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Just delivered cupcakes and brownies to Leederville IGA, check out new coffee flavour! (Brownies are gluten free and so are chocolate cupcakes).
Yum scrum Oreo cake :)
Lemon & Rosemary cake for 10.
Three cake. Designed by my now 9 year old daughter, and drawn in colour for me. Scroll to see the layers of Choc and Coffee sponges layered with dark chocolate ganache and caramel buttercream. I'll post the internal structure of it in stories. 😜
Dessert* Tiramisu cake: coffee soaked 3 layers of sponge, choc ganache, coffee buttercream layers. Delicious! πŸ‘Œ And big! 9" round and 4" high. Perfect dessert to share with friends and family. . *this is the decoration that I call "dessert" on the pricing page (of my webpage).
Nine years ago today I gave birth to our daughter. Cake is designed by her, I only made her design came true. (She's an architect I'm Bob the Builder 😝) Cake is chocolate sponge, coffee sponge, chocolate ganache and coffee caramel buttercream. And the bush is lemon and rosemary cake. Again I have nothing to do with the flavour decision πŸ€“ I'll show insides and design drawing in my next post. Off to celebrate. πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
Zephyr! It is time to try my hand at it. This one is apple and mint. I used gell-it-in but I am not overly happy about it's gelling abilities. I'll try agar agar next. . Apart from this fun in the kitchen I have supplied macarons to @lovinghutperth. This week we have boxes of 4, not 6, so if you haven't tried vegan macarons yet - now is the time πŸ™‚ . Cupcakes (including gluten free) and brownies (that are also gluten free) have been delivered to Leederville IGA. . And now you can get a piece of lemon&rosemary cake with home made lemon curd with your Indian curry at @theleafindianrestaurant . I'm off to the kitchen, to assemble, stack and decorate all the cakes for the weekend. Have lovely Thursday, eat cake! 😜
This might not be most creative of cakes, but it sure is delicious. Lemon and rosemary has became my bestseller. What is the secret? Freshest lemons off the tree and rosemary off the bush, also some warmth of my heart. Want to try a piece? Go to @theleafindianrestaurant this week and have it for desert. And let me know what YOU think πŸ€“
Sometimes when you have cake whole farmyard comes with it 😝
A friend called, said cake is needed, with Garfield, guitar and a soccer ball! Not a problem! πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ
Sorry I'm slacking on social media bit, but our kitchen is in a home run and we are busy 😜 But here you have FREE CAKE! Given to Storm for donating to our 3 local sanctuaries! Hip hip hooray! ⭐
Thanks to my customer for being my hand model. πŸ€“ Sometimes I forget to take pictures of the cakes I make, other times I remember. Just.
Message is clear: you are a star, and you have golden hands! πŸ‘Œ This is a large cake, hands are actual size, and board is 16". . Now to the maths πŸ€“ I had to back calculate the volume of a star to be the same or greater than volume of cylinder that would feed 40 people. I have broken the star into five triangles and a pentagon. It turned out to be pentagon with sides of 6" and triangles with 6", 5", 5". Cake is 4" tall. Bit of a lower highschool maths in the kitchen never hurts πŸ˜‹
June is over, and Mark has asked Little Ted to let us know the winner of Quokka box for the month of June. πŸ’šπŸ‘Œ How can you get your name into the hat? Easy! You donate to our 3 local animal sanctuaries, and your name is in! 😝 @happyhoovesfarmsanctuary , @greenerpasturessanctuary , @possumvalleyanimalsanctuary Those guys do amazing work rescuing and looking after animals πŸ’š You do amazing work supporting them. πŸ’š All I do is bake. 🍰 πŸ€“
Golden hands. In Russian and other Slavic languages idiom "golden hands" means a person that is so skilful at making things that he or she has hands so valuable, they might as well be made out of gold. This applies to carpenters, mechanics, cooks, artists... And this applies to the person for whom this upcoming cake is for. :)
THANK YOU to all who came by and got some goodies from us today at the Vegfest! πŸ’ž Loved that every 3-4 th face was someone I know! πŸ€“ Seeing you guys brightened my day, and feeding you was just a cherry on top! πŸ‘Œ I'm in my onesey on the sofa utterly exhausted and happy! πŸ˜‚ Oh and finally got some food in me (was running on endorphins all day πŸ˜‚) Now tell me how did Perth Vegan Festival go! (I missed it, obviously πŸ˜‚)
See you tomorrow at Cannington Exhibition centre from 10 till 15. Vegan heaven! Macarons, cupcakes, quokka kisses, cakes... Come over for your sweet fix. 😝
Must I say more? 😜
From time to time I donate my work to charity. Every month to our three local animal sanctuaries @happyhoovesfarmsanctuary @greenerpasturessanctuary and @possumvalleyanimalsanctuary. You donate, you get in the draw to win Quokka Box. This is one of those charity works of mine.
A very magical steam train cake, for a very special 3-year-old. Somewhere over the rainbow... 🎢
LEGO CAKE! This picture is for you parents! Yes for all of you who stepped on this vendetta driven sneaky little brick πŸ˜‚
Cake for our Winter/Summer solstice celebration. πŸŒ…
Thursday, that means delivery of cupcakes and brownies to Leederville IGA, macarons to Loving hut, AND starting to work on this weekend's orders. Good morning! It's going to wonderful day. I will outlast 😜
That dinosaur cake. Thanks to my customer for the photo. 😊
Better than Oreo flavoured pig can only be pig with some vegan sparkling wine. Do you agree? πŸ€“
Oink oink at you! 😝
An unusual image today. It's not a cake 😝 It's progress!
Is it a cake, or is it a hat!? - that is the question. 😝
Hazelnuts, gently roasted then covered in a thin layer of melted sugar to keep the crunch. And chocolate - what can beat the taste of chocolate, right!? πŸ‘Œ
Today's offering: lavander, bubblegum, orange, lime, pineapple and cherry brandy. We also have three cakes: Lemon gluten free, carrot gluten free and raspberry and white chocolate. And... Quokka kisses: orange, strawberry, lavander and rasisins. Come over to @shapehairoxfordstreet to get your sweet tooth satisfied πŸ˜‹
Who doesn't know Thomas the tank engine! πŸš‚
This is a dinosaur (chocolate) cake! 🐲 Trust me πŸ˜‚ Family had a dinosaur with a party hat ready to join the scene. Thanks for the topper @cube21engrave πŸ‘Œ
Many many good boys πŸ• 😊 Strawberry & champagne and raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes.
Caption this! 😜
I'm dying to see you guys! Come over to mini markets at @shapehairoxfordstreet this Sunday. I'll have some EXCITING Quokka Kisses ready for you. 😍 . They are based on popular eastern Europian snack, based on cottage cheese/ curd. But my version is vegan. πŸ’šπŸ’ƒ . They are incredibly curdy, with the same tender, milky taste with a lite sourness note. Soft, creamy insides with a chocolate glaze. Quokka Kisses are a great source of protein and an even greater source of good mood 😜 . P.S. also gluten free. P.P.S. yes I am aware picture is of a brownie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
Who's a good boy!? πŸ•
A cute koala for the very first birthday πŸ¨πŸ’ž
Happy first day of the month! πŸ’ƒ Time for me and three of our local animal sanctuaries to reward one of those people who donate. πŸ’šπŸŒ± Thank you! . Scroll to see the winner's name! Congratulations! . Keep up a good work, compassionate people! 🍰 Animals love you back. πŸ˜€
This week we have following #vegan macarons: πŸ“ &🍾 πŸ‹ & mango 🍊 & 🍫 (Can not believe we don't have mango emoji] Find those beauties at @lovinghutperth
What am I doing today? Getting ready to re stock Leederville IGA. :) I am behind on getting pictures off the camera (yes I do not use my phone for photography) and proceeding them (resizing), but study, practice, work, getting ready for two upcoming markets and building work in the commercial kitchen occupy almost all of my time. πŸ€“
Hey! Head's up! This week on Thursday we'll have our caramel cake in a @littlegreen_cafe in Applecross. 🍰 Now your Monday is better πŸ˜œβœ‹ . P.S. those aren't caramel, I know πŸ˜‚
I don't make carrot cake very often, in fact it isn't even mentioned on my webpage. But it is favourite of a couple of my regular customers ❀And I am more than happy to make this "exclusive" cake for them 😊
Cake. Fresh, vegan, artisan, lemon cake. 😎
Black, but fun πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
What a cool macaron box I got! πŸ‘Œ Almost ready for upcoming markets. - 10/06/18 177 Oxford Street, Leederville. - 30/06/18 Cannington Exhibition Centre. Meanwhile @lavidavegangrocery , @lovinghutfremantle and @lovinghutperth got you covered #vegan macaronwise. πŸ’ƒ
EXTRA SPECIAL CAKE. βœ‹ I have a client with amine allergies/intolerances contact me for a cake. I have never came across to amines causing trouble, but I am always up for a challenge. . My lovely client walked me through all foods that are a no no, she even tried some ingredients that I normally use (many were no good), and armed with that knowledge I set up to find solutions. . Cherries and cherry compote was an easy part, sponge was figured out pretty soon after, but buttercream was a hard nut to crack, since Nuttelex that I usually use was one of no-no's. But I had an idea, I had also asked what other vegan bakers would do, and a solution was found. . Cake came together. Buttercream turned out smooth, light, white, and yummy. And stable enough to hold all those cherries inside (between the sponges). I was pleased with it, and double-triple pleased that my client could finally have her cake and eat it too! Oh my singing heart! . (Patting myself on the back 😜 )
🍫🍊 πŸŽ‚ I speak visual language πŸ˜‚ It was a beautiful cake, it was a yummy cake and it was a pleasure sharing it with family and friends. 😊 P.S. more chocolate velvet (or chocolate velour) to come. 😜
Sugar crystals on the chocolate velour cover of chocolate and orange cake. Dense chocolate sponge with chock orange buttercream and a layer of marmalade. It took all my willpower not to just eat it! . Guess I really love citrus desserts, since anything lemon definitely goes for me 😍
FIVE YEARS AGO I made this cake. I still think it's bees knees 🐝 πŸ‘ŒWhat do you think? 😎
Do you wonder what my work week looks like? I'll walk you through. 😎 - Monday is spent making the next 6 flavours of macarons. - Tuesday is figurine work and paperwork (there's plenty of it) - Wednesday is crazy cupcake day (Find them at Leederville IGA for example) - Thursday morning - delivery. Afternoon making cakes for Friday pick up. - Friday - more Friday and Saturday cakes. - Saturday - finishing all the weekend orders and planning the next week through. - Sunday is reserved for the family. . In the midst of all this there's building work going on in our kitchen, there's preparation for Perth Royal Show. There's learning of new techniques, trying of new recipes. There's shopping, and no it isn't all in one shop. And there's talking to my clients about the dessert they would like to have for their special occasion. πŸŽ‚ . So due to this amount of work, and tight schedule I MUST know about your cake AT LEAST a week in advance, preferably more. Unfortunately I can not find any extra time, amongst preexisting orders, to slot anything in at a very short notice.
Cake with 3 doggies. With this breed of dog lying down was the safest way to go (legs are too thin to put toothpicks in 😊) I made each doggo two toys each. Scroll to see it all 😜
BACKSTAGE. I carry on working on doughnuts. Why!? Mainly for the fun of it, and to express my love towards my family. And because I can. 😜 . I do a lot of back stage practice, and I do A LOT of back stage learning. I simultaneously am interested in gadgets (like shocker, guitar cutter, palletized, ovens, dishwashers...) and in new techniques (the other day learned how to create edible mesh), new desserts, new designs, geometry of cake stacking... you name it - I poked my nose in. . Because I know three languages I acquire the information from all the sources available to me, and from Japanese which I don't know (asking friends to translate) and from Turkish (that I learned only to a certain level). I am hungry to learn, and I do it every single day. . That reminds me I'm also hungry for some doughnuts, so I'm off to the kitchen πŸ˜‚πŸ©πŸ‘Œ
WEDDING CAKE. If wedding is private or everything was sorted before vegan attendees emerge - this might be the way to go. 😊
This cake went to a Wedding. Yes it is not big, but it is very important. Theme was white and navy blue, and flavour was caramel, with burned caramel layer in between sponges. Was baked in the morning, and served in the evening.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Happy day to me 😎 Love being a mum. Having children fought me a lot, from importance of preserving multiple languages, to all about Australian birds, to how go steady practicing what you love and getting really good at it. Love πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§ β¬… my life teachers.
The difference between vegan baking and "standard" baking is as a vegan baker I have to invent the wheel. There is no large body of information, no recipes and processes perfected for centuries, or army of bakers working on compassionate baking, or bakery schools that are teaching the skill. . Sure I can go and study with world famous bakers, but the knowledge of three different ways eggs can be beaten is going to be utterly irrelevant. I am not a top notch, famous, master baker, and sad part is, in baking that I do, top notch famous master bakers aren't either. . I'd love to learn from others, but I'd love to learn RELEVANT information only. Because who has time to learn a skill they know they won't use, right? So I do only learn in patches from them. . Funny thing is I might be that teacher in the future. I teach myself after all. 😜 . Working on my Quokka Kisses one of a kind healthy, protein rich* dessert. 😍 See me in a next market to try it. . *just making sure you don't die of protein deficiency πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž . P.S. This is a special mini cake for 1 or 2 people for Mother's Day. ❀
Love you mum! Only 6 boxes available at @peachesfreshfood
When two adults and two kids ate 16 creme filled vegan doughnuts in one sitting. 😱 Family went into spontaneous point giving mode, and I have received 9.5; 8.8; and 7.8 from my hubby, as he prefers oil fried doughnuts and thinks Krispy Kreme has more experience and remembers the taste with fondness (which they clearly do). Guess I'll try again πŸ˜‹
And there she is, with wings, looking over her flowery kingdom, admiring night sky and just being fabulous. 😎 You can't see on the picture but cake is not only vegan and chocolate, but also sparkly.
Macarons delivered to @lovinghutperth and @lovinghutfremantle and cupcakes and brownies are found in @leedervilleiga (bottom right corner of the cabinet) You are welcome πŸ˜‹
You won't believe it, but this figurine took hours to make πŸ˜‚ I am not brilliant at it, but I'm getting better.
First birthday cake and a smash cake πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
May the 4th be with you! πŸ––
If you are familiar with Minecraft you might be able to see a face in this mosaics :) . Also cupcakes and brownies were just delivered to Leederville IGA (bottom shelf right corner).
We are now #hiring to fill multiple positions: sales rep, delivery person, assistant baker. We are looking for a part time, energetic, self motivated, goal oriented, awesome people who are passionate about vegan desserts. All culinary students welcome to apply for assistant baker position, although experience in baking is not essential. If you'd like to be a part of a small hardworking team driving big change go ahead and apply with your CV and cover letter stating why you would be perfect for Quokka Cakes to irina@quokkacakes.com.au We want to hear from you.
It's 1st of May! What does it mean? It means time to give thanks to one of supporters of our three local animal sanctuaries: @greenerpasturessanctuary @possumvalleyanimalsanctuary @happyhoovesfarmsanctuary . Thank you guys for being such legands! And for you our lucky April winner - enjoy this chocolate, chunky weave jumper cake πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ . P.S. Scroll to find out who the winner is 😜
Vegan lemon cake, with no nuts, no coconut, and no gluten, to celebrate the very first birthday! 😍 . This is a cake that took part in some driving adventure with me, as other drivers are not always aware I drive with cake. 😝 So they think I'm a slow loony, and make unexpected maneuvers. Fortunately I was able to eliminate any sign of the damage insitu, and had very understanding customers. 😍
Recognise this guy? :) If yes, I'm not half bad at figurine work 😝 If not it's a Scar from Lion King and I take no offence πŸ˜‚ . 3D carved chocolate cake pretends to be a rock. There's savannah beneath it and that lion is up to no good. You have been warned πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
Assorted cupcakes for a teen birthday celebration. Boys enjoyed them.
MOTHER’S DAY CAKES ❀️🍰 Find yourself in need of Mother’s Day gift? We have you covered with decorated Mini Cakes (feeds 2). . Order by Wednesday 9pm and collect on Saturday. (Ardross) . Flavours: LEMON & ROSEMARY or STRAWBERRY & CHAMPAGNE Size: 3” round X 4” tall GF available on request. To order: PM me. ;) Price: $15
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