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Since I have my pup with me I couldn’t have the pleasure of eating @trioplantbased , but I got some to go and headed to my fav dog-friendly hang out. Teddy and I wolfed it down! Thanks Trio!✌️🌱#veganfood
I can’t believe we sold out by 12:30.😳Thank you, everyone, for coming by! See you at Lake Monster Nov. 11 for the Plant Based Showcase. Flavor announcement coming soon as well as details for Thanksgiving orders!❤️Now it is time to sleep.😴
What else is there to do on a snowy day? Indian lunch buffet. Lots of vegan options at Gandi Mahal. #plantbased #wfpb #gbombs #yesitsalreadysnowing #indianbuffet #lentildal #chanamasala #aloogobi #vegancurry #dailydozen #plantpowered #plantstrong #vegansofig #vegansofmn
This is Anna, one of my best friends, and her two children Del and Lena. Anna and I have been friends since we were 4 years old, and she was one of the first to dine at Trio at our soft opening for Kickstarter supporters. I love her and appreciate her support! - Sarah Photo credit: Cori Miller Photography #plantbased #vegan #veganism #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #vegansofig #vegansofmn
Goodies from the vegan crawl: a pizza and pumpkin cream cheese croissant from @eureka_compass_vegan_food and a chocolate silk pie from @prairieveganpies. Had planned to get goodies from Reverie food truck but decided to skip it when I realized that you couldn’t get to the truck without entering the brewery. #vegan #veganfoodcrawl #vegansofmn
Avocado toast and tofu breakfast tacos 💚
Whoa! I’ve never had a line like that before. You guys are amazing. Pies are sold out if you didn’t pre-order! There’s still a few yummy s’mores cookies though!!💕Next pop-up is Oct. 20 at Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary in Underwood, MN. More info at the link in my profile. I’ll also be at the Plant Based Showcase Nov. 11 at Lake Monster Brewing. #vegancookies
Repost of the week! ✨🥥 Thank you @sophiacalopedis ! ・・・ “When it comes to Sunday pancakes, I don't mess around 🥞 and these pancakes from @coconutwhisk are the real deal..especially their all natural ingredients as I am trying to eat as healthy as I can for myself and for baby! . . Lately I've been going through a lot of transitions: preparing for baby, moving into my first house with hubby, and planning a wedding! All great things but also very time consuming and stressful at times so finding food that is healthy and fast is a must . These pancakes were the perfect way to start my morning quickly AND they taste amazing! You can buy @coconutwhisk products online and use the code: "SOPHIA" for 15% off + they are officially open for national shipping (yes, you heard that right)!! . Recipe: @coconutwhisk pancake/waffle mix 2-3 tbsp of canned pumpkin @enjoylife dark choco chips” 🥥☺️
We snuggled up and lingered in bed longer than usual with the pup this morning. This chilly & SNOWY (wth!?) weather is just asking for it... Today, we plan to eat a big brunch, drink warm cider then cozy up to the football game~ which will then be followed up with food prep, laundry and cleaning. Just the way I like it. Wishin you the best Sunday, whatever that looks like to you!🍎
What is your go-to healthy lunch?
Hey gluten free friends I have pie for you! I’ll be bringing these to @eureka_compass_vegan_food tomorrow. #glutenfreevegan
Quiche and cookies almost sold out! 🍪❤️Come get your vegan goodies before I blow away with the crazy wind.🌬#appleharvestfestival
A few of my wisdom teeth foods! I am obsessed with this Potato Leek soup! I'm feeling a little worse today than yesterday. The dentist didn't give me any hard drugs so I'm laying low taking Advil watching my rom coms, The Great British Bake Off and icing the hell out of my face. Not pictured that 85 bags of instant potatoes and pints of sorbet 😬. @so_delicious @tastybite @annieshomegrown . . . . #veganfoodie #veganweightwatchers #weightlossinspiration #veganfitness #veganpcos #midwestvegan #vegansofig #bodsquad #veganpcos #healthyliving #veganfitnessjourney #vegan #veganweightloss #highcarbvegan #whatveganseat #plantbased #wwfam #weightwatchers #veganfoodshare #weightlossjourney #whatveganseat #vegansofmn #wisdomteeth
Seed Burrito🌱
I baked so much I dreamed I was baking.💕Congratulations on breaking the pre-order record y’all! Pictured is the veggie pot pie before going in the oven. I hope you guys love this one as much as I do. I intended to attach reheating instructions but I just don’t have time. So I’ll post it here. I heated the oven to 350 and it took 10 minutes. It will vary depending on your oven. Check on it to avoid over baking the crust (if it’s really dark). If microwaving make sure to remove the foil pan, but oven is my preferred method.👍 . I’m sorry about all the late replies to your questions and comments on social media. I hope I didn’t miss any. . For those that didn’t pre-order I have extras of everything INCLUDING Gluten Free. But if you want a specific flavor I’d get there early. I’ll be @eureka_compass_vegan_food starting at 11am.✌️#veganpie
Pre-run brunch at Seed Cafe. Love the vibe here! I wonder how the chickpea frittata would be with a traditional Spanish romesco? 🤔 Might have to try it at home... #vegan #brunch #mplseats #mplsfoodie #vegansofmn #mnvegans #twincitiesvegans #whatveganseat @whiskeyrodger @spicybloodybetty
🌶️Who else loves fresh salsa?! Honestly I'm addicted to the freshness and flavor of it, I could have it every day and never get sick of it! Its incredibly simple to make.. Just toss all these ingredients into a food processor, blender, or hand chop for Pico de gallo! Pair it with some chips made with veggies and flax seeds or other healthy grains and you've got yourself a nutrient packed snack (or meal if you're me😎)! . 🌿Cilantro is one of the only foods to actually scrub your liver and kidneys of tough toxin buildup. . 🌶️All forms of peppers boost metabolism and increase weight loss! Kick up that spice as much as you can handle while still enjoying it for an extra shot of energy. I personally LOVE it extra fuego🔥can't get it hot enough these days, and that's why I'm using my #homegrown poblanos, jalapeños and extra ripened Serranos from this year's harvest! (my first ever and I'm SO proud) next year I hope to grow tomatoes and cilantro as well! . . . #salsa #organic #rawvegan #eatrealfood #eatmoreplants #EatTheRainbow #mindbodygram #inspire #whatveganseat #fitfoodie #salsagarden #plantbased #foodasmedicine #healthandwellness #plantbasedrecipes #vegansofmn
Pear frangipane tart. Made with a oat and buckwheat crust. Frangipane made with flax eggs, ground almonds, golden sugar, lemon zest and amaretto #plantbased #plantstrong #vegan #vegandessert #veganfrangipane #homebaking #almonds #pears #dailydozen #wholegrains #flaxseed #buckwheat #autumnfood #nourish #foodtoshare #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegansofmn
Apple sage sausage vegan quiche available tomorrow @wildterra.co for Apple Fest.🍎As of right now I don’t have any other pop-ups scheduled in Fargo, so now’s your chance.😁#veganquiche
Lox bagel from @thbfoodtruck 😍 carrot lox, cream cheese, capers, red onions, and tomatoes on an everything bagel 🌱
Apple hand pies!!🍎🥧Tomorrow at @wildterra.co. Starts at noon. See you soon! #veganpie
Made an apple galette🍁🍂
Messy but worth it. @thejmobile was at @tinwhiskersbrew this evening, so I enjoyed this BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich along with the company of @caseydavid and @andrew.tasi. 🍻
You can find this beautiful Caprese Tartare down the block from us at @badwaitressmpls NE. It includes our #vegan Mozzarella!
Bake a fall themed recipe... CHECK! On the newest blog post over at bellalam.com, I'm sharing this vegan, gluten free and refined sugaaa free ~ Pumpkin Muffins! You'll only need a handful of ingredients, a few things and a toasty oven🎃 • It's truly the PERFECT breakfast for those chilly Fall mornings. I officially traded in my green smoothies for warm & hearty breakfasts! Link in bio to grab this recipe 🍎🍂From my heart to yours!
We're seeing lots new faces round' here and in celebration of reaching 1.5k on our insta, we're sharing with you some fun facts about us🙈 Let's dive in, shall we? 1. Myles graduated with a Bachelor in Psycology and minor in Human Resources from MSU- Mankato. I have my Community Health degree; We also joke around and say we have an MBA from Google University (running a food biz will do that to ya) • 2. We enjoy spending quality time together. It's both of our Love Languages so we'd rather spend money on experiences, travel or amazing food. No questions about it. • 3. We are COMPLETE opposites. Myles is very patient, intellectual and naturally super zen (no other word to describe it haha). I'm a goofy goober. I guess, I'm more of the "big picture" thinker, mad scientist and wild card 🤣 • 4. One of the proudest moments for us was when we saved up enough money for a 10 day trip to Costa Rica during our Junior year of undergrad. We earned it ourselves and even though it was crazy at the time, we followed our dream and made it happen. • 5. Ever since we started dating 4 years ago, food and baking has always been our passion, hobby and favorite past time. We just LOVE to eat and make food for others, it's our jam🤷🏻‍♀️ we even started a food Instagram years ago called @consciouscalories , feel free to dig around lol! • 6. Last but not least, we love all kinds of documentaries! It keeps us always thinking ! That's us in a nutshell! ✨
I shared a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Soyclone with @vegancookiemonster on Monday, and I think it may be the best flavor. 🍦🌪 #shotsfired
Friday is dedicated to our #vegan & #plantbased comunidad & tomorrow's line up is the sweetest yet: . 🥧 Abuelita's Mango Pies 🍎 Apple Cinnamon Panques 🍪 Besos de Nuez 💀 Pan de Muerto 😋 Conchas: Guayaba | Matcha | Arroz con Leche . Stop by, 7 AM - 1 PM, and get your favorite #vegan pan dulce & pastries, made with orgullo by our familia, and enjoy them with a cup of #organic coffee or horchata 😊 . #dulceriabakery #mexicanbakery #bakery #pandulce #pastries #vegan #whatveganseat #vegansofig #vegansofmn #plantbased #vegano #delicoso #frommexicotomn #minneapolis #mn #minneapolisfood #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #latinx #woc
|Rainbow Matcha Latte|🏳️‍🌈 Sometimes you just need a little rainbow in your life. That being said, this morning was not a rainbow. . Lucy decided she wanted to go out outside at 2:30 and then whined from 5-6am. Don’t worry, nothing was wrong, she was just ready to get up and eat breakfast. . This morning was a rush to get the recycling, trash, & organics out and the kitchen picked up before leaving the house because someone is coming in to fix something. . As I’m rushing in my work clothes, trying not to get garbage on my coat, I rush back into the house to grab my coffee and there is little Lucy having her morning coffee. You see, no lids were clean for a coffee mug so I used a cup. Damnit! Now I have to worry about her getting the 💩 while we are at work. . On another note, I’m really thankful for the loving and supportive family I have. As many of you know, it’s National Coming Out day. I was lucky to grow up in a home that I felt safe and comfortable coming out. That isn’t the case for many. We cannot forget about those who are scared, uncomfortable or live in dangerous situations in which they have to hide themselves. Today I feel grateful for all of the petty 💩 I am dealing with because it could be so much worse.
We are releasing something pretty darn exciting this Monday, October 15th! We'll give you a hint.. it's perfect for the holiday season and it's full of fun suprises! Can you guess what it is?✨🥥
Heads up! Head to our Online Shop for a sneak peek at what’s included, along with info on when to order. Shipped feasts are $115 and in-store pick up feasts are $85. Starting October 22, our A La Carte menu will have a Turkey option as well. • Details including ordering cut off dates, products, all ingredients, etc. can be found on the Turkey-Free Feast page on our Online Shop. It is not sold out since it hasn’t gone on sale yet, despite what the ordering page says. 💚
My friend gave me bags of Haralson & McIntosh apples from her trees. I made a big batch of apple sauce then ate a bowl full topped with ground flax, slivered almonds and @kitehillfoods Greek almond yogurt. #wfpb #vegan #plantpowered #plantstrong #fallflavors #apples #applesauce #almonds #flaxseed #dailydozen #nutritarian #forksoverknives #vegansofig #vegansofmn #youarewhatyoueat #haralsonapples #mcintosh #seasonalfood
After watching the documentary, The True Cost on Netlix, I've been even MORE hyper aware of where and how I'm purchasing my goods. Whether it's food, clothes or products, I want to continue to keep it as local, fresh, eco-friendly and fair trade as possible. Knowledge is power and what you do with it matters! Everyday is a new chance to begin again so don’t let the guilt of not doing something for years (like for example eating less meat or recycling etc) stop you from trying it NOW. What you do moving forward is all that matters🙈👍🏻 • On that happy note, here are some amazing local brands that I completely ADORE. Best savory cashew butter goes to @humblenutbutter , best natural face scrub goes to @romi_apothecary and best no overly sweetened kombucha goes to @northstarkombucha . AND best pancakes goes to @coconutwhisk because.. I get paid to say that 🤷🏻‍♀️ What are some of your favorite local brands my fellow Minnesotans?🍎
When you put a bunch of foodpreneurs, innovators, makers, leaders and brilliant minds alll under the same roof...sparks literally fly. The conversations shared, connections made and ah ha moments were priceless! It was an honor for Myles and I to have made the connections that we’ve had! Twin Cities is truly the place to be🥥 • We applaud @grownorthmn for hosting their first ever Food and Ag Week in such a beautiful fashion! It’s still going on until the end of the week so head on over to their insta if you wanna join in on the fun☺️🧡
IPE Pro and I checked out the new Vegan East in Uptown last week. I finally tried the quiche. Delicious! #veganeast
Tomorrow is the last day for pre-orders! Gluten free pies are pre-order only (I may have one or two available day of depending on how many are pre-ordered). E-mail prairieveganpies@gmail.com. Flavors include: Chocolate Silk Pumpkin (available gluten free) Apple (available gluten free) AND Veggie Pot Pie 5 3/4” mini pies $12 each. S’mores cookies can also be added onto pre-orders. $3 each. #veganpie
I was so far behind on my csa apples that I had no choice but to make this delicious #applecrisp from @minimalistbaker and enjoy it for breakfast topped with a little vegan yogurt. 😁 #vegan #veganbaking #fall #dessertforbreakfast #vegansofmn #mnvegans #twincitiesvegans #whatveganseat @whiskeyrodger @spicybloodybetty
Finally got around to trying my hand at #okonomiyaki and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to perfect my pancakes and experiment with non-traditional toppings. #vegan #homemade #csaveggies #vegansofmn #mnvegans #twincitiesvegans #whatveganseat @whiskeyrodger @spicybloodybetty Recipe from @veganricha
Did someone say "puppy"?!🐶 Well we're not talking about furry companions here. Over on the latest blog post at coconuthwhisk.com, we're sharing this vegan and gluten free version of the classic Puppy Chow recipe! You won't even need your oven, just a handful of ingredients and you're golden! Link in bio✨
Oh the sweet sweet feeling of having a whole weekend to yourself, doing whatever you want, whenever you want. A day filled with snuggles, bottomless cups of tea, hours of reading, journaling and half hour meditations🍂 . Well if that's you, I'm seriosuly happy for ya (because I lowkey wish that was me..) . I'll sneak in moments of stillness and deep breathes but sometimes, days and weekends look more like a hot bundle of activites rather than the balanced masterpiece that you crave. But who cares ?! If your weekend looked as wild and filled up as mine, i say, embrace the madness and love every minute! It's all fleeting so capture the goodness my friend. Lots of love and happy new week!✨
Thanks to @jselbys for adding tots! They were a crispy indulgence for sure and paired perfectly with a dirty secret. #jselbys #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganfoodshare #vegansofstpaul #vegansofminnesota #vegansofmn
When in doubt order sushi! Nori is rich in trace minerals, calcium and iodine. I love eating seaweed whether it’s sheets, in sushi or sprinkled over Asian dishes. Do you eat seaweed?
The baking marathon starts tomorrow so it’s meal prep for quick and easy meals the rest of the week. I threw this #oilfree stir fry together last week and I’ll probably be making it again.💜I’ll be popping up with my pie business in Fargo on Saturday and St Paul on Sunday. Go to @prairieveganpies for more info.
This is literally the worst picture but i was hella hungry and just wanted to eat! Super simple and only 7 points for dinner! Also these @gardein BBQ wings are so good and only 2 points!! The mashed potatoes i made are bomb as hellllll too. Made from scratch by yours truly. This week I’m tracking evvvverything ! The first week i wanted to give myself so grace and track what i really eat and now I’m making choices and fitting everything in! . . . . #veganfoodie #veganweightwatchers #weightlossinspiration #veganfitness #veganpcos #midwestvegan #vegansofig #bodsquad #veganpcos #healthyliving #veganfitnessjourney #vegan #veganweightloss #highcarbvegan #whatveganseat #plantbased #wwfam #weightwatchers #veganfoodshare #weightlossjourney #minneapolis #whatveganseat #vegansofmn #veganpcos
Have you tried @sweetrootmpls pastry tarts? We sell them every weekend at the shop and they’re phenomenal.
Creating space to think, be still and honestly listen is where all your answers will show up. This weekend, Myles and I had a HUGE ah ha moment and we’re now officially working on our next big project ! We’ll be chipping away at it for the next couple months but oh boy are we excited to share 🙈 • Happy Sunday, hope you keep pushing boundaries and making magic happen. Focus on what you can do, stop overthinking and move forward ! Lotsa love ✨
Another Sunday, another fun market in the books 🙈🍂 We loved getting to know fellow vendors and market goers today! Thanks for all who came out and shopped local 🧡 until next time! • Our next scheduled event will be at the @lindenhillsfarmmarket on Sunday, November 4th! We’ll be indoors by then since it’s the official start of the Linden Hills Holiday Market at @sunnysidegardensmn ! ✨ Catch ya soon!
Molten lava cakes with soy ice cream. @minimalistbaker recipe with beets. I slightly overlooked first batch but second batch was perfectly gooey. #vegan #vegandessert #chocolate #beets #veganlavacake #plantbased #plantpowered #plantstrong #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegansofmn #comfortfood #homecooking #veganbaking
Check out that cheese sauce on the @seedcafempls Breakfast Sandwich! It’s cashews, sweet potatoes, carrots, and lots of other goodness. ☕️ The tofu was perfect, and the potatoes were cooked & seasoned well. 🥪 @pcfascist & @lookaleick had the Big Breakfast which looked awesome, too. Also fun to see @coldbringer @kalamidwest & @soraya_dee. ☺️
The Magic Tacos are flame fabulous today! #Repost @notorious_eep with @get_repost ・・・ Post-workout lunch @eureka_compass_vegan_food. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a magic taco. So good. #vegan #veganbodega #vegansofmn
Post-workout lunch @eureka_compass_vegan_food. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a magic taco. So good. #vegan #veganbodega #vegansofmn
Finally made it over to Fig + Farro to check out the new fall menu. The celeriac ravioli filled with chanterelle cashew cheese was flavorful and surprisingly filling. Plus, check out the gorgeous presentation. #vegan #mplseats #mplsfoodie #vegansofmn #mnvegans #twincitiesvegans #whatveganseat @whiskeyrodger @spicybloodybetty
Super excited for this in a couple weeks!!🐮🐔Rescue farm animals, pumpkin carving, vegan eats...doesn’t get much better! A portion of pie sales go to the sanctuary. #farmanimalsanctuary
Hope to see your smiling faces at the Linden Hill's Farmers' Market tomorrow from 9-1 pm! Just be sure to layer up and grab a warm drink✨🎃🍂 - This'll be our last pop-up/event for October until the Linden Hills Holiday Market starting on November 4th (more reminders to come!); so we hope you can join in and shop local with us☺️
I hit up @dulceriabakery before work yesterday for Vegan Viernes and picked up this decadent Bundt de Naranja with Horchata Glaze, along with an Alegria, Conchas, and Besos de Nuez. Gotta get that winter bod in shape! 🤰🏻
went to the new @veganeast today!!! great people, great treats, great atmosphere, and great built ins 😍 i immedately fell in love with this place, so much so that i applied to work there! maybe someday? today was a good day 😍 #veganeast #vegan #vegantreats #vegansofmn #vegancupcakes #omg #andthecinnamonrolls #glutenfree #mnvegan #yellow #yellowsweater #autumn #redhead #layers #cozy #builtins #loveit
Love the fried tofu from @haihaimpls 💚
Gluten free pies are pre-order only for the Vegan Crawl Oct 14! Pumpkin and apple pies can be made GF.🎃🍎Deadline to pre-order is Oct 10. 📷by @giuliadefant. #veganpie
New blog post: @sullenity & I scoped out @urbanwokusa , a new fast casual restaurant in Lowertown, St Paul. We got brown rice with tofu & veggies, plus Korean BBQ sauce. They’re allergen-friendly and all 7 sauces are #vegan and #glutenfree . Head to bitesizedbeet.com (link in bio) for more deets!
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