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Little indulgence after an active day. Probably negated my ab workout and run though! 🤣 . Felt great to get outside and enjoy the 60-degree temps this afternoon though!
All hail the genius of @jrbranum for creating an incredible #vegan waffle menu for @buzzcoffee_cafe that now includes @theherbivorousb ’s products! 👸🏼 @coolgreenfish & I met for breakfast today & I had the Country Breakfast (pic 1) which includes Bacon, Ham & Cheddar with green peppers & black pepper mixed into the waffle. 🍽 On Friday at dinner with @saravz I had the Club (pic 2) which has Bacon, Ham, Turkey & Cheddar cooked into the waffle. 🥓 Amazing.
|Vegan Chicken Pot Pie|🥧 We went and tried @buzzcoffee_cafe yesterday for brunch and it was fantastic! This was the Chicken Pot Pie waffle with marinated @theherbivorousb chicken, and all the fillings baked in. They have a HUGE menu that includes both sweet and savory waffles. They just launched their vegan menu yesterday, so go show them some love and get a waffle before they sell out!
I can ruin my appetite if I want during birthday week! 🤣🤣🤣 . One scoop of Banana & Friends and one Lemon Cheesecake! ALL VEGAN! 🍦🍧🍨
A 4.0 GPA was officially achieved, and therefore, cupcakes will be consumed. I DID IT, YOU GUYS! Thanks @veganeast for the sweet treats. ❤️🍰
I don’t know how to even handle this one. 😳 Meet @mnicecream : strawberry soft serve in a Galaxy cone with strawberries, bananas, and nuts. 🍦 The perfect treat on such a beautiful day.
Some food truck love from @journalmpls : click the link in our bio to read! 📰
|PSA|👸🏻 My Body, My Rules. The culture we live in is one built out of instant gratification, instant judgement and self worth that is determined by the images depicted online. Recently I’ve watched online trolls write nasty comments on posts of natural, curvy beautiful women. What is wrong with people?! We want images of natural women’s bodies online! Our youth of today are bombarded by Kylie Jenner types who have too much plastic surgery and are unnaturally proportionate. That does something to our girl’s views on what women should look like. I challenge everyone to remember that my body, your body, her body are all a safe space for the owner. Don’t take that away from anyone. She should be celebrated! We are of the days of the WOMAN and there are only wonderful things to come 🔥
Happy Saturday! ☀️ I recently visited The Wedge Table to check out @wedge_linden_hills_coop ’s new spring menu which has tons of options that are #vegan -friendly. 🥗 I chose to build my own bowl & selected brown rice, seitan, avocado, spinach, broccolini, and avocado dressing - guess I was in a green mood! 💚 The meal was completed with some splashes of @cholulahotsauce and Ginger @forage_kombucha. 🍻 (And dessert but I’ll share that later. 🍰)
Vegan Scramble with vegan bacun added @thesheridanroom ! 🤑
Feeling pretty great today. I had a facial this morning. ( Um, my first ever? Idk how i let that happen.) Thus the chapstick and mascara happening on my face today. The sun was actually out! And i was able wear flip flops and drive around with the windows down. Honestly i think there is little that makes me happier than a long drive with good music and lots of sunshine. I was going to write a big long post about my life but instead-in short: I’m proud of how my growth is going, feeling blessed that i have such incredible people in my life and i’m excited to start to get back into producing artwork again. The end. <3 . . . . #fitnessjourney #transformationtuesday #fitgirl #weightlossinspiration #veganfitness #pcosweightloss #healthy #vegansofig #bodsquad #healthyliving #veganfitnessjourney #vegan #veganweightloss #highcarbvegan #dietbet #plantbased #pcos #beforeandafter #weightloss #weightlossjourney #selfcare #mentalhealth #vegansofmn
Oh happy Friday! 😊 Yesterday I finally caught up on a lot of work I’ve been meaning to get to! Feels great to have new things in the works again! Of course I couldn’t end the day without a stop by @veganeast for some treats! #vegansofmn #whitebearlakemn www.plntbsdstore.com
|Cold Weather Comfies|🍝 Honestly, no matter the weather I’m always up for carbs 😜 This gnocchi was on point! Incredibly simple, prepackaged vegan gnocchi with homemade sauce and don’t forget that vegan cheese! I personally drown my pasta in cheese but that wouldn’t have been a pretty IG post 😉
Living my best #vegan life 😍 Coconut Curry for the win! ✌🌎🌱❤ #vegansofmn #vegansofig #healthyfood #healthyliving #delicious #yummy #crueltyfree #foodie #foodporn #meatfree
I couldn’t not get the Birthday Cake Soyclone at @jselbys and it met all of my expectations. 🎂🍦
🔅 Beautifully GREAT day for a couple reasons!! ❤ 🔅 🌞 It's 100% sunny & 55° in Minnesota! 🙏 🍫 This almond mylk cinnamon cacao cold brew coffee is delish! 👌 🐷 My new tanks from @everything__vegan came in today! 🌱 🔅 🔅 🔅 #icedcoffee #hazelnut #coffeetime #vegancoffee #coldpresscoffee #glutenfree #coffeebeforetalkie #coffeeswirl #coldcoffee #coldbrew #keepcalmanddrinkcoffee #veganappearal #herbivore #springtime #coffeesnob #organiccoffee #almondmylk #veganforanimals #icedcoffeeislife #coffee #crueltyfree #vegancoffee #veganaf #minnesotavegan #dairyfree #notyourmomnotyourmilk #minneapolisvegan #coldbrew #veganofig #vegansofmn
We always try to get our recommended serving of fruits and veggies. (It still counts when the strawberries are dipped in chocolate, right?) These sweet #vegan treats are prepared with Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate.
PLNT BWL is making moves today💕 Stay tuned 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 . . #smoothiebowls #mnfoodie #mnvegans
Last night I stopped at @jselbys and scored the last Elle-rito Crunch Wrap special which was all kinds of yummy. 🌮 They used lentil meat, and that purple cabbage is beautiful! (Swipe to see ➡️) 💜 And of course I had to get it with a side of guacamole & sour cream.
Birthday dinner with my mom so i had to revisit @haihaimpls . Tried the Vegan Sticky Rice again because I was told I was wrong and it is amazing. It was solid but some of the other dishes steal the show in my opinion! . Swipe for Fried Potatoes, Vegan Spring Rolls and a nice Margarita! 🎉🎉🎉
Cauliflower is starting to grow on me. Homemade cauliflower scampi with pepito parm. #vegan #vegansofmn #veganism
|Who Run the World?|🌟 Throwin’ it back to a time of beautiful women, sunshine and unlimited drinks. I’m so proud to work and be surrounded by a plethora of strong, talented and top performing women. You all are the reason that little girls will be driven to seek high performing and impactful roles. I can’t wait to see how your littles run the world. As Bey says it “who run the world? GIRLS!” I’m so proud to work with you all😘 Congratulations at being the best Globally at what you do!!
Birthday @chipotle sounded like a good idea today! 🤣
|Savory|🥐 Who says turnovers have to be sweet?! Here are the beginnings of some savory pastries. This was pre vegan cheese of course 😉 We too the recipe from @laurentoyota newest cookbook “Vegan Comfort Classics.” Highly recommend not only the purchase of this cookbook but trying out the recipe!
Happy Birthday, @jselbys. My favorite neighborhood joint and a constant provider of comforting plant food for the vegs, but most importantly, a welcoming place to bring your friends who just want to know what a sweet chili cauliflower wing tastes like. You deserved such a great first year of business! . . . The “Ellerito Crunch” was a delicious way to celebrate you. To year 2 (and putting that chiken sandwich on the menu, dang it!!). 🌱❤️
Happy Birthday @jselbys ! Mine is tomorrow so we will be forever connected! 😁 . Finally gave the Philly a try. Very good! . Swipe for Sweet Chili Cauliflower wings! Always 🔥🔥🔥
Wishing a very happy 1st birthday to my friends at @jselbys !! 🎈 Thanks for all of the delicious noms over the past year; I look forward to many more. 💛
|HBD|🐩 This big guy has given me nothing but pure happiness since the day I picked him up. Truman is a standard poodle (not a doodle!) and embodies all of the poodle traits but in a 65 pound frame. I adopted him almost a year ago, and he’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He watches over me constantly to make sure that I’m safe, he guards the house and he’s so gentle. He’s also the most obedient family member I’ve ever had (ha!) If you are thinking of adding a member to your family please adopt, don’t shop. There are wonderful dogs who’ve had terrible families and have found themselves in a rescue or humane society due to no fault of their own. Happy 7th bday Trumie!
Day 1 of eating back on track. In the interest of being totally open about my journey, I stepped on the scale this weekend and realized I’ve gained 5 lbs back. I was honestly not surprised because I’ve kind of been eating vegan junk food and not working out. So what did i do? I immediately signed up for @weightwatchers online for 3 months to get my eating back on track. I wanted to be proactive before it was 10 or 15 or everything! While it’s important for me to still eat whole foods and eat intuitively, i think this plan will just let me see what I’m actually consuming. So here’s lunch! One piece of @papapittalove bread, topped with @cedarsfoods red pepper hommus, baby cucumbers and baked falafel i made with a mix from @traderjoes ! And then of course a side salad with a little red pepper dressing. . . . #fitnessjourney #veganfoodie #veganfoodshare #weightlossinspiration #veganfitness #pcosweightloss #healthy #vegansofig #bodsquad #healthyliving #veganfitnessjourney #vegan #veganweightloss #highcarbvegan #dietbet #plantbased #pcos #beforeandafter #weightloss #weightlossjourney #whatveganseat #beforeandduring #vegansofmn #weightwatchers #veganweightwatchers #transformationtuesday
We are on the final days of our seasonal Blood Orange Cashew Milk. Make sure to stop into one of our four stores to try it while you still can!
#millenniallife 🤣🤣🤣 . Avocado toast with chia seeds and @bragglivefoods nutritional yeast!
I am really happy it is easy to make 🌱 🌱 French Toast, even more so now thanks to @bobsredmill Egg Replacer and being within a 2 minute drive to @breadsmith_twin_cities. Yesterday was definitely a cheat day... 🤷🏻‍♀️ I even added coconut drizzle. 😂 Whatever.
Italian nacho fries with @ikeausa veggie balls, @followyourheart mozzarella, Alexia sweet potato fries, homemade sauce and of course tons of crushed red pepper! 🤤🤤🤤
World’s Easiest Vegan Cinnamon Rolls—7 ingredients only! Recipe from #minimalistbaker ❤️ . I made these cinnamon rolls for a “Bun In The Oven” baby shower but of course my husband and I had to taste them first! 😉Rover wanted a bite too... I felt bad telling him no! . This was a great recipe and easy to follow. The only thing I changed was using whole wheat flour instead of refined flour (healthier?) and I used homemade vegan cream cheese frosting instead of the simple drizzle in the recipe. . Hoping my colleagues like them!! ❤️ . #bestofvegan #vegancinnamonrolls #vegan #plantbaseddessert #vegandessert #veganbreakfast #vegansweets #sweet #minimalistbakerrecipe #veganrecipe #crueltyfree #bekind #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #plymouthmn #maplegrovemn #minnesota #minnesotanice #vegansofmn #veganminnesota #imadethis
hello lover. 💕 Vegan carrot cake from @veganeast ! I couldn’t even finish half because it’s sooooo rich. And amazing and wonderfully and fantastic. I’m tightening up my eating again tomorrow so i had to eat something terrible for me today. Like ya do. 🤷🏼‍♀️. . . #fitnessjourney #veganfoodie #veganfoodshare #weightlossinspiration #veganfitness #pcosweightloss #healthy #vegansofig #bodsquad #healthyliving #veganfitnessjourney #vegan #veganweightloss #highcarbvegan #dietbet #plantbased #pcos #beforeandafter #weightloss #weightlossjourney #whatveganseat #beforeandduring #vegansofmn #minneapolis #stpaul
Coco Berry Açaí Bowl 🍓
Hashbrowns with broccoli and cauliflower covered with creemy cheeze sauce. #plantbased #vegan Help open Trio so we can make delicious meals like this available to you! Link in bio and here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trioplantbased/open-trio-plant-based-restaurant-in-minneapolis #opentrioplantbased #trioplantbased #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #vegansofig #whatveganseat #vegansofminnesota #vegansofmn #vegansofminneapolis #veganfoodshare
Vanilla Sky is one my very favorite movies. Everything about it draws me in and makes me want to examine each second of my life. How i impact other people, how fast everything moves, how a left turn instead of a right turn changed the whole trajectory of my life. It makes you understand how small and powerless you are. While at the same time how every moment is a single note in the orchestra of your life. You have to let go. Anyway. This started as a weight loss journey but has really morphed into helping me find myself as well. Taking care of my physical being almost forced me to take care of my mental being as well. All this time investing, i hope has made me a better person in some capacity. Just too many Sunday night thoughts today. haha. Probably better saved for my journal, but here we are. . . . . . #mentalhealth #veganweightlossjourney #veganweightloss #pcos #pcosweightloss #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #veganfitness #veganfoodshare #weightlossjourney #facetofacefriday #vegansofmn #bodsquad #meditation #healthyliving #positivequotes #meditation #selfcare #highvibes #selflovesunday
More snowed-in grub. Another pizza and swipe for some air fried indigo potatoes and guac! 🤤 . #nhlplayoffs #nbaplayoffs
|Home|✈️ Although I knew I was heading home to a blizzard, I was so excited to see my little family. The older I get, the more homesick I become without them and without the comfort of ‘my things.’ Well, needless to say yesterday was a wild ride. After three hours of sleep, hopped on an early morning flight from Vegas to MSP. After being complimentary upgraded to first class, I thought “now this is what it’s like to have a relaxing flight!” Ha! Little did I know, we would try to land twice at MSP only to fail, fly to Fargo, deplane, rent a car, drive in a blizzard and make it home eleven hours later than expected. What’s worse? Being vegan. I hadn’t eaten breakfast because it was a short flight and I was tired. First class had no options for me being I was upgraded on short notice, and of course the Fargo airport had nothing once landing. Needless to say I will not pack for extenuating circumstances next time 😉 But, I’m home, safe and snuggling with my little family. Bring it on snow, it’s cozy in here 🖤
My attempt at making a lemon chia pudding failed. It does, however, make an amazing topping for coconut sorbet. Blizzards definitely call for tropical desserts. 🍋🥥🏝#vegan #veganism #vegansofmn #aprilblizzard2018
Such a delicious recipe from @veganricha. Everyday Kitchen has become one of my favorite cookbooks. This was a great weekend for some stress cooking. #vegan #veganism #vegansofmn #mnaprilblizzard2018
Saw another post of the Tomato Florentine @pizza_luce and had to try it today! Added vegan sausage as well! . It was super 💣 and highly recommended!
Minnesota's first 100% organic fresh-pressed juice shop is turning 5 this month! 🎉
Last night worked with what I had during Snowmageddon and whipped up some black bean tacos! . Corn tortillas, black beans, spices, guac, @tofuttibrands better than sour cream, and some orange bell peppers! 🤤
|Breakfast by the Pool|☕️ Vegan muffins by the pool? Don’t mind if I do! These were some of the most delicious muffins I’ve ever had. They were carrot cake which was perfectly moist (almost creamy rich) with a crumb cake topping. Thank you to the @wynnlasvegas for having such awesome vegan options.
Homemade carrot lox and cashew cream cheese for breakfast. Vegans eat well during April blizzards. 🥕🥕❄️❄️#vegan #veganism #vegansofmn #onlyinmn #tcvegan
Regrann from @gratefulveganbecca - We’re snowed in! So I decided to make some Homemade Minestrone Soup from #purplecarrot ! 🍲 with yellow squash, leeks, sugar snap peas, garlic, dill, lemon, mustard powder, vegetable broth, and topped with fried mushrooms 🍄 Served with garlic ciabatta bread 🥐 . It was delicious! Check out the recipe on Purple Carrot’s website 😎 . . #vegan #minestronesoup #vegetablesoup #vegansoup #veganmn #vegansofinstagram #vegansofmn #vegansofig #veganmpls #plymouthmn #maplegrovemn #minnesota #minnesnowta #leeks #plantbased #plantbasedlunch #warmfuzzies #soup #veganyum #squash #yellowsquash #sugarsnappeas #garlic #ciabatta #vegansoup #veganrecipes #purplecarrot #dill
We’re snowed in! So I decided to make some Homemade Minestrone Soup from #purplecarrot ! 🍲 with yellow squash, leeks, sugar snap peas, garlic, dill, lemon, mustard powder, vegetable broth, and topped with fried mushrooms 🍄 Served with garlic ciabatta bread 🥐 . It was delicious! Check out the recipe on Purple Carrot’s website 😎 . . #vegan #minestronesoup #vegetablesoup #vegansoup #veganmn #vegansofinstagram #vegansofmn #vegansofig #veganmpls #plymouthmn #maplegrovemn #minnesota #minnesnowta #leeks #plantbased #plantbasedlunch #warmfuzzies #soup #veganyum #squash #yellowsquash #sugarsnappeas #garlic #ciabatta #vegansoup #veganrecipes #purplecarrot #dill
Stuck inside because it’s April 14th and there is a literal blizzard outside, because why not? I haven’t been able to sleep more then a few hours every night, so forced laziness is welcome. So i guess we’re gonna self-care today. I woke up cleaned, masked & moisturized, watched my programs (ie: bravo and RPDR) and now we are reading and journaling. And thanking my snow anxiety for forcing me to go to the grocery store LAST NIGHT. Because all i had in my pantry was a box of falafel mix, hahaha. Does anyone have any good “self-improvement, journey, making this my best life” books? I’m looking to expand my collection! <3 . . . #mentalhealth #veganweightlossjourney #veganweightloss #pcos #pcosweightloss #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #veganfitness #veganfoodshare #weightlossjourney #facetofacefriday #vegansofmn #bodsquad #meditation #healthyliving #positivequotes #meditation #selfcare #highvibes #minneapolis #minnesota
Hoping to brave the elements to get a workout in today! Time to fuel up! . Sprouted @angelicbakehouse toast, fresh ground peanut butter, banana and chia seeds! . @freshthyme chocolate almond milk, @gardenoflife raw protein and greens, and @bobsredmill golden flax meal!
Vegan 🌱Garlic Sriracha Tofu Yakisoba, over some heavy snow, Cabernet Sauvignon and the new @alinabaraz album. . . . @rabbitandwolves has the best comfort food recipes. 🙌🏼 If you’re feeling feisty and you’re curious about eating some plants, I’ve done my job. #rabbitandwolves #tofuyakisoba
So, to be totally honest, I have been stewing for weeks now because I was ***not*** happy with how my mac n cheeze recipe scaled at our first pop up. Mac n cheeze is such a foundational food in #vegan cooking. It has to be the best. I have been obsessing with making the best vegan mac n cheeze to be served in a restaurant. And I think I did it. Come try it at our next pop up and let me know what you think? Tickets: https://goo.gl/5UFVyh - Sarah #plantbased #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #vegansofig #vegansofminnesota #vegansofmn #vegansofminneapolis #whatveganseat
@notorious_eep knows how to live the vegan life in Downtown St. Paul! #Repost @notorious_eep with @get_repost ・・・ Yum. Two-nuh jackfruit sandwich and vegan key lime pie. @evansorganiceatery knocks it out of the park every time. #vegan #vegansofmn #mnvegans #skywayveganfood
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