something that can move the world. I personally think that Shakespeare was able to capture the reader's interest through introducing a real-life scenario, getting us on the same page with him. At the latter part, his understanding regarding dreams was conveyed on how he presented the scenes, even adding a whimsical feel to it. The fairies and the use of magical powers are enough to support the dreamlike state of it, contributing to escapism.
“A Lot Right Now” returns in re-recorded glory THIS AFTERNOON. It will be on Soundcloud and YouTube. ⠀⠀ 🖼 Original ⠀⠀
å vite, vet, visste, visst
this and a lot more designs available on: https://liveheroes.com/en/brand/fruitycorps … #Fashion #vaporwave #virtual #different #clothes #digital #clothing #internet #internetculture #cool
My lovely girl @that_one_hoe_bella 🌹 Made me a little gift to help a girl out. Show her some love! . . #paypig #vaporwave #aesthetic #legs #feet
Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night | acrylic painting A masterpiece consumed by darkness present in the distant hill and the cypress flower: His strong and expressive brush strokes elicited emotions beyond me. His masterpiece may have reflected the disappointments he felt. This pricked my soul as these symbols probably indicate that he lost his will to live and already surrendered on his chance to be happy with life. Having to suffer bipolar disorder at the time, he must be experiencing an array of insurmountable emotions which are too difficult to mask. It deeply saddens me that the notable artist behind the masterpiece "Starry Night" didn't live to see his success. Swirling clouds in a starry night, the crescent moon illuminating over the drowsy town beneath: Van Gogh's painting seemingly tells us that despite the setbacks in our lives, we should at least consider optimism. Starry Night is a clear depiction that there's hope in the midst of an artist's pain. Here's an attempt:
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